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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions

Belloq, very good ideas here. Looking forward to seeing the clips. 

As for the Mutt swinging on the vine bit, have you seen the edit that does away with the vines all together. In it, Mutt leaps into the jeep with the skull, the skull falls into Ox's hands (using the clip from earlier in the scene) then Mutt falls onto the floorboard of the jeep next to Indy (where he originally landed after swinging from the vine). Works well. 

Help Wanted: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Joint Task Force)

Figured I'd start a new thread here since this is technically a new project. 


For those who don't know, the leader of the KOTCS fanedit over at faneditforum, Infodroid, has had to leave the project for some very unfortunate family-related reasons.  He was very talented and had put a lot of work into the edit. Well, we've decided to pickup where he left off and pay him a tribute by completing an edit and dedicating to him. While much has been done already, we are in need of anyone with the skills to help us finish. 

Please read through the KOTCS related threads over there and the ones here to get some ideas of where we're heading. This will be a purist edit of the film, as we wish to leave some of the more drastic changes for Infodroid to complete when he/if he ever returns. 

Here are some of the ideas we are discussing:


1) Cut prairie dog in opening shot - this was fixed in a clip already. ALso, if we open with the cemetery this won't be an issue. 
2) Trim the drag race a bit.
3) Make gunshots in opening a bit more violent (blood, louder gunfire, etc)
4) Cut down on dialog between Indy and Mac. Use NOT AS EASY AS IT USED TO BE line from trailer!
5) Cut some awkward dialog between Indy and Spalko
6) Edit awkward cut when Spalko pulls sword on Indy in warehouse. (you will help us find it)
7) Trim down the whole gunpowder bit. I THINK UA or ID posted an example of this.
Don't let us see what was in the box. 
9) Trim the whole box sequence.
10) Do something with the Damn I thought that was closer line. Maybe cut it so that it looks like Indy whip swings and lands on Spalko's vehicle. 
11) Make the screams of the soldiers getting burned by the rocket sled flames more horrific and louder. 
12) Cut the prairie dogs and comedic elements from the end of the rocket sled bit.
13) Cut goofiness from Doom Town (fine don't wait for me! line from Indy) Just see Ford's frustrated and worried expression. 
14) Cut down on the flying and bouncing of the fridge. 
15) Add more of a delay before Indy opens the fridge door to make it seem like he is banged up. 
16) OR make it appear like Indy escaped the Nuke on the rocket sled.
17) OR cut the nuke altogether. Make the nuclear shower into a wall. Cut reference from feds to the nuke. 
18) Cut "never shoula doubted you me friend" Indy talking to Stansworth in his home. 
19) Cut Indy's skepticism about skull (and its magic) when talking to Mutt in diner. Adding to his motivation for going in the first place. 
20) Lessen delay between knife and gunfight line.
21) Use UA's Marcus statue edit - where the head DOES NOT fall from the statue and onto the baddies lap. Bleh. 
22) Try to cut some of the redundant exposition between Indy and Mutt in his house. 
23) Cut second shot of asylum inmate reaching through the bars. 
24) Cut "this way up line in cemetery" but keep this way down. 
25) Cut dance on your own time kid line in cemetery. 
26) Cut stupid noises made by the cemetery ninjas (the kung fu noises, the animal noises and the cartoonish groan when the guy gets it from the blow gun.) bleh
27) Make Indy's gun FIRE! Someone has done this clip as well.
28) Use "PART TIME" line from trailer. 
29) Cut after Indy says "what is this thing" to see Indy and Mutt walking back up to surface. 
30) Cut all of the speculation about Orellana's men. 
31) Cut shots of Alien when Spalko is talking to Indy in tent. 
31) Cut the TERRIBLE head SPASMS of Indy when getting interrogated. 
32) Add new visions for Indy - this has been done but there are still slight changes to be made to the new version in my opinion. 
33) Cut OX's DANCING and stick twirling. Have them bring him in the tent cut right to Indy grabbing his wrist saying Ox it's me. 
34) Cut Marion's Or have you retired so go right from Trail of wreckage to You looking for a date?
35) Cut OX saying three times it drops and anyting else goofy that he says. (waterfalls are NOT gonna drop 3 times now)
36) Cut Indy congratulating Spalko for solving a bit of the riddle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
37) Cut Quick Sand lesson from Indy.
38) Have Indy tell OX to just HELP. Not go get help - that makes no sense who's he gonna get the Russians?
39) Have Indy finally grab the snake WITHOUT asking them to say snake. 
40) Cut Ox saying Help when he returns with the Russians. Yeah we get it Ox. 
41) Cut awkward ripping sound and **** line from Indy when he is cutting the ropes. 
42) Cut number of times it takes to kick guard before he falls. Let Indy give more kicks and the final one. 
43) Cut amount of time we see goofy grin from Marion. 
43) Cut Ox saying Henry Jones ...JUNIOR just before chase starts. In fact just cut Ox as much as possible. 
44) Use UA's edit of jungle chase, but add sword fight but cut number of hits Spalko gives to Mutt. Makes her look weak. 
45) Just to be clear UA's jungle edit gets rid of the crotch shots, the vines, the monkeys, etc. Works great.
46) Make Indy/Dovechenko fight grittier. more blood??
47) Use TMBTM's (?) edit that removes the tree branch as has them splash right into the water. 
48) Cut the waterfalls to one BIIIIIGGGG one. 
49) Cut Marion laughing holding the steerwheel.
50) CUt Indy saying he has to go alone. (this has all been done in edit clips somewhere)
51) Cut dialog when Indy takes skull from Ox to open door. 
52) Make bodies of natives bloodier when lying on ground after soldiers shoot them. 
53) Add new Spell of Spalko visions. 
54) Add TMBTM's edit of aliens and her death. 
55) Cut Mac's line before he dies (I'ma be alright) bleh. Cut the whole Mac death thing down to be less cheesy. 
56) Have the Adventure Gang tm go from gear room directly to the top of the cliff. Therefore cut the water elevator. Tried it works great. 
57) Intercut Spalko death with Adventure Gang climax.
58) See less of the UFO. 
59) Cut the Mutt line of I don't know Dad why didn't you (stick around). So Mutt stubbornly tries to head off on his own, Indy responds to that with "somewhere you grandpa...
60) As Laserschwert's newspaper to Stanworth's desk. This ties up the FBI Indy is a Red storyline.
61) Cut dialog of wedding and trim it. Just play Marion's theme the whole time. 

Most of this stuff is already done here and there.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions

Some bad news to report here: I've been informed that ID will not be returning to this edit anytime in the foreseeable future. Understandably, the personal situation he has been dealing with has not allowed him the time or energy to return. So keep ID and his family in your thoughts/prayers. He's had some rough times recently and lets hope things get better for ID and his family real soon. Based on my year of working with him on this edit, it is clear he is a very talented fella and a good guy all around. I wish him the best.

The work ID has done thus far on this edit has been inspiring in many ways, as is the contributions made on a technical and creative level by several others on this thread. Now it looks as though someone else will have to step up and take the reins.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions

As for my edit, I had NEVER done anything like this before, and while I was able to improve several scenes, the edit as a whole lacked the polish that someone like InfoDroid can bring. Also, now that we've got som CG gurus on this, we can make substantial edits and HOPEFULLY make this movie even better than anyone thought. The key is to use these tools wisely. Also, several of the ideas we are discussing are just ideas/experiments. But we have a good group of guys working hard on this thing I think the results we be worth the time. So my involvment will be limited to support, ideas, opinions. I'll leave the tech stuff to those talented folks who have the skills needed to make this "Indy" movie and INDY movie. 

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions

Infodroid is nearing completion on his edit over at fanedit. Looking really nice - though as is his style, he is not afraid to take chances. 

As for the headline, I see your point Heks, but I think with the audience knowing how close General Ross and Indy are and that the facts would have come out about the whole ordeal - I think the explanation of how is there enough and the newspaper would be a nice tough. 

And From Red to Wed is funny, but makes it seem like Indy actually WAS a commie.

Just my two cents. 

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions
EyeShotFirst said:

That is what he has stated several times.

From the bottom of that same page...


**UPDATE SEP 08** Harrison Ford says George Lucas is currently in “think mode” for the next Indy, and Lucas has now done a 360 and said that Harrison will be the lead if it happens. It’s likely Lucas put the Shia idea out there to see how it played with the fans, and as everyone hated the notion, he’s retracted it.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions
EyeShotFirst said:
Histeria said:

Agree with the above (perhaps "LOCAL HERO TO WED" would be more like an actual headline). It acts as a nice segue into the next scene, and is snappy enough to read in the brief shot.

BTW, I see Frank Marshall has just confirmed Indy 5 is at the development stage.

Hopefully there will be less fan-editing to do on this one. ;)

HHHMMMM!!!!! according to George Lucas he is gonna pass sean connery's torch to harisson ford for this one. So Indy will call mutt junior whilst still being badass. I could see it working but I dont need another INDY movie. They ended at Last Crusade for me.


Wait, where did you read that George Lucas said that??


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions

Yeah, good points, but I just want the headline to warrant putting hte newspaper in there and I'm not SURE Hero to Wed says enough to FULLY close the plot line about Indy being accused of being a commie. The hero part is vague. The audience knows Indy is a hero and might take it to mean just that. It's not like the FBI wrote the headline afterall. But  if he was commended by the US Government OR SOMETHING then it would sufficiently provide the closure we are looking for. 

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Edit Suggestions

Sorry. I meant when do you expect the edit to be done or to have clips to post?

You have some really good ideas here. I would definitely look to Info's (and hell my own) edit for ideas. Laser is doing amazing work as well. Someone did an edit that totally gets rid of Mutt getting caught up in the vines (maybe Info? i think) anyway its awesome.

Also, what are your thoughts on the truck in tree and waterfalls and the awkward Marion laughing with the steering wheel scene after the waterfalls? (I hated it)

Also hated the awkward dialog between Indy, Mac and Spalko in the beginning.