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MCU: A Recommended Reordering

That’s pretty solid, here’s what I would tweak:

Phases 1-3 (stays the same)

Phase 4 - Aftermath

  • Far From Home
  • Falcon and Winter Soldier (these first 2 show a bit about the blip and the legacy of our 2 main heroes in the infinity saga)
  • Daredevil S1 (introduces kingpin/Matt)
  • Hawkeye (christmas!!!)
  • GOTG Holiday Special (christmas!!!)
  • Wakanda Forever
  • GOTG Vol. 3
  • Loki (ends on something relevant to the saga and is a prelude to the multiverse phases)

Phase 5 - Spiderverse (this one is my fav)

  • Into the Spiderverse (introduces the multiverse in terms of Spider-Man really well)
  • Spider-Man 1-3
  • TASM 1-2
  • Venom
  • No Way Home

Phase 6 - Multiversal Mutants

(This one is the same)

Phase 7 - Multiversal Collisions

  • AMATW: Quantumania
  • Loki S2
  • Deadpool
  • Logan
  • Shang Chi
  • ATSV
  • BTSV
  • Deadpool 3

This order keeps focus on the main MCU and allows for the best of the other universes, and skips the really bad stuff (Thor 4 👺) and the currently irrelevant stuff (moon knight, eternals, etc.) Phase 7 will probably change as new stuff is released and the multiverse threads continue.

EDIT: If I remember correctly Kingpin ends up in prison at the end of Daredevil so it may not make sense there. Ideally it would go in phase 3 but that would disturb the rule of 8s. You could take it out and move Shang chi up if it bothers you.

MCU: A Recommended Reordering

I would separate the Infinity and Multiverse saga with two six film mini sagas, Spider-Man and X-Men. Spider-Man saga would be the raimi trilogy, the two TASMs, and Venom. X-Men saga would go X-Men, X2, First Class, DOFP, Deadpool, Logan. I feel like watching these before the Multiverse saga pay off as we start to see these characters pop up, and this order gives you the basic X-Men story while skipping all the awful ones. And with them in between, you get a nice break from the main MCU universe.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Where would you put the NR attack in TFA? I think it would work well to have it where the attack is in restructured, and then you could say that the FO was using starkiller as a red herring to distract the resistance from the dreadnaught deploying. You wouldn’t be able to get the main characters immediate reactions but it could work.

Edit: You could also get a little meta with the ANH connections and have the rebels assume that the FO is building a new superlaser and rush to destroy it, which plays right into the FO’S plan to distract them.

Spence's PT Edits Round 3 (In Progress) (TPM Released!)

I thought it was really great, the edits were smooth and I didn’t really notice anything missing. The train and coloring really help the cgi to blend better too. Here are some things I would maybe change:

  • I think a new crawl with the preserved title would be a good change, the current one is bogged down by taxes and trade routes for two paragraphs instead of establishing the Galaxy.

  • I’d maybe remove the big boss nass blubber, the little one he does before it seems like enough

  • The midichlorian scene could probably be removed completely, I was kind of confused on what qui gon was doing to Anakin. Did he get burnt or something?

  • Personally I’d like to see the whole chosen one prophecy removed, I think the three trilogies mesh better without it. Not sure how you’d do it with qui gon and Yoda at the end though.

  • This may just be my speakers, but I felt like I had to turn the volume up for dialogue and down for the action heavy stuff. Maybe take a look at the mixing?

That’s all I can think of right now, I’ll go back through it and see if anything else sticks out. Can’t wait for AOTC.