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Legends material you would like to see reinstated into canon?

ThisIsCreation said:

fmalover said:

Dash Rendar and Prince Xizor. Everyone is always dismissing Dash Rendar as discount Han Solo, but I still think he could work, make him more ruthless and far more driven by material gain.

Clan Ordo of the Mandalorian.

The Old Republic era.

Dash would work really well in an environment like The Mandalorian, and with the way Dave loves the implement legends material, we could see him in the near future.

The Old republic will 100% appear in canon again. The High Republic is the current goal at Lucasfilm & I feel it is a worthy successor to the OLD old Republic we know from legends.

BTW, Josh Holloway would be my pick for Dash, as he’s got that rugged devil-may-care look that perfectly fits with the character.

Actors, directors, scriptwriters, etc you would like to see involved in Star Wars.

First of all I must say I’m surprised this topic hasn’t been posted yet.

A few years ago I remember reading an article in which actor Derek Jacobi expressed his desire to be in a SW movie, which got me thinking there’s a few people I would love to see involved in the franchise.

Christian Bale as a Sith Lord, in fact he’d perfect as Darth Revan.

Morgan Freeman as a wise old Jedi Master. Seriously how has this not happened is beyond me.

A SW directed by Luc Besson.

What about you guys? Post away.

Lucasfilm Games

The way I see it, Lucasfilm Games has been created as way to circumvent the exclusivity deal with EA, because it seems like Disney has realized it was a mistake with EA releasing a grand total of three games, of which only one (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) is truly good.

It also reinforces what I’ve been saying for years, that closing LucasArts was a mistake.

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

NeverarGreat said:

So, the internet is filled with hot takes on what is wrong with TLJ, but recently I’ve been thinking about it and realized that there’s a big unifying issue that I haven’t heard brought up before: The new allies in TLJ are introduced as antagonists.

Basically, Luke, Rose, and Holdo all end up helping our three heroes by the end of the film and are characterized in purely heroic ways, yet their introductions portray them as pure antagonists to our heroes.

Luke immediately throws away the lightsaber and shuts himself in his hut, refusing to help Rey or the Resistance.
Rose, despite her initial fangirl attitude, actively thwarts Finn’s escape attempt in the process and then accuses him of being a traitor.
Holdo immediately gives Poe a dressing-down and refuses to let him in on her plans, to the point that he believes that she is an enemy.

Compare this to ESB, where Yoda is introduced as an eccentric neutral character who may or may not help Luke, whereupon he quickly reveals himself as a true ally, who becomes antagonistic only to help train Luke and they part as friends in ROTJ. Lando is similarly portrayed as being of questionable loyalty until he quickly reaffirms his friendship with Han and his desire to help. Granted he has been compromised by the Empire but his intentions are always good and these win out in the end.

The reason for establishing the affability of allies quickly is simple - first impressions matter. It will take only a scene or two for the audience to decide whether or not they like a character, and the easiest way to do this is to have said character help our heroes. Wait too long and even a character with good motives will become annoying or downright antagonistic to the heroes, and by proxy to the audience.

This is where TLJ fails. The average viewer will see the irritation these supposed allies cause our heroes and will be irritated in turn. If left to fester for scene after scene, this will turn into full-blown anger and then whiplash when the antagonistic character is revealed to be ‘good’. This is especially true with Holdo, where the film goes from characterizing her as an antagonist to Poe to having her perform a full-blown heroic sacrifice in the space of a few minutes.

This problem of antagonistic allies could have been fixed fairly easily at the script stage without changing the film too much.

For example, Luke could have pretended to help Rey and even given her an introductory lesson. Then at the end of the lesson he could have said “…and this is why it is time for the Jedi to end.” The audience would be in shock; they have just seen Luke as presumably his old heroic self, allowing themselves to get on board with his character, only to have the rug pulled out from under them in an interesting way. Luke is an ally to Rey since he has already given her instruction, but now he is antagonizing her in order to force her into conflict and growth, just as Yoda did with Luke.

Rose could have met with Finn as he packed to escape the cruiser, someone who wanted to help the great Finn in this presumably secret mission for the Resistance. He tells her that he has to find Rey, as she is in trouble and is the last hope of the Resistance, flashing the binary beacon at Rose. So she helps him, but as they make their way to the escape pod she takes a minute to reflect and asks him how they will find this ship again. Finn says that he and Rey will use the Force, but in a callback to TFA Rose calls his bluff and stuns him. So at this point the viewer has come to consider Rose as a part of the Finn/Rose teamup, and we feel guilt that Finn has misled her instead of annoyance that she is getting in the way of our favorite former Stormtrooper.

Finally, Holdo is made the acting leader of the Resistance. She appreciates Poe’s contribution and asks him how their location was discovered. Poe vows to figure that out, and convenes with Finn and Rose to discuss the problem. In the meantime Holdo learns of Poe’s hasty demotion by Leia as her last act and becomes more cold toward Poe since he failed to mention this demotion, and when he comes to her ranting about ‘impossible’ First Order tech and a harebrained scheme to leave the ship to find a master code breaker, she suspects that Poe could be the spy. Their spiraling mistrust leads to Poe going rogue and initiating the scheme without Holdo’s permission. This structure allows for at least a scene of Poe and Holdo working together before the troubles appear, and since both think they are in the right the audience expects that the misunderstanding will resolve, which it does when Leia awakens.

Well, this turned out longer than I expected. The short of it is that Rian was so enamored with subverting expectations that he forgot to make the allies of the film likeable from the outset.

I dunno. Those characterizations worked perfectly fine with me. I must definitely be some sort of extraterrestrial being, because I don’t find any fault with TLJ.

Opinions Change

My opinion changes? Let’s see.

When I was a kid TESB was my favourite of the OT, but as I found out that it’s pretty much everyone’s favourite SW movie it kinda turned me off of the movie. In my teenage years ROTJ became my favourite, and now I don’t have any preference regarding the OT.

I thoroughly enjoyed the PT when they came out in the cinemas, but it wasn’t until sometime before the premiere of ROTS that I found online how many people were disappointed with them, and while I agree that they’re not as good as the OT, that has not diminished my appreciation for the PT in any way.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced the Sequel Trilogy I was cautiously optimistic, but I wasn’t the least bit thrilled when J.J. Abrams was confirmed as the director of episode VII, because any movie directed by him has always left me feeling underwhelmed, but gave it a chance based on all the positive feedback, however my suspicions were proven right, because never before has a movie disappointed me as thoroughly as TFA, and it is because of such a massive letdown that I refuse to watch TROS or any movie directed by Abrams.

Apart from the movies, when I first played KOTOR II - TSL, I felt like playing an incomplete game and felt it was lackluster, however many years later a friend told me to seek out something called TSLRCM. So I dusted off KOTOR II, installed the mod and now I consider KOTOR II to be one of the greatest CRPGs of all time.

Finally, there is one Star Wars property where my opinion has changed for the worse, and that is Star Wars Rebels. Over the years I have grown to despise that series for being so sanitized, were the Empire are portrayed as incompetent fools who are thwarted at every turn, and the characters the series focuses on are a bunch of whiney, simpering meatbags. Iconic villains like Maul and Thrawn are wasted, and as previously stated it’s always mission accomplished with (almost) no casualties, thus taking out any tension away. I don’t know how anyone can like this garbage.

<strong>The Clone Wars</strong> (2008 animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

sade1212 said:

I don’t think you’re supposed to root for the Maul-collaborating terrorists. I’d even argue Bo-Katan gets too much of a free pass, given her actions when she was part of Death Watch.

The problem is that the good guys are overly idealistic holier-than-thou idiots. It’s hard for me to root for such naivety. So the way I see it, Satine got what was coming to her.

<strong>The Clone Wars</strong> (2008 animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

If there’s one important character TCW touched upon which I love the way they handled, it would be Tarkin when he was merely a military strategist for the Republic. He only shows up in one episode but it’s very memorable and he makes quite the impression on Anakin, who finds himself quietly agreeing with Tarkin’s views on how the strong should rule over the weak and his more ruthless approach to warfare.

This is how Anakin’s path down the dark side should have started, as the Clone Wars waged on he grew to despise weakness, which IMO would have made for a far more compelling story than some stupid desire to save Padmé from dying in childbirth.

<strong>The Clone Wars</strong> (2008 animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

I recently watched the series all the way through based on all the positive feedback, with comments such as “this is how the PT should have been handled”.

Personally I don’t think TCW is all that great, only worth watching when passing the time. The only storyline I genuinely enjoyed was the Mandalore storyline where Pre Viszla overthrows Satine, the rest was just OK.

Unpopular Opinion Thread

I watched The Clone Wars series, and frankly I don’t think it’s as great as everyone makes it out to be, it’s simply an OK TV series to watch when passing the time.

Over the years I have grown to despise Star Wars Rebels, because it ultimately renders the struggles of the Rebellion meaningless. Episode after episode it’s always Mission Accomplished with (almost) no casualties, and the Empire is so inept it makes me wonder how they have managed to rule the Galaxy for twenty years with the Rebels thwarting them at every turn. I also hate how sanitized and risk-averse the content is, alway cutting away whenever a character is about to die, no lightsaber impalements which were a staple in TCW, and how idealistic the characters are, or Hondo Ohnaka, who was a serious character in TCW was turned into a slapstick buffoon. I really hated the Bendu, a supposedly neutral character yet he only aids the good guys, runs for cover when a darksider shows up and tells Thrawn he will fail, so much for being “The one in the middle”. And finally, there’s Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Empire’s foremost military strategist is reduced to a one-note character playing a supposed “long game” that never pays off and is defeated in the most embarassing way by whiny teenager Ezra in the series finale. sigh

I really needed to get that one off my chest.

<strong>The Acolyte</strong> (live action series set in The High Republic era) - a general discussion thread

OutboundFlight said:

I just hope this doesn’t become yet another “promise it’s from the bad guys perspective” only to become a redemption story 3 episodes in. Let’s get a full-blown evil Sith - no redemptions!

I’m not holding my breath. Remember how the first two seasons of Star Wars Rebels hinted strongly at Ezra falling to the dark side? Once season three premiered that subplot was dropped after one episode.