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Clone Wars Animated Fan Edit (Updated)--Watch 1st Five Minutes

I've decided to try my own hand at this.  Starting at the end, as opposed to the beginning, I thought this would allow me to use the best episodes first.   

Episode 3 will consist of the following episodes.  Now I just need Lucasfilm to release Blu's!

Eminence (S514)
Shades of Reason (S515)
The Lawless (S516)

An Old Friend (S605)
The Rise of Clovis (S606)
Crisis at the Heart (S607)

The Lost One (S610)
Voices (S611)
Destiny (S612)
Sacrifice (S613)

I have a rough outline of the first 2 episodes as well.  Now that I now which episodes I intend to use for Episode 3, I can probably get started on Episode 2.  Episode 2 will begin with the Mortis arc, and The Ahsoka arc will be the end of Episode 2. 

Episode 1 will certainly be the most difficult.  I may also do a "Spin-Off" film focusing on just the clones.

I will eventually need help with creating crawls for these, so if you are interested, please let m know.  

Info: 35mm Film Preservation with the BlackMagic Cintel Film Scanner...

With the recent announcement of the BlackMagic Cintel Film Scanner:

Film preservation could become a hobby for those who love film, but could never imagine being able to afford doing so.  At $30,000 to purchase, and I’m sure available to rent like most other BlackMagic products, anybody could essentially preserve their collection of 35mm film.

Of course Star Wars OT is the first thing to come to mind.  But what other films would you preserve if you could get your hands on this device and the film?

Recovered Episodes - A radical Prequel Edit WORKPRINT NOW AVAILABLE

Download Workprint:

[Contact me via PM for Dropbox Link]

This will give anyone interested insight into what I am trying to accomplish. At the end of the day, this is for me, but I would love thoughts. I will make it available for anyone else interested. I will take thoughts and suggestions into consideration if I think it will improve my enjoyment of the Prequels.

It is quite liberating being able to rework the story by going silent.  I hope others find this an interesting option and a different take on editing the prequel trilogy.  Most changes to EpII.  EpIII will be edited to support this new story.  EPIII has also been trimmed to exclude many things that I didn't like. 

Attack of the Clones  (Begins at 9:39)

Summary of Story Changes

-Obi Wan is sent to inspect the clone Army ordered by the Republic. It is known to exist by the Jedi and the Senate, and was created in anticipation of war with the separatists. Once there he is informed of a Bounty Hunter who has stolen an unaltered clone. Purpose unknown at this point.

-Anakin is on street Patrol on Coruscant, a padawan obligation.

-The Jedi Council does not approve of Anakins reckless methods. Obi-wan defends him... again.

-The two discuss this most recent event. Anakin has a surprise waiting for his friend Obi-Wan.

-Captain Typho announces the engagement of Anakin and Padme. Obi-Wan is shocked as this is forbidden by the Jedi.

-The two have a heart to heart, and Obi-wan decides to support his friend in his decision, even if it will cause difficulty with the Jedi Council.

-Palpatine has known of Anakins plans and has encouraged the wedding of the two.  He is the one who suggested that it take place on Padme's home planet of Naboo.

-Obi-Wan is ordered to investigate this bounty hunter and follow the tracking device. If the Separatists learn of the Republic's Army, the Republic will lose the advantage of surprise.

-Anakin and Padme are married. Anakin would like to reunite with his mother and share the news of his new bride. He has not seen his mother since he joined the Jedi. He discovers she has died and is angry that the Jedi have kept it from him.

-While Anakin and Padme are away, Obi-Wan discovers the threat on Geonosis. The senate declares war in light of this news in an attempt to resolve this upcoming war before it even begins.

-Padme, who has been against war from the start, returns to Coruscant furious that this has occurred without her. She should have been there to argue against it. Curiously, it happened to occur while she was away with Anakin...this had been encouraged and planned by Palpatine. 

-Padme and Anakin have their first lover's quarrel. Padme against the war, Anakin believing that this attack is the only answer and that the Jedi are the Republics only hope. 

- War!

Recovered Episodes - A radical Prequel Edit WORKPRINT NOW AVAILABLE

Rough cut is finally finished.  Once I can get the encode under 2 GB, I'll post it to Dropbox for anyone who would like to take a look.  Current run time is 3 hours, 11 minutes.  Much work still needs to be done, but it is progressing.

Some Notes:

This is a silent film, black and white, edit of all three Prequel Films combined into one.  The Story and order of things have been changed!

No dialogue cards have been created yet.  These dialogue cards are crucial to changing the story.  Many of the cuts I've made won't make sense until the story is told with these new dialogue cards. (this could be a while, but end of June is my goal) 

Focus is on Music just as much as actual footage.  Visual footage doesn't appear until 1:49 seconds in.  I am considering adding Prelude and Intermission title cards. 

Most likely once I've completed the Dialogue cards, I will be seeking someone else to add the music.  For this rough cut, I've just thrown in some cues, very little time was spent doing this, and there are many silent places where I just didn't have the patience or time to find the right music cues. 

Hope to post all 3+ hours to Dropbox before the weekend is over. 

Clone Wars Animated Fan Edit (Updated)--Watch 1st Five Minutes

After watching season 6 with the Yoda Arc, the Clone Wars just has to be edited into a trilogy.  That Yoda Arc, is everything I loved about Star Wars, and everything that the PT lacked.  Our (star wars fans) prequal trilogy is there for the taking in the Clone Wars episodes.  Now we simply need an editor out there with the Force guiding them to create the prequel trilogy we have all been longing for. 


Nighsisters - Mandalorians - Maul and Savage - Mortis  - Yoda:  These arcs should provide enough for a trilogy. 

Recovered Episodes - A radical Prequel Edit WORKPRINT NOW AVAILABLE

First Clip:  Anakin's Introduction.  

While Obi-Wan is investigating a report of a bounty Hunter on Kamino, Anakin is stuck on Coruscant with street duty and rounding up low level criminals and scum.

This is my first big change.  The black before the scene begins is intentional and is a stylized choice for the entire film that will be repeated through out. 

Recovered Episodes - A radical Prequel Edit WORKPRINT NOW AVAILABLE

I have attempted edits in the past, however I never was able to finish them.  I now know why.  Nothing I could do would erase the sour taste in my mouth, until now.

The 'Recovered Episodes' is a mix of my attempts in the past, along with ideas from others here, particularly, the dusty silent edition.  I realized that with a silent film, I could change ANYTHING.  So I did...   This is not Uncle George's prequels.  Nor has anything like this been attempted, that I know of.  

Prequel edits are for the editor primarily, and I realize this may be too radical for most, but for me, it is what I needed to eliminate the sour taste left by Jar Jar and Hayden.

Episodes I and II are complete, I am about to begin Episode III.  

This is a black and white, silent film.  The music of John Williams is front and center.  Expect entr'acte, and intermission, like periods of music only. And yes, it is a bit of a gimmick, but it was the only way to "explain" my editing choices.    Here is your teaser:


What can you expect? 

  • The very best of John Williams!
  • All 3 movies are combined
  • Episode 1 gets less than 8 minutes
  • Anakin and Padme get married almost immediately in episode II
  • Anakin confides in Obi-wan about the marriage, just as any best friend would.
  • Obi, Ani, and Padme are never held prisoner on Geonosis. 


And that's just the beginning...  Forget all you know, or think you know... you are about to enter the Recovered Episodes of Star Wars!

(Oh yes, and this one will be finished.  Might not be the editing quality of others here, but it will be 720p)


The Unofficial Complete REVISITED SAGA Ideas and Random Discussion Thread

I always thought it would be unique and different watching the prequals as if R2 was displaying a hologram.  Remnants are recovered from the Jedi Archives, but they are incomplete.  This would make it acceptable to break up the continuity a bit, cutting what can't be changed, but keeping what works. 



Idea: a Teen Wolf edit - with Cut Scenes?

All 4 Cut Scenes are now on YouTube.  I knew I wasn't make this up.


Styles and the Keg of Beer attempt.

Scott being Chased by Dogs.

Extended Flesh on Fire Montage

Scott's chat with his father


So who's this guy on YouTube and how do we get a copy of this tape?

Help Wanted: Willow in HD - but audio is French, would like an English 5.1 track

Stumbled across Willow in 1080P (5.92 GB) and 720P (4.27 GB).  Both appear to be from the same source, possibly the the 720P from the larger 1080P file.

Problem is both have French only audio.  Would love an AVCHD of this.  If somebody has the ability to add an English 5.1 track and author an AVCHD or a simple .mkv, I would be more than happy to send you the files, or point someone in the direction of where I acquired them.

Who knows how long before we get a proper Blu-Ray release… This movie deserves to be seen in proper high def.