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Weirdest Star Wars Spinoff Idea

I would love to see a movie in Luke’s dream about his wife in the beginning of the TLJ novelization. Well, maybe like a 45 minute shirt. Like all of those tv episodes were characters wake up in a different world and it’s perfect and they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong and then at the end they have to accept the fact that this world isn’t real and he gets snapped back to reality when the Falcon breaks through the atmosphere

A New Hope - Reimagined

They could fit with a lot more modification and editing. Well. Specifically the fight doesn’t fit in the movie. It’s just way too different. I think your empower scene, maybe some more rogue one stuff. Possibly some way to add more tatooine. Or making it truly reimagined and not having Luke show up until the Death Star. That might not be a good idea, and would require a lot

The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

I LOVE LOVE LOVE so many of the ideas in this edit. I was watching it this morning and even though I enjoyed the original film and was very familiar with it, most of the edits were seamless. My only feedback would be:

  1. It is a little awkward to not know whats going on with the Resistance since we spend all of our time with Rey and Luke
  2. in the first throne room scene the Pretorian Guards ignite their vibro weapons, but if we’re doing lightsabers they should be ignited as lightsabers.
  3. Why not extend the first skype phone call with Rey and Kylo using the whole scene, but use HAL9000’s edit of that scene to take out the caretakers, that scene just abruptly ended.
  4. the lightsabers are kinda weird sometimes because throughout the various throne room scenes you see their blades, it might be too much to ask but erasing the blades would help to the lightsaber believability. RIght after snoke dies I can see that most of the blades were taken out so the the ignited lightsabers could take their place. And also we have no idea how the red curtain caught on fire (which isnt a HUGE deal)
  5. The cut from exploded ship to hux standing over kylo is actually really jarring since we know he wasn’t even close to there a second ago. Maybe just a short scene of the destroyed hanger but leave finn and rose out of any of the shots. Just a “heres the damage” shot would help
  6. I love the new color especially on crait
  7. Its implied that finn pulls away with the rest of the group but you can stil see his trail going straight for the canon. Maybe a small vfx change just having the red line curve
    8)also the green lightsaber looks amazing

I wish there was someway to add somesort of story to intercut all the rey and luke stuff with. As the edit stands I really like it, but we leave the resistance for like and hour and then go back and their on transports, I dont know if there is anything you can do for that considering this edits purpose. All that aside though, as is, great edit dude

Vader in the Solo "hologram scene"

Vader makes sense to me in the context of having the Empire’s fingers move into all areas of the galaxy and grasping for control. The Crimson Dawn would be the Emperor’s pawn in controlling the underworld through a puppet while he controls the more civilized world openly.

When Solo came out I had the same thought of it being Vader, having him control the underworld for the Emperor, maybe even doing it behind his back. But that way the post Order-66 era wouldn’t have two different opposing evil forces. You have the Galactic Empire who controls not only the government and the military, but has its own secret Jedi hunting force in the inquisitors under Vader, and then if Vader was in charge of Crimson Dawn they would secretly rule the underworld as well.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

There’s a really cool fan film that does something like this with the mirror scene in TLJ where instead of seeing herself she sees Jaina Solo and they “talk”.

Imagine a scene where the team goes to the Death Star and sees flashes of their Eu counterparts. Rey sees Jaina and the struggles she had to go through of killing her brother.

An almost “this is what could have been, but the force interfered with the flow of time. Creating you, Rey. The entity was unable to stop Jacen from falling, yet his name did change.”

I don’t know it would be cool
Like how old TMNT crosses over with the one from 2003