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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Spartacus01 said:

I hate that I’m not able to have complex, articulate discussions in English.

English and Italian have two completely different ways of expressing and structuring sentences. And since I’m Italian, I’m obviously accustomed to the way Italian is spoken and the way sentences and speeches are structured in Italian, with the result that every time I want to try to have a complex discussion in English, I can never structure well my sentences and speeches as I’d like to. When I have to express basic concepts ranging from point A to point B, I’m perfectly able to express myself in English without any problem and without difficulty in making myself understood by others. But when I have to talk about complex, articulate and nuanced issues, then I can never structure my speeches and sentences as well as I would like, always ending up being forced to give up any discussion.

I hate this situation, it’s very annoying for me!

Well English is my first and only langwich and I have difficulty expressing myself with it.

Random Thoughts

OK, I have thought about this for some time, but was not shore where to bring it up.
I wanted to come up with a name to describe the preservation projects done here and by other people. But without sounding like… I had an eye patch and a parrot on my shoulder.

This is my latest idea.

F.P.D. Future Public Domain
F.P.D.P. Future Public Domain Preservation

Everything should technically become Public Domain some day in the Future, but it may not exist then.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Hey there.
Having some anger issues myself, quotes. Things keep going wrong, and I can’t fix them.
People say “it’s not worth getting upset over”
But in my mind, that is like saying, “what you care about is not important”.

Or “train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”
That advice was not very helpful in ROTS.

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - Star Wars live action TV series : <strong>Non Spolier</strong> thread

oojason said:

red5-626 said:

Is this real.
do to bad internet i can’t use disney plus.
I have been waiting for a dvd or blu ray, but this has a warner bros logo on it?

Seems real in that it is a bootleg mate - and unfortunately not an official release.

It also appears on a few on ebay and other dvd sale sites (along with other similar packaging; and other people selling bootlegs too no doubt). There is a ‘contact the seller’ option on that Walmart sales page you may be able to glean some info from.

Shite that people still can’t buy a physical version of the show - not only for people like yourself without decent internet (a growing problem) - but would also put a significant stop on these overpriced inferior bootlegs.

Well I wish they had done a better job.
A warner bros logo on a disney show?
If not for that I would have ignorantly orderd it and been happy.
After all Disney has been promoting piracy for years.
"yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me"1967

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Well here is another one.
I had to get my car registration and inspection dun today.
It was the first time sense I got the car, last year.
And well the inspection man tolled me my windows are too tinted.
Now I have to go and pay someone to get the tint removed.

What makes me really angry is that I did not think the dealership would sell me a car with illegally tinted windows. I knew the windows were tinted, but I assumed it was with in the legal limit.