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Artwork request: The Phantom Edit I.I
Originally posted by: reave
i have about 5 different phantom edi t covers.

the phantom edit west coast
the phantom edit west coast #2
the phantom edit west coast #2 anamorphic
the phantom edit
the phantom edit myspleen edition

and disc art for all of them. all covers are by blaksvn. let me know which one you want and i'll put it up.

The only thing I see is I.II, so I'm not sure which of those it would be, but that's okay because Rikter emailed me a cover for I.II so I should be all set. Thank you for responding!!!

Ron Moses

<strong>The &quot;ADigitalMan Special Editions&quot; DVD Info and Feedback Thread</strong> (Released)
I'm having difficulty getting a good burn on ADM's dual-layer SW Ep-IV, which I downloaded from FE's RapidShare folder (yeah, I'm asking for help there as well). I got a good extraction with no errors, and the VIDEO_TS folder will play from my hard drive in Nero Showtime. I burned the disc with Nero and got a coaster (sort of... none of my three DVD players could read it, nor could Nero Showtime, but strangely enough Windows Media Player was able to read it). Tried again, got another coaster. I tried converting the folder (the parent of VIDEO_TS, and I added an empty AUDIO_TS as well) to an ISO with Folder2ISO and then burned it with ImgBurn. ImgBurn gave me a message about the disc not being mastered correctly, no valid layer break point blah blah, but I went ahead and burned it anyway. Still got a coaster.

My DVD burner is fine, I've never ever burned a coaster with it and I successfully burned a different dual-layer disc as a test (ADM's Ep-V, in fact). I had no problems, so I'm certain it's not the drive.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Ron Moses
MagnoliaFan Edits: Ep I &quot;Balance Of The Force&quot;, and Ep II &quot;The Clone War&quot; (Released)
I apologize for coming to this thread so late, but I'm just now getting into the whole fan edit thing. Reading through these forums, it seems like there's quite the community going on (though I don't even wanna ask what's up between this place and that "other place").

But anyway, I've been looking high and low for copies of MagnoliaFan's edits. I understand they're in the process of being revised, but I'd really like to see the originals. I haven't had any luck, however... might someone be so kind as to shoot me a PM and point me in the right direction? I'd greatly appreciate it.