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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

I know you’ve used the titles of TFA and TLJ for your sequel trilogy Hal, but have you considered a new title for this one? The Rise of Skywalker just doesn’t convey what this movie (where the Skywalkers go extinct) is about.

My suggestion - Heir to the Empire. The film is about Palpatine’s heir and trying to decide whether it was Kylo or Rey. It’s a classic Star Wars book title, thus fitting with PT naming choices. Plus it gives a good ol’ George Lucas level rhyming scheme to the names of each Trilogy’s Climaxes.

Revenge of the Sith
Return of the Jedi
Heir to the Empire

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

idir_hh said:

dgraham414 said:
Opening shot would be tie fighters going towards kylo’s ship just out in space (probably a reverse shot from TFA) with Kylo on the bridge staring into nothingness.

Liked the idea so I made a quick test. It works really well with Poppa’s tie fighter’s flying above the forest, would be nice though to have a shot of Vader’s castle with the 3 fighters flying by to tie it all together.

Works beautifully.
I would use the star destroyer closeup as the Pan Down from the crawl, without ties deploying (removed), then behind Kylo on the bridge.
The wide shot of the Planet with the Pan Down I would attempt to center on the Star
Destroyer and incoming Ties and remove camera movement/the Pan.
Then the closeup of Kylo’s face.
Then the closeup of the Star Destroyer with Ties leaving in tact. Then use the initial flash of ties flying past at the beginning of the Planet pandown as an extra flying to the planet (stabilized/no camera movement), then proceed the same with the ties over the planet, though I’d add slight slowmo to the trooper shot to match or gradually adjust to Kylo slowmo.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure (Released)

Hey Hal, how did you QC this? Was just thinking as you’re moving things over, it might be easier to just run a difference overlay check with the previous edit versions, since only the frames you’ve fixed should show anything. Render it out, throw it on the tv to play as you’re casually working on something else. That way you’ll just see flashes if/when there’s an issue.


darth_ender said:

I don’t know if this is exactly what Adywan is thinking, but I still really love this idea. To me, it is a very moving ending and I hope he adopts something like this.

Password: ROTJ

Credit for the effects go to the long lost aalenfae.

Is there any behind the scenes footage of Sebastian Shaw in costume that could be used in the pyre shot? If you put a force ghost shot of him with the ventilator still on but the mask off over the pyre, then have it fade out right before panning up, you could use force ghosts in both shots, and still stick to only Shaw. The film ends with even more of a false sense of security and completion - Luke and Anakin both lay Vader to rest, then we watch both rejoin their comrades.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Has anyone watched Jay and Silent Bob recently to check some of Carrie’s dialogue from there. I’d imagine most lines are fairly clean in the channel, and she says a few things that might be able to be added dialogue wise off-screen.

Her lines are:
You two boys need a ride?
You both don’t have to sit back there. One of you can sit up here with me.
So where are you boys from?
What brings you to Indiana?
Well, do unto others. That’s what the Book says.
I live my life by it.
Are you kidding? I’ve dedicated my life to it. Every hour of every day.
Of course. You know how lonely it gets on the road? Thanks to the Book, I’m never alone–if you know what I mean.
You live by the Book, too?
That’s good to hear. But it takes deed, not words. It’s a lot easier to say you live by the Book than to actually do it.
Can you do it?
No time like the present, right?

I imagine you could go with

“Rey, be patient” “You are never alone. Nothing’s impossible.” splicing it together, right before Rey’s says “Nothing’s impossible.” (I’d cut the communing with the Jedi, but this works if not.)
It’d be really cool to get “It gets lonely, but you are never alone. Nothing’s impossible.” to which Rey could respond with the “Yes Master” instead of later. Later where she says that could just be filled with reaction shot with a smile.

“It takes deeds, not words. But it’s a lot easier to say than to actually do.” a bit harsh, but a potential drop in for the awkward “Don’t tell me what things look like, tell me what they are.”

(Re-the waiting until you can comb released edits for Ideas)Everytime I watch Cloak of Deception, I always feel a bit proud of the Otah Gunga removal. I’m sure lots of us feel the same with the way you combined the best of everyone’s take on things.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

The broadcast makes sense in this context of seconds after Luke dies, Palatine emerges.

“The day of reckoning has come.”
“The great error has been corrected.”

Luke is dead. The Jedi are gone.
The Sith have won.

In terms of a 9 film saga, this broadcast ties things together nicely, while also providing a cliffhanger reminiscent of TESB reveal.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

3 in 1 edit.

Get rid of Rathtars. Han and Chewie immediately take Rey and Finn to Maz.
First Order shows up, Rey captured quickly.
Han moment, minimal effort to blow up the base.
Rey shows up - instead of handing off the light saber, Chewie immediately throws door off - Luke ask where Han is.
Make Luke only doubt himself, not the Jedi.
Give Rey all 3 trainings - show Luke getting back to himself. Imply he’s training her to go back and save them.
No Canto Bight. Finn is Zapped and out of it for part of the middle.
When Rey and Kylo kill Snoke, immediately trigger the transmission from Palpatine.
Kylo leaves Crait to immediately find the way finder. Add an echoing “Come find me” in the back of some Kylo scenes.
Maybe add a Vader Communing part to the Last Jedi portion.
Right after “They’ve got Chewie”, we move to the sinking sands. No Kylo.
No Knights of Ren except the final battle.
3P0 can’t translate, but Babu Frick is able to get the info. No memory wipe.
Cut Zorri if possible.

The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was (Released)

An alternate Audio track would be cool with it in tact if possible. It’s not perfect, but it helps tie in Padme- this line change feels like the start of his transformation, drawing out memories.

I’ve always liked the first “No” as Vader picks up the Emperor. Obviously not the scream, but it feels like he’s finally broken through the fog. People that are fighting an alternate personality almost always access voice control first.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hey Hal, have you ever considered renaming your ST edits?

I love how your PT edits use the novel names from the in between books.
It’s an nice reference, and honestly they seem to fit better.

I was thinking, now that we’ve seen the whole trilogy,
that it might be cool if you did the same using the Zahn Thrawn titles.

Episode 7
Heir to the Empire

Episode 8
Dark Force Rising
(yes, Kerr used it for his #3, but I don’t think it’d go over badly)

Episode 9
The Last Command

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

sade1212 said:

Is it possible to imply Leia has been in poor health since her spacewalk in TLJ? Add coughing in both movies, maybe dub in a line of some Resistance member with their back to the camera suggesting she will never fully recover, even put a single word in the crawl or something. Her death already comes out of nowhere but cutting the Maz scene (essential to do, I hate it) would make that even worse.

I think adding something in the crawl would help a lot. It would explain her diminished role and hopefully make her scenes stand out slightly less.

I would remove that Rey is trying to commune with the Jedi, and cut out the “Be with Me” portion of the training. I feel it’s actually more powerful just being heard at the end, as if in that moment she innately calls upon them.

Info Wanted: Which version of the Original Trilogy preservations to watch?

I’m in the minority here, but if you grew up with VHS or Laserdisc, I’d highly suggest the JawsTDS Return of the Gout releases. IMHO, it’s the highest quality “Official” version you’ll find (upscaled, but a single source).

For fun, you can also check out Hal9000’s Special Edition audio (cut to the theatrical length) which are absolutely beautiful. (Personally, I prefer the GOUT RotJ audio, but only because it sounds more similar to the SW/ESB mixes. The RotJ SE audio is much cleaner/sounds digital in comparison to the other two’s analog twang).

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

I would have Kylo commune with the helmet before seeing Palatine - this way, it breaks up the initial pace just slightly, and underscores the fact that his life has been driven by voices in his head. This gives us an immediate payoff, so badly needed.

Start the Kylo attack at the beginning with the widest shot of him running after people. Star Wars is supposed to start with GOOD and BAD established clearly. By starting with him chasing them down, you know there’s no other motivation. Remove the backslide 😑

Move Lando’s Got a bad feeling about this to the end of that scene after they leave and he returns to the window.

Remove Ren’s His “granddaughter” is enough.

Swap Palpatine’s “your grandfather, Darth Vader” to “Darth Vader, your grandfather”

Trim 3PO throughout. Keep “you did not mention me, but I am fine” line in. Missed opportunity for 3PO to learn about Leia.

I missed the 16 hours thing too. I remember only 8 hours left 🤷🏼‍♂️

Leia’s scenes fall squarely on the writers. All of Rey’s dialogue in them was just poorly written.

Just remove Luke’s “I was wrong”. The line drips with the “subtle” message: “Ignore the last movie.”