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Star Wars, Take Two?

it would be kinda weird, but i would think that they can refilm everything and put the original characters in somehow. maybe make them cgi, though not notice it. they did that with obi wan in epsiode II when he jump out the window, caught the droid and flew across the city.

Otherwise, i don't see it happening with new characters only because of the novels and graphic novels they have out. it wouldn't fit.

The Force Unleashed is true to the F.U. part
C3PX said:

Yeah, as much as I hate the whole idea of the The Force Unleashed story wise, as just a mindless Star Wars game where you can go around with a light saber and force powers, it looks pretty cool. Come on, we all spent our childhoods wanting to do that kind of stuff, and wishing there was a game that really made you feel like a Jedi. Dark Forces II was the first game that did that for us, and as lame as the story line and cut scenes were to that game, it was awesome. Jedi Knight II was even better, and Jedi Academy kind of managed to blow. If the Force Unleashed manages to capture any of that feel at all, it could be fun.

Just put this in the same category as you'd put Elseworlds or What If comics, they don't fit into the real story line, but they are as fun as hell to read.

LFM already markets the crap out of Star Wars in every way possible, just because they are marketing the crap out of this as well does not have to ruin the whole game (if it turns out to be even worth playing). Just ignore the hype and play the game, or don't.


 that new starwars game coming out on the nintendo wii seems like it'll be a true jedi experience. though, it looks something like a mortal kombat or soul calibur remake only its star wars.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Here are some things id like done.

1. when they fire the ion cannon at the star destroyer, make it looked better. i always feel like i'm seeing christmas lights when i watch that scene. the 04 release of ANH, the death star scene was aswome, i was dissapointed though when the hoth sing wasn't made any better. Make the battle much more intense!!!

3.make bobba fetts slave I look sleeker. i still feel like i'm scening a modle

4.Make the asteroids not look like potatos please!!!

Keep up the good work!