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In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?

Best Viewing Order!

Star Wars Despecialized
Star Wars Holiday Special
Empire Strikes Back Despecialized
Droids cartoon all episodes
Return of the Jedi Despecialized
Both Ewok Movies

Now rewatch the original trilogy but the 1997 Special Editions

Episode 1
Episode 2 IMAX cut
Episode 2 DVD cut
2D Clone Wars cartoon Volume 1+2
Episode 3
Robot Chicken Star Wars
Family Guy Star Wars

At this point watch Willow and Red Tails

Next is to run through the entire Blu-Ray complete Saga of the six Star Wars movies so that you can see all the “improvements”

Now watch the Clone Wars movie and subsequent TV show all the way through.

Once that is finished watch Season 1 and 2 of Rebels
Then watch The Force Awakens
Then watch rebels season 3
then watch Rogue One
Then watch the Hal1000 edits of the prequel trilogy
Then watch all the deleted scenes from all eight main series films
Then watch Empire of Dreams
You are now ready for the Last Jedi

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

From Ady’s facebook!

“Progress is a little slower than i had anticipated. Finishing this damn wampa is proving more of a pain that i’d hoped, but it’s getting there. It didn’t help that, while watching the final workprint, i noticed that two shots i had thought were complete were missing a couple of elements, so i needed to get those filmed and added into the compositions.
I assure you i am working as fast as i possibly can, but there is no possible way this can be completed before the end of this month, and that is if everything continues without any holdups. But the end is in sight and will be just a few weeks away.
This means there will be no break for me after ESB:R is completed. I will be starting work on ROTJ the day after ESB is released.”

When Did The Star Wars Prequels Become Cool?

I grew up with the prequels. I like them. Are they great, no. Are they the best movies of all time, not by a long shot. But they were mine. I’ve grown up with a generation above me that hates something that I love so passionately that growing up I was inclined to believe them. But as I got older my love for my childhood consisted of the horrible lines in TPM and the ridiculous fight from AOTC.

I understand from a completely objective viewpoint that the prequels pail in comparison to the OT, especially the UOT. But the thing is I grew up with those too. I had the UOT on VHS and watched them as often as I was able. I spent hours and hours pouring over the OT and memorizing its lines and complexities. The OT is vastly superior to the PT. But that’s not what this is about…

I’m beginning to see that there are a generation like me who just don’t like it when the things we love are bashed upon. That’s why it took me so long to join this forum. I have great respect for the OT and I love them to death. I’ve created my Despecialized boxset by hand (Based on ron’s). I’ve participated in the hype for revisited. I’ve watched some of Hal 9000’s prequel edits. I get it.

But… I like Jar Jar, he’s stupid but I like him. Anakin duel wielding was dumb and looked terrible, but I used to draw that seen as a child. Anakin’s turn to the dark side was too fast, but it still made me feel terrible loss and pain.

I want to be a part of this forum more, I love the OT, and I wish that they would come back. I love the way the OT was made with the models and the rubber suits and the lived in look. I remember the watching from Star Wars to Jedi, I remember the Empire of Dreams. I remember the original Star Wars toys from 78 that my friend had. The nostalgia is real. Yet it feels like somehow my nostalgia for the PT is not respected the same way as your nostalgia for the OT. And if I’m honest, it sometimes turns me off to being apart of this community that was done so much for Star Wars.

I hope this made sense, I tried to be sensible. No one in their right mind can say the PT is better than the OT. But honestly, there are people like me who are just so tired of getting hated on just for loving those movies.

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]

Hey man!! Sorry this is so late, here are some notes I took, not extensive!

When Obi-Wan and Anakin land in the separatist hanger it is really quite without the scrapping of the ships. Not sure if this is something you can add back in.
When the destroyers show up it sounds like Obi-Wan is saying something but it is inaudible.
When the droids say “hands up jedi” it just sounds really weird. Especially since we’re basing this off the Clone Wars with their goofy droids I feel like the original voice should remain. This goes for when you have the super battle droids speak (I think having them speak less is good)
When Anakin kicks Dooku you might want to add a sound effect so that the kick has some weight to it.
I think you should leave the line “His fate…” but that’s just my opinion
The musical transition between Padme and the Jedi temple is very janky, not sure what you could do though.

Aside from a few more kinks which shouldn’t be too hard to see and some others have already pointed them out, I really really like this edit. It does capture Anakin’s fall and his friendship with Obi-Wan very well. You did a great job matching this to the Clone Wars. Now with just a few tweaks here and there it is going to be amazing!

ronwlim's custom bluray cases/box set

ronwlim said:

Here’s my cover for The Force Awakens which is designed like my previous covers. These are for Criterion style cases.

Link to download:!1YlCWD5T!CNO6--i4_lKoBYv9dNHvQ-P1Vf5KfBIwJH8bMag6hK8




Has anyone done covers for the prequels in this style? If not I’ll attempt a swing at it but just wanted to check first since my photoshop skills are no good

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) (* unfinished project / WIP *)

Have you looked at the HAL 9000 versions of the prequels? I have just started to watch them and the way he has integrated a few deleted scenes so far is really really impressive. You should took a look if you haven’t already! Specifically there is a scene at the begining with Padme in the Senate that I don’t see in your catalog.