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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

ChainsawAsh said:

snooker said:

I also feel like Luke is far too confident in the movie. The last time we saw him, he was bested by Space Hitler who was also his dad. He had hope, sure, but he seems too cool and calculated throughout Jedi.

He starts the movie as an entirely new character almost. I still like the film, I just think seeing that character development would have been better.

Yep. A clear indication that he’d been away finishing his training with Yoda would have helped this feel less jarring.

Not to pat myself on the back or whatever, but I think this would go a long way to help this problem…

Going away? Post so here!

Sure, but I thought we had a tight enough community that we could survive a temporary shake-up.
I miss the guys that got banned and I miss the ones who left because of it, but I guess I thought we’d all be coming back, rolling our eyes and putting it behind us soon.
I know I’ve never been terribly popular around here, but I really do like many of you and I’m sad to see everybody leaving.
But, that’s life. Nothing lasts.


Tantive3+1 said:

Here are some screenshot comparisons showing the differences between the ANH color regrade and the previous ANH:R version. The shots shown from ANH:R are of ones that don’t have effects done besides CC.

I’ll be posting more of these soon.

Thanks! I Love the new colors!

Last movie seen

DominicCobb said:

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - Besides some questionable elements (including one of the worst romances I have ever seen on film), this is a delightfully twisted and unsettling tale. Wouldn’t call it one of the best ever horror films by any means, but it has a couple sequences that I’d put pretty high up there. B-

Couldn’t agree more.
It’s a misunderstood, underrated and overlooked movie. A seasonal watch for me every October.
(have long had plans to edit the “”"“romance”""" out)

The Worst Scene/Sequence in Any Star Wars Film

ninatity said:

ray_afraid said:

joefavs said:

C-3PO spouting hacky zingers in the droid factory and subsequent battle in AOTC. Nothing else even comes close.

I haven’t sen the PT in over a decade, but I’d say this is the obvious winning answer.
I love 3PO, which makes it even worse. Every single line he says once they get to the factory is just terrible.

It’s no longer as horrific as some of the useless movement in the prequels or Rogue One, however I’d positioned the Endor protect generator stuff in a listing of worst sequences in all of celebrity Wars. It’s genuinely the maximum unwatchable a part of the OT (OOT this is).

I’ve read this post three time trying to make some sense out of it.
I have very little idea what you’re trying to say, but the robot-head-swap is indeed the worst of Star Wars.

The Place to Go for Emotional Support

chyron8472 said:

Possessed said:

Sometimes I feel that way too. Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes you feel like mfm. Sometimes you don’t.
…’s got mfm… TFN doesn’t?

JEDIT: I’m sorry if that’s in bad taste. I just got that stupid jingle stuck in my head suddenly.

If that’s true, it’s just another reason I’m glad I’m here and not there.
I’ll take MFM at his most misanthropic than no MFM at all.

The all-purpose ART thread!

Handman said:

ray_afraid said:

Handman said:

I’ve got a few doodles I drew when I was bored in lectures over the past year or so. You might recognize the first one.


A few days ago I started watching the original show again, and found my original doodle looked a bit more like an older Spock. I can’t quite figure out how to draw Kirk.

New Spock with Kirk

Very cool to find out that your avatar is your own work.
Makes me feel like a chump… I should get back to work.
*Ray now nervously awaits the expected non-response from someone he admires…

Thanks, and good luck on yours. And if you mean to say I’m the someone who’s admired, haha, I appreciate the sentiment, but I’m not worthy of admiration, really.

You’re the one. And you’re very worthy, my friend.

JEDIT- I’m usually embarrassed by having the first comment on a new page, but I’d proudly state this anywhere, anytime.