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<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - Star Wars live action TV series : <strong>Non Spolier</strong> thread

oojason said:

red5-626 said:

Is this real.
do to bad internet i can’t use disney plus.
I have been waiting for a dvd or blu ray, but this has a warner bros logo on it?

Seems real in that it is a bootleg mate - and unfortunately not an official release.

It also appears on a few on ebay and other dvd sale sites (along with other similar packaging; and other people selling bootlegs too no doubt). There is a ‘contact the seller’ option on that Walmart sales page you may be able to glean some info from.

Shite that people still can’t buy a physical version of the show - not only for people like yourself without decent internet (a growing problem) - but would also put a significant stop on these overpriced inferior bootlegs.

Well I wish they had done a better job.
A warner bros logo on a disney show?
If not for that I would have ignorantly orderd it and been happy.
After all Disney has been promoting piracy for years.
"yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me"1967

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Well here is another one.
I had to get my car registration and inspection dun today.
It was the first time sense I got the car, last year.
And well the inspection man tolled me my windows are too tinted.
Now I have to go and pay someone to get the tint removed.

What makes me really angry is that I did not think the dealership would sell me a car with illegally tinted windows. I knew the windows were tinted, but I assumed it was with in the legal limit.

If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place

Well I just screwed up in a big way. And I was trying to be nice.
Here is the deal. I live with my parents. It is cheaper for both them and me.
Any way I have been bored, so I start doing things around the house.
It was a nice day so I decided to wash the cars.
The insides are vary dirty so I get out the shopvac
I vac my car my Fathers car and start on my Mothers car.
I move the automatic driver seat all the way forward so I can vac under it.
Then I try to move it back and it will not move. You can’t even get in to drive now.
I look up how to fix on line. I try what the video guy says but I can’t pull it off.
I have apologized to my mother and gave her my car keys to use until her car can be fixed.
But now I am just stuck feeling like crap.

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - a general <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

BedeHistory731 said:

Dek Rollins said:

Broom Kid said:

I don’t know that I agree that ‘toxic’ needs to stop being used as a descriptor, if only because it CAN apply very well… the problem is that a huge part of WHY it applies is because people DO approach disposable conversations with strangers about space movies with such misplaced energy and importance that it ends up warping perspective, to the point where real toxicity can occur. But usually it’s a pretty long walk between “jeez, that guy is annoying” to “jeez, that guy is TOXIC.”

But even then, that doesn’t mean anyone here can paint a really accurate picture of anyone else’s personality based solely on the very small, focused, and mostly inconsequential (and anonymous) glimpses being given through “Star Wars” talks. Most everyone here has a whole LIFE outside of liking Star Wars that is bigger, and way more important than this, and we’ll never really know about it beyond the surface. Toxicity can be a temporary condition, too, and if you find yourself getting upset at other people’s opinions on Star Wars, in my experience, that just means its time to stop and reflect on what you’re putting into this, and what you’re getting out of it, and whether there’s an imbalance that needs to be tended to on YOUR end.

That word is almost always used when someone has a negative opinion about something someone else likes. DE calls ROTJ bad, he must be TOXIC. It’s meaningless at this point. Anyone who calls someone else toxic immediately looks like someone I don’t want to talk to anymore, even if that isn’t really the case.

OK, I apologize for using that word and rushing to judgment.

Maybe we should say. “Bantha Poodoo”?

DE calls ROTJ bad, hes “Bantha Poodoo”.

I am joking, mostly.

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - a general <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

ray_afraid said:

On From Star Wars to Jedi you can hear the original English vocals.
It’s a workout song, for sure. I’ve always wondered why. AFAICT, the song was written for the movie, so… ?
Actually, after thinking about it today, weird exercise songs were kinda popular around this time…
Still makes no sense for the setting, but.

Like I said Jabba has gotan so fat he can’t get off his “Hoversled”
So he is trying to lose weight. But he keeps eating frogs so it never works.

Also i saw this documentary
the man looks like Jabba.
The HEAVIEST Man in the World | Body Bizarre

<strong>Return Of The Jedi</strong> - a general <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

I think Lapti Nek may be an exerciseing Song?

Basic translation

Feel my body growing
My bones have started glowing, ooh
The time has come for showing
That I'll shape you up and work you out
My body feels excitin'
My soul is synthesizin'
My whole frame is jumpin'
I'm workin' out and havin' fun

Work it out, you've got to move your soul
Work it out, you've got to feel the heat
Work it out, you've got to move your soul

Feel my body growing
My body feels excitin'
My soul is synthesizin'
My whole frame is jumpin'
The time has come for showing
I'll shape you up and work you out

Jabba was trying to lose weight.

Did Lucas initially intend for a Grand Moff to be a villain of each movie?

Anchorhead said:

StarkillerAG said:

Interesting article. Kind of ironic that Lucas didn’t think Darth Vader was a good villain, and now Vader is one of the most iconic villains in film history. Hindsight is 20/20.

Weird, considering he had the entire Original VisionⓇ planned out in the early 1970s and how it was all about the grand saga of the rise & fall of Vader.

Oh wait. He’s a liar. Easily proven many times over.

Everything he said is true, from a certain point of view.

How many times have you bought the movies?

new sets.

  1. 1995 Faces Trilogy Boxed Set
  2. 1995 Faces ROTJ
  3. 1997 SE Trilogy gold box
  4. 1997 SE gold box ANH & ESB
  5. 2000 SE Trilogy Boxed Set ! Wid & 1 FUll
  6. 2004 4-Disc Boxed Set (WS
    I pre-ordered one and didn’t get it right away
    by the time I realized how bad it was it was to late.
  7. 2006 SE + GOUT Trilogy.
    I needed a GOUT backup.
  8. Ep 1 VHS 2 full 1 wid
  9. EPs 123 DVD as they relest.
  10. 2011 bluray 9 Disc.

Not counting used sets or sequels
but i have those too.