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Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

DavidSeleznovas said:

So much grain has been removed.
Do you plan on releasing a version with all the edited clips and audio, with the coloring but without the AI enhancements or DNR? : )

The coloring is using AI enhancement and some of image correction or exposure tweaks are just curve adjusted fixes, the grain removal and dust and scratches are by hand. I will not be releasing a grainy version to revert it all back, but if you are trying to match grain version like a grindhouse version or something, it would not be too difficult to apply a filter to mimic or match up with something like that (and keep the color for B/W scenes). The extended version I am working on is to match adywan level of clean print, but I do know premier and maybe final cut editing software has a match grain filter, so maybe when this is all done you could match the color/grain over to your liking.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark-X (The Extended Cut)

So to follow up with my other Indy films, I am planning to release a version of Raiders a week before the Blu-ray of Dial comes out in September. This version #1 of Raiders will be similar to my extended Star Wars “X” versions, which consist of a significant amount of deleted scenes and small tweaks worthy of being called an extended version.
Version 1 will have 10 deleted scenes, 32 continuity & FX fixes and 2 newly filmed shots. – more updates and some comparison still to come.
Version 2 will follow on its 43 Anniversary 6/12/2023 with a 3D version and addition scenes denoted below by “V2-”.
It is ~15% done at this time.
Below is the shot list for both versions:


  1. Added and restored a deleted shot of Indy entering the temple, which helps bridge the transition of when he drops their gear in front of the temple, to where next they are already deep inside.

  2. Added and restored the deleted scene where Sapito falls through a hole in the temple floor in room #2. Indy helps him up and you can see he realizes how much of a pain Sapito is going to be.

  3. V2 -Potential change of the statue in 3 shots removing the black pupils they did on the pure gold statue (The stunt prop). The match how that ideal with gold eyes should look. And then fixing the other 2 shots of the other idol to have gold eyes, matching the other shots. This a change to make the idol not have modern real looking glass eyes. While it is known that this was an attempt to make the eyes servo motor controlled and watch at Indy, it was discarded as the tech didn’t work but they already filmed it and film was expensive back then. As another fan put it…“I am so glad they saved any ‘magic’ for the end of the film.” The focus on supernatural should stay with the Ark. The other option, is to make all idol shots have the glass white/brown eyes, but personally, I think it’s more grounded to have the idol just be a gold idol verses something weird and watching you like one of those pictures on the wall in Disney’s haunted mansion.

  4. There’s a shot of the plane as it starts up taken from the front, looking down the length of the body, the “OB-CPO” plane ID is missing - adding it back in.

  5. When Indy climbs onto the pontoon of the airplane in the opening sequence, he is obviously wet from swimming in the river However, in the next scene as he climbs further, his clothes are not as wet. Darkening them a little and adding a little shine to the jacket to make it more wet and match the prior scene where he gets out of the water and on the pontoon.

  6. V2 -Indy swings on the vine, and his bag is on his hip. As he gets up on the plane’s wing, the bad is gone, but the strap is on his shoulder again in the cockpit so adding the bag back as he climbs up.

The college and encounter in Nepal
7. Added and restored the deleted scene when after class and before the meeting with government officials, Indy forgets to meet with a girl named Susan and tells Marcus to get some coffee why he delays seeing the government guys. Because of this, added a transition shot of the college building to bridge back to the scene meeting with the officials.

  1. V2 -When the government comes to see Indy at the University. He puts the huge book on the table and one of the buckles comes undone as a prop mistake. But when he goes to open the book to show the men a picture of the Ark, he undoes both buckles. Correcting so the book does not come undone initially.

  2. Added and restored the extended drinking contest scene in Marion’s bar, where we see her take the 2nd to last drink. This is the first drink we see of the contest and her, she stands while taking.

  3. V2 -Before the shoot-out in the bar, Marion is sitting alone at the table. She pulls the amulet out of her shirt, the chain still around her neck, and stares at it in the candlelight. The next shot the chain is not around her neck and she hangs the necklace onto the table centerpiece. Adding transition new live action scene in the cut, so we see her from behind as she takes it off before looking at it now off her neck for consistency and to smooth out the entire sequence.

  4. Marion uses a burning log to knock one of the goons out. As his face changes, you hear “ow!” then he moans as he falls over when he is supposed to be out cold. Since his mouth doesn’t move at all, removing the “Ow” that does not even sound like his voice.

Cairo and the dig area
12. Added and restored the deleted scene where they are at the marketplace. Some sequence shot edits made to clips around it, to make this fit.

  1. Removing the bulge that is a battery pack or some kind of tech, when the thug with the blade sticking out his back is standing still after stabbed. The device on his back was presumably to retract the fake blade to end the sequence.

  2. V2 -When Indy is trying to stop the truck that is supposedly carrying Marion in a basket, Indy shoots the driver as the truck heads towards him in an almost dead alley except for a very sharp right turn. Assuming the truck makes this turn, the building it is going towards that indy is in front of, has a shop with green windows, pots and furniture and a stand with of tons of bread. When the driver’s foot hits the accelerator and presumably goes around the corner and passes out, the next shot opens up to a big open space where the truck tips over and explodes. The near “dead end” has disappeared, along with the building that had the store front and bread stand. Adding the correct building walls and alley back in with a re-composite fix to the scene transition from one shot to another.

  3. After the truck tips over, if you look amidst the dust, you can see the ram used to put the vehicle on its side. Removing the hydraulic ram under the truck.

  4. Added and restored the deleted scene where Sala is confronted by two Nazi soldiers that want food and Sala spills on their clothes and then confronts another officer who tries to hit him, but he puts up the frying pan instead. Kind of silly scene, but adds a little light heartedness to Sala’s character.

Well of souls and the plane
17. When Indy’s crew is lifting the stone door to access the Well of Souls, big clouds of white smoke come out from every corner. A frame later, from a wider angle, they’re gone. Adding a quick shot of century old air escaping on the wide shot.

  1. When Belloq traps Indy in the Well of Souls the sky keeps swapping between the normal dim yellow dawn sky with a few clouds to a brilliant bright almost single color blue sky. Changing the sky in those scenes to match every other one and be more consistent to the morning sky.

  2. After Marion has been thrown in the Well of Souls, a pair of poles that have some orange stripe material around them are on the crate behind Belloq. These disappear between shots when you are looking out and Up from Indy’s POV. Adding the poles back in.

  3. Added a deleted shot of Indy climbing the statue before he gets past the skirt lower mid-section.

  4. Added and restored the deleted scene of Marion and Indy before they walk through the final room of bodies where Indy tells her to relax and she mentions It’s like her worst dream.

  5. The stone block Indy pushes out to create an opening which allows Indy and Marion to escape the Well. However; there is a barrier in front that would stop it going too far. In a following scene, it is laying about 15 feet away from and in front of the barrier and then again when Indy is fighting the big German guard on the airplane, it shows the Well in the background and the dislodged stone is now laying below where it should be. Removed the stone 15 feet away shot.

  6. As the big German engages Indy in the fight, Marion is removing the yellow chocks from one of the wheels. In two wide shots before she removes them, you don’t see her or the chokes at all. Assuming she is hiding behind the wheels, the choke should still be visible as she has not moved them yet. Putting the chokes into the scene in front of the tire until she moves them in the next scene.

  7. When Indiana is fighting the Big German mechanic by the plane, the plane goes around in circles and the wing tip of the plane punctures a hole in a petrol tanker that is parked nearby. This causes the petrol to gush out of the tanker and you can see that ground underneath the plane gets totally drenched with petrol. But in the later shots, the ground under the plane is dry. Added the wet ground in the 3 to 4 shots that it is were missing so that eventually the fire will have a trail that leads to the plane exploding.

The chase on land
25. During the truck chase, as Indy is fighting with the German driver, they knock over some scaffolding and a man drops down in front of the windshield, but in the full cut, none of the workers on the scaffolding landed on the truck, much less the front of it. This would have been the last worker that falls when you see him on the hood. Edited so it looks like it would be this person that has fallen and is on the hood.

  1. When Indy is driving the truck with the ark, a German tries to get in on the right side. Indy kicks the door open twice, and after the second time the top hinge of the door gives easily. The guy is half way dragging on the ground, holding onto the now askew door. Then in the next closeup, the door is hung correctly with the guy on it, and Indy kicks it again. The guy goes dragging again, and then he and the door fall off. Fixing, so once the door is askew it stays that way.

  2. When Indy is shot in the arm in the car, there’s no blood on the windscreen at first, but in the very next shot there is. Adding windshield blood to that shot.

  3. When Indy is thrown through the windshield of the truck during the truck chase scene, there is another man with dark brown hair in the driver’s seat. This is noticeable just as the glass is broken. Changed to original blond German man.

  4. During the truck chase scene, Indy is thrown or forced over the front and almost run over. There is a wide camera shot, and while holding on to the front fender, Indiana can be seen sitting on a tan chair which is attached to the truck. Removing the chair so it is just Indy and his brown jacket.

  5. While Indy is fighting the German who is driving the truck, you can see that the German has got blood on his left hand, but when he throws Indy through the windscreen his left hand is clean and there is no blood on it. Added the blood to the hand.

  6. V2 -When Indy fights the driver of the Nazi truck, he gets thrown through the windshield, and eventually ends up underneath the truck. When he is climbing underneath the truck, heading towards the back of it, you can see the trench that was dug down the middle of the road to provide the stuntman (this being one of the few stunts that Ford didn’t do himself) . Changed so the groove is only there from Indy’s body carving it out. Anything before him is the normal road there is no carved trench because it is his body carving it.

  7. V2 -When chasing Indy in the truck that he has driven into a fruit market, the Germans in their car are surrounded by 3 fruit sellers. One gives a German soldier a melon, who promptly throws it to the ground on his right side of the car. When the car pulls away, the broken melon lies on the drivers left side as well as 2 of the sellers have now disappeared (man with blue and white overlay and the man in white.) adding the men and putting melon on the far side of the car.

Transport by water and the island
33. When we have the exterior shot of the ship that Indy Marion and the ark are aboard, there are oval specks of dirt over the view of the ship and the ocean showing that it was filmed through the window of another ship. Removed the specs.

  1. Adding the partially deleted scene where he rides the periscope on the U-boat to get to the island, this also transitions from the map showing where they are going .

  2. V2 -Fixed the grainy sky when you see the island in the wide shot and then you see Indy riding the periscope as well as it gets closer to the island. Since the shot with Harrison for the deleted shows just the periscope, changing so the U-boat has not come up yet as it nears the island.

  3. V2 -Another deleted and restored shot with indy head on as he is on the periscope, than a new live action shot of him detaching himself as he gets closer and then swims to land as described in the novel.

  4. Adding the deleted scene where Belloq prepares the ark inside the tent and then the shot of them exiting the tent.

  5. Added a deleted high camera shot of Indy of Belloq and the 2 other Germans at the ark as the smoke and mist are coming out.

  6. Fixing a matte line on German soldiers chin when a ghost flies behind him, this is before one flies behind toht and the shot of the woman ghost center screen.

  7. Just before Belloq says “beautiful”, the woman’s ghost in the center screen has wires on her back that make the stunt woman fly. Removing the cable.

  8. When Belloq’s head explodes, the actor has been visibly replaced by a dummy. Redoing the FX to have Belloq’s real face in place of this before it explodes.

  9. When Marion meets up with Indy on the steps of the building at the very end of the film, she asks what was going on in there. Her first few lines of dialogue were dubbed in after shooting. Hence, her mouth isn’t moving with the dialogue until she says the words “very happy”. Re-syncing her voice to match her first 6 words “Hey what happen? You don’t look…”

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

All, temple of Doom in 3D is complete, but the software I use gets things right about 90% as it converts. I have some newer software for 3D conversion coming much later this year around end of November and will tweak some of the tough scenes that seem to struggle with motion and picking out the correct depth. New software is part AI and part manual adjustment to dial things in, so I thing it will be worth the wait.
I will probably hold of on finishing Crusade and Skull in 3D until then as well. If anyone wants TOD 3D now to watch, just PM me, but I may be best to wait if you want it as close to optimal 3D as it can get.
As mentioned, these are SBS full color 3D versions. You need either a projector, VR headset or TV that your computer can play back the 3D MP4 file. I recommend Potplayer which seems to be the best 3D player for computer IMO.
You can also use VLC player Tools/anaglyph to watch SBS 3D with the ole red and cyan glasses (converts it real-time).

While this is more “old school” 3D, it may not be that bad for Temple of Doom since it is dark and has a lot of red or brown scenes which translate well with these type of glasses.

Sample image if you have red/cyan glasses currently:

If this is the only way your have to watch It may be worth checking out. I use the VLC player way for doing quick test of depth so it’s not actually bad since software translate better than what was out in the 50s and 60s. I do highly recommend getting a plastic pair of glasses at $3-$4 each though verses cardboard quality matters
Anyway just an update on that.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

MoviesGamesMusic said:

Hi there

Please let me know your thoughts on these points.

Thanks and congrats on releasing your edit.

All good feedback …made changes, but I have a few tweaks to do on #3…will do in a bit and upload replacement file later tonight and let know what I changed. Thanks again for the feedback, those are all good suggestions.

Suggestions made by MoviesGamesMusic above have been implemented and the the same PM links given should work in the morning 7/6/2023(6 hour upload to go)…than can be re-downloaded as the same file and will have these edits…

  1. Audio fix to not be as abrupt. Did remove the .25 sec shot of Mola R head with the helmet back on. The shot should now be smooth w/smooth audio and fix what was pointed out.
  2. Repeat shot of short round whipped removed, cuts to mola R walking with the skull cup…pretty much like suggested. Looks better now per recommendation
  3. More covering on indy from water some shadow and edge fix, but probably not much people would notice. Just less arm and hand of indy through the water. This actually did not show more than the original as I did a frame by frame overlay, but since a lot of water, less indy behind it. If someday there is a way to make indy live action verses CG/a figure etc. would be better not sure why ILM chose to do such a fake looking CG indy version just shooting Harrison like in the shot prior, I would think it would not have been that hard. Tweaked some, but this was one that happens so fast anyway.
  4. Really like the suggestion on this one and completely forgot about short round’s line and lip movement in the shot below. Per suggestion, this really works better removing that and just cutting the scene omitting that line and shot. Since edit, I did show less of the hand going for the heart and what you see is Indy hand grabbing Mola R. The scene goes to willie and short round reaction as normal, good suggestion here.

Hope these tweaks polish it a little more …thx MoviesGamesMusic!

Indiana Jones and Last Crusade - Revisit (2D and 3D)

Since I did a TOD and KOCS, figured I might as well do some edits for Crusade before I convert to 3D version. Here are the planned edits

  1. When the lead bandit opens the magic cart door to find young Indy running away on the track, a crew member wearing a white shirt can be seen reflected on the door. Removing crew.
  2. When Indy walks into his 1938 home to meet Brody, there is a modern duel light switch right of the front door - replaced with pushbutton switch that would have been more likely at the time.
  3. When Sean Connery drops his lighter while trying to burn the ropes, the lid is flipped to the right. When he blows on it the lid then changes position slightly relative to the pattern on the rug, then when the rug catches fire the lid’s suddenly flipped completely to the left. Have flipped back for consistency.
  4. When walking up stairs and see Zeppelin for first time, sky is more cloudy then normal for the next shot and + bad compositing - fixing some of the lines
  5. During the “What happens at 11 o’clock?” joke, Jr. counts down (“12, 11, 10!” or something like that) with his hand, matte lines surround his hand and face to the point where very noticeable. Henry also has many black lines on hands - Fixing
  6. Fixing the point after Henry blows the tail of the plane in which they were flying to pieces in an attempt to shoot at the Germans, to which The next moment the plane is shown flying in the distance we see its tail still intact. - Shot being fixed with FX.
  7. When Indy comes face-to-face with Hitler he hands over the diary with its black elastic around the back cover, but in the closeup as the signature is being signed the elastic is around the front cover, then it’s around the back cover again when Indy takes the diary back. - Fixing with compositing.
  8. The “P” tile booby trap floor moves/shift then goes back in a shot - FX fix
  9. Letter tiles that Indy holds when falls, don’t break and should as they are letters that do not spell the name - changing to blank tiles.
  10. In the shot of Elsa falling to her death into the misty chasm in the Temple, you can see that it is not Alison Doody but a stunt double.-Doing a face fix
  11. When Donovan turns into a living corpse the badge on his lapel disappears. - putting back
  12. When Donovan takes a drink from the false grail, he turns toward the camera and you can see the screw holding the base to the stem of the cup. - removing
  13. cup not gold interior when pouring to fix Henry’s wound - FX to correct.

Working on edit #5 atm

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull - a 15MaF revisit (2D and 3D)

Indiana jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a 15MaF revisit (2D and 3D)

First off, this is my edit of Skull based on 15MaF’s excellent version (97% of it) and 1 partial addition from MMP. This cut has some of my own changes and I also plan to do a 3D version. 2D version is now complete and uploading now (4 more hours to go). Working on 3D first draft now.

As a reminder to what 15MaF’s version is, see below a summary (obviously he has tons of changes, but this is the high level and you can also look for his post). Really his version is amazing with his changes.

  • Mutt is not indys son
  • Limited if any CG gopher shots
  • No shower scene
  • No monkeys, tarzan swinging and a smack in the nuts for mutt
  • No grab the rope joke
  • 1 alien and it never really transverses to our dimension, but stays in the fringe of the two dimensions
  • As temple falls apart more shutter FX and more apparent that the temple is being sucked into another dimension

MMP’s change:

  • Placed back in the Quicksand scene but no “grab the rope” joke. I think MMP was the few edits that had it back in (can’t remember)

My additional edits:

  1. Added in the single CGI gopher in the beginning so you understand what the hill is from and you see them all scamper in the next shot anyway. Gone from rest of movie though (as we don’t need to it 3X). Could have went either way on this.
  2. Added back in Wubble U’s line as that did not bother me as much as it did for others.
  3. Added in the scene where they blow open the hangar doors only because I had already converted to 3D in the 3D version of this scene prior and did not care either way how they open the door. The blowing the circuit right then and there is fine with me.
  4. Added back in “thought that was closer” as it never bothered me and fits Indy’s “It’s not the years it’s the mileage” motif.
  5. Cut the scene short where he tries to take a drink out of the sink in the house that does not work, but then yet outside all the sprinklers (or is it the neighbor’s water works) which seemed like bad editing to me.
  6. Cut Howdy Duty music and being broadcasted way out there on the TV as it is silly to an already silly scene and not sure why they needed a TV turned anyway. In a few seconds of shots TV is on still, just not with a kids a program (mostly static-added static in background slightly). The music was the annoying part for me.
  7. Added in the chase where they hit the Brody statue, but fixed so the head does not wobble off cleanly. More of the car hitting the statue is shown. This obviously would have been a 1 piece metal statue and would not severe like that and only at the head. It cuts back when you see Mutt and Indy’s expression.
  8. Added in more from the original leading up to quicksand scene since that was going to be there and so it shows them escaping to get that point.
  9. In the quicksand scene, took out Indy saying “son” to Mutt when his back is turned and throwing the snake away. This required some FX work for his lips to not move as well. Mutt does not hear this line in the film anyway. This is to match 15MaF’s “Mutt” is not Indy’s son idea". Be interesting to see what the new movie says about this one as it is said it will explain why Mutt is not in the movie (hopefully no son references). I have not seen dial yet, so no comments/spoilers about that here yet please.
  10. Added Mutt and the real “raiders” type monkey that stares him down when he first grabs the vine, but no CG monkeys (which looked nothing like that monkey or even real monkeys for that matter). When he looks up it cuts back to the action.
  11. Removed all CG moving monkeys with AI removal techniques (pinkish purple brush in screen shot below) for a few quick scenes returned, showing that Mutt swung his way back, but kept shots where he is less in the air and more on a large branch (less silly air time), timed it so it seemed like his shortcut fit the pacing of the cliff scene when he comes back into the vehicle. Just felt hard to remove it completely and have a gap of him missing and then show up.
  12. Very quick removal of vehicle shots to shorten it even more as far as timing when Mutt returns. I think the timing works now. It felt odd that he came out of nowhere in some fan edits. After digital removing most of the swinging, all CGI monkeys with an AI brush and major shortening, it works much better now IMO.
  13. Added the whole 3 times it drops back. It’s not that bad and kind of adds some jones comedy. Did take out “put it in reverse” before they go over as I have to think Indy knows they cannot go backwards at that point. Always found that a bad line that didn’t work at all.

I have not reached out to 15MaF to see about reposting this (sharing via PM), as I would feel weird posting an edit with just 13 changes (even though I think they are significant) enough to warrant a personal edit. At the very least, if any PMs go out, I am open to sharing, but want it to make clear the credit goes out to 15MaF were due, because like I said, it basically his version as a base. I think those edits took some serious hours to do especially his or her color correcting and attention to detail.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

2D version is done and I am uploading to gdrive now, so it might be morning before it drops. PM me if you want a link.

I believe to follow rules, I am suppose to give disclaimer of you must own the original blue-ray, so disclaimer made.

So on the the 3D version. I should have this possibly late tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.

As a reminder the 3D is stereo SBS. Depending on your setup you may need to invert the image if it looks off (different hardware is different). I watched some of it and see I may need to redo some parts in a few months when I get some better 3D conversion tools. I am happy with what I used, but some scenes are tough or you would think would be fine, but came out weird, so I may release a version 1 and tweak a few spot for version 2 later.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

MoviesGamesMusic said:

Unbelievable work.

You would think these kind or errors would have been addressed when they went to the effort of correcting some bad effects for the 4K. Even then, their work was nowhere near as good as your efforts as far as I can see.

Do you plan on tackling Raiders or Crusade for future revisions/fixes also?

Thank you for your kind works. Yea surprised very little done for the 4K in that regard. A friend who has the 4K pointed out some stuff to me initially and even though it has some (very little) of the fixes it seemed like they had a timer running (or limited budget) to do very little as far as effort.

I plan to do Raiders at a later date after Starwars or at least V1 of the trilogy I am working on.
Raiders has even deleted scenes to restore and add for an extended version and I look forward to that one.
Crusade I did notice some things, but have not made a change list or anything. IMO it requires the least about of attention (But I know there a things to fix).

I have an edit for Skull essentially done, but it’s ~13 scene fixes on top of 15MaF’s excellent version. I plan on doing a post to go over those and see interest, but I pretty happy with that one now.

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

Slavicuss said:

The Jedi training video is very impressive. The added shot of the falling pieces, and the new Yoda dialogue, is very convincing.

Just one criticism: Luke’s lightsaber blade looks a little thin and a touch too purple. Otherwise, nicely done!

Not disagreeing. I could prob look at it tonight and add some thickness and lean toward blue. At the time was eyeballing it, but did a compare to bespin and already have the setting adjusted so will just need to retrack and apply on pertaining clips A compare after adjustment is added below…I think this is about as close as I can get. Comparing to current. It looks much better. As the glow has the swamp background behind it, that affects some color in the blue…Will tweak it further …Thanks for the feedback.


Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

honestabe said:

Luke’s light sabre training:
Thanks for the work you are putting in. However, the link directs to Luke eating instead of any saber training.

Ha No worries, I am literally uploading all these all now before I go to bed, fixing the links etc…its 12:45 a.m. here at the moment…Just refresh now and I think you’ll find they should all work now.


Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

Been busy on some other projects, but ESB-X is making some progress. Here are the Yoda deleted scenes as I finally found a voice talent in fiverr I could use that did a great “Frank Oz” type yoda voice for some missing parts. I tried some AI stuff and it could not do Yoda to my satifaction, although for Han and Luke Wow…more on that to come…Here’s what I have for new Yoda scenes (3 of them):

Extra shots of Luke eating before yoda makes his appearance:
Deleted shots edited back in while luke is eating. This has the closer shot of Luke grabbing some white piece of equipment from on top of his crates while eating before finding Yoda. Adds a few seconds only, but hey why not?

Yoda rummaging & looking through containers:
Extra audio from the radio drama where Yoda talks about useless stuff Luke carries and Luke (Acted by Mark Hamil), mentions Yoda could have broken his power capsule.

and finally… took a long long time

Luke’s lightsaber training:
Extra deleted scene with yoda and Luke as Luke attempts to slice a metal bar into 4 pieces, but only cuts it in half. Also enhanced/re-scored some music for immediately after when Luke continues on and is doing jumps and jogging with yoda on his back.

A little more on the clip above:
-A thanks out to Bobson Dugnutt for sharing a hi-res version of this clip to work with (especially the black and white parts) …colorization really needs the best quality to colorize, so a tip of the hat to him.
-A special thanks to my daughter who helped in the in the live action shot of the bar falling in two pieces on the ground. This was filmed behind my home but has a large amount of FX and compositing to make fit, I hope this fills the gap that was missing for this scene.
-The training scene of climbing the vines and running the trees was an idea to include the Disney forces of destiny version in actual context of the film. Here is the whole scene (that I am using some ideas from).
While my original cut and pacing used Tom Kane as yoda’s voice, I wanted more of a frank oz voice…I settled on the talented “elijahmladineo” from Fiverr, to replace Tom’s lines that would be in some of the climbing with more of a frank Oz sound. He did a great job, way better than I could and his voice replaces Kane all the way to point where Luke sticks the landing of his summersalt over the branch. Hoping in this segment of the clip that I captured the extra Yoda teachings. It would have been nice to add some Mark Hamill from the Destiny animated scene, but there was no place for it.
-Finally, there are some alternate music scoring choices made while Luke runs and Yoda talks about the Jedi and dark side. Ran across some that just really fit the scene and filled things in, so while the original is quiet and no music, I think here is compliments the backstory of what Yoda is saying in the training scenes. I think it adds more emotion to it… I hope you like the score edition added here. Subtle but effective I think.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

benduwan said:

will there be a extended cut too?

Although extended cuts are my main desire for revisited films, TOD to my knowledge, has no deleted scenes. Raiders does though and I do plan to restore and add those in at a later time (probably when the starwars extended ones are done).

I do know that the comic for TOD had a few ideas and scenes (willie going back to find help after they find the passage way etc.) , but not planning to add those in as still images with audio or anything like that.

This cut is strictly to make the series tighter from narrative and a more consist feel to it + correct some 1984 FX ad compositing issues. PG rating so I can share with my kids and basically experience it without the over the top stuff (cited as a lot of what most took issue with for this film). The mine car chase in full res, full color 3D is pretty awesome too. Pretty much a perfect use of 3D. So there’s that.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

stretch009 said:

Looking forward to this alternate experience.
Theatrical = 1h 58m
Curious, how long do you think this will be?

1 hr 45 min up to the credits on black. I only ripped the credits up to where it says “Stage technicians” (I usually rip 60% of the credits as I don’t need to see them all)
Did a compare and looks like maybe 1.5 minutes less of credits at quick glance…so it would be 13.5 minutes shorter or 12 minutes of actual movie shorter minus credits.

Surprised myself after looking to be honest, but I can honestly say you would never know it unless you were trying to remember the ceremony parts and tried to figure out what is not there. It is very hard to tell anything was taken out of the village IMO as it still is a lull in the film, but I would say 2.5 min removed of repeated narrative there. Now moves along better and lets the hero’s prepare for the next leg of the journey.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ultimate cut (PG)

This version came out of wanting to have this film be more in-sync with the series by removing some of the gore, over the top horror and editing/consistency mistakes. This is not to say it escapes the Dark nature of the film (all there), just makes it more watchable for families, younger audiences or just in general for those that felt it may have gone too far in some spots and/or breaks the Indy mold on a few things. You can always edit in the horror type scenes in your own edit if you want, but this one makes the film work better for me personally. I have tried to bring it more up to date with some of the edit/FX fixes since it is nearly 40 years later. I understand there will always be those that think the original should not be touched and of course you always have that version, but this one presents an alternate experience that I think has its place. Some of the ideas and issues where made apparent by post from Infodroid and ADigitalman’s version (which I have not seen), and some of the descriptions on scenes they called out are also here supporting their analysis some of the questionable scenes. I also went to site to see what actually was there on this film from a consistency and editing mistake perspective. It is clear that they could not fix some of the issues in 1984 due to tech constraints.
This version’s format will be in MP4 320 bitrate, HD 1080P, AAC 5.1 audio with both 2D and SBS 3D versions. Edits are below:

46 edits
**Update: The editing is now complete and only have some of the FX and recomposites for mine car chase onward to go at this point.


-Edited to show Willie’s dreaming away segment to show in her mind she is performing in a bigger place than she is when the dance number cuts to the large auditorium shot with now 27 non-Asian looking dancers (different clothes etc). This was explained in the novel as a look into her aspirations about where she wants her career to be, but on screen it did not translate with just a hard cut that to most just looks odd since one minute we are in a club and then next you are in a dark, grey lit huge hall somewhere. The enter and exit from the club dragon on stage, now have some FX to better show this transition.

-Some bad guys throw knives at Indy as the band is seated, then Indy throws a cymbal at one of the bad guys and the entire band is now gone as second later. Fixed two shots here, so the band is not there at all once the chaos starts. No disappearing and reappearing.

-Willie frantically searches for the diamond after the ice has been spilled on the floor, but has a red glove on her right hand that is not there in any other shots. Digitally removed glove for this shot to be consistent with next set of shots.

-Fixed the scene in the Obi Wan nightclub when Indiana runs out of the window with Willie. Indiana is running behind the gong and we see him collect Willie for a split second. However; Willie was really 20 feet away in the next shot as seen from behind the gong, where Indiana has yet to reach here before they jump out of the window. Removed her from the first shot in that sequence where she should not be there.

-When they jump out the window at Club Obi Wan, Willie has white shin guards on for the stunt and removed when they land. Guards digitally removed off her legs when she exits window.

-When they hit the second to last awning, there is a close up on the actors. Just before they hit the awning, with butt-shaped indentation in the fabric from a previous take. Digitally fixed, so they are hitting the awning for the first time and the material is smooth.

-Placed the missing shoe back in the rickshaw driver where it was missing (had fell off) in an action shot.

-Flipped a few shots of the rickshaw to correct continuity. Sailor and girlfriend kept swapping sides.

-After the pilots have jumped from the plane, they look at the empty cockpit, and in the shot of the front windshield after Indy repeats “fuel” a few times the windshield view is reversed. Corrected so it stays consistent in all shots.

-Reduced Willie’s screaming by a few screams as they fall out of the airplane on the raft. At a point it’s almost too much/to continuous. It almost didn’t need to be an edit, but tends to drown out the great music that is building at that point.

The village

-Shortened the village dinner scene with the shaman to about half as long, while still explaining everything that has happen. Also shortened when they go outside repeating the whole story basically again. Although he still talks about the rocks and the context of what they look like. Once the audience has the backstory, it cuts to later that evening when the boy comes which explains the children piece, so you don’t need to hear that 3 x (if you count short round and Indy at night on the ridge who talks about it - that is kept in).

-Also removed in the outside at the stone alter, in the scene where Willie is willing asking about the stones and the shaman all of a sudden switches to Hindi with Indy translating (which is almost a 3rd repeat of the stone story) It was odd he has to speak in a foreign language (his native) to answer questions that Willie ask, but is always speaking in English to Indy. The whole scene is done in 2.5 minutes to improve pacing for this long break in action.

The Trek

-After Indy says, “We’re not going to Delhi, Doll, we’re going to Pankot Palace.” Some of Willie’s over-the-top whining has been removed (about needing to call her agent etc.) Was hard to remove all without messing up music sync, so only this small part. Did remove the extra push-in shot of the village shaman praying watching them leave which slowed down the pace of the cuts that Instead now follows the music to the wide river scene shot.

-At the elephant fall-off, cut extra Willie line about having friends and expensive houses as it was over the top and just kept going on and on while she sits in the water. I think after about 30 sec of complaining, the audience gets it that she is not an outdoor person.

-For the warning statue, made a small edit at where we see closeups of fingers and blood bowls. Removed these closeups in this PG/alt version. You already know it is bad when he tells them not to come any further and we still see the fingers if watching on a big screen, just not detail.

First night at Palace

-When the three walk towards the palace the very first time, there are stones that are not composited well, but got fixed in the UHD, Cleaned the black matte lines for this shot.

-The dinner scene is reworked. Very little beetles, no eyeball soup. Only the chilled monkey brains and a snake minus the surprise remains. As Infodroid pointed out, a comparatively subtle reaction to the snake from Willie and Short Round is all that’s needed. The scene now has a much more narrative feeling to it while Indy insults his hosts by mentioning rumored re-emergence of the Thuggee cult and the plot is nicely moved forward without cutting back and forth to the gross dinner food every two seconds. The monkey brains remain as they because it is great nostalgia from the 80’s and one of the signature things people remember about this movie. I have not seen Infodroid’s cut, so this is my version on how to move this scene along, yet still maintain what it is.

-Cut Willie pushing on the “breasts” of the 2nd statue. There was no point here, they already have the actual hidden door open that she wouldn’t go into. Why try to open or find another one that your friends are not inside.

The Ceremony

-When Indiana, Short Round, and Willie are watching the ceremony at the Temple of Doom, just after Indy says “nobody has seen this for 100 years” you can also see Indy, shirtless, down near the alter on the top left of the screen and the skull is lit up. When Mola Ram walks out, it isn’t lit and will not be for a few minutes later in the movie. Fixed by removing Indy and the stones in the skull are gone since they are not to be placed there yet.

-Cut entire sequence with Thuggee victim getting his heart ripped out and being lowered into the pit. This “PG” version excludes the sustained images of organs being pulled out and guys screaming, helplessly as they’re engulfed in flames. Much of the violence is toned down. The Thuggees are evil enough being creepy cult worshippers and having stolen the shankara stones and all the village’s children. In an indirect way, this puts more focus on the cult being the evil is up against. There is still black magic, vodoo and all, but the focus on the evil actions of the cult and their leader.

-When Indy goes down near the snake statue, he tilts his hat to the fake snake, but when he walks away it moves to the left as if a crew member is just moving it (maybe as a joke?). Regardless, it does not make any sense for solid statue to move it’s upper area and head. fixed so snake statue does not move.

-Indy looks up at the skinned people in a closeup shot of them hanging and we hear there body’s skin flapping. Since this is a PG version, removed the closeup and adjusted the music to flow by without it, we do see these “human body skins up high and far off”, but just not as a closeup in this version.

-Indy is whipped a few times and on one hit, blood flies off his back. While this could have stayed in for a PG, I took it out to make it less violent especially with the stream of blood flying off. Instead it cuts to Short getting whipped which is already pretty crazy. After Indy calls them bastards, it cuts back to Indy. Some of hitting is off screen, so it is still happening and nothing is really removed from the scene as far as what is going on, just not as intensely violent.

-Cut Indy announcing an offering of “flesh and blood” to Kali. Indy’s mind is controlled by Mola Ram now and so this scene is extra in dragging things along. We are going to see and understand that he will be under mind control without going over the top with it.

-When Willie is put into the cage, she has many necklaces around her neck. However, a few seconds later when Mola R walks up to her, all of the necklaces have completely vanished with no sign of anyone actually removing them. I have digitally removed the extra necklaces in the two shots of the scene so it does not look weird and that they just vanish and reappear.

-Cut Willie’s line “I’m not going to have anything nice to say about this place when I get back.” which is just a silly line when she pleads for Indy to help her on the lowering into the pit scene. It feels more natural to cut this out because in all scenes she is more scared than sarcastic.

-Removed one of Willie’s screams as she’s lowered into the pit (5 was enough)

-Eliminated shot of huge fireball licking toward Willie from the pit. Took away just a few of the cutaways to her as She keeps dropping down until she is stopped what looks like a few feet above the 2000 F lava. In reality she would have been incinerated by the heat. This helps also to make it not look weird when she comes up with the cage that is not red hot that Indy touches. She does get close just not above the Lava.

-There are a few shots where she is not sweating and her flower neckless is not burned or dried in alternating shots, the flowers become vibrant and fresh again. Fixed by editing, so they are always burned and dried after lowering in the pit shots.

-Before Mola Ram hides through a trap door on the floor, his hat is off except for a very brief moment when it’s on. This scene is cut shorter and a small digital head fixed to remove the hat for that small second as it should stay off.

--------The movie could be left alone at this point, but might as well fix the other less major issues----
-----To be finished in 2 weeks hopefully-----

Fight in the mines and the chase

-Cut lackey getting konked on the head with sledgehammer as it never hits his head and he drops early. I could have made the hammer hit him digitally, but the shot was very Looney Tunes -ish anyway, plus the workers shift standing close and then wide and also the unconscious lacky is standing straight up again a frame later.

-In the middle of the mine cart scene, Indy hits a second lever with the shovel to change the course. The Thuggees in the cart behind him shoot the same lever and it flies forward just as Indy hits it, and changes the course again, but it should have already been forward. Digitally added a second lever that the Thuggees can shoot (they shoot the one with the sign/square on the shaft). This is so that there are two levers and it makes sense now.

-When the two enemy mine cars crash, there are series black matte lines on the rocks the first car hits. Re-composited to fix this issue that is very noticeable when the cars collide.

-When the water floods the mine, some shots of the 3 heroes are an obvious composite of their blue screened image over a set. Problem is, when Indy tells the two to run towards a tunnel on the right with a log blocking the way, Indy and Shorty run through the log as if they were ghosts. Fixed so a few seconds before the log scene happens, where there is bluescreen edge cleanup on Willie and also the log has been taken out of the next shots so they don’t run through it.

-Fixed some of Willies hair bad blue screen composite just before they run outside

outside but before the bridge

-In the wide shot of the mountain the character are CG and have no shadow (shadow fixed in UHD version). Have added shadows in and fixed the indy CG character to look a little better.

-When Indy is hanging on the rocks and tells them to run for the bridge, the composite with the rocks is really bad with very noticeable black matte lines. Have fixed these black matte lines.

The Bridge

-Before Shorty falls through the bridge, Willie is seen with either a bright red safety strap on she is sun burned to a point I have never seen…more red than a cooked lobster. Color corrected so returned to her normal skin color regardless.

-When Shorty falls through the bridge, a large hole is made. Later on, the hole disappears in all shots 16 shots coming up that do not have a hole. Have digitally added the hole in all 16 subsequent shots.

-After Willie saves Short from the hole in the bridge, the river is filled with water. When Indy is about to cut the bridge, there’s a wide angle where there’s barely any water and it almost looks like they are over a dry river bed. While it is possible to be dry and then a point with lots of water in a real river, here, it clearly changes to where it is obviously not as it should be with no water under them. Water digitally composited into the shot.

-Near the end when the trio are on the bridge, Indy cuts the bridge with a large sword. Several men fall into the water below. The bad guy grabs hold and hangs on to some of the henchmen. The number of henchmen changes between shots. Hit the edge of the cliff, no men, Close-up 3 men, wide shot 2 men, close-up none, then back to 2 and so on. They are all above Indy, but in a final shot there are 3 below him and they fall and have the worst black edge matte composite shot of the movie. These 3 have been removed as they are never below Indy until this shot anyway and it should be only two above him. In the shot with 3 above, I fixed it so it is only 2 bad guys.

-When Indy is fighting Mola R there is the last henchman above them quite a ways up the bridge later. In one shot, that henchman is inches above the two fighting and then in next shot a second later he is back to being farther up. Removed the henchman from the shot where he is inches above the two fighting.

-When climbing up near the top, Willie and shortie come back to the the 5th blank in the bridge from the top that had cracked when Mola R to falls earlier, the cracked step/floor beam of the bridge has been digitally added back in for this shot for consistency.

-When climbing up before the fight between the two, Indy is seen again against a really bad composite with black matte lines and very hard edge on his arm, recomposited and color corrected to better match.

-On the ladder, Mola would normally try to grab Indy’s heart. In this version, he does not, since there is no heart ripping out shots and shorty does not say cover your heart.

-Indy’s incantation that ignites the rocks does not make sense if he is no longer in a trance and there is no indication he knows to say or what will make them all burn as opposed to just glow (which they should be doing when together). This also makes “normal” Indy a confident user of magic which is also out of character for Indy and out of place for his role in the film, where Indy is more a victim or just experiences it around him. I could see if he was still drugged or mind controlled, but at this point he is pretty sane. Instead the rocks fall because the bags breaks during their fight. They still glow while the two are near each other falling because they would, but no burning because Indy knows the secret spell. The last one is still caught after smacked up out of Mola’s hand and Indy catches the non-hot rock and the continues up to safety. Film continues as original from this point on.

Does anyone have Luke's Hoth Electro Binocular's Overlay as green HUD ?

did anyone grab this when it was up? Thought I did and guess not…it was here or rather the youtube clip behind the link

This is for my extended version I am attempting to add all extra shots for Luke and his taun taun to the ESB intro and need another POV view which those binocs as fill-in, but do not want to reuse the single instance. I need to have a template I can work with. I can recreate, but it would be extra time and I know it has already been done somewhere. I can work with Photoshop layered or even a clip with green like the example…really anything to take the load off.

Any help or guidance to something already would be greatly appreciated. ESB-X version 1 is coming along, just trying wrap up some of the smaller FX details to help things

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

DarthTzetzo said:

Another sound:

thanks for the link. This is a good scene that I plan to include in my Jedi extended as well (nice audio on that link).

Also, I just finished restoring the video of sandstorm (removed thousands and scratches and dust) need to put it together with that good audio. There are a couple things to fix in a first draft restore before releasing as well:

  1. adding the Y-wing back in the matte painting for Luke and sabre construction scene (this is planned as well) to be consistent with it being in the sandstorm and what lando came in early (presumably Leia and chewie come later in the falcon)?. The other option is just to remove the Y-wing in the sandstorm all together and that might work better as when they leave the planet they would be abandoning the Y-wing which is kind of weird although han ask luke to leave his crate (xwing) and come with them so I guess leaving ships could be a thing. I kind of feel like it needs to be explained…maybe doesn’t matter?
  2. I may try to do a better leia voice ai as in one part of that ai audio restore it does not sound like carrie, but it nots bad - I have 15 minutes of clean Carrie audio to model from so may try it.
  3. Luke may have time when rising above the sandstorm and going into orbit to put his helmet on (assumes it was on floor of X-wing), but not thinking he had time to change into a full flight suit, so need to do and FX where he is wearing the black jedi outfit neck down in the leaving the plant shots
  4. Need to swap flight suit arm and putting on glove with just shot of feeling his hand in glove and black arm from jedi suit. He puts the glove on walking in the sandstorm
  5. Need to alternate audio or reduce audio in orbit since some of those lines where already said in sandstorm.

This of course is only for a version 1. I did want to see later about adding a scene or few more shots of the skiff going into the storm to set some context (transition) to why you are all of a sudden seeing them in coverings in the storm and when before it was a sunny day. I have some ideas on that. Right now still trying to finish up ESB-X version 1

Does anyone have Luke's Hoth Electro Binocular's Overlay as green green HUD ?

did anyone grab this when it was up? Thought I did and guess not…it was here

For my extended version I am attempting to add all extra shots for Luke and his taun taun to the ESB intro and need another POV view which those binocs as fill-in, but do not want to reuse the single instance, so I need to have a template I can work with. I can recreate, but it is extra time and I know it has already been done somewhere. I can work with Photoshop layered or even a clop with green like the example…really anything to take the load off.

Any help or guidance to something already would be greatly appreciated.

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

DarthTzetzo said:

I hope this will be useful for the project.

Yes great find!. I tried with adobe audition on that and could not get anything acceptable. I am playing around with voice AI right now

for replacing the actors in radio drama lines with the actual voices of the actors. Have not tried ElevenLabs but will have to take a shot at it so I have both. I have 14 minutes of Carrie fisher’s voice isolated for when I did my her voice model with AI on that tool, so will have to try this one out…very impressed. I love the fact they added in good clean sounding wind in that scene as well. This is certainly a milestone in voice cleaning from even a year ago what we could do