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The Last Jedi: Legendary (Released)

NeverarGreat said:

Just spitballing here, but the biggest issue with Luke’s death is that it feels a bit random. Like, he could just as easily have lived, so it’s unclear what purpose his death serves.

So what if Luke saw his own death when he confronted Ben, a death he knew would take place on this island? This is hinted at when he says to Rey ‘I came to this island to die’. However, in that context it sounds like he has just given up and figures that this would be as good a place as any to spend the rest of his days, instead of accepting the truth of a vision that is put in motion when he fails to kill Ben.

Perhaps he says something in the Jedi Tree:

“I will never train another generation of Jedi. I came to this island to die…that is my destiny. It is time for the Jedi…to end.”

Just a bit to emphasize that he has seen his own future and believes it to be unchangeable. Therefore when he dies it is in fulfillment of his own vision, but interpreted in a hopeful way that he couldn’t have foreseen.

Dude!! That’s so good!

Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED

To echo the other comment, I think the edit itself is nearly perfect. Ever cut made makes sense to me, if not exactly my personal preference. I would have kept more of Alderran, in the beginning, to give us more time with Leia. Other than that though, I liked it very much.

The FX could use some work. For the bacta scene, maybe we could reuse footage from RO instead of the new scene, it’s just very out of place.
For the Ties, if the camera isn’t locked on that one Tie Fighter like a Video Game the shot would work better. (Smoother pan)
The holocron at the beginning looked great until Obi-Wan popped up, I don’t think you need the visual to get the point across.

Don’t let these nit-piks diminish the amazing work you did though. This a great edit, and maybe V2 or V3 will be my preferred watch of Kenobi in the future.

LOTR: The Rings of Power Spoiler Thread

Bro that last episode was so good! I loved all the action, and the long cuts, and the practical orcs! It was great! I personally didn’t mind the gore, but my wife did. She had to look away a few times.

At this point, I don’t at all think Halbrand is Sauron. He has grown too much into his own sympathetic character. It would be really strange from a Tolkien perspective to have Sauron almost rehabilitated… and then turn back to the dark.

Adar being a Gen 1 Orc was interesting, it explains his whole deal, though I feel like he should look more deformed for it to really land.