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Good revelations; Bad revelations

Something that maybe in Episode 3 that may not make much sense given conversations from Episode 4...

In Ep3 it is rumoured that Chewbacca will carry Yoda on his back whilst escaping from the Clonetroopers on Kashyyk, and that Yoda uses the Force in front of Chewy and some other Wookiees - repeatedly - to aid that escape.

From the poster 'BulbaSeb' on tf.n:-

In Ep4 Han stated that he doesn't believe in hokey religions or some mystical all powerful Force. What? Chewie just let's that go? I don't think so. Over the years, Chewie's going to let Han know a thing or two about stories from the old days - or at least his past.

"Roowrr ror rrooor roror roo"
"Really buddy, I didn't know... a little green guy you say?"
"Rrrwor rrrowwwwoowr rrrowrr"
"Right, and you expect me to believe that he threw missiles away, and pushed stormtroopers to the floor just by waving his hand"
Chewie shrugs. End of Subject.

I don't buy it.

Maybe we need the intervening episode, like Troops! in ANH

On Tatooine:
ObiWan - "Say, aren't you a Wookie? I thought you were all but dead"
Chewie - "Rrrwrrorr rrwrorwrr"
ObiWan - "Yes, I am a Jedi. I want to thank you for saving Master Yoda."
Chewie - "RRrrrwweerrr rrrroroo"
ObiWan - "He saved me a few times as well. Now I need a ship to get me off Tatooine."
Chewie - "Rrrwwrrr wah wah"
ObiWan - "No, should I have?"
Chewie - "RRroowwwooorrrwwror"
ObiWan - "Never heard of the Kessel run. But, if you can get me and a few friends out of Mos Eisely, no questions asked, I can pay you handsomely"
Chewie - "Waaahrrr RuhRoh"
ObiWan - "Lead the way to the captain of your ship. But promise me that you'll never speak of the Jedi and pretend not to know of our existence."
Chewie - "Rohkay"

Magnoliafan Edits- "Balance" and "Clone War"

I've started burning a few copies of your newly subtitled Ep 1 MagnoliaFan Edit - Balance Of The Force and will give them to a few mates here in the UK, and a couple in Italy that were interested too - all free of charge.

I'll keep a few spare copies too for anyone else interested.

Didn't realise they had both the original MagnoliaFan subtitles and your new subs on the dvd - with so much going on here it must have slipped my mind

Though the disk is NTSC based it does of course play on any multi-region dvd player - which nearly dvd player over here in the UK (and probably most of Europe has the capability of anyway)

A response to the "They're His Movies" arguement
^ exactly.

Local dialects, many translations over the years, the development of words and language along with their meaning changes over the years.

Translating it itself would have been difficult, and then translating it into differing languages through two different eras - say 100 years apart may well give you a different book, as well as any political or power games played by those involved.

Not forgetting that the Bible is a collection of stories from many different people with differing points of view from a range of varying eras.

Bible rant over...
Forget the plot, we want action!

Originally posted by: Lethe
I think my favorite action sequence would have to be the Hoth battle. I really love snow-speeders for some reason, and thought the AT-ATs, and AT-STs were very neat. I think this is why I bought Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64 and Rogue Squadron for Gamecube, because I got to be a pilot in that battle.


Same here, m8.

I loved the Hoth level on Rogue Sqadron the most - even better than the RL2 and Rebel Strike, always seem to have more time to go around shooting stuff in your own time