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Info: Has anyone heard more about Star Ep9: Rise of Skywalker’s The J.J. Abrams Cut??

schizopolis23 said:

Octorox said:
Let’s be clear, the cut of Justice League released in theaters didn’t represent Zack’s vision, but it’s not like he had a finished alternate cut just waiting in the wings. Otherwise, WarnerMedia wouldn’t be spending 20-30 million dollars so he can finish his version. The Snyder cut never “existed”, it’s a new cut being created now.

Similarly, there’s no finished alternate cut of Rise of Skywalker lying in a vault somewhere, and unlike with Snyder, there’s been no indication that Abrams doesn’t stand behind the movie he made. The problems with Rise of Skywalker are honestly pretty typical of Abrams filmmaking style, the guy is notoriously bad at endings, and we know the production was rushed. I don’t see this being a case of studio meddling.

I don’t know about studio meddling, but there was definitely meddling with TROS. George Lucas got involved, multiple endings were shot, even internet fan theories were on the table, etc. It sounded like a mess, which is completely antithetical to what we saw in that documentary The Skywalker Legacy released by the studio. Regardless, I’d love to see all that deleted/alternate footage.

IMO, it’s just crazy that JJ’s best film and his worst film ended up being in the same trilogy.

The source for the alternate ending and George Lucas involvement is non other than master Doomcock, the internet’s Galactic overlord…

Info: Has anyone heard more about Star Ep9: Rise of Skywalker’s The J.J. Abrams Cut??

It’s most likely just a JJ-ism. TFA also had A LOT of its meat cut out.

-The flashback sequence explaining how the Saber reached Maz
-Flashback of young Ben being dropped off at Lukes temple
-New Republic subplot
-Constable Zuvio subplot
-Resistance superweapon subplot
-Phasma on Takodana
-Maz giving Leia the saber
-Maz using the force to break the heroes out of the castle
-Unkar hunting down Rey.
-and more stuff.

I guess JJ got away with it then but it seems to have caught up with him in TROS.
My pipe dream is for Disney to eventually release the Assembly cuts of all the star wars films on Disney plus.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

A small change that would add some connective tissue would be adding the Exogol temple to the background of the vision of Kylo and his knights on the stormy rainy planet in TFA.
Of course always in motion the future is so it doesn’t have to correlate exactly with how it happens in TROS with Kylo being there on his own without his helmet.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Ed Slushie said:

I just found this edit I made a couple years ago, of the confrontation between Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme.
The sound is pretty bad, but basically:

  • Changed the music under Anakin’s conversation with Padme to emphasize how dangerous he’s become.
  • Anakin chokes Padme simply because he’s paranoid, and Obi-Wan only reveals himself to tell Anakin to stop.
  • Rearranged Obi-Wan’s “lecture” and incorporated clips from the game to make it seem like Obi-Wan cares more.

Wow the video game dialogue works really well here, especially since they match the mouth movements.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I don’t know if they are in 4k but something like these could probably be used