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Info Wanted: What fan project set is this?

I think the best explanation is what was described in that quote I took from the Editdroid Special Features thread:

From what I remember, the "The Ultimate Supplemental Collection" by RowMan was designed to look like the Editdroid releases. This was in the days before we knew of the existance of the Editdroid Four Disc Special Features Set.

So Rowman originally created his set to be 'unofficial' bonus discs to the Editdroid OT movie DVDs. However, at that time, no one knew the Editdroid team had also produced their own 'official Editdroid' Special Features Set.

Both sets are worth having as they feature different content, although both share the 'Making of' docs taken from different sources. And you're in luck as the four 'official' Editdroid Special Features discs are currently being posted to alt.binaries.starwars.

Hope that helps.

Info Wanted: What fan project set is this?

The 'Makings ofs' on the Rowman discs are subtitle free. I can't find anything to back it up but I thought they were taken from the vhs releases. It's also worth noting that the two documentaries on the Jedi disc are at half resolution (352x480) to fit them both on a single DVD.

The other thing about them - at least the Jedi ones - are that they seem to be from a different transfer of the documentaries. I once tried using these version to cover the subtitles on the Japanese transfers, and aside from colour and contrast differences, the framing was different between the two versions, and it required a lot of warping to get the two versions to match up, which ultimately made the exercise impractical.

Info Wanted: What fan project set is this?

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but those screen shots are of the Rowman bonus disc set. If you're lucky, some copies may have an .nfo file included helping to identify the discs.

There's is also a 4th Rowman disc 'Definitive Laserdiscs Extras - The RowMan Transfer' with all the extras from the Definitive Collection Laserdisc set.


Russ's site is invaluable for info & screengrabs of this sort of thing:

More info & screen grabs of the Rowman set here including that 4th laserdisc extras disc.

Info and screengrabs of the Editdroid set here


There's also a bit of background to both sets in this thread:

From what I remember, the "The Ultimate Supplemental Collection" by RowMan was designed to look like the Editdroid releases. This was in the days before we knew of the existance of the Editdroid Four Disc Special Features Set.

Elstree Studios Heritage BBC Doco - Help Needed! Pic inc
I saw this on ebay:
DVD: ITV-ATV (Associated Television) The Elstree Story

Not sure how useful it'd be, it's hard to tell if it will have any footage of Elstree studios, or just clips of programs made there.

If it's stills you're after, I assume you're already familiar these Elstree websites.
Elstree Calling
That last one has a good page on the George Lucas Stage with a couple of construction photos.
And this page has some good exterior shots of the site in its heyday before Tescos got built on it.

As for footage - off hand I know 'Return of the Ewok' has some shots of the studio (presumably Elstree) - both exteriors and interiors (e.g. star dressing rooms).
And the 'Risk Business' program on Babyhum's BH018 Making of the Myth DVD has lots of interior set shots from Empire. It also has some nice exterior shots but they're of Bray Studios. Shame.

'The Making of Temple of Doom' has some interior set shots, and guessing 'Great Movie Stunts: Raiders of the Lost Ark' also has some set shots. Those two and the 'Making of Raiders' were preserved by DigitalfreakNYC and upped to the spleen a while back (as were the above star wars docs), along with similar preservations by THE ARCHIVIST. The Raiders docs were Laserdisc > DVD transfers, and either of these preservations will probably be the best quality you're going to get, this side of an official release.

Mark Hamill - A Force to be Reckoned With
That clip looks like the Mark Hamill doc that aired on the Biography Channels 'Star Wars Knight' lineup, around the time of Episode 3. That clip is identical to the start of that doc, only for some reason the Biography one doesn't have the 'Force to be Reckoned With' title appear after Hamill's signature draws on screen.

This and other 'Star Wars Knight' biographies on Lucas, Ford, Fisher and Samuel L Jackson were at the time preserved and released by Segaflip.

Coincidentally, it looks like the Hamill one may be in for another showing in September.
24p- Why, again?
I was obsessing all day over a slightly different issue, leaving the broadcast noise alone or accepting blocky artifacts from the FFT3D denoiser

Just a quick aside, as don't want to derail the thread, have you thought about combining the your multiple captures to reduce noise/improve picture quality? It's the technique Citizen used to create his very clean Star Wars laserdisc trasfers.

Some info from the doom9 forum: Look for the section '7.2.12 Using multiple captures to reduce noise'

There's also the Average and TooT plugins that can be used to get the best out of multple captures

//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo
All this talk of Star Wars logos reminded me of this article on the logo's creation, by the woman who designed it (can't remember if this is from an old thread or if I came across it elsewhere...)

Designing the Star Wars logo - Suzy Rice

EDIT: Found a couple of other links with logo info from Suzy Rice - look for the comments by '-S-'

"I also drew the logo for SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT logo in the same week as I did that for STAR WARS. "

More logo and crawl trivia
Robot Chicken Star wars superbowl show
As no one else seems to have mentioned it, there was an update about this on IMDb today, except they're treating like it's something new.

"'Star Wars': The Animated Spoof
George Lucas has agreed to participate in a 30-minute animated spoof of Star Wars, Comedy Central announced today (Wednesday). Robot Chicken: Star Wars will feature spoofs of key scenes and characters in Lucas's Star Wars films. Lucas will provide the voice for an animated version of himself. Also appearing in the voice cast will be Mark Hamill, reprising his role as Luke Skywalker. An all-star cast also includes: Conan O'Brien, Seth MacFarlane, Robert Smigel, Malcolm McDowell, and Hulk Hogan. The special is scheduled to air on June 17. "

Thankfully it looks likes it's still on. I wonder what the cause for the delay was. Interesting tha0 Lucas will be lending his voice to it. I Hope the Lucas seal of approval doesn't hinder the 'nothing is sacred' humour of the show.
The Star Wars Archives, a different kind of preservation
I've only just started going through the site, and it really is an absolute joy. It's the sort of things you wish Lucasfilm should be doing for the 30th (or any) anniversary, but I guess they're so entrenched in the official corporate version of things, that it needs an outside perspective to really do this stuff justice.

Just being able to see so much 'new', or at least, previously unseen vintage content is a real treat - so thank you Darth Neo for creating the site, and for free and avaiable to all. Hyperspace should take note.


Info: BBC Special - The Empire Strikes Back
It's worth have a hunt through that bbc catalogue for other star wars related gems - no sign of the Michel Parbot or the Making of ESB doc, unfortunately. No real suprise there, as I don't think anyone was expecting it to be a BBC programme.

Here's a few more I've uncovered:

A 1977 edition of Blue Peter
ITEM 03:STAR WARS:Mark HAMILL joins John & Lesley wearing a Star Wars helmet in the studio, includes cpyrt clip of Star Wars.

ARENA (1978)
# Star Wars - Howard Hawks
Gavin MILLAR pres mag prog on the cinema with items on the phenomenal success of "Star Wars"; & an intv with dir Howard HAWKS, filmed shortly before his death.
extra details
# STAR WARS: (0.2-10.26) This film is now the worlds biggest movie, it has cost 9.5million dollars & grossed over 200million dollars in the USA alone. It had a film crew of 900 & four million dollars was spent on special effects. GAVIN MILLER intvs producer GARY KURTZ & actor MARK HAMILL in London & they speak about the story & the filming. JOHN BARRY with designer speaks on howt the robots wre made, var s GAVIN MILLAR with models of actors & robots (0.2-0.58) SIR ALEC GUINNESS & GEORGE LUCAS director with technicians & robots on the set (0.58-1.38) it workshop (10.08-10.27) vars thruout of filming in Tunisia on location.

and I think someone - was it you Jambe? - mentioned this one previously

* A television programme
* BBC Programme Number: LSFE030X
* First broadcast on 1980-04-09
* Media: FILM
* Next in series: MR CUBE FIGHTS BACK
* Previous in series: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO...?
* See more THE RISK BUSINESS programmes (48)

Seq 1 : Michael Rodd at Elstree studios on set of 'Star Wars' sequel 'The Empire Strikes Back'
(0-2.59); comments from actors HARRISON FORD, ANTHONY DANIELS & MARK HAMILL (0.59-1.25),producer
GARY KURTZ (1.25-1.44) & director IRVIN KERSHNER (1.44-2.05) on working with British technicians in UK.

15 November 1977
# Barry Norman intvs. Kurtz producer of Star Wars.
# Subjects covered; How Stars Wars was originally set up; Reasons for the film's enormous appeal....i.e. traditional John Wayne type heroes; The use of British technicians for the special effects; Work already being done on the sequel.

There's also this radio programme, which would be great to hear, and valuable addition to Jambe's Star Wars Project.
22 December 1977
# SBH:Sir Alec GUINNESS, actor, interviewed on his role in the film "Star Wars".:Interviewer: Paul Gambaccini. From Kaleidoscope
# PRE: Difficulties in playing magical role; interpretation of same; people believed character was real & got letters to prove this; would like to appear in another "Star Wars" film TXN/TDT:R4 22-Dec-1977 CON:GUINNESS Alec, Sir (spkr) GAMBACCINI Paul (int) Complete programme now available on T 98620.
EDIT - found it online - very brief but worth it. Just listen for his pronunciation of Jedi Knight:

I'm sure there's lots of other stuff in the catalogue waiting to be uncovered, although a lot of it will likely be a mixed bag of chat show appearances and movie review shows.

Apologies to digialfreaknyc for turning this thread into an 'other rare gems' thread.

Info: BBC Special - The Empire Strikes Back
Great find digitalfreak!

I've just did a search of the very handy BBC online archive catalogue, and it has it listed here:

Looks like it's actual title is "STAR WARS, MUSIC BY JOHN WILLIAMS " which tallies with the screenshot on the site you found:



* A television programme
* BBC Programme Number: LMAF076L
* First broadcast on 1980-05-18


(reveal extra detail) (hide extra detail)

* JOHN WILLIAMS has the composer credit for some 45 feature films. Prog looks at the craft & the pressures of film music through his work & has extracts from a number of his films. We see him at work on the "Empire Strikes Back".

Broadcast history

* 18 May 1980 19:15-20:14 (BBC 2)


* Steven Spielberg
* George Lucas
* John Williams (composer)
* Gary Kurtz
* Irvin Kershner
* Herb Spencer
* Lionel Newman
* Ben Burt
* Claudine Carlson
* Ken Wannberg
* Antony Horder (Narrator)
* David Buckton (Producer)

Extra details:
# Intvs with Williams, Steven Spielberg & other film industry personnel. WILLIAMS received classical training. First started composing for films in late 50s: has written 45 feature film scores in 20 yrs. Prog shows him in process of composing & conducting music for 'The Empire Strikes Back', sequel to 'Star Wars'. Talks thruout abt process, style, inspiration. Incs clips from some of best known films to illus his technique. s thruout Williams at piano composing. Seqs thruout composing, recording process. Intvs: Williams thruout (inc 18.24-18.49, 19.04-19.28, 21.44-22.00, 33.49-34.05, 40.44-41.23)

# Gary KURTZ (Dir Empire...) change in style from 60's-'Star Wars' needed trad romantic music (3.44-4.00) Irvin KERSHNER (Prod Empire...) music as dialogue (4.00-4.29, 15.23-15.39) Steven SPIELBERG (Dir): film dead without music: integral part. 60's: realism-lack of music. Now back to 'full blown symphonic music' (34.05-35.44) on 'Close Encounters' music (38.33-39.32) Incs seqs: vars 'The Empire Strikes Back' shooting on location in Norway crew, equipment, spec vehicles, shooting in snow (0.00-1.18); WILLIAMS conducts London Symphony Orchestra at Anvil Studios Denham (1.49-2.59, 16.24-18.24, 52.00-53.33) WILLIAMS in control room at Anvil with George LUCAS, KERSHNER & KURTZ (3.28-4.29)

# WILLIAMS at 'spotting sessions' (pre-composing viewing of film)(6.05-7.14, 13.08-15.23), in sound effects dubbing room (24.59-25.44), viewing seqs on Moviola with Ken WANNBERG (music editor), composing, with orchestrator Herb SPENCER & re-viewing with WANNBERG (46.24-52.00). Lionel NEWMAN (C20th Fox's Head of music) et al at recording session at Anvil (53.33-55.09), WILLIAMS relaxing at home accompanying singer Claudine CARLSON on piano (32.19-33.49) Ben BURT (demos how sound effects for spaceship in trouble)('Star Wars') (25.44-28.34)

# Film Clips: Star Wars (4.29-6.05)(28.34-28.59); 'How to Steal a Million' (7.14-11.18); 'The Empire Strikes Back' (56.34-58.40) & without music track (15.39-16.24) 'Images'(19.28-21.39); 'Jane Eyre' (22.00-24.59); 'Towering Inferno' (25.59-31.28); 'Jaws' (35.44-38.12); 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (39.32-40.44, 41.23-42.12); Superman (43.08-45.44). All clips demo aspects of Williams' music.


I also found this edition of blue peter listed, which might be of interest:

"ITEM 02:EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Simon GROOM & Chris WENNER [meet?] the robots from 'The Empire Strikes Back'. R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca & Darth Vader appear. Clip from 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Interview with Mark HAMILL & Carrie FISHER, finishes with guests given 'Star Wars stew'. "
//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo
I can think of the following additional video resources you could use if you're going to document any of the influences on the development of Star Wars:

-Hidden Fortress (there's even an interview with Lucas discussing this film on one of the DVDs of this)
-Triumph of the Will - the medal ceremony is heavily based on two scenes from that film.
-Fritz Langs Metropolis - for the origin of c3po - as portrayed in Ralph McQuarries early artwork where c3po is a direct copy of the robot from that film. Might be nice to show the evolution of c3po from metropolis robot, through mcquarries artwork to c3po proper.
-Original Buck Rogers serial for the origin of the title crawl
-Similaly the Flash Gordon serials
-There's also a possible vader influence in the villain from serial Fighting Devil Dogs

-Anthony Daniels segment of BBC4's 'Machine Men' might also be useful - thats one's still available on alt.binaries.starwars.

If you don't already know about it, I'd recommend this sites for more influences and info: Star Wars Origins

There's also this bit of trivia regarding Saint Tarkin

EDIT: I know you said no more titles but I'm going to throw out these two anyway:
A Long Time Ago....
Back to '77
Asian Women and Water Operas
Zig, you are getting creepier with every post.

So you've decided something written on a humourous website about Star Wars is a personal insult to you and now have a personal vendetta against someone who doesn't share quite the same point of view as you?
Your reaction is totally unacceptable.

My mind boggles as to what eactly you reported, cos unless there's something going on that you haven't mentioned, there is no 'incident'. And I hope you sent Lucasfilm the url for this thread as 'evidence', cos they'll be laughing their ass off.

Hopefully some good will come of this, and Lucasfilm will file your 'report' in the appropriate bin, reserve a special place for you on their cranks list.

On the subject of water opera's, anyone else remember the concept art for that scene, with the female mon calamari water dancers? Shame that never made it onto the screen, cos that would've at least made the opera more interesting than the bland abstract blobs they ended up with.

New: Making of Star Wars Book - Preview
Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but there's a good article on the book here, with a few preview pics.

I'm really looking forward to this book. Looks like a truck load of rare pictures to be had, but the thing that bothers me from the previews is it seems to be heavy on images and light on text. Given the extensive archive mentioned in that article, and that the original Making of Empire and Making of Jedi books are absolute goldmines of info, around 280 pages with maybe only a dozen pages of photos, I hope we're not going to be shortchanged on info here. There are already a glut of 'picturebook' style star wars books out there, I hope this doesn't become just another one. I like a bit of 'meat' to accompany my eyecandy, how ever pretty.

That said, the article mentions reworking the original Making of Empire and Jedi books into a similar format, and if they can do that without loosing text, those will be something to really look forward to. Also the hinted prospect of similar series of 'Making of Indiana Jones' books is potentially mouthwatering.
Info: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot)
If it helps, here's the relevant 'origin of R2-D2' passage from the 'Making of Empire' book, in an interview between the author and Lucas himself:

George Lucas: "...And that's how the Wookiee came into being"
Alan Arnold: "Now let's take C-3PO and R2-D2."
GL: "It began with R2-D2. Walter Murch and I were mixing American Graffitti, and Walter wanted to make some changes ot one of the sound tracks. He needed the dialogue tracks for reel two and so he said "George, get me R2-D2" , meaning reel two, dialogue two, the second of several dialogue tracks. And I said, "That's a great name, Walter" and wrote it down in my notebook. When we finished on Graffitti I began writing Star Wars , but R2-D2 was still only a name. I wanted two robots in the film and wanted one to be sort of a human type, and the other to be more of a computer type. I also wanted there to be humour in the fact that they were very different in temperament, a sort of Abbott and Costello comedy team - one short and fat, the other tall and skinny. I don't know why, but from the start I thought of R2-D2 as being the msaller one, and then had to think up a name compatible with R2-D2. After playing around with a lot of letter and number combinations, I came up with C-3PO."
Page 224-225 'Once Upon a Galaxy: The Making of The Empire Stirkes Back' by Alan Arnold
Info: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot)
I expect the launch of the website this weekend.

I hope you're prepared to be inundated with emails saying 'gimme gimme gimme' once your site goes live. The response from this site is going to seem insignificant once your site starts becoming widely known. You might want to be careful with any contact details, as i can imagine your inbox is going to get full pretty quickly.

I also wonder how long it'll be before this starts showing up on ebay - or more specifically - bootlegs of 'SP/FX' dressed up to sound like this rarity start showing up on ebay.
Info: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot)
How can you miss out: 1973 - Lucas begins writing star wars

1975 - Lucas forms ILM
1976 - Shooting begins on Star Wars

1983? 84? - Lucas announces no more star wars movies. It occured around the time fans usually expected to hear about the next star wars movie. I remember seeing a press conference on the news (and on kiddies 'Newsround') with a visibly weary Lucas, sounding like he was just burnt out by it all. I've never seen this footage since, so if you can dig this up, that'd make a great historical rarity to add to your site.

2002 - Lucas receives Honourary BAFTA
2005 - Lucas receives AFI Life Achievement Award

you might also want to check this banner from Toyfare 2007 which lists

2008 - Clone Wars 3D animation
2009 - Live Action TV Series
Info: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (Michel Parbot)
I'm sure I've said something wrong somewhere in here, if so it's not intended to upset anyone. If someone doesn't agree with this or is angry about this than that's too bad………...

Darth Neo,

I think the only people you'll be upsetting are those who seem to think it's their god given right to be given everything that comes along. This board is typically very altruistic, and a LOT of things are shared freely, which unfortunately has attracted its share of selfish vultures who not only expect - sometimes DEMAND - everything be given to them for free, but they want it yesterday.

Given some of the inexcusable aggressive negative feedback you've received, I'm suprised you've continued to stick around at all.
Glad to see you have though, as I love threads like this, that bring something new and unexpected to the community.

As for info on the documentary, I've done the usual internet searches and unearthed very little. Trying to find contact info for Michel Parbot or Sygma Telelvision seemed like a good place to start, but all I've managed to find so far is Sygma (not even sure it's the same Sygma) was brought out by Corbis in 1999.

Then there's this Which lists - Sygma Television: 2,000 stories about celebrities and the Cannes Film Festival (1983-1989) among their archives

Finally, I came across this site with a video of a 1985 discussion program featuring Michel Parbot
Here's a screengrab of the man himself.

Sounds like Ash595 is in a better position to find out more details. At this stage I can't even find out if Michel Parbot is still alive. I think if you're after more info, aim for the top and try to contact him, Sygma Television or even Gary Kurtz directly, and it sounds like you may be in a position to do the latter.

Whilst we're on the subject of Empire rarities, there was an edition of BBC's 'Jim'll Fix It' where a boy got to visit the Dagobah set. Any one else remember this? Or have it on tape?
The only info I can find is here: "... Jim'll Fix It that showed another kiddie being taken onto the Dagobah set and meeting Mark Hamill & R2D2. We can only vaguely remember this from when it was broadcast and even though the passage of time (or maybe a conscious effort) has erased much of it, the mere mention of this "unique" piece of televisual history still sends a shudder up the spine. Still the most staggeringly awful delivery of the terrible line "Hello R2D2, let's go and see Luke Skywalker..." could have stunned a charging rhino."