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ALIEN: REDUX - The Virtual Workprint (Released)

cosmicjazz said:

heathen3017 said:

cosmicjazz said:

I rendered it in 720 less than 4GB and am happy with the results. I really don’t have the ability to seed this thing. I was hoping to find someone who I could mail it to who could seed it out there somewhere.

What about 1080p?

It would still have to fit on a DVDR. So at 1080 the bit rate would have to be much lower to fit. And considering that 30 min of footage is extras and not in HD there comes a point what is the plus of 1080 when there will be constant quality changes anyway?

I consider having the best possible resolution that matches the source for the material to be a plus.

Friends: The Complete Edition - Blended Uncut and Blu Ray together. (Released)

Heavysyde said:

I started watching these yesterday, and I think you’ve done a great job in terms of audio here, the transitions are seamless. However, I found the constant switch between 16:9 and 4:3 a bit jarring. Have you considered cutting the BR footage to 4:3 so the switch between BR and DVD footage is less noticeable?

I wouldn’t want that. Besides, from my understanding, the 16:9 are cropped 4:3 anyways, so it still would be rather noticeable

Friends: The Complete Edition - Blended Uncut and Blu Ray together. (Released)

I would love to see these as they are available. I’ve ALWAYS wanted the HD of friends, but also wanted the uncut versions from the DVD’s as the cut material usually removes material for either new jokes or is able to show the reason why something was said/done later. I never did buy the excuse from WB that they just didn’t have the material in HD, that it was just “lost”. I hope that you are able to complete this project. If you need any help, I’ll be glad to do what I can.

Kerr's 'Lord Of The Rings' Fan Edits, Extended Editions by Hal9000/Sharkey (Released)

OK…I’ve read through this thread, and can’t make sense of where this falls within what’s been released. There are the Theatrical versions and the official Extended versions. Where does this lie or how can it best be described? I see above that it’s considered theatrical but customized extended. Can you expand on that please?

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

JJPotter said:

I’ve got 2 updated PoA scenes for everyone today. #1 is the updated Knight Bus scene. This was done to more closely match the original bus scenes better. #2 is the updated After Hogsmeade scene. I’ve added music background music, adjusted coloring, tweaked Harry’s face turning red, made one addition there, and removed the duplicated dialogue from the moving staircase scene that follows.

Does that mean that there is an updated PoA available? and if so, will it be in the same links previous sent?

Also, thank you so much for your efforts. They really are making these films so much more enjoyable.

Hobbs & Shaw: BFF Edition v1.0 (Released)

I present to you v1.0 of Hobbs & Shaw: BFF Extended Edition. I considered other names for it including Family Affair Edition or We Are Family Edition, but decided on BFF Edition. I’m happy with the name, but if someone proposes another name that I like better, I’d be very open to using it.

This movie came with many deleted, expanded, and alternate bonus scenes. This edition includes every viable piece of footage of every one of the bonus scenes with the exception of the majority of alternate scene of Dinkley talking to Hobbs & Shaw on the phone when they are driving in Samoa. The scenes were truly alternate in both dialogue and visual aspects. Between the two, I preferred the theatrical version both from the cinematic visual scene and the dialogue in the scene was better than the bonus version. Even though I used the theatrical version, I did include the last quip of footage from the alternate footage.

With all of that being said, this is version 1.0 of the edit. There are five very minor things that I want to improve. Fortunately, I feel that they don’t totally take away from enjoying this film in its current rendition:

  • In one of the bonus scenes, there is about 1/2 second shot where a stunt rope can be scene. This very small footage needs to have the rope removed/scrubbed and color coordinated with the rest of the scene.
  • One of the bonus expanded scenes actually starts about 1 second after the theatrical version. The audio from the theatrical before the start of the bonus scene actually enhances the dialogue on screen. However, that one second of video footage needs to be color corrected with the rest of the scene.
  • Although my mantra was to use as much of the bonus material as reasonably possible, I do realize that less is more at times. I’m having second thoughts about the last bit of footage from the alternate Dinkley phone conversation footage. While I like the dialogue and what it represents to the character, since it is an alternate background, the background change might be too jarring within the context of the film as there really isn’t something that readily suggests a transition from one point to another (even though the change of sceneries happens naturally anyways)
  • There is an additional mid-credits scene. I found the place that it should go. However, the transition from scrolling credits to scene and back to scrolling credits is a little abrupt for my taste. I’d like to improve that. It wouldn’t hurt if it was color matched to a previous mid-credit scene that takes place in the same location.
  • I found a very very minor flaw between scene transitions at the end of the film from the theatrical footage to the bonus scene. The audio change is a little abrupt. You will hear that in the current rendition. I have already fixed that for a future revision.

With that in mind, if you’d like to see my current rendition, I’ll be glad to show you. Being a novice and learning the skills needed to complete what I need to above will take time, so it’s not like my v1.1 or v1.2 will be out next week, but I do intend on fully remedying what I see are the five small points above. Of course, if anyone else can point things out that need improving, I’m definitely open to suggestions.


Theatrical Edition: 2:15:56
BFF Extended Edition: 2:32:45

Hope you enjoy it.

Maleficent Mistress Of Evil 2019 Aurora Borealis Edition (Released)

This is a fan edit in the making of Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil 2019. I’ve done two things with it. The first is to incorporate the two extended scenes. Strangely enough, Creed has a “deleted scene”, but it’s really an extended scene. This film has an “extended scene”, but it’s really a deleted scene. Go figure…

Oh well, as it was, I put both the extended scene and the deleted scene back into the film. I also made a slight re-edit. Theatrically, the Queen calls for the wedding and walks out of the room. It immediately goes into a kingdom announcement of the wedding. That wouldn’t be so bad in and of itself, except that they interjected a small piece of the original room scene where Aurora accepts the wedding for the benefit of the king. This verbiage takes place IMMEDIATELY after the doors are shut when the queen exits and is walking away from the door. Not really enough time to garner up a message, give it to the announcer, etc… I felt that the original edit of that was very disjointed as a result and believe that it flows much better.

In both of the inserted scenes, the absolute primary focus is on Aurora, thus making her the shining light of the scenes. Because of this, and the fact that I love word play when naming things like this, it lends itself to the naming of this edition.

Run Times:

Theatrical Version: 1:58:50
Aurora Borealis Edition: 2:00:59

If you’d like a copy, by all means let me know. I’d appreciate feedback as the audio transitions were slightly more adventurous than with Creed/Creed II which I just did (because in this film, there usually is a bleeding of the sound from one scene to the next and I didn’t just want to cut it off jarring the viewing experience to insert the scene…something I’ve seen far too often when watching fan edits that included deleted scenes).

As always, I want to thank everyone who put forth any effort to make a fan edit.

Creed Duology Extended Editions (1080p) (Released)

I had found extended editions of these previously, I felt that they were underwhelming in many regards, so I made these. I’m just beginning at this, but feel that I improved upon the previous editions in many ways, including resolution and scene transition. Both are sourced from Blu Ray.

Creed: Feed the Need Edition

This is Creed 2015 with the deleted scenes put back into the film at 1080p (i.e. EXTENDED EDITION). One Note: one of the “deleted scenes” (When Adonis finds his first apartment in Philadelphia) is actually just a vastly expanded scene than what’s in the movie. However, in the movie, the shortened scene has a loud soundtrack on it. I didn’t have my hands on the complete soundtrack to possibly have it done properly, but I feel that within the restrictions of not having the OST, I made a rather decent smooth transition so as not to be all to jarring to the viewer. I’m not a professional, so if you view it, let me know what you think.

If you’ve seen the film already, then you know full well that the concept of FEED THE NEED is prevalent throughout the film on many levels for many things (the use of the name Creed vs Johnson, becoming a boxer, getting Rocky’s approval, falling in love, emotional support, etc…) , and with about 18 minutes of additional material, the play on words between the concepts of the film with those that want an extended edition would be a nice juxtaposition.


Theatrical Edition: 2:13:02
Feed the Need Edition: 2:31:08

Creed II: Punch in the Gut Edition

This is Creed II with the deleted scenes put back in. There is one minor transition that I want to be better, but I think there is a bug within Premiere. It is a little jarring when starting the scene where Rocky is doing exercises at the gym with kids. Even though I had correctly gotten two distinct video pieces that I wanted to transition, when I applied the effect I wanted to transition them with, Premiere inserted a few extra frames off both pieces of video that had previously been removed… for reason that I can’t understand. Because of this, I left the scenes in their natural state and it’s not as smooth transition as I would like. I don’t think my understanding of its use is incorrect as I actually watched HOW TO videos as well, and it all seemed to be as it should. At any rate, this was just a quick hack, but I think it’s a vast improvement over the original extended cut.

Theatrical: 2:09:57
Punch In The Gut Edition: 2:19:18

These are available if anyone wants them. Even though I am new to this, I do feel that I made huge improvements over the previously released editions. I would appreciate any feedback immensely.

Alien (1979): Ripley Does Dallas Edition (Extended) (Released)

I’ve tried to find a 1080p ultimate cut of Alien that combined all of the footage of the both of the theatrical and the Director’s Cut of Ridley Scott’s Alien, and surprisingly could not find one. I figured this would be something someone would jump on. I could not locate one, so I created my own. (I admit that there is a possibility that one exists but that I could not find it, due to the generic term ALIEN and it coming up with so many results, so if this is a repeat, then I apologize).

This is what I would consider to be just an Extended version of the film, since my understanding is that even more footage can be found on the Alien Anthology and the Alien Legacy documentary. (which I’d love to may look into one day, when I get those items)

The base of the film is the Director’s Cut because it adds some CGI to make the outer space scenes more visually palatable in certain scenes. This basically combines all of the footage of the two version of the film with one minor exception… near the end of the film when the Alien comes upon Jones the cat, the Director’s Cut’s version is used as I liked it better. It gave more purpose to the Alien as it was only going after the crew members, including Ripley, and it could care less about the cat. It also tells us why the cat cage was where it was found by Ripley after she abandoned it and why it wasn’t upright. Also, between the two versions, there are two different scenes behind the medic bay glass after Kane comes in contact with the face hugger and is brought back onboard and his suit helmet is removed. I made a slight adjustment to have both versions shown as they are basically different ends of the same scene, and this still creates a very cohesive story line.

I elected to call this the Ripley Does Dallas version because the Director’s Cut adds a scene where Ripley kills (i.e. Does) Dallas at his request when she stumbles upon him near the end of the film and figured this would be a very humorous play on words.

Run times:

1:56:38 Theatrical
1:55:50 Director’s Cut
2:01:15 Extended Edition

Send me a PM if you’d be interested in seeing it. I’d appreciate feedback as I’m still new to this…