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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Burbin said:

I dunno… the joke lands for me, not just the 3PO line, but the idea that the babbling little guy would go out of his way to secretly aid the resistance movement, I think it is meant to be outlandish and comical in the right kind of cheesy way. He doesn’t need to appear again at the end, it has enough of a payoff in and of itself: first we don’t expect this “black market droidsmith” to be a tiny frog fella, then we don’t expect the tiny droidsmith to help out in such a fashion after meeting him. It fits with the idea that good people are willing to stand (and would be even more fitting if the ‘rebellious Kijimi’ ideas are implemented).

I feel nitpicking that one line is just taking things way too serious, the kind of person that would have a legit gripe over this would probably have a problem with just about everything else in this movie. And again it’s a matter of weighing the options and I think it does more harm than good to alter/remove things and cut Jannah’s introduction even shorter for the sake of changing this.


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

Knight of Kalee said:

Cadavra said:

Further, removing the dialogue doesn’t solve the problem of gathering such a large force so quickly. You would need added scenes to do that.

To clarify, I’m not proposing a better justification for assembling the fleet so quickly. I’m proposing eliminating the very idea that the fleet was assembled so quickly to begin with, but rather that it was already assembled by the time TROS begins. Poe’s lines are a hurdle to this change because, as one of the Resistance’s top leaders (and THE co-General by the time of the final battle), he would presumably have some idea of the fleet’s actual size.

Yeah, this make sense. I honestly expected Lando or Poe would transmit an inspiring message to the worlds much like Ezra or Mon Mothma did in Rebels, asking them to meet Lando at some kind of rendezvous point. Not saying all the people in the galaxy wouldn’t be instantly swayed by Lando’s charm but it feels a bit of a reach to think the Falcon visited the systems one by one (considering most of them were also besieged by First Order forces) in such a short span.

This is the canon answer. He went in person to a few places but he beamed an inspirational message to the rest.

If you rode Star Tours when TROS released you got to see Lando’s message and everything.