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How did you think things would play out in episode III?

Bantha Foodoo said:

If Lucas had wanted to keep the surprises of the movies when watched in sequence then Yoda could only be mentioned, not seen, and Anakin turning into Darth Vader couldnt be shown.

I saw ESB in 1980 and the surprises were the highlight of the movie--I expected Yoda to be some austere bearded guy on a throne in the swamp and the Vader revelation was a real shocker.

Anything was possible--Darth Vader could have been around from the start of the movie (wouldnt that have been a surprise?) and Anakin Skywalker fights Vader  before Obi Wan  and Vader gets severely wounded or seemingly killed..and then after Anakin's defeat we see Darth Vader reappear(him having taken the name and persona of the character after the Emperor fixes him up). I hated the Prequels--so any change is ok with me. lol

And I also expected that General Kenobi would have been out of the jedi order and some kind of mercenary wandering Jedi fellow when he encounters Anakin. He did say in SW he didnt go by the name of Obi Wan for a long time...


And I expected Luke to be on Dagobah as an infant..



Yes yes yes yes yes. Love all of this.

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

vaderios said:

And all these might work on an other edit.

Ady will not change any of these for any of the reasons you mention.

You can continue the interesting dicussion at ESB and ROTJ wishlist topic.



But, if I understand correctly, there isn't really anything to change. Vader wanted Luke to kill the Emperor so Vader could become the new emperor, Luke would become his new apprentice and they would then "rule the galaxy as father and son". The Emperor wanted Luke to kill Vader and become his new stronger, younger apprentice- "now, fulfill you destiny and take your fathers place at my side". That was all already there.

Star Wars OT &amp; 1997 Special Edition Info.

CompMovieGuy said:

I was ready for this dumb response and here is the correct reply

IF you dont have the appropriate display device to view these encodes/transfers, then what does it matter to you? You are the same person who cries that the OT isnt on Bluray but yet dont even have a Bluray player or HDTV.....

Edit: Next time, please understand my posts before you respond with a obvious dumb answer. If you have an older TV, then the GOUT is perfectly suited for such

Ha. Calm down guy. I didn't "complain" about anything. My set up is more than capable.

ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

Darth Lars said:

The cat analogy is a good example!

I would like to see a pack of ewoks tear an Imperial stormtrooper to pieces like a pack of pirhanas. Use their numbers, size, teeth and claws to their advantage in a feral frenzy. Not so cuddly any more. More blood and gore!

Thanks! And I agree with you as well!

I Like the "traps" the ewoks set to destroy some of the walkers (same goes for the trap that captures our heroes). It shows they know how to use the resources that they have and makes them seem like they know what they are doing. But the silly/cutesy stuff makes them seem incompetent. Cut out the silliness, and add fangs to the open mouths and angry emotives to the eyes and presto! The Rebels are helped by competent, capable creatures instead of stupid teddy bears.

ESB and ROTJ Wishlist

Harmy said:


I really like the fangs and such on the ewoks. I have no problem with the ewoks looking cute while calm, most creatures do, but when in battle they should be made to look like ferocious creatures who can hold their own. Take my cat for example; when he's happy he's absolutely adorable. When he isn't? Different story...

The TIE Fighter Pilot Who Saved The Day in 'Star Wars'

I thought of this when I was very young, but it's never bothered me. That article jumps to a few conclusions without any proof. Who says Han had a clear shot to take out Vader? I'd say he obviously didn't or he would have done so. Luckily, sneaking up on and shooting the fighter he DID have a clear shot at did the trick.