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Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

jadenkorr41 said:

You have that in HD?? is it higher quality than this?

I like the idea you have for the jump to hyperspace order. Cool to incorporate more of general madine in ROTJ.

Here’s how I wanted to incorporate Madine in my episode 9 edit. (He will be aged, but I need an HD restored footage first)


The link you referenced is very low res have not seen that one in HD yet as I have the other more common that is before they are in the battle…Here is a link to my copy of that in 1920 Wide HD.

It needs to be enhanced, color matched to bluray or adywan color grade (when his is done) and some dust and scratch removal. Audio needs work to and the battle music behind it. but if you want to have it as is. I really like your idea for episode 9! You should look at EbSynth tool where you just get the first and maybe last frame of him aged using photoshop AI filters or any of the new aging tools out there. I think it would work well if as you said you had an HD version. You could prob do alot with lighting and sparks and really sell it.
I have not played around with the aging tech, but it’s getting pretty realistic now. First I have seen that 2nd clip to be honest. The scream at the end seems odd in the episode 9 clip as I think that scene was meant to be a victory scream? but looks weird as they are all in sync and it is very sudden. Might depend how it flows into the next cut. I would probably stick with just the cameo first shot if it were me. but sorry I do not have that 2nd clip of Madine in HD… if I run across it will let you know

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

jadenkorr41 said:

Hiya, super interested in this thread. Was wondering by any chance do you intend to restore this scene of Crix Madine? from 0:00-0:39

It’s not part of the ROTJ blu-ray deleted scenes, I think it’s from the rinzler ROTJ ebook. I’m dying for good quality of this to put into my fan edit clip. Anyways, would be cool to see this scene restored if part of the plan.

yes…it’s #4 above under ROJ,

#4 - General madine extra scenes going into hyperspace before Lando

I have in HD, but not restored or color matched yet. it’s a good briefs scenes but needs to go in the proper place and also there is a fix where ackbar says on my mark and everyone takes off without even waiting, which is kind of weird. I am working on fixing that part too, Crix should go after ackbar and then lando is left with about 18 craft he is leading and should be the last group to jump, which is a slight re-order from what you see in the original cut, but makes better sense.

ESB-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

screams in the void said:

I am curious as to your plans to incorporate the radio drama scenes into ESB , especially the scene of Han and Luke in the tent and the opening scene . Do you have footage in mind for this or plan to shoot some of your own ?

This will be a fresh shoot since we have a full han hoth outfit and most of luke hoth, thinking alot of over the shoulder shot but will do some face ons. Plan to use deep fake or simular. We have Hamil for the voice acting here obviously and some lines from Harrison, but will need to do some audio work on solo and get and some lines for him as perry is good but not Harrison 😃 and deep fake audio for the lines if not happy with results. There are actually some talented people out there on fivr doing Solo lines so will have to see. But yea, will have to be shot in winter so probably one of the later scenes to be honest since it is spring in my location now.If this scene does not happen it’s not the end of the world as it is not a crucial scene…although does have some good lines

Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

As I was looking through this site, it seemed that there is some great interest in getting the deleted scenes restored so they can be used in others who are doing extended versions. Should we just make this a priority? A mini project with goal to complete once and for all?
It seemed to me that many tried and either quit or have taken down links to their attempts.
Now that the technology has come along way in the last 5 years as far as restoration tools, I think the time is now to finish these.
While my plan was and still is to incorporate these into my extended “-x” versions. I could certainly just share these out as I finish them and focus on them first. I am curious if anyone that has WIP on these that would save me time? Below will be the full list of deleted I am adding in, followed by my process which uses 2021-22 technology. Adobe tools have come along way
I would like to start a regular cadence of finishing these off if this is the better approach. Reply to this tread if interested in this and I will divert my focus to it. If I focus on this and plan for 1-3 weeks per scene we should be able to have them all by year end. It also may depend on how much headway people have made on these as well.


  1. Luke w/treadwell on the surface - Completed
  2. Troopers searching hallway doors immediately after entering the Tantive - completed
  3. Tosche Station #1 - Luke & friends look to the sky - 50% complete
  4. Tosche Station #2 - Luke & Bigs - 10% complete
  5. Blue Milk and Lars Breakfast - 60% complete
  6. Search for R2 (POV in the Speeder)
  7. All 4 sandpeople mounting their Banthas
  8. Longer Cantina scene - All creatures - 25% complete
  9. Stormtroopers Search Tatooine (“stilt monster”)
  10. Extended scene with governers in death star board room - TBD quality is horrible
  11. Darth Vader Widens the Search - 10% complete
  12. Stormtroopers on Death Star corridor searching
  13. Death Star Sneaking Around Scene
  14. Leia and Han in falcon before Yavin - 50% complete
  15. Gonk Droid in Death Star Hallway


  1. Leia and luke after his recovery - 5% complete
  2. Extra scene of han and liea in hallway - 20% complete
  3. 3po switching the sign
  4. Extra wampa scene breaking free in the base
  5. Luke’s light sabre training
  6. Han repairs the falcon
  7. Lobot gets caught
  8. Luke in Falcon medical Bay extended - 40% complete


  1. Vader walking to chamber, calling to luke, lightsabre construction
  2. 3PO and R2 enter Jabbas Palace.
  3. The sandstorm
  4. General madine extra scenes going into hyperspace before Lando
  5. Rebels inside the shield bunker
  6. Jerjerrods hesitation

My current Restoration process

  1. Obtain HD footage
  2. Color correction, enhance contrast/clarity using AE and curves in AE
  3. Rotoscope actors off of background
  4. Create clean background plates for scene and angel changes and use content aware fill in PS to remove scratches and dust (skip if camera/background moves to much and instead use content aware and laso tool to remove all dust and scratches by hand frame by frame full frame with no rotoscoping and masking)
  5. Motion track any clean plates if they were made and match to original camera/footage movement if background plates are used
  6. Composite back any elements to background plate
  7. Use Content aware fill on spot areas of the elements after they are composited back in
  8. Use JPG AI neural filters in PS to remove any pixelation
  9. (Optional)Using original footage, mask out any elements that need to be composited back in but not edge rotoscoped (shadows)
    (Optional)fix any surfaces that can be improved with a photographic texture remapping, use PS warp, liquify tools and AE’s CC powerpin to stretch over and replace damaged blurry texture on objects or background.
  10. Add audio improved where needed, but not surround sound at early stage.
Star Wars Tosche Station Restored (a WIP)

Recently finished my version 1 for this scene as part of the larger ANH-X. I must say that Sky was the inspiration for me to do this and continue on through all the deleted scenes with full restoration.

separate thread regarding the others:

Here is the link to Luke and Treadwell completed for now. Will revisit much later for some additional improvement. I went for more of a less CG approach as I wanted it to fit in the final film better visually. I will say that this one was one of the hardest scenes in all the deleted ANH-ROJ to restore. It’s just in such bad shape, so hats off to anyone else who attempted. See bottom of page and thread page 2 for more on this one

Here are the direct links from that thread to save on scrolling as it never seems to put the last post at the top


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

@Hal 9000 or anyone else. In the Rise of Skywalker (Ascendant), One thing I have been wondering for awhile and did not see mentioned anywhere (or I missed it) is Leia’s light sabre being purple? is it to mean she had both light and dark, got the same crystal or found mace’s? or just a call back to the color purple that carrie liked? Was just wondering if that was to align with some canon aspect?

ESB-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Some of you are probably familiar with my ANH-X that is a WIP:

but truth be told, I have rough draft on the editing software timeline for Jedi and Empire. Depending if I need a switch and my mood I often hop around (focus still on ANH). Since the plan is to use the finished HD version of Adywans as a base, Empire might actually have a chance to have a release earlier than the other 2. Here are the current plans scenes for the ESB-X for those interested. I have not stopped ANH work though and in a week or so, will also create a separate tread for ROJ-X. Like the others, I have a version planed with a intros that are radio drama intros, but also will have a traditional theatrical version for those that may want that. There will be a V1, V2, V3 for all these.

V1=excludes live action shots that are not already finished)-Format:2D and possibly 3D
V2=all planned scenes except alternate radio drama beginning scenes. Format:2D and 3D
V3=Full/all scenes. Format: 2D and 3D

Happy May the 4th!

~37 extra scenes


  • Rebel convoy
    Starts off after the crawl with scenes of convey getting attacked on way to Hoth - This is the Radio drama edition’s beginning.

  • Probe Droid Launch
    Extra radioD scene of Hoth probe droid launching after officers have a discussion on the star destroyer bridge about searching for a month and finding nothing - from the radio drama edition.

  • General Rieken announces convey was annulated
    Scene from radio drama where they get this news of this event over the comlink on echo base, Liea shows look of despair as she hear this news.

-----ESB -X V1 - -----------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Extra Luke Intro (Music)
    Slight intro music modification to Luke’s intro with his taun taun, taken from radio drama also includes a very quick extra scene of probe droid after it lands.

  • SE wampa scene revisited
    Edited back in, but re-edit to be more suspenseful and include some of the off camera shots of the wampa from original that added more suspense. Includes wampa arm getting sliced and extra SE shots of wampa.

  • Extra scenes of rebels in base when announcements are made over radio
    Audio from Radio Drama

  • Launch of speeders in the morning
    Extra scene from RadioD, where the order is given to launch the search and recovery team, speeders leave echo base to look for Luke and Han.

  • Luke and han in the tent (version 2)
    Extra new scene using dialogue from radio drama in the morning, where Luke and Han are waiting for rescue in the tent that was setup to survive the night.

  • 21B conversations
    Extra scene of luke and 3PO talking to 21B in medical center after Luke’s recovery in the bacta tank.

  • Leia and luke after his recovery
    Deleted scene restored that shows them both in the medical center before solo arrives. Here we see the red bacta that replaces the blueish/purple bacta as seen the deleted scenes where bacta is in background. Bacta during the theatrical scenes are more red to be consistent to the comic and Ralph Mcquery paintings where it is red as opposed to blueish in color that was in the original.

  • Extra scene of han and liea in hallway
    Deleted scene restored and added in that is the longer and more heated conversation that the two have.

  • 21B talks to Luke
    Extended scene from radio drama between the two, as luke grabs his gear and leaves the medical facility

  • 3po switching the sign
    Deleted scene as they are fleeing rebel base to which the door holding back captured wampas has the warning sign removed by CPO so when troopers check they are unexpectedly attacked.

  • Extra wampa scene breaking free into the base
    From deleted scene showing rebels dealing with this while at the same time being invaded by the imperials.

  • Extended Hoth battle new scenes #1
    Series of extra shots mixed in that include some establishing shots of the extra 2 Adywan AT-ATs progressing forward and showing rebels engaged in ground battle before the AT-ATs get to the trenches (the 2nd line of defense). Here the terrain is more hilly, cuts back to the speeder approach on the 4 of the 5 AT-ATs.

  • Extended Hoth battle new scenes #2
    Series of extra shots mixed in that show more of the battle specifically taking some of the other 2 Adywan walkers down. There are some xwings and ties in the air and an in cockpit view from a Y-wing assault on an AT-AT making its way closer to the base and in more of a rocky area.

  • Extra scene of vader entering the base
    Vader uses the force to open the base doors and chokes a rebel while also sending his lightsabre via force throw to slice other soliders until the sabre returns back to his hand. This will be a live action shot based off of a scene that was in a Battlefront as a cut scene. Would normally not mix in CG characters, but as live action I feel this may be interesting to see, but of course will depend how it comes out. TBD, but I have high hopes for this one.

  • Hoth Tie Fighter chase & AT-AT takedown
    Extra shots of a tie pilot chasing an xwing through a snowy canyon section as well as additional shots of the rebel ground troops going after an AT-AT as they are closer to the base.

  • Imperials entering the base
    Extra shot of vader blocking laser blast with his sabre in the main hanger as they enter the base that cuts to the control room where you hear about the imperials infiltrating the base but prior you never got to see them until they are already well inside.

  • Luke leaving Hoth
    Extra dialogue from radio drama of luke coming to his xwing after the battle while R2 is lifted in + . Rebels leaving and the final AT-AT falling to the ground + more dialogue with R2 in orbit while leaving hoth

  • Luke’s light sabre training
    Extra deleted scene with yoda and Luke as Luke attempts to slice a metal bar in pieces

  • Han repairs the falcon
    Deleted scene restored and added in, where when they are inside the slug and han is working to do some repairs

  • Extra bespin establishing exterior shot

  • Extra 3po dialogue to lando from radioD when they first land

  • 3po and the junk closet droid
    Extra dialogue with a silver protocol leaving the closet/room before he enters and is blasted into pieces by stormtroopers inside

  • Han and leia talk after his torcher (version 2)
    Extra lines taken from radio drama of han and leia in the cell room after he is torchered

  • Boba fett speaks at dining room
    Extra line at dinner from Fett after vader speaks (from radio drama)

  • Lando clears the city
    Extra lines from radio drama when lando is clearing the city out on the comms radio. Also a few extra shots of them running through cloud city corridors.

  • Cloud City Luke and Vader Reimagined by Fixit in Post
    The sequal to SC38….release date for this TBD and depends how this turns out

  • Luke looking for Vader
    Extra lines from Luke from radio drama where he taunts Vader a little before vader comes out of the shadows and attacks with his light sabre

  • Lobot gets caught
    Deleted scene with lobot in the hallways and where he gets captured by imperials

  • Vader to his shuttle
    SE scene of vader going to his shuttle exterior shot added back, but his voice calling “bring me my shuttle” removed as he is already at his shuttle and you see him walk to it a second later in the very next shot which would not make sense to say that line.

  • Lando in the airlock
    Extra lando dialogue from radio drama when Lando has Luke safely in the air lock. There is more emphasis on the lines said to get them to get going…actually says let’s get out of here as you hear tie firing over the com - a small edit that gives the scene more tension.

  • Luke in Falcon medical Bay extended
    Deleted scene of luke in medical bed on the falcon with leia where she mentions boba fett to luke

  • Ties Approaching
    Extra dialogue from radio drama where Leia is asking about an alarm that is going off which is for the star destroyer being detected. Happens after she has returned back to the cockpit.

  • Lando Back in Falcon seat
    Fix to scene where lando is put back in his seat when falcon leaves bespin (he was in the prior shot and closer to the controls when R2 fixes the hyper drive), but then completely disappears a second later as a continuity issue (fixes the issue).

  • Final Shot
    Very slight closer framing in of the last shot with luke and leia and the droids through window of frigate only to see this FX shot and more ship detail if watching on a large home theatre screen. More of a personal choice to see more detail. Also this used UHD footage as the master source for more detail and so no resolution get’s loss going up from 1080P. Ends back to normal frame after camera pulls back 3 sec later.

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Luke & Treadwell Deleted scene ANH -X, finally complete

Kind of excited about this one as it seems like it has taken as long as doing an entire short film even though it is only 53 seconds.
This is my first deleted restoration scene and it has been a long road as it is quite possibly one of the worst ANH color scenes as far as far as image quality (The troopers in hallway might be close). This scene needs no introduction and from what I can tell, was how ANH was supposed to start(cut due to the opening battle more exciting). Still, it introduces Luke’s boring farm life and somewhat odd ability to understand droids. Scene starts as the battle is happening and some first shots are exchanged between the two ships. Obviously, ends with Luke speeding off the tell Fixer and the gang.
I will later have a transitional scene that is a longer bridge to him making his way to Toshi Station, but for now this is my attempt to restore this scene. I used what I saw was the best version of this as a base, which had come along way from when I first saw it on “Behind The Magic” CD-rom @ 640 X 480 (I still have my copy of that 😃 ).


  • Footage cut into the story to make it fit and pacing such that it feels like it could have made it in as an Introduction to Luke.
  • Removed thousands of dust particles and scratches.
  • Rotoscoping everywhere and clean background plate made
  • Adobe AI JPG artifact removal and smoothing of some stray blockiness
  • Re-texture of land speeder panels using original imagery maps to video and correct perspective
  • Image enhancement/contrast color grade fixes.
  • Music added and original sound kept where applicable.
  • Extra dialog from Mark’s performance in the Radio Drama of this scene
  • Adywan Binocular template and CG scrambled image to closely match the macrobonocular scanlines of the ships (Triangles)

I do plan to revisit this later for the following updates, but right now I need to move on + I am kind of burned out from this one as the rotoscoping and all the dust removal gets monotinous after a while.

  • Will replace binocular view with original template overlay since I have it now and replace triangle ships with actual ships + make it looked zoomed in/different in size compared to when you see without Binocs.
  • I now have a Droid caller, Macrobinoculars, Luke’s hat/goggles and Luke’s belt props, so will do some texturing fix where these replace the same that is blurry
  • Possible treadwell revisit to improve more
  • Possible extra scenes from a different angle to split things up more and only a single “through the binocular view”
  • downloads now are with a 5.1 track, but this was not really edited for correct surround, so a proper 5.1 or better re-edit will be later.

Two versions for you to watch or download (comparison and full scene 1920 pixels)
For the comparison (like others I have done), I have the before and after edited side by side and in sync as close as I can. There really was no original scene here, so it’s more just so you can get a feel of the before and after.

Hope you enjoy.


-Next up, (and it’s 90% done)….3PO wanders the desert alone and Beru makes blue milk and extra radio drama breakfast at the lars meal table.

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Grand Master_ Luke Flywalker said:

Honestly, I think it may be best if we leave this scene behind.

Yea I’ll probably see how it is when all is done …More than likely will shorten the scene, maybe keep only when they file. Also doing the film in full Stereo 3D, so will see when I get to that point if it works or not. 3D is somewhat forgiving when it comes to little flaws or textural differences. Yes, you do see quite a difference in look and in retrospect not that important of a scene to keep maybe.

-Droids in the desert> >
It goes randomly quiet at 0:10-0:11, but besides that, everything is great! Love the echo added to 3P0’s lines, did you do that or was that already in the radio drama?

Fixed the @10 sec spot audio drop and did re-link in the post…yes was just a glitch …thx for pointing it out!..Yes added some echo as was playing around with some features as I am just scratching the surface with surround editing. FYI if you listen on a 5.1 the back speakers should be mostly wind 😃

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Posting final 1920 w Resolution scenes for the first 3 from last week for those that may want. Currently still working on luke/treadwell and Toshe Station #1 deleted scenes.

-Troopers search hallway doors on Tantive

-Droids looking for the escape pod

-Droids in the desert

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Grand Master_ Luke Flywalker said:
“but, I can’t say I’m a fan of the extended Tantive IV chase. It is very obvious once you see the new wall, there is noticeable tracing around the troopers and helmets, and there is still a lot of grain left behind.”

Yes, that is a tough scene and the outlines are a rotoscoping thing that that I am getting better with since. Can be fixed, but it would take too much to remove all the fuzzyness that is really the problem with that scene. Alot of grain is removed, but it still is not a crisp image as it is B roll and from I can tell probably a very cheap stock of film compared to the final. There are extra deleted scenes with the sand people that seem to use the same stock of film (unfortunate when that was what they used for a B roll). The wall is the actual wall cleaned, but there is a point where it is hard to merge into the shot with action (smoke etc). I may revisit when I see what this looks like on projector screen. It might be that I shorten it greatly so much that I take the clearest best part and leave in maybe some more digital smoke. Maybe trim the whole scene to just a few sec. It is almost a scene that needs a re-shoot of costume troopers and composited work of that to sell it, but I do not think the scene is that spectacular for that kind of effort. I know there are folks that want every deleted scene possible, so this is one others could keep or cut once I post the full frame of these are they finished. It’s probably as good as its going to get after some edge tweaks I can do, but might be awhile as I am moving on to more important and cleaner quality scenes for now…I do appreciate the feedback! Glad you like the others.

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Some progress on this…

To refresh your memory about this project, it is ANH (Adywan version as base w/~45 additional scenes (New from radio drama, deleted restored etc.) I mentioned prior that I was going to release some clips beginning of March but of course are behind as restoring deleted scenes that have dust, scratches and color fix is taking far more time than I thought. The Luke and treadwell scene is a nightmare…probably the worst of the deleted to try and restore, However; making progress and are about 85% through it. As such, I will need a few more weeks for the first draft of this scene …see below description:

• Luke w/treadwell on the surface
Essentially the deleted scene, but fully restored and re-edited to fit proper pacing of where it would go in the film + significantly more audio courtesy of the radio drama version. Luke sees the ships from the surface and includes an updated macrobinocular view & few more shots of treadwell and Version 2 of this to come later and will have Luke from a few different angles to improve the flow of this scene + improved binocular view with ships instead of the 1977 triangles representation of 2 ships? Scebe ends with Luke leaving in landspeeder to tell his friends what he has seen.

Below are some more links to some finished extra scenes that are completed:
Note: Google drive 1080P does not represent true 1080P clarity (to say the least)

-Troopers search hallway doors immediately after entering the Tantive Compare to original cut

-Troopers search hallway doors compare to original unrestored version
Extra deleted scene of troopers searching hallway doors immediately after entering Tantive. Gives a sense that the troopers are checking each door first before proceeding through the halls - laser bolts added here, dust and scratch removal etc.

Extended scene of droids looking for escape pod as taken from the Radio Drama, here there is more dialogue and extended scenes before they get in plus more dialogue inside the pod itself after launching.

Note:some of the comparison with the original scene varies from actual original version in that it is always a challenge to compare an extended version with slightly different edit choices and keep the audio for both in sync. With that disclaimer, know that the “original” consist of maybe 95% and of what purist know as the “original” and is not intended to be a 1:1, but close to see a before and after and in respect to what is added in the “X” version

A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition

nice work on these. some are small but I see what you are going for. My favorites are the both holograms. I am working on and extended version of new hope with adywan as base and one of my planned scenes is restored Jabba that looks like ROTJ jabba and not the phantom menace one, but I never thought of the hollogram idea. That would actually really make it easy to pull off from a visual standpoint to make even more convincing since you do not have to worry so much on details. Also the board room and admiral holo speaking is pretty cool…very original ideas you have there great job!

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

I have decided to make 3 versions since I am sure some will have different preferences. First 4 scenes of V1 should be ready in 4 weeks. (added two more scenes so bumps it back a little). Look for a link to view each March 7th

High level summary:

V1, Original vision for my “X series” of extended edits but no extra scenes that require live action shoots, props, digital composited sets or deepfake-type technology. In some cases, this will also include shorter planned versions of deleted scenes (but will include the deleted scenes). Will also omit most of the extra elements or shots planned to be added to these scenes.
V2, would be V3 minus all Rogue One bridging scenes, All extra radio drama scenes when in mos Eisley that would be new shoots. Starts with original crawl and above Tatooine.
V3-Original vision for this edit(see start of this tread) includes with bridge from Rogue One.

I will be giving focus to V1 first, as it will be the easiest to finish up and when that is done, I should have all the costumes, props and digital sets ready to continue on. Will still be doing some shots and early test now needed for V2,3… but did not want to hold things up with this. Detailed info below:

ANH-X V1 - 1st four extended scenes:

  1. Luke with treadwell on the surface - Scene fully restored and re-edited to fit proper pacing and audio (but not all audio) from radio drama version (saved for V2). Luke sees the ships from the surface. updated macro binocular view includes 1977 low end visuals of ships in the sky for now. Ends with Luke leaving in landspeeder to tell his friends.
  2. Droids looking for escape pod - Extended scene of droids looking for escape pod as taken from the Radio Drama, here there is more dialogue and extended scenes before they get in plus more dialogue inside the pod itself after launching.
  3. Troopers searching hallway doors immediately after entering Tantive - extra scene, gives a sense that the troopers are checking each door first before proceeding through the halls - laser bolts added here. Scene will be restored of dust and scratches.
  4. Droids in the desert - Longer scene of the droids after they land with slightly more cuts and different angles. Edited to accommodate the extra dialogue
Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) (* unfinished project / WIP *)

nightstalkerpoet said:

Actually, what about combining the methods? Using automated color tools to add color information into the picture, then using color match to adjust those colors?

Perhaps someone familiar with Matlab could help with this? Looks like it could be pretty amazing for establishing a base image to match from.

thx for sharing the matlab link …that is crazy. best auto match tool I have seen in adobe premier’s match function with after effects for the slight correct after (if needed). but it’s getting a color picture base to start from. I may have to look into that stuff in the link. I am doing an extended version of EP 4-6 as was not going to include BW, but after seeing that wow! Now we can actually add those scenes in and have it be seemless (from a technology standpoint)

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

Here’s a 1K wide comparison (previewing in google has more compression than the final now complete as 1920 wide full res. Also, when comparing to Adywan’s excellent work, all I am doing is pulling out for detail from the UHD. The rest of the movie is probably fine using the 1080P master. I am not trying to claim a better compare, just different. In some respects some may prefer darker and not see the detail since it is a windowless room they are in, I felt this particular section deserved a UHD to HD conversion with extra attention for what I wanted to see and later I may try a hybrid using masking where shadows stay 100% black for best of both worlds. Curious to what other prefer.

PM me if anyone wants a link to the final source video.

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

benduwan said:

i think it´s a bit to bright and yellow.
adywan has done a good job with this.
remember,it´s a windowless room in the crawler that drive in the night.should more darkness…

@benduwan…take a look at the PDF again I had the wrong screen shots in there(you may need to hit refresh in case in cache.) For the Gonk I uploaded a bad correction that had way more yellow than it should have. Also there are two appearances of the Gonk in which one is better. I have added that one as well for comparison. Adywans recent color grade 1080 (not his current re-work) was used as the color reference so the green I have for the dome junk item in the foreground for the Gonk scene is closer to his green, but may still have some more tweaking later. Anyway, I think this corrected verison is much better than the first link you saw.

In regards to what should be seen for a scene that theoretically is pitch black (no windows at night etc). There are 2 camps of thought here.

  1. make the scene as dark as possible but can still make out main items of focus (gonk droid, maybe the green dome of junk, the floor, the foreground etc. - enhance colors seen (adywan current)

  2. The other (and my current take on it) is show as much of the lost hidden detail not recoverable for 44+ years due to not having the technology (UHD, software to pull detail out etc), while all still not making it over bright or hazy.

Also, as I am lucky enough to have a home theater projector, watching large really reveals more that may have been missed, but scenes that are very dark and low contrast struggle some times. 3D TV/projector version for viewing (planned) is tougher in addressing dark scenes, due to basically wearing sunglasses in addition, so I went for the option to show as much detail as can get away with, but still feel like it is inside/dark etc.

For the Sandcrawler inside at night scenes itself, I am just amazed at all the work of props that for the most part, you never saw before and that had to place or made by hand back then. Was a shame it has always been lost until now.

I do respect there are personal choices and those that may want more detail but darker for this particular scene than what I have currently, so I can safely say at this point, all it takes is to darken scenes a little more than they are with just a simple brightness/contrast adjust in your tool of choice. **Update: I posted a sample of the finished scene below and PM me if you want to full version to check out on your own equipment.

Thanks for your feedback! as I may have kept going forward and missed that color mistake I made until much later. Fan opinions are always much appreciated.

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

IlFanEditore said:

Sounds intriguing! I hope you’ll share some screenshots or clips, sooner or later 😉

Got some new After Effects Plugins for restoration at discount for black Friday sale. Here is some first samples using them on some tough scenes. The focus is pulling out the detail from shadows and boosting contrast. While I did use Adywan color grade version only as a base to compare, the actual “after” is from UHD downscaled to 1080P so get that hidden detail and then had to tweak the image color quite a bit to match what it should be. Technically these are detail enhancement verses color grading. For grading I may need to do some masking which is more work and later on in the process. On the deleted scene samples, there are no UHD versions so it is the 1080P of those. I plan to do Dust and scratch removal later and they will get some more misc enhancements, but that will require frame by frame work, so its more involved…just wanted to share some test so far. still moving on to try and finish the entire movie as far as full timeline as a first draft to work off of.


adywan said:

kg1977 said:

does the reedit of this (planned but not start) in 720P HD version really mean 816 x 1920? bluray size of empire revisited is this I believe. And if I am understanding this right, there is a 816 x 1920 adywan regarded version already (minus the additions)?

The HD version of ANH:R will be 1080p, same as ESB:R & the upcoming ROTJ:R. There is a 1080p regraded version of ANH that i released that used the 2011 Blu-ray as a source

@adywan, Nice to see this coming along…Love the alderaan explosion. To have that is HD will be amazing!

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

benduwan said:

kg1977 said:

benduwan said:

is there a list of deletet scenes you will use? i added some behind the scenes and pics for my version…

@banduwan, so what is your version?

my name is benduwan…😉 you should it downloadet,you recieve a pm for a week or so…

is it extended with deleted video + pictures where pictures fill when video does not exist or other?


I see it now…downloading…It’s in the RAR file…will check it out…thx

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

CamSMurph said:

Any deleted scenes you won’t be using?


Not planning to add
-extra scenes from luke and treadwell that are too rough and beyond restore (these are the close ups from I believe empire of dreams and very heavy tinted blue)
-alternate takes of the same scenes
-bigs and luke on Yavin where there is mention from squad leader that he flew with anakin
-anything black and white (Han with the cantina girl etc.) this may change based on some new AI colorization tools I am seeing though
-There is quite a bit from the radio drama that just did not fit the feel or was really over the top extra

Star Wars ANH-X (the eXtended version) (WIP)

benduwan said:

kg1977 said:

benduwan said:

is there a list of deletet scenes you will use? i added some behind the scenes and pics for my version…

Sorry took so long to compile, but here is my shot list. Bold is deleted scenes, where as non-bold would be new made from radio drama audio and some compositing other shots, new shots etc.

Cockpit Tantive IV arriving at skarif
• Leia enters the fleet above skarif shortly after the Raddus, which was supposed to be here escort to Tatooine. The scenes cuts to some new scenes inside the Tantive IV’s cockpit and inside then Raddus where Leia is instructed to dock inside for protection.

Imperial Officer Scenes & Vader After Skarif
• After Vader returns from the raddus, there is dialogue between him and officer about tracking the Rebels which has now jumped to hyperspace (end of R1). Vader’s Devastator enters hyperspace in pursuit.

Hallway Tantive IV, Antilles and Leia Enroute To Tatooine
• Captain Antilles talks to the droids and instructs them to go to go to a certain area of the ship for now + follow all orders of leia that may come. Leia informs Antilles of the mission they must proceed with, being to get plans to jedi general and that Tatooine is next stop.

sounds good so far without the R1 stuff.i don´t like it in the old movie…

R1 stuff only because it was in the radio drama and just an alternate way to watch were the two movies are bridged I always saw R1 as Episode 3.99. Very easy to have opening crawl novel SE version or classic and just edit to pick up where ANH traditionally starts. Right now my focus in on the main movie anyhow. sorry typed your name wrong it was very late 😃 and was rushing