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4K83 Released

To throw in my 2 cents… started 16 years ago. I was 13. From the time I was 5, I watched the Faces set. Over. And Over. And Over.

I’m now 29. I get grumpier and more nostalgic every year. I’ve watched older generations continue to bemoan the lack of a good releases while I have to be content with my 720p release of the upscaled PAL GOUT as my preferred edition. When I saw Star Wars in theaters, I had to see the SE - and hated it immediately because Jabba broke the narrative flow. I wanted MY original.

My video sources will probably never get better. Even a color correction of other projects miss matching the shadows and highlights. I love it exactly as it is. Warts and all. The one nice thing I have is a wonderful abundance of audio options.

Thus… I support this. 😃

Alternate Resolutions

I know that most of us are sticklers for quality - this probably isn’t the greatest option for quality alone. However, for compress-ability and space saving, I thought I’d share that I’ve found 2 resolutions that work great for backing things up.

For SD, I’ve begun using 672x504. This uses close to the same number of pixels as NTSC uses in 720x480.
The resolution itself is 4x3, so requires no stretching for full frame. In addition, using a PAR of 4x3, you get a 16x9 image of 896x504.

For HD, I’ve begun using 1152x864. This uses a similar number of pixels to 1280x720.
The resolution itself is 4x3, so requires no stretching for full frame. In addition, using a PAR of 4x3, you get a 16x9 image of 1536x864.

HEVC works exceptionally well at these resolutions.

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Finished!)

Semi crazy idea but…

Imagine the Droid factory with Padme removed.

It would take effects work, but if you paint her out of a few shots in the initial hallway (including removing her from the shot of the doorway.)
Skip the door closing/platform-withdrawing/Anakin hanging shots.

Use the Shot of Anakin jumping down. It looks like Anakin runs through the door and immediately jumps down, with the battle continuing.

The rest of the shots of Anakin can be arranged and strung together, leading up to being caught by Jango.

That way her and Anakin are captured separately. The sequence serves a purpose.

Star Wars Episode I: Cloak Of Deception (Finished!)

V6 - absolutely outstanding. I felt like I was watching the same movie… But enjoying it 😱

Based on your stated goals, here are my thoughts/criticisms to perfect my now go to version. 😉

Add some of the battle droids weird dying noises to all battles where they appear. They are too silent in the initial Jedi fight.

Cut “Again, you come before us, your highness”. It contradicts that contacting them is a sign of getting results.

Maybe after the queen says “The Federation wouldn’t dare go that far.” Put in the last part of Panaka’s line “They’d be finished.” Here you’ve cut excessive legalese, but I think that tiny part will add to the scene.

Put a small shot of jar jar antics back in Anakin/Padme meeting. Against general film practice not to, and was literally the only point it felt like an edit.

When Maul sends out his probes, cut the first shot earlier before they appear 3D near the screen. Doesn’t feel OT in the way you’ve made everything else feel OT.

Remove the the line about “I didn’t actually come here to free slaves”. We’ve already established this at dinner, and it’s kind of harsh for his character. Plus, he’s clearly taken an interest so saying that is irrelevant. Her final reaction shot works just as well after “I don’t know…”

Cut the shot of Qui-Gonn saying good luck right after he says “May the force be with you.”, before he caresses Anakin’s head.
Crop the part of the shot of Anakin putting his helmet on so it looks like a new shot.

Change Jabba’s subtitles from “Welcome.” To “Welcome to Boonta Eve”. It far better matches what he says, using Return of the Jedi to judge the length of a sentence in Huttese vs English.
I always interpreted Anakin saying “(on) Boonta Eve” to be referring to racing ON that specific track, and prefer that to it being a holiday.

Maybe show the shot of the bullets hitting Anakin’s pod as if on the tablet the group is watching. Then reinsert the announcers saying the line about the tusken raiders. The spectators wouldn’t have a view of them on the ridge.

Replace the cries of agony from the Droid sucked through the pod turbine with droid dying sounds for consistency.

Swap Padme saying “Look, Here he comes.” She was super stressed earlier, her delivery is too positive. Use the Shot of Jar Jar from later saying “Here he comes” and being excited.
Padme was far more likely to be positive with Anakin close on Sebulbas tail after catching up, which seemed impossible.

I’d take out 3PO vision as Anakin says goodbye. Move the lines he says to the shot of 3POs face. Remove “I’m going to miss working on you.” to make it fit.

After Qui-Gonn cuts the probe droid, cut straight to the shot of Darth Maul walking to his ship. It seems he’d have a way to monitor them without them reporting (or just have felt with the force), and is coming because he saw/felt Qui-Gonn cut it down.

Anakins “Hi” is awkward meeting Obi-Wan. I’d stick to “You’re a Jedi too, nice to meet you.”

I’d leave in an oops for when Anakin launches the ship. Showing a little guilt at disobeying.

After Obi-Wan goes at Maul with QG down, show the first few strikes then jump straight to the closeup shot. The beginning looks far too choreographed.

Great job, getting better every release!


Correct - no worries! I’ve found with Jedi that you never quite know what you’re going to get. Either it benefits from the workflow getting honed with the first two films, or it suffers from being left until last minute because they want to perfect the first two.

I still highly recommend all three soundtracks you released, just didn’t think Jedi SE meshed as well with GOUT video.


Clearly, the test watch didn’t go well. 😉

With that said, I’ve completed the set and released Return of the Jedi today.

Here are the notes I’ve included on the spleen:

  • Originally, I’d intended on using a different video source. Something about the PAL Gout always rubbed me the wrong way. Luckily, after months working on trying to find the right source, I realized what was wrong - the colors were just different enough from the NTSC Gout to hinder my nostalgia. With a few small adjustments, I found a middle ground that matched the PAL Gout color of the first two (which I really liked), and am quite happy with the results.

  • In my pursuit of the right video source, I also questioned if Hal’s SE RotJ mix was what was throwing me off. Throwing on the standard 93 mix, I realized that in comparison to Star Wars and Empire, the SE mix of Jedi just didn’t feel as raw and powerful to me (definitely a fault of the source, not of Hal’s wonderful audio offers). With this in mind, and wanting a matching 256kbps audio track, I chose to use Schorman’s raw 93 Mix. This was resampled with SOX using a linear filter to avoid any phase shifting that would ruin the surround mixdown, and encoded to ac3 with Aften. I’d love feedback on how this sounds on your systems in comparison to the audio of the first two.

I’ve decided for the moment not to redo Empire yet, as I’m pretty happy with this as my ideal OT set.

With that said, keep an eye out for the NSP/PT. In the spirit of lower quality sources, I think this is an excellent opportunity to release an upscale of The Phantom Edit and Attack of the Phantom with proper crawls. They will be followed with Revenge of the Sith, but I haven’t quite decided which edit I’d like to use. I’m very partial to Dawn of the Empire, but would love feedback on which edit people feel best fits with the two Phantom Edits.

Seed and Enjoy! 😃

Star Wars Laserdisc Preservations. See 1st Post for Updates.

I’m still curious on which sources have extra frames (per your notes, since your final releases have them removed for GOUT-Sync), but am pretty happy with a script I found on Doom 9 for the process of detecting your inserted black frames.

#Specify the name and location of the output file
filename = “e:\output_black_frames_rotjswe.txt”

#Specify the threshold that will be considered black (0 = pure black)
global blankthreshold=16.1 #24 seems to be a reasonable number for black frames sourced from analog


#Only look at half the fields (speeds up processing, though if you remove selectodd, it should help locate
#any half frames)

#Write the frame number
WriteFileIf(last, filename, “(AverageLuma(i)<blankthreshold)”, “current_frame”, append = false)

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Incredibly odd thought, but maybe Ep 9 could use a CGI Recreation of Sebastian Shaw as Anakin’s force ghost, who has been trying to contact Kylo Ren but has been consistently pushed away by Snoke. Who better to tear down Vader idolization than Vader?

Or to be perfectly honest, Hayden Christensen is only 8 years younger than Anakin when he died…

Rey and Kylo could essentially train together under the force-ghost training of Luke, Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor aged), and Anakin(Hayden aged). Even offers the opportunity for a cameo of Yoda and Qui-Gon watching the training from afar.
Then Rey and Ben go off to defeat his former allies, the Knights of Ren.
Ultimately the film ends with them/Finn/Rose/Chewie/Poe bringing down the First Order and ending with a “What’s going to control the Galaxy now?” “The same thing that’s always controlled it. The Force.”
“Then what do we do?”
“Maintain the balance”…


Alright - sorry for the delay on RotJ.

I really enjoy the Return of the Gout project from JawsTDS, but have always been less fond of Return of the Jedi from that set. It’s a gallant effort, but for some reason falls short in comparison to the other two. I blame the source, which I’ve always found inferior to the other two.

Originally I was waiting for JawsTDS’ new project, which was going to be working with X0+Lumagen Processing. I’m hoping that the set is going to push the limits of laserdisc scaling, and I may release a version 2 of RotJ if I like the results.

In the meantime, I’ve attempted to degrade RotJ Despecialized 2.5 to the point of PAL GOUT quality, then upscaled using the JawsTDS RotJ script. I’ve also attempted to adjust the colors a little to fit the GOUT color pallet without going overboard.

Today is the test watch to make sure the upscale of the degraded DEed is similar to the first two, and that the audio meshes in the same way. Will be posted this evening if all goes smoothly.

Force Awakens/Last Jedi Concepts

I just wanted some opinions on my concept for helping fix Luke between the two films.

I don’t know how to implement all of it yet, but I think if you move the part where Chewie rips off the door and Luke asks him ‘what he’s doing there’ to replace the original handing over the lightsaber ending of TFA(removing that altogether), ending the film with Luke saying “Where’s Han?” will have a much stronger emotional impact- getting to see Luke interact with Chewie and mention Han. I hated the ending because I just didn’t care much about her meeting him. I wanted to see him, from the perspective of the old films, and for that moment the trio was reunited.
It also leaves someone new to the film wondering “Why didn’t Luke sense Han’s death?”
-I also think you’d need to have very little lead up to Chewie ripping off the door. Falcon lands, use the extended hut scene to get footage of Luke sitting quietly in his hut, when Chewie is so pissed about Han - especially knowing Luke’s absence made the difference - that neither him nor Rey knock before the door’s ripped off.

This provides the opportunity to start the next film knowing that Luke had interacted with Rey to some degree. Knowing this, you can choose to set up Luke’s character however you’d like in The Last Jedi without feeling a total disconnect. I’d even toss the whole lightsaber being given to Luke at the beginning of TLJ. His other scenes with the lightsaber are far more enjoyable and communicate he got it.

Use Chewie out front roasting Porg as your initial external shot, then Luke waking up R2. Using this as your intro to Luke in this film, again he’s introduced to us by characters we connect with. This sets up Luke to have any relationship dynamic with Rey that you’d like by adjusting the remaining footage to fit your ideal balance of Classic Luke and New Age quirky Luke. You can cut out most bad dialogue this way, especially story recaps.