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Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Jedimasterbac

Is there any way to get these covers to print out? I must say, I have been watching these forums for awhile and Coov's covers are the best I have ever seen. Please let me know!

I'd also like to know since these were not in the sw covers torrent Rik hosts. Also, what are you using the do the artifical "wrap" of an image like it's in a dvd case like this:

Classic Edition: The Empire Strikes Back by Ocpmovie (Released)
I originally started a few weeks ago looking on eBay for the OT since the new RotS dvd was coming out. I happen to run across an entry by Rik (Blaksvn) mentioning that the boots were just rips of fanwork online. A simple email to him has brought me a wealth of knowledge (and lost bandwidth ) catching up with so many of you. I love the work on the Classic Editions and just snagged Deleted Magic (very nice of what I have watched so far). And I am very thankful to all of those fans who have been at this for so long now. My own collection now enjoys the Cowclops v.2 version, the Wookie Groomer split-screen version, the OCPMovie version, and three of the Rowman supplemental discs so far with more to come (ADM's DL edits of 1-6 and a good OT SE version).

Gratzie for all the effort.