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Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

StarkillerAG said:

marduk666 said:

If you want a twist for the movie, how about Rey buries the lightsabers and then looks at the camera and her eyes are sithy and you hear a palpatine laugh like from the trailer. Palpatine wins, end of saga.

So basically the ending of Thriller?


So I am trying to wrap my tiny brain around this whole palpatine clone debacle…
I think the answer may be that there are no clones. Try and follow this logic

  1. The Rise of Skywalker Emperor (henceforth referd to as Alpha) is very very old. And is not a Palpatine. Alpha can use his force power to control others strong with the force; I will refer to them as puppets. He can also Completely transfer his essence if he can only find a truly worthy force wielder (henceforth feferd to as a vessel); someone capable of wielding his awesome force powers.
  2. Sheev Palpatine A Puppet of Alpha. Sheev instantly knew Anakin was special and a prime candidate for a worthy vessel. He tried to groom him Until… Ben Kenobi damaged him, making him unworthy. So Palpatine keeps Vader around to help find the next vessel. Which turns out to be the son of Anakin, Luke Skywalker. Palpatine wants Luke now to take vaders place. Hoping to train him and make him strong enough to be the new Vessel.
  3. The Next Puppet the Empeor takes control of is Snoke. An old broken Puppet but strong enough to continue the search for a new Vessel. The Grandson of Anakin Ben Solo. Snoke begins to corrupt Ben to the dark side. Snoke is trying to train and make the now known as Kylo Ren A strong enough vessel for Alpha. He is promising but has an inner struggle between the dark and the light hindering his full potential. That is when Rey enters the picture an incredible Mary Sue from out of nowhere with clearly more potential than Kylo Ren. And becomes Alphas prime target for a new Vessel.
  4. Alphas true form is Quite literaly falling apart and the search for a Vesssel is starting to become more desperate and instead of using the energy to claim a new puppet He hatches a plan to bring Rey and Kylo to him. If he cannot take Rey as a new vessel she can die and he can take Kylo as a Puppet and continue the search.

It almost gives these characters proper motivation. Reys motivation is just trying to find where she came from. Which she never gets. (My best idea is that Rey is a clone of Shmi, thats why when she asks to see her parents in the cave it is just an image of herself) But in the end she is a worthy vessel and Alpha take her form. AlphaRey starts an acadamy is put in charge of the Council and a Leader of the Republic. Alpha is right back on top with a Rockin Hard new body and Respect and Prestige and no one is the wiser. No Luke, or Leia or Kylo to find out… BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA



DominicCobb said:

RoccondilRinon said:

Speaking of, to put us back on topic, has ady said if he’ll be keeping the praxis wave for the explosion? It’s the one added praxis ring that I think actually adds a little something to the effect and energy of the shot (with the Falcon outrunning it being one last thrill). One of the only SE additions I miss a little when I watch the OOT.

I hate praxis wave, my2centz

The Mandalorian : a Radical Redux Fan Edit <strong>Ideas</strong> thread

Much of episode one and most of ep2 can be cut. I was entertained by the jawa fight, it was Indiana Jones ish. But should be cut. Ep 3 was good . Could do without the rocketeer salute.
After a story arc is completed I bet a 3 hr spaghetti western would be a winner. The Good… The Bad… and the Mando…


BedeHistory731 said:

I’ve been experimenting with trimming “I must obey my master!” while also incorporating Sir Ridley’s “Your mother once thought as you do” (albeit slowed-down). What prevented me from deleting “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side” was both Vader’s turn and making sure that Luke’s follow-up line made sense. The edit is a bit rough, but I’m sure Ady can do better working in the 5.1 mix.

Here it is.

WOW! That works incredibly well. I was thinking it would be cheesy, but that is near flawless. I hope Adywan looks at this and ultimately decides to use this or do his own. I’m not big on OT changes but this works well as is.


Tobar said:

ray_afraid said:

Also, is it stated in the movies (OT) that the Empire is drafting people? I kinda figured it was indoctrination and the lure of the darkside.

BIGGS: I know it’s a long shot, but if I don’t find them I’ll do what I can on my own… It’s what we always talked about. Luke, I’m not going to wait for the Empire to draft me into service. The Rebellion is spreading and I want to be on the right side – the side I believe in.

LUKE: Well, I’ll be at the Academy next season… after that who knows. I won’t be drafted into the Imperial Starfleet that’s for sure… Take care of yourself, you’ll always be the best friend I’ve got.

As an aside, this convo with Luke completely dispels the EU misconception that Luke was joining an Imperial Academy. Why would Biggs and Luke be worried about being drafted into the Empire if they were already signing up? On the contrary, it points to the Academy either being part of a local municipality or the equivalent of a trucker school. Just one of those things that the EU got wrong that has always bugged me.
it’s quite possible that being drafted often makes you a stormtrooper, enlisting into the navy could offer the oppritunity to be a pilot, officer, technician, etc

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

1b I do think chewie needs his own shot
1c RemovING the tracking device helps because the whole thing is cheesy and doesn’t pay off. She’s after Kylo not the rebels.
Also helps if you are removing leia death, because then you don’t need Finn to get the ring. And remove a lot of the Finn and rose stuff. This may be more valuable to anyone doing a two in one movie as it cuts a lot of time.
2 good thought on him raising his hand. I wonder if there is a shot of him raising his hand. Luke being caporal and sacrificing himself for the others is a better end and tedeeming.
2b adding rey looking at luke would remind us that she arrived on the shuttle. But It may be problematic to not have her on the falcon because if she saw his death we would either need a reaction from her. Or even better Poe distraction dialogue could get ahead of the fight so they can run.
2c yeah an xwing in the distance I am not in love with. Maybe it is enough to recolor his looking at the xwing to night time so he can look at it right after the falcon Flys away or soon after. A good music cue and you don’t need to see him pull it out.
3a Jeddah was wastelandish but you could just figure it was an ice age caused by the DS blast
4 they usually have to set a tracker in the past. They fly straight to the base it makes sense and calls back to the original.cue On a string indeed!! Scene!! Then the sith follow them. The rebels have found find the tracker and that is why they are evacuating. It we be nice if Leia could say something like they have found us. Or maybe, the first order they’ve found us. Find Luke and bring him back. That explains why Kylo does not track them to Luke.

Also you are right too much coincidence. But I like the idea the falcon blew a hose near Han and that was the Force.

Would like to add an idea of not having a rather escape and when rey does her stuff to close the doors the right ones close, they run. Need a shot of the falcon leaving without the rathtar on it.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

A few ideas I have had I don’t know how workable but whatevz
1 Rose Finn and Rey’s escape
1a for any editor looking to edit rose and Finn out, It would be cool if the shuttle that scrapes through the big ass door was somehow rey. Matte out Finns hands in the crashed shuttle have rey saying dont shoot or something. That would explain how she got off snokes ship also. Because it’s not like the falcon docked with the blowing up ship and picked her up… this isn’t Aliens
1b The above also sets up Chewie alone shooting tie fighters, just have to matt out rey or find a shot of just chewie, zoom in or what have you. Then he finally gets a chance to do something without being a sidekick. Han is gone but he can handle it.

1c the plot does not need the tracking device device. To get where the rebels are is luck rey is going after Kylo the resistance just happened to be there.

2 Better Luke Death - and not lifting rocks…
I will start by saying Lukes death is a massacre, no wait; it’s not, he just has a force heart attack or something pfffhhhh…
He should go out ala obi wan kenobi
And say see you around kid and have Kylo slash and a robe drop. He died saving them it would be sweet. Leave the box moving when he sits on it, leave the atats shoot at him we have seen Vader absorb Hand blaster shots, Kylo freeze a laze blast and it would be like the iconic scene in the Dark Empire comic when He does the same thing.

2b Also if you had rey at the base a doctor shot of her looking at Lukes sacrifice interpolated with poe talking to Finn about it being a distraction would be cool. AND then the walk out of the cave to the melinnium falcon
2c also also maybe a cgi x wing In the distance, Luke pulled the xwing out of the water and used the force or intercepted a distress signal or contacted chewie or something to find them, nor as important how just the point that he is real.

3 Starkiller base
3a. I think it would be a good idea to set up in the crawl or anywhere that Starkiller base is built on Jeddah or however you spell it, that’s where the kyber is, it’s powered by the planet not a stupid star. And it would link to Rouge one in a good way.
3b That being said I dislike the Starkiller base completely, If I ever get a better computer that could handle it I would make a two in one TFA and TLJ that edits the entire thing out, rey is captured Han goes to save her gets killed they leave on the falcon, Finn is never injured
4 Two in one ideas
as for the two in one movie they are just tracking the falcon use the deleted scene of Kylo on the falcon, if he has his helmet on it would be cool to voice over set the device or something to set it up. The problem is that doesn’t set up how they track them after they attack the base. Maybe reuse some DJ stuff to make him out as a spy but there is maybe a better solution.
It may work to once they get to the base Kylo Flys out and when his ties hit the cruel that’s why it’s out of fuel. And also maybe that’s when the tracker gets planted.
That let’s us set up the bomber fleet and all of that as a distract from the evacuation poe says permission to blow stuff up, and then they go do it that happens during the Kylo rey fight

I know what your thinking “Damn, these is some good ideas y’all!”
I hope to discuss them so flame on!

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) (* unfinished project / WIP *)

benduwan said:

i download the Microsoft Cinemania for a never seen scene like mentioned in this link


but this software is only for win 95.
can´t open this.i try the compatible mode ,virtuell machines or the browser.
spend hours of search.nothing work.
can someone help me?
i download Microsoft Cinemania 1994,1995,and 1997 and like to watch them.
my pc is win 7 64 bit…
i believe andrea would be interest in this too… 😃

All you have to do is mount your downloaded disk in a virtual disk drive. Then open the disk (not run)so you can see the files/folders, search for an asterix * then sort your results by file type, select all of the video clips move them to a HDD folder then sort through those till you find the clip. If you find it shoot me a PM please. Good luck

The future of OT.com - UPDATE: Please donate!

Thank you Jay, Anchor head and Silverwook!!!

This site means a lot to me, and I never would have seen Star Wars the way it was always in my memories. Or found the many other fan projects, edits, ideas and preservations. This site has a great community, full of rational knowledgeable dreamers. It would be a shame to lose a site as special as this. I would also like to thank all contributes to this site especially Harmy Team Negative one, Adywan. And all you other fanedit, color time debating, radical re-editing crazy old wizards out there.

I think that a PayPal donate button may work out best. I can give a bit when I can that way. With perhaps a ticker of what is needed for the next month/year. I also don’t mind the ads.

May the force be with us!

OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)

Well the first export was mostly a success, and a dream has been fulfilled, I have watched star wars with the deleted scenes. Just need to tweak a few cuts, add some music/ambiance to a few shots, figure out how to not get the 8mm effect to go across my black bars, make a thank you credit for after the credits. Likely done with that about March.

OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)


Projects not dead!!!

The Star Wars Changelist

Main Source Used Team negative1 presents poitas super 8mm preservation (Thanks TN1 and Zigzig)

Opening Sequence From DeSpecialized 2.5 - Fox Fanfare, Intro, Title Crawl and opening space

battle (Thanks Harmy)

Moved C-3PO “I think I’m Melting” to right after the droids cross through the crossfire

Inserted “Luke and Treadwell” Scene Directly after (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Would Have Added The Woman Screaming Slow Down But There is no Audio and There is supposed to

be The Landspeeder Racing By. If anyone thinks they can pull that off I can put it in the

unplanned V2 (Thanks TBD)

Inserted “Luke Arrives at Anchorhead Scene” after the Droids escape the Blockade Runner(Thanks

Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Luke and Biggs” scene after C-3PO Signals the Sandcrawler (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Blue Milk” scene After Aunt Beru Calls Luke to Dinner (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted Extended “Search for R2-D2” (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Changed Severed Ponda Boba Arm to Severed Head (Thanks Ronster)

Inserted first and second shot of Han with “Jenny” Before and After The Ponda Boba Fight also

Altenitive Shot of Hans’ introduction with Jenny Leaving the Booth

Inserted “I don’t Think They’d Like another killing in here” line to the Exchange with Greedo

Inserted Extended “Stormtrooper Search” into the scene C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding behind the

locked door (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

Inserted “Original Jabba the Hutt Scene” After the Elephant Alien alerts the Empire (Thanks

Jamie Benning)

Inserted “Vader and Bast” scene directly after (Thanks Marcelo Zuniga)

added in soon!!
Bens hut Benning
Another Killing in Color J.W. Rinzler
Alderann Ronster
Leia and Tarken Rinzler
Controll Room Rinzler
Death Star Escape Rinzler
Vader and Obi Wan Rinzler
Gonk Droid Rinzler
Biggs Reuninon Adywan
Super Nova Rinzler

Is There Something I am Missing? Tell ME!!!
Still Cannot find that darned Stomtroopers swinging from ropes scene Brahhhhhh!!!

OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)

Progress report (since you asked)
Still in research Phaze, the real problem is there are many decisions to make. My philosophy is keep it simple stupid but the more I look the more I want to add…
So starting with the base, it will likely be an 8mm or 16mm source but likely a combination of both. I want to use the 8mm sound though as it has several differences from the others
Here is what I have for source material
Star Wars Derann Super 8mm Preservation
TN1 presents Poita’s SW Super 8mm Grindhouse v1
Puggo Grande
Puggo Strikes Back
Return of the Puggo
Harmy’s despecialized editions
Ady’s revisited SW and ESB
TN1 SW grind house 1.6
TN1 ESB grindhouse.
All 3 on Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray deleted scenes
Star wars begins
Building empire
Returning to Jedi
All three rinzler ebook scenes
Random youtube/viemo stuffs
Star wars the cutting room floor

If there is something else I should look at or consider as source material please let me know.

As far as what scenes to put in I’m concentrating on original Star Wars for right now:
Treadwell scene with radio drama audio
Toche station
Reunite with Biggs
Vader widens the search
Shots of Jenny in the bar with solo
Ponda Boba head instead of arm
Original Jabba scene, or what can be salvaged
Slightly longer destruction of alderan
Casual stroll past imperial officers
Reunite with bigg plus I flew with your father part.
Maybe a few slightly extended scenes here and there.
Blue milk? Maybe but not sure where it goes.
Can anyone point me to a simple grain plate / added film dirt tutorial, I will need it to replace the dirty sources anywhere there is a starfield, none are good enough to use, but look awsome otherwise

OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)

darkspire17 said:

Perhaps go the radio drama way, where he wasent jabba, but i belive a mercinary/bounty hunter sent by jabba,

I will check into it, I plan on using audio from the radio dram a fir the treadwell scene already.

darkspire17 said:
somthing else id love to see, is a recut of the greedo scene, without the SE awkward “doge the laser” bit, but instead cutting ot an insert (probably a custom element) close-up of han holding his D-11 slightly above his waste and firing, cut quickly to be close to how a western gunslinger would be like

Han will certainly not be dodging a shot from greedo. Because Greedo never got a shot off. And any one who says otherwise will be banned from watching my edit!!! JK . But sorry won’t be doing that gunslinger bit, perhaps one day someone will make a Sergio Leone cut “The Luke, The Han, and the Vader!” Scored with Enniomorricone and full of long face closeups. And unsync the dialogue a bit.

OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)

This edit will have the Ian McClleand version of the Jabba Scene in it. Reason: Its my Edit. I personally would like to make a custom cleaned version of this particular scene where he doesn’t call him Jabba for an after credits scene on another (never to be completed) project. But… I may have him not call him Jabba in this one on the fence about it.

OT Saga - Extended Edition (* unfinished project *)

So for a long time (decades) I have alwayse wanted to watch The original Trilogy Movies with Deleted Scenes and what not but there doesn’t seem to be a good option, and sick it seems I have some time on my hands, and finally got descent internet. I’m going to try to take a crack at it. But I will need some help.
First I need suggestions on what version of the movies to use as a base. What I have in mind are film transfers, something a bit dirty as the deleted scenes are dirty beyond repair and I think that will help not make their insertion so jarring.

Second I will need any info on scenes I do not have listed or that I have listed and cannot find quality examples of.

Third I may need suggestion or straight up help on cleaning some scenes and maybe even adding at least some color to black and white scenes

The List
Coming soon***