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<strong>4K77</strong> - Released

Yes, thanks ChainsawAsh, for the screen comparisons.

I guess I am too lazy taking weeks to copy files for Empire, sending hard disks to people,
and now trying to work on the 4K80 project with 2 other people in my spare time to create
screenshot comparisons, while trying to quality check both the 4K77, and 4K83 ISO’s for
people to enjoy.

Guess next time, I should just jump and not tell people to do the work, when I could
have just done it.

Anyways, please just move on from this, and get back to Star Wars.

We’re trying hard to wrap things and fix any further issues, in case we have
to re-release it, and move onto any of the several other projects.

Thanks to Williarob for his assistance or we wouldn’t have any of this.

4k77 - shot by shot color grading (a WIP)

Ok Dre, I was wondering why you do that.
You post very infrequently, so it’s not a big issue.

Its just that the Star Wars thread, when updated,
usually has information about it. Nobody goes there
expecting to see information about updating Jedi.

Maybe you should change the title of the thread.
Just a suggestion.

It’s just in the future, that it would be good to post
the relevant information in your thread.

That, and other people need to learn how to quote properly,
and not constantly repost the same image over and over.

Thanks for images, and keep it up.
Hope to see more in the future.

<strong>4K77</strong> - Released

So, let me get this straight, if the crawl is improved and lot better,
then you’ll download the 40gig file anyways, but you’ll ignore anything else.

And if its not better, you’ll never find out. Ok.

Instead of constantly asking and complaining about something, be proactive
and do the work, and share it. That way others can enjoy it to. It’s not that hard.

Star Wars SE 4K - 1997 (Released)

Hello everyone, yes this is the same print as you have seen mentioned a few times now,
and you’ve probably seen previews of it also.

But this is a different scan, and we hope to have a relatively ‘quick’ turnaround
on it.

For starters, here’s a look at Reel 1. A few members have seen this projected
in a theater before, so we have a great idea of the colors, and what needs
to be adjusted.

Its a fairly clean print, so there’s not too much work to do, to clean it up.
Here’s a sample of shots from Reel 1:



Mod Edit (for further information):-

Info for Project 4K97 - the 1997 Special Editions, can be found on the TSWT forums - http://forums.thestarwarstrilogy.com

Info for 4K99, 4K02, & 4K05 - the Prequel Trilogy, can be found on the TSWT forums - http://forums.thestarwarstrilogy.com

OriginalTrilogy.com Page for 4K77 : OriginalTrilogy.com Page for 4K80 : OriginalTrilogy.com Page for 4K83

^ There are invitation codes to the TSWT forums in each of the Opening Posts of these three threads - thanks to Williarob.

1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Project (a WIP)

Just wanted to thank everyone that expressed interest in the alternate scan and work that will be done on this at the other forum mentioned prior. We appreciate everyone’s support, and hopefully we will be able to turn around a useful project in the meantime while we await further developments here from Poita.

There might be a need for some more assistance, for a few final things, but other than that, it looks like its a go
on our end.