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Idea & Info Wanted: Kiss Meets the Phantom Edit???

This goes out to any Kiss fans that have recently picked up the Kissology Vol 2. As some of you may know, this box set included a beautifully restored “European Version” of Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (entitled "Attack of the Phantoms) While this edit is by far the better cut of the film, it would be great to make an extended version of this film with the scenes from the US version spliced with Attack of the Phantoms. Changing some editing around. (Some of the scenes were placed in weird spots that made no sense, concert footage was edited poorly as well)

I have NO editing skills but I do have both versions of the movie on DVD and a pretty good idea of what needs edited where. So my question is this: Are there any Kiss fans that would like to help me out with a Fan-Edit that includes as much of both movies as possible (there were 2 slightly different endings for this movie)

Anyone interested please PM me.

Info Wanted: Weird Science - alternate versions??

I just watched Weird Science on DVD and hadn’t seen it in years, there was a quick line missing from what I remember so I got on IMDB and found that there are several versions of this film that feature alternate dialogue, scenes, and music. Does anyone have any “alternate” or tv copies of this movie? If so, it’d be great to preserve them. Just a thought.

Help: looking for... 'Get A Life!' complete series?
What I usually do when I really want a dvd on ebay or what not, is if the seller doesn't mention it's a DVD-R and makes it sound like an "official" dvd then I go ahead and purchase it, then when I recieve it. I email the person back and state that the auction didn't mention it was a DVD-R and my DVD player doesn't play DVD-Rs. I've almost allways recieved a refund from anyone with a good feedback rating, most of the time they tell me to just keep the dvd. Telling them I'll post positive feedback if I get a refund also helps. Then just say something like "Seller refunded money quickly" or something like that.

I would try that route first, if that doesn't work, try the other method.
Spy vs Spy: The Animated Casebook/Spidey Electric Company
Originally posted by: Number20
Originally posted by: jabberdoo
I have the Mad TV pilot from the 70's as well as all the Live action Spidey from the 70's (yes it was bad). All on DVD.

Glad to see someone made this into a DVD. Any chance to get the live action spidey torrented?

It's several discs. PM me if interested. I live in the states though.

'All Summer In A Day' - Ray Bradbury short (Released)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to tell everyone about a project that I started a while ago but haven’t gotten around to finish. Back in the early 80’s, PBS showed a short called “All Summer In A Day” which was a film adaptation of a Ray Bradbury short story. I finally located a master VHS and converted it to DVD. The DVD itself is done, although it’s very simple with a static (custom) menu and no chapters (from what I remember).

Because this movie is so short, I’d like to include some DVD-ROM features, 1 includes a “teacher’s handout” that came along with the tape for teachers to quiz their students, the other would be artwork. I have scans of the original cover and have converted all the type from the back to Word format.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helpming me out with this project, I just need artwork. I was planning on doing some polishing on the actual video but I don’t have the talent, patience or time for that and after all, it is just a short. But if anyone that can do that, and would like to, I can send you the dvd as well.

When finished I was planning on torrenting it if there was interest but again this project was just for my own satisfaction. I’m not sure why but I had to have this, it was one of those grey memories of something I watched as a kid and always wanted to have on tape (now DVD) just because it stuck in my head for so long.

So give me your feedback. Does anyone even remember this short?

I was also working on compiling all the HBO Short takes onto DVD that I could remember. Including “Hardware Wars”, “Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind”, “Recorded Live”, and others but I couldn’t find all of them, MIA is the Peanut Butter Sandwich Short where someone is humming along and making a messy peanut butter sandwitch with a full loaf of bread.