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Molly said:

Huh, I always thought RotJ happened immediately (or within a few days) after ESB…

Lando has had time to infiltrate Jabba’s joint, gain trust and become “one of the guys”.
Luke has gone from disgraced student to damn-near master.
These things take some time.
I’ve always figured on a couple years between OT films.
Between SW & ESB the Rebellion has had time to pack up and move to a frozen planet where they set up a massive, militarized, underground base. That had to have taken a year or more.
I’d say 2/3 years between each film is fitting.

Best Explanation Of Mary Sue Issue

DominicCobb said:

joefavs said:

RogueLeader said:

At least they actually have fun watching these movies, and their conversations are generally positive.

This. When your relationship with Star Wars consists largely of railing against Star Wars, you’re doing Star Wars wrong.

Amen man. There are many films I’ve seen that I’ve strongly disliked or hated, some within franchises I love. But I usually just say “it sucked” and move on with my life. I can’t imagine expending the amount of energy some people do hating on things. If for no other reason than when something disappoints me, I try not to think about! But there’s a weird mentality these days were if someone hates something and sees someone else liking it, they have to yell at them. I don’t get it (though I won’t pretend I’m immune to the same impulses even if I consciously try to avoid them). When it comes to being something like Star Wars, if you spend half your time talking about what you hate about it, I have to wonder if you’re really a fan at all. Not that you can’t hate things about it, but if you consider yourself a fan, why aren’t you talking more about what you like?

Cheers & Applause!
You guys got it right.

Star Wars <strong>News</strong> - articles that may not have enough interest for their own threads...

screams in the void said:

oojason said:

a Star Wars Fan Film competition… (with various categories and sections)

'Welcome to the Star Wars Fan Awards 2018, the ultimate celebration of Star Wars fan creativity! We want to honor the many ways that fans express their love of a galaxy far, far away – including everything from fan-made films to cosplay and beyond.

So if you’re most impressive, we want to see what you can do. Create and submit your own Star Wars work for a chance to win a Star Wars Prize Pack consisting of Star Wars-themed merchandise and a commemorative trophy!

Check out the full range of categories below. Submissions open July 18 and close September 17. Audience Choice award voting opens November 2 and closes November 13.

An expansion of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, a longstanding Lucasfilm tradition, the Star Wars Fan Awards will highlight the unique talents and gifts of the Star Wars fan galaxy. We would be honored if you would join us.’


An OT•com Index for ‘Star Wars Fan Films / Shorts’ projects & threads on here (and then scroll down).


wow , just noticed that on the section of the site that says ,create a work of art , there is a cropped version of the Tom Jung theatrical poster of 77 Star Wars where they altered the Image of Vader .strange .

Is it still up anywhere? I’m curious.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

snooker said:

Is there any audience recording of Phantom Menace? Or does anyone who saw it in theaters remember the experience? When were the big ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’ moments? Any cheering?

I saw it opening night. I was 19. I had waited my entire life for this thing.
Here are some highlights:
-Had a blast hanging out at the theater all day a month prior to buy tickets.
It was a full-on all day party. I could talk about that day at length. Wonderful.
-Indescribable excitement waiting in line. Lots of laughs and everyone was in top mood.
-HUGE cheer at the logo/fanfare which quickly faded to reverent silence as we began to read
-“OOH” when Maul appeared in the hologram
-Dumbstruck silence during many should-be “exciting” or “funny” moments (Jar-Jar, underwater city & escape, Naboo rescue & escape)
-Cheer when R2-D2 appears
-Off-put snickering at “YIPEE!”
-long stretches of what I call Dumbstruck Silence
-Excitement during the big lightsaber duel
-Literal groans, sighs and looks of gob-smacked disappointment on the way out
I clearly remember overhearing a guy in the parking lot say to his friend “well, it’s new. Maybe we just gotta, like, let it sink in, get used to it…”

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

I agree with all that, especially about the propaganda and history editing, but I still feel we need to be in the 3rd decade of Imperial rule when A New Hope begins. Obviously the conception of Luke n’ Leia was still 18ish years prior, but I like to think the Jedi were wiped out and the Emperor took control much longer before ANH than the PT depicts.
Just my personal cannon. Feel free to hate me for it. 😉

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Anakin Starkiller said:

fmalover said:

The Star Wars franchise has been inconsistent in their portrayal of Dark Side corruption.

In the OT the only instances of Dark Side corruption are Vader and the Emperor, with both having very pale skin, and in the Emperor’s case in particular, yellow eyes. Later we meet Darth Maul, who has the yellow eyes characteristic of the Dark Side, but retained his youthful appearance throughout the twenty years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Count Dooku shows no signs of Dark Side corruption implying his fall to the dark side has been relatively recent or he doesn’t draw from the Dark Side as much as others do. ROTS really screws up the whole notion of Dark Side corruption by revealing the reason Palpatine looks the way he does in the OT is because of Mace Windu deflecting the Force lightning back at him (I always assumed it was because of his many years immersed in the Dark Side), and finally we have Anakin Skywalker whose eyes only turn yellow when he’s really angry or something. Finally we have Snoke and Kylo Ren, with Snoke looking very old and decrepit but doesn’t have yellow eyes even though he’s established to be a longtime practitioner of the Dark Side, and Kylo Ren who been a Dark Side practitioner for at least ten years yet doesn’t show the slightest hint of Dark Side corruption.

This franchise seriously can’t make up its mind regarding the whole dark side corruption subject.

FWIW, my headcanon is that Palpatine has been alive as long as Yoda using the Force. In fact, I guess Yoda’s probably alive that way too, albeit for more selfless reasons.

I’ve always seen Yoda, Obi-Wan, the Emperor and Vader as all being much older than they seem.
Gives reason for the galaxy not believing in the force anymore if that all happened much longer ago.
If there were Jedis running around the galaxy 18 years before the OT, I just don’t buy that every one forgot.

Share your good news!

LuckyGungan2001 said:

A bit over a week ago I worked up the courage to ask out a girl that I’ve liked for a couple of months, and she said yes. Despite being seventeen it was the first time I’d ever asked out a girl, and I’m glad that it was worth it.

That’s great!
But why do you think you should have done this before 17? I’d say you’re right on track my friend!
Just go easy on 'em, killer. 😉

flametitan said:

Oh yeah. Last week (Or the week before? I forget which.) My Birth Certificate finally came in through the mail!



4throck said:

But for lighting, the main problem is the BlueRay grading (the 4K scans don’t look that bad).

I’d like to agree, but can’t. RotJ has terrible lighting.
Compare shots on the SuperStarDestroyer bridge in Empire and Jedi. In Jedi, it looks like they’ve closed and gone home for the day. No lights on, no screens on, very dark, very boring. This is the same technique they used for the whole film and it makes everything look cheap.

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

NeverarGreat said:

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

Gave this another spin last night. Just a wonderful, wonderful movie.

I’ll second everything Rodney said, except to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that Tarkin looks like crap. He looks a bit waxy, and his face moves way to much. Peter Cushing was more stone faced in his portrayal. Seems like something they literally could’ve just dialed down a little.

Still, far from enough to ruin the movie and it gets an A

I have a theory that the biggest issue with this weird CGI facial animation comes down to the smooth way a CGI movement is animated versus the twitchy way muscles really move. I think this is also one reason why an animatronic puppet can more easily appear lifelike than CGI - the mechanical servos that control the puppet are often a better approximation of muscles than smooth motion gradients.

I totally agree.
And yes to the R1 love. I think I’ll give it a 3rd watch tomorrow.
And an even bigger yes to turning off the auto-smoothing on your TV. Tom Cruise made a YouTube video about it.

Please fix Leia in Rogue One

Tobar said:

Humby said:

Anyways, I think there’s some really good potential to get a near perfect deepfake if you can find enough decent source photos. Even the one that was mentioned earlier I would call a passable attempt. It’s a pretty straight forward shot which always makes things easier.

Here’s a more recent attempt.

Face looks good, but the lips don’t seem to match what she’s saying as well as it used to.