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Ranking the Star Wars films

For whoever may be curious, I have a new ranking of all the canon films and shows of the franchise on my blog, strictly based on first impressions from when I first saw each entry:


Loved it
1.The Clone Wars

Saw it as a little kid, so…
3.Star Wars
4.The Empire Strikes Back
5.The Phantom Menace
6.Attack of the Clones
7.Revenge of the Sith
8.Return of the Jedi

I liked it but didn’t love it
11.The Force Awakens
12.The Rise of Skywalker
13.The Last Jedi
14.The Mandalorian
15.Rogue One
16.Obi-Wan Kenobi

Wasn’t sure how to feel about it

Found it to be a bit boring at first
18.The Bad Batch

Didn’t like it
20.The Book of Boba Fett

The blog post goes in-depth into each of my choices.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

Vladius said:

The titling would be okay if the shows were actually about the people in the titles. Obi Wan Kenobi is about Princess Leia and Riva, Book of Boba Fett is about Fennec Shand and The Mandalorian, The Mandalorian is now about Mandalorians plural who are not The Mandalorian, and Ahsoka is about the whole cast of Rebels minus Zeb. Andor is mostly about Andor but it’s also about several other people who barely interact with Andor.

I hate to admit it, but you’re right. None of the new projects have had any real focus.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

yoshif8tures said:

Show just continues to be boring. Stupid republic plot is resolved. Seems it was just a filoni excuse to include his oc.
All the action has no stakes. Silly Ezra and the dolly pollies. Thrawn just standing around stroking his moustache.
He has no screen presence whatsoever, none of the characters do, except Balan.

Live-action Thrawn could be better, I’ll give you that. The voice is solid (obviously), but something about him just feels “off.” That’s definitely a character that shoulda been recast for the transition from live-action to animation.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

DZ-330 said:

After today’s episode though… I am 100% confident Sabine will return without Ezra, finding out he escaped on his own. Sabine goes back to Lothal confused and upset, and Ahsoka and her part ways. There will be a time jump and Ahsoka will arrive again when she has a lead on Ezra.

These are NOT the same scene.

Different clothes and her staff. Filoni isn’t that dumb to mess up his own canon.

EDIT: Plus with Filoni being funny about when this scene takes place… I could see it being the closing scene of S1, setting the stage (with more context) for S2 or his movie.

Filoni is already on record saying that he sees the animated content as just fairy tale recounts, and that live action is “what actually happened.”

Besides, how does your logic explain why Ahsoka’s head tails were longer in Rebels? Or why she’s not wearing her tube-top outfit during the live-action recreations of the battles of Teth and Ryloth?

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

SPOILER Review for episodes 1 and 2 (overall I liked them):

PROS: No shaky cam (lol), good music, good cinematography and lighting and whatnot, nice space opera/ spirit of adventure feel (love the crawl), easy to follow story, good characters, interesting premise.

CONS: Wooden acting (at times) and wooden action scenes (at times). Some scenes were also just a bit too slow in general. Also Sabine getting stabbed was stupid, and I feel like there coulda been a flashback or two to better establish exactly why she and Ahsoka had a falling out. Either that or just bluntly state that she can’t use the force (yet?).

Overall tho I still really like the show, and am looking forward to more.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread


People who got to go to the early screening of the first two episodes in NYC are saying that the show starts with a crawl, but the text is in the same font as the one from Solo (except it’s red instead of blue) and the paragraphs move straight up instead of diagonally (like the saga) or fading in and out (like in Solo).

Not that it matters, but I personally think this is pretty cool! Hopefully almost all the future movies and shows do their own “spin” on the crawl. Not clear what the music is like during this sequence, but I think it’d be pretty cool if it was just a simple drumbeat, since that’s originally how it was gonna be in sw77 anyways. Could be a cool little “nod” to that.