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Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

Ed Slushie said:

idir_hh said:

“Snoke, the Sith eternal… All part of the plan”

“What plan?”

"The plan… The dark lord of The Sith has returned.
Palpatine, your grandfather, lives.

I like it!

“All part of the plan” “the plan, the only plan that matters”


Darth Maul says this in the clone wars in a tone that’s not dissimilar to Adam driver. I think you could get away with adding Kylo Ren’s voice modulation and passing it off as his dialogue.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

Ed Slushie said:

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

“He’s Alive, Rey:”

  • He means nothing to me”
  • “I sense she’s west”
  • “The girl I’ve heard so much about”
  • “The pull to the light”
  • “I will tear that information from their mind”
  • “He gave the order”
  • “You can’t hide, Rey.

That’s pretty good. May I ask what’s the context of line?
Maybe we can play around with different ways to convey the message.

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - The 'Official' Fan-Editing Thread

The fundamental issue with a (vanilla) Rey-nobody edit is the absence of an engaging inner conflict, stripping Rey of any compelling character arc (not that Rey Palpatine was compelling, but at least there was conflict.)

Rey accepting her self was already done in TLJ. “I’m Rey, just Rey” just won’t cut it in this context. If TLJ was about acceptance of identity, TROS should be about coming to terms with the darkness within. Integrating the shadow.

Rey: “I saw myself on the dark thrown, I won’t let it happen. I’m not leaving this place, I’m doing what you did”

Luke: “I was wrong, it was fear that kept me here. What are you afraid of?”

Rey: “Myself”.

In a Rey No-one edit that fear has to be justified to Rey as well as the audience. Yes she’s superpowerful and yes she used force lightning, but that should be the tip of the iceberg, the superficial aspect of that fear.

The audience must feel a sense of dreaded inevitability, that Rey, if left unhinged, will turn to the darkside. Who she is, what she has done, and what she is capable of should all point to the same direction.

Rey’s connection to Palpatine must also be tackled. He’s the big bad, she’s the protagonist. He wants her alive , she wants to kill him. There needs to be a connection there.