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The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!

Thank you Jay, Anchor head and Silverwook!!!

This site means a lot to me, and I never would have seen Star Wars the way it was always in my memories. Or found the many other fan projects, edits, ideas and preservations. This site has a great community, full of rational knowledgeable dreamers. It would be a shame to lose a site as special as this. I would also like to thank all contributes to this site especially Harmy Team Negative one, Adywan. And all you other fanedit, color time debating, radical re-editing crazy old wizards out there.

I think that a PayPal donate button may work out best. I can give a bit when I can that way. With perhaps a ticker of what is needed for the next month/year. I also don’t mind the ads.

May the force be with us!

OT Saga extended Edition


Projects not dead!!!

The Star Wars Changelist

Main Source Used Team negative1 presents poitas super 8mm preservation (Thanks TN1 and Zigzig)

Opening Sequence From DeSpecialized 2.5 - Fox Fanfare, Intro, Title Crawl and opening space

battle (Thanks Harmy)

Moved C-3PO “I think I’m Melting” to right after the droids cross through the crossfire

Inserted “Luke and Treadwell” Scene Directly after (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Would Have Added The Woman Screaming Slow Down But There is no Audio and There is supposed to

be The Landspeeder Racing By. If anyone thinks they can pull that off I can put it in the

unplanned V2 (Thanks TBD)

Inserted “Luke Arrives at Anchorhead Scene” after the Droids escape the Blockade Runner(Thanks

Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Luke and Biggs” scene after C-3PO Signals the Sandcrawler (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Blue Milk” scene After Aunt Beru Calls Luke to Dinner (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted Extended “Search for R2-D2” (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Changed Severed Ponda Boba Arm to Severed Head (Thanks Ronster)

Inserted first and second shot of Han with “Jenny” Before and After The Ponda Boba Fight also

Altenitive Shot of Hans’ introduction with Jenny Leaving the Booth

Inserted “I don’t Think They’d Like another killing in here” line to the Exchange with Greedo

Inserted Extended “Stormtrooper Search” into the scene C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding behind the

locked door (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Original Jabba the Hutt Scene” After the Elephant Alien alerts the Empire (Thanks

Jamie Benning)

Inserted “Vader and Bast” scene directly after (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

added in soon!!
Bens hut Benning
Another Killing in Color J.W. Rinzler
Alderann Ronster
Leia and Tarken Rinzler
Controll Room Rinzler
Death Star Escape Rinzler
Vader and Obi Wan Rinzler
Gonk Droid Rinzler
Biggs Reuninon Adywan
Super Nova Rinzler

Is There Something I am Missing? Tell ME!!!
Still Cannot find that darned Stomtroopers swinging from ropes scene Brahhhhhh!!!

OT Saga extended Edition

Progress report (since you asked)
Still in research Phaze, the real problem is there are many decisions to make. My philosophy is keep it simple stupid but the more I look the more I want to add…
So starting with the base, it will likely be an 8mm or 16mm source but likely a combination of both. I want to use the 8mm sound though as it has several differences from the others
Here is what I have for source material
Star Wars Derann Super 8mm Preservation
TN1 presents Poita’s SW Super 8mm Grindhouse v1
Puggo Grande
Puggo Strikes Back
Return of the Puggo
Harmy’s despecialized editions
Ady’s revisited SW and ESB
TN1 SW grind house 1.6
TN1 ESB grindhouse.
All 3 on Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray deleted scenes
Star wars begins
Building empire
Returning to Jedi
All three rinzler ebook scenes
Random youtube/viemo stuffs
Star wars the cutting room floor

If there is something else I should look at or consider as source material please let me know.

As far as what scenes to put in I’m concentrating on original Star Wars for right now:
Treadwell scene with radio drama audio
Toche station
Reunite with Biggs
Vader widens the search
Shots of Jenny in the bar with solo
Ponda Boba head instead of arm
Original Jabba scene, or what can be salvaged
Slightly longer destruction of alderan
Casual stroll past imperial officers
Reunite with bigg plus I flew with your father part.
Maybe a few slightly extended scenes here and there.
Blue milk? Maybe but not sure where it goes.
Can anyone point me to a simple grain plate / added film dirt tutorial, I will need it to replace the dirty sources anywhere there is a starfield, none are good enough to use, but look awsome otherwise

OT Saga extended Edition

darkspire17 said:

Perhaps go the radio drama way, where he wasent jabba, but i belive a mercinary/bounty hunter sent by jabba,

I will check into it, I plan on using audio from the radio dram a fir the treadwell scene already.

darkspire17 said:
somthing else id love to see, is a recut of the greedo scene, without the SE awkward “doge the laser” bit, but instead cutting ot an insert (probably a custom element) close-up of han holding his D-11 slightly above his waste and firing, cut quickly to be close to how a western gunslinger would be like

Han will certainly not be dodging a shot from greedo. Because Greedo never got a shot off. And any one who says otherwise will be banned from watching my edit!!! JK . But sorry won’t be doing that gunslinger bit, perhaps one day someone will make a Sergio Leone cut “The Luke, The Han, and the Vader!” Scored with Enniomorricone and full of long face closeups. And unsync the dialogue a bit.

OT Saga extended Edition

This edit will have the Ian McClleand version of the Jabba Scene in it. Reason: Its my Edit. I personally would like to make a custom cleaned version of this particular scene where he doesn’t call him Jabba for an after credits scene on another (never to be completed) project. But… I may have him not call him Jabba in this one on the fence about it.

OT Saga extended Edition

So for a long time (decades) I have alwayse wanted to watch The original Trilogy Movies with Deleted Scenes and what not but there doesn’t seem to be a good option, and sick it seems I have some time on my hands, and finally got descent internet. I’m going to try to take a crack at it. But I will need some help.
First I need suggestions on what version of the movies to use as a base. What I have in mind are film transfers, something a bit dirty as the deleted scenes are dirty beyond repair and I think that will help not make their insertion so jarring.

Second I will need any info on scenes I do not have listed or that I have listed and cannot find quality examples of.

Third I may need suggestion or straight up help on cleaning some scenes and maybe even adding at least some color to black and white scenes

The List
Coming soon***

The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)

Thanks Hal!!! Superior to the theatrial cut by at least 12 parsecs. Just cannot thank you enough, you took out enough small bad stuff it made the rest of my gripes tolerable. I really enjoyed this canto bight was short and sweet.

If I could magically erase the porgs and do something about luke tossing his saber, (I like the way ortega is handling that) and much of the bb8 and phasma schtic. But for your stated pourpose of not radically editing it but making It a better movie you succeeded. Well done. A gold star to you and everyone involved in this project.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Betrayed – A 3-in-1 edit of the prequels

Yes botias agbeditor have a point about grevious being mentioned alot, it could be fixed by making newt gunnery the nemodian boss general grevious. Or maybe even dooku.
And as to a separate point I agree that dooku also back flips too much and has corny lines that need removed. It would have almost made sense if dooku was a grey jedi and left the order because he was actually fighting sidious, but I believe that would be impossible to pull off successfully, I’ll think more on that point.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Betrayed – A 3-in-1 edit of the prequels

I agree with botias on every point and would like to add a couple of other points
1 the jedi should do no more than a backflip or anything in their fights it just doesn’t jive with the OT loke when obiwan jumps to the upper platform in the maul fight.
2 It is my dream that The clones should never be called clones. The clones should be the droid army, it could be set up in the crawl or in subtitles of the nemodians after that it fits with the "we don’t serve their kind in ep iv

Dooku and greivous are both terrible characters. You kinda have to have dooku I guess, but I could do without grevious entirely.

This is still the best pt fanedit I have seen, but it could be improved upon.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story: Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS & MAGIC INSIDE **

Finally saw it here’s my first impression cut keep list

I’m a crawl guy, using the intro text as a base it will be easy. Then a pan down from crawl through shipyards it will have to be fashiond by an expert but we have those around cut the solo banner

I liked this movie, humor was spot on except L3 could use a complete redub, and cut down on Droids mutant on kessel, slaves get freed start to riot, that’s enough

Solo gets his name, fine with me, I thought it worked. Remove imperial march

Trim on droid cage fights

Has to be a way to get rid of maul what we’re they thinking?

Someone said chewie was subtitled, huh? I didn’t even notice, if that is the case be rid of that

Han shoots first, good!
Hans a good guy, thats fine we know
Willow of good has a line, I’m happy for him but I recognized him right off, takes me out of the movie
Lando does love L3, eh ok

Biggest gripe beside Maul is the music, only at times just didn’t work for me

Thought this was better than any of the prequels or sequels, I found myself worried about the characters. Except maul it could have been a talking turd and I would have been happier they made Ron do it right? They must have right?

Thanks Ron howard maybe you should start an account here!

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

I have only watched a couple of his videos and he may be “making the most of it” but as a radical dreamer myself I find some of his ideas interesting, I like his music choices rant, I I think he may have saved the luke sabers toss which is one of my most hated scenes since jar jar nominated palpatine. What if he does get convincing voice actors? Might be good stuff in there, I guess time will tell, at least you can tell he is putting in thought and effort. My 2 cents

The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)

Handman said:

Iryin01 said:

Have you ever considered making it so that Luke simply hands Rey the lightsaber back (using reversed footage) and storms off? The way Luke tosses the lightsaber in the movie is obviously played off to be some sort of joke in a very serious moment.

I believe Ivan Ortega’s edit does this.

Just watched the ortega Clip it’s Hella Good, I think it could be better if it used tfa footage of rey walking up (like how dig mod cut it off tfa) but is definetly better than the sabers toss, starts the movie on the wrong foot