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Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

adywan said:

Darth Id said:

Of course it makes sense.

I've thrown away just about every free CD I've ever been handed.  Only listened to about half of them.  Giving it away diminishes the perceived value off the bat.  (Case in point: eiyosus has linked to an undoubted boundless universe of free music...that I am in no way whatsoever interested in accessing, because the price ($0) is a reliable signal of the likely value of the content (zilch).)

And besides, production value is important, and if the investment into it has been made, it has to be recouped.

Thats got to be the biggest load of rubbish i have read. Just because something is free doesn't mean that it's going to be crap. So you're not interested in any music unless it has high production values and a lot of money was ploughed into it? Well you are missing out on a lot of great music. I guess you're only into all this Pop Idol type crap then?  Just because something has had a high end  production job doesn't mean that its going to be great music or a great artist. Most likely nowadays its the opposite. Look at all the great music around from great artist that have stood the test of time. Many times they just went into a studio, played the songs and things were recorded on the fly. Production values mean crap. If it's a good song then it wouldn't matter if it had a million pound spent on production or it was recorded in one take in a studio.

There are shit loads of great artists out there that just don't get a chance to break into the industry because reality TV like Pop idol and the X-factor have all but killed the music industry, not piracy. Most bands/ artists are manufactured nowadays and are just puppets of the record industry, told what to sing and how to sing it. The only people making any money out of the record industry now are the record companies. Musicians only make money now from touring. 

So what are these artists supposed to do now the industry is so tightly closed? The internet has allowed people to get their music heard. And they can give it away for free. So does this make their music crap. hell no. Even some of the larger established artists are starting to give away their tracks/ albums for free now on the net

Anyway this thread has gone so far off topic its time to bring it back.

Now we know that Luke constructing his lightsabre has been confirmed, there's another scene i really hope that they include in the deleted scenes of the OT. And that is the Dagobah lightsabre training from ESB. After coming across these photos the other day, the scene  has been filmed:


Holy crap!  Of ALL the people to back me up, it's the great Adywan himself! :D  I just think it's funny that somebody would dismiss free music as crap, despite the fact that many DIY musicians now have access to the same software the big boys use.  Seriously, watch that youtube vid I posted and tell me you would have known it wasn't professionally made and released.

And besides, Adywan himself is proof you can do great things from home. 

Back to Blu. what I'd REALLY like to see are deleted scenes nobody even knows exists (if there are any).  Sure we all know about the sandstorm and the extra wampa's, but is there anything else that has never even been spoken of?  I'd also like to see some footage of Yoda test puppets (if any were ever made).  Was anything altered before the final puppet was sculpted?  Stuff like that.

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

Sorry for going WAY off-topic.  I'll let you guys have your say and drop this.  Maybe I'll make an off-topic thread! :D

There's a difference from what I'm talking about and crappy demo tapes from horrible bands. :)

Just because something is free doesn't mean it's valueless.  What about Star Wars Revisited?  That's free. ;) (yeah yeah, I know it's based on something that's not).  What about the articles Zombie posts on his web page?  Surely those aren't worthless.

How can you say the quality of free music isn't good if you haven't even bothered to listen?  Some of it depends on the style of music you like.  You're not going to find these huge overblown productions like in some popular music, but what you've done is essentially call my music worthless (without even hearing it) because I don't make people buy it.  I don't shove these albums in peoples faces at my shows.  If they want them, they're free to take them.  I've spent thousands of dollars on software and equipment, so I'm not some guy playing a guitar into his computer mic or anything ;)  (I'm not trying to say my music is good, that's up to the listener, I'm trying to say that professional sounding music is completely doable from your home in these modern times).

So should I sell my music and then encourage people to pirate it?  Would that make it seem valuable?  :D

I was just trying to give you guys a view of the pirating situation from a musicians eye.  If you have a minute to kill, watch this video and tell me this music is worthless (vocals start after a little bit):

This album is available for free, and no it's not mine. ;)  Can you honestly tell me that doesn't have the same artistic merit and sound quality as a commercial release?

Sorry for ranting, but I wasn't expecting so much pessimism.  My Liberal use of smileys is to let you know I'm not raving mad or anything!

*flashes peace sign*

Star Wars coming to Blu Ray (UPDATE: August 30 2011, No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

crazy_verbigracia said:

Hello all, as this is a very interesting subject, I'll try to contribute with my own point of view.

Mithrandir said:

 So most of professionals here have it clear that, in some way, their achievements are product of the collective effort of a society who payed their studies. This, for some people, is indeed a "moral debt"; and even if we all have some point of individuality, and ambition, no one lives and progresses completely on their own. 

I can see the logic behind your argument. However, I do not agree with the idea that you're suggesting: "As I own my (musical) education to society, then my music should be free for all". No matter how you look at it, this "moral debt" doesn't justify piracy. Your ideas remind me eerily of Marx, as the concept that your work is for the society as a whole, and not for you, (non-existence of private property) is one of the main ideas of classic comunism. Of course, our education is paid by other persons, but the so called "moral debt" is an illusion, as we too pay for other people's education, thus creating the necessary cycle (and without the necessity of giving up the fruits of our hard work).

Besides, I wouldn't underestimate the market, surely they'll find someway to solve this "piracy" problem and keep making money.

I agree with you, but again, this doesn't justify piracy. It's not fair to consider that "Even if it's wrong, it will be solved, so I'll do it anyway". Sure, the market will grow two more heads if this one is cut off, but that doesn't mean that the two new heads (DRM, anyone?) are going to be fairer than the old one.




Hey guys, I've been lurking here for years, but it took a topic completely unrelated to Star Wars to get me to post :D

Sorry that this is totally off-topic.

I've been a DIY musician for five years now (used to play in bands before that, but we never distributed our music), and would never dare ask for any money for my releases.  All of my music is free to download and will always BE free to download.  I bring 50 CD's to each of my free shows and pass them out for free to anybody who wants them, and I sometimes leave stacks of them at record stores.

This attitude is not uncommon for newer musicians.  I think the days of these mega stars who make millions are numbered.  A lot of DIY musicians think free online distribution is the way of the future.  As it becomes easier and easier to record from your home, the aura of the rock star will fade (not altogether, mind you) and the people who create and release music will be people who truly have a passion for making music, and not for fame/money/sex.

There are so many netlabels out there releasing music for free, it's not even funny.  I don't even bother to listen to commercial music anymore, because it's just not necessary.  Actually, to keep this Star Wars related, here's a pay-what-you-want (even $0) album by IG88 ;)

What I'm getting at, is that even musicians themselves don't believe you have to make money from music.


PS:  Hey Zombie!  Loved the book!