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Making the Obi-Wan & Anakin training session (From the Kenobi series) work in an AOTC edit.

snooker said:

Remembered this thread and decided to have a go at adding fitting score to the scene (taken mostly from Episode II).

The sound effects are unfinished, the biggest thing I need to do (other than stabilizing some of the handheld shots) is extend the final shot so that a wipe can work. I’m mostly happy with how the music sounds, but some of the transitions could use some tweaking I think. Plus Anakin’s theme at the beginning could be replaced with more ‘scene transition-y’ music.

This is fantastic. I agree Anakin’s theme could be changed but it fits right in and makes for a much better intro for these two. Once you have a final version I will definitely be splicing this into Hal’s edit for my collection.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Would removing starkiller base and having the dreadnaught destroy the republic capital be possible for TFA? I remember seeing Snooker’s mockups of that and they looked pretty good. Would go a long way to differentiating it from the OT, and you could keep starkiller base as simply a base. Poe being adamant on destroying the dreadnaught in TLJ might work better, too. I’m not sure how that would work with Poes starkiller assault though.

The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

Watched it earlier today, it was absolutely fantastic! I love the new shots and VFX. The Hosnian Prime destruction works so well and I love the island sketch. The new voice lines were also amazing, the TR8R lines and the Kylo mind reading lines worked perfectly. One of my favorite parts was the mind trick, I thought everything was excellent! I love how Rey is strong because she taps into the dark side, it makes the movie way more interesting and plays into TLJ and TROS much better. The restored deleted scenes are incredible and I didn’t really miss anything that was cut.

If I had to nitpick, I think the only edits that really stood out to me were:
-Some changed voice lines, Leia’s line about them targeting the senate and kylo’s “finish what he started” line. I know these are tough to get sounding perfectly but those are the two that stood out to me a little. Love the overall changes behind each of them though.
-The Han dice scene is absolutely amazing, but I can still make out some distortion on his face, although idk if i would have spotted it first time watching.
-Not sure if this was even your edit but at around 1:33:00 there’s a weird cut off on Kylos line as he senses Han.
-I do agree that Jakku looks a little bit blown out at times, especially when the sky is completely white too. I think maybe making the sky more visible and then upping the whiteness on scenes noted above like Rey’s ATAT house and Finn’s crash would help balance it all out.

Overall this is by far my favorite TFA edit right now, I can’t wait to see what you do next, maybe in a TLJ edit? 😃 Great work!

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - A Collaborative Thread

RogueLeader said:

Potential Scenes that Must Be Changed for a Rey Nobody Edit

I’m going to point out all scenes that are also related to new info regarding her parents. Some Rey Nobody edits will want to cut as much out about her parents as possible, while others will just reinterpret that information.

Potential cut - Kylo and Palpatine’s first scene. “She is not who you think she is.” (This line could be given a new context though.)

Parent scene - Rey gets a vision where we get a quick glimpse of her parents and Ochi’s ship flying away.

Parent scene - On Pasana, Rey sees Ochi’s ship and says something is familiar about it.

Parent scene - Rey picks up the dagger and senses bad things have happened with that blade. She hears her mother’s screams. (This could be kept as-is without the other references to her parents.)

Special Mention - Although Rey using Force lightning is meant to be an obvious connection to Palpatine, without the other related connections, this can simply be seen as a manifestation of her dark side abilities.

Parent scene - While waiting for 3PO to reboot on Kijimi, Rey tells Finn that she recognized Ochi’s ship.

Parent scene - During Rey and Kylo’s Force bond duel, Kylo tells Rey that Palpatine killed her parents because they were trying to hide Rey from him.

Rey Palpatine Scene - Kylo tells Rey that she is Palpatine’s granddaughter. (NECESSARY CUT)

Parent scene - After they escape, Rey says, “He killed my mother, and my father. I’m going to find Palpatine, and kill him.”

Parent scene - Back at the Resistance base, Finn tells Poe that D-O’s former mission was to bring a little girl on Jakku to the Emperor.

Rey Palpatine Scene - On Ahch-To, Luke says to Rey, “Because you’re a Palpatine.” (NECESSARY CUT)

Rey Palpatine/Parent Scene - When Rey confronts Palpatine, he has multiple lines related to their connection (NECESSARY CUTS)
“Long have I waited… for my grandchild to come home.”
“I never wanted you dead, I wanted you here, Empress Palpatine.”
“It is your birthright to rule. It is in your blood, our blood.”
“Weak. Like your parents.” Rey responds, “No. My parents were strong.” (Would need to be cut if you were to remove her parents being murdered by Ochi)
“Your master, Luke Skywalker, was saved by his father. The only family you have here is me.”
Later, as Rey is about to kill Palpatine, he says, “She will take her revenge”. (This line would need to be cut an editor was going to remove Rey’s parents being murdered by Ochi.)

This is all I can think of without going back and watching the movie.

I think we should decide if we want to include Rey’s parents or not and then start going through all the scenes and checking off the finished ones. I personally think the movie would be stronger keeping Rey’s parents as desert scumbags that abandoned her but it would take more editing to pull off.

The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

That Han scene is great! His face isn’t perfect but it’s way better than last time. Such a great addition.

Are you planning on doing anything with the Luke scenes in TROS? I doubt Jonh is gonna come back anytime soon and his haircut clips were mostly finished if I remember, it would be nice to have your regrade over them. And I feel like you could fix any hair glitches seeing the Han dice wizardry.