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2020 Blu Rays - are they worth it?

MikeMatt101 said:

adywan said:

If you are going to buy the blu-rays, you HAVE to buy them as a box set or with the 4k separate versions. If you buy the blu-rays individually, then you end up getting the 2011 versions you already have. If you are going to upgrade to 4k in the future then just go for the 4k versions now, because they include the 2020 versions of the OT and you won’t have to double dip in the future once you upgrade

I thought the separate BDs recently made available on Amazon and HMV were the 2020 versions, e.g.

(Sorry, probably should have said I’m in the UK)

If you buy blu-ray only you are going to receive the 2011 masters.

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) <strong>WORKPRINT RELEASED</strong>

NeverarGreat said:

dgraham414 said:

NeverarGreat said:

dgraham414 said:

My only gripe is Kylos’s hood/robe thing coming on and off between shots.

Which shots are these?

Kylo watching the base charge,
Kylo walking down the corridor towards Rey
Kylo destroying the chair
Those shots we doesn’t have it and then he does

Huh, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that before. However, this continuity error was present in the original film.

Wait it was?? That’s garbage…

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

I was gonna post this in Hal’s Ascendant thread but I didn’t want to derail discussions of his excellent edit so here it is.

Alright, I am mad at Star Wars fans again… Did ANYONE really think that they would plan out the three movies fully in advance? The originals didn’t do that… the PREQUELS didn’t do that. OH NO, THEY WEREN’T SURE WHERE THEY WANTED TO TAKE THE STORY!!! DISNEY BAD!!! Get over it! Do you really think George knew that Luke and Leia would be siblings? Things always adjust as you move forward in the process. ROTS, the internet’s favorite meme machine had so much redone in regards to Anakin’s motivations but you don’t see these cry babies freak out over that! (Actually, we do since there’s a FREAKIN PETITION for the “4 hour-cut”).

Are you really going to rage over the fact that the writers weren’t sure what they wanted to do with Rey’s parentage if anything? Remember in 2017 when TLJ came out and RJ gave an interview even saying that he MADE the decision to have Rey’s parents be nobody. He CHOSE that. There was no plan, he had the ability to make the decision. Then JJ decided that it would make more sense in his film for Rey to be a Palpatine, and he was well within his right to do that if he felt it would make the film better (results notwithstanding).


The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

Burbin said:

Hal 9000 said:

On Kijimi, the KoR step into frame and the apparent leader says, “Palpatine wants the girl alive. Kill the rest.”

Since no one has mentioned it I need to point out that when we’re on Kijimi Palpatine still (supposedly) wants Rey dead. And during the force bond duel Kylo implies he sent Ochi to kill her. “Why would he want to kill a child?” etc.

The reveal that he wants her alive comes long after, when Finn talks to D-O on Ajan Kloss, and he discovers Ochi was actually supposed to take Rey to Palpatine alive, which for some reason we’re supposed to take as Palpatine still wanting her alive(?).

And this idea is only cemented once Rey reaches Exegol and Palpatine says “I never wanted you dead, I wanted you here”.

Point is that line doesn’t make sense at that point in the story, Palpatine is supposed to want Rey dead, while Kylo wants to turn her, and the Knights of Ren are working for Kylo, not Palpatine, he is their Leader, they only turn to Palpatine when Ben “betrays” them by turning to the light.

“Kylo wants the girl alive, kill the rest” would make much more sense at that point in the story. It doesn’t spoil the “reveal”, it works with what Kylo says in Passana, “I don’t want to have to kill you”, and it would be an opportunity to show Kylo’s bond with his Knights, as he trusts them enough to tell them his real plan, while he tells the people at the board room they’re going “hunting for the scavenger”. This would add more tragedy to their eventual duel, giving it a real sense of betrayal.

“Palpatine wants the girl alive” works to the opposite effect, making it seem the KoR are privy to more information than Kylo, since he believes Palpatine wants her dead, so it makes it seem like they had a direct link to Palpatine and were working on their own, always ready or planning to turn on Kylo. I don’t like this personally, we’ve seen enough bad guys plotting to betray their Masters, it would be more interesting to have the Leader betray his Knights, a bittersweet tragedy that results from his turn to the light.