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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:

That was my thought exactly. It’s the contrast between “You’re just a scavenger,” “No, I’m a Jedi” that makes it work, imo. Sort of culminates her arc across the trilogy; and it’s much more personal now too. And you know what? I don’t think she does ever call herself a Jedi specifically - but it does tie back in to what Luke says in TLJ: “I will not be the last Jedi.”

While i kinda like the line “I’m all the sith!” because how over the top it is… I 100% agree that cutting it and having rey responding “No, i’m a jedi” to “You’re just a scavenger” would greatly improve the movie and fit more with her arc.

At this rate, with Ascendant V2 (Rey Nobody version), TROS is going to become a good movie…

This community is truly amazing.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:

Truthfully, I think the lightning shot would work in part because Rey doesn’t react to it. My feelings in suggesting the extra lightning are that she’s completely losing herself during that scene. As it is, she doesn’t notice or care that she tosses Finn about like a rag doll, potentially hurting him. She never reacts to him again, never goes to check on him, or to express remorse. She’s super angry that Kylo smashes the McGuffin, and then she just goes to town on him. Swinging wildly, screaming…Finn tries to pull her back from the brink and she’s all like, “Nah-uh, buster! *ker-POW!*” She basically pushes back Finn reflexively, not even “seeing” him. And she keeps going after Kylo blindly. Leia reaches out to her son, and Ben clearly feels her presence, but Rey is too self-consumed to notice anything else. She flat-out *impales* him, and then…she feels Leia finally. And she snaps out of it. She looks around, seeing what she’s done seemingly for the first time. And then she cries, seeing what she’s become - seeing how low she’s fallen. Which is why she decides to heal Ben - to atone.

So that’s my read on the scene, and I’ll defend the lightning idea as a legitimate storytelling beat, feeding into that blinding, consuming darkness that Rey is (or should be) feeling right about now.

That was how i interpreted the scene from the beginning.

I support the idea.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:

Movies Remastered said:

I agree, She’s angry through so much of this movie, Even the training scene was pretty aggressive.

That’s why I can’t wait for Rey Nobody. They actually have a semi-well set up story about Rey falling due to her own anger and darkness; but then they completely undermine it by saying the reason she might fall to Dark Side is because Palpy is her grandpa, and “the Dark Side is in her blood” or something arbitrary like that.

This, so much this.

I have a friend that was abandoned by her parents and she sympathized with Rey when Kylo told her that “they sold her for drinking money” and Rey feeling worthless and not loved.

Due to that abandonment, my friend has several traumas including anger issues.

Rey falling to the dark side by insecurities, anger issues and traumas, is more mature than:

“I’m going to the dark side cuz vengeance and genes!!!”

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Great work and congratulations for the release!

I’m downloading it just to hear Hal’s commentary and thoughts about the movie xD

For those interested in the Nobody version, in the Nobody thread RogueLeader posted the scenes that must be changed for that version:

RogueLeader said:

Potential Scenes that Must Be Changed for a Rey Nobody Edit

I’m going to point out all scenes that are also related to new info regarding her parents. Some Rey Nobody edits will want to cut as much out about her parents as possible, while others will just reinterpret that information.

Potential cut - Kylo and Palpatine’s first scene. “She is not who you think she is.” (This line could be given a new context though.)

Parent scene - Rey gets a vision where we get a quick glimpse of her parents and Ochi’s ship flying away.

Parent scene - On Pasana, Rey sees Ochi’s ship and says something is familiar about it.

Parent scene - Rey picks up the dagger and senses bad things have happened with that blade. She hears her mother’s screams. (This could be kept as-is without the other references to her parents.)

Special Mention - Although Rey using Force lightning is meant to be an obvious connection to Palpatine, without the other related connections, this can simply be seen as a manifestation of her dark side abilities.

Parent scene - While waiting for 3PO to reboot on Kijimi, Rey tells Finn that she recognized Ochi’s ship.

Parent scene - During Rey and Kylo’s Force bond duel, Kylo tells Rey that Palpatine killed her parents because they were trying to hide Rey from him.

Rey Palpatine Scene - Kylo tells Rey that she is Palpatine’s granddaughter. (NECESSARY CUT)

Parent scene - After they escape, Rey says, “He killed my mother, and my father. I’m going to find Palpatine, and kill him.”

Parent scene - Back at the Resistance base, Finn tells Poe that D-O’s former mission was to bring a little girl on Jakku to the Emperor.

Rey Palpatine Scene - On Ahch-To, Luke says to Rey, “Because you’re a Palpatine.” (NECESSARY CUT)

Rey Palpatine/Parent Scene - When Rey confronts Palpatine, he has multiple lines related to their connection (NECESSARY CUTS)
“Long have I waited… for my grandchild to come home.”
“I never wanted you dead, I wanted you here, Empress Palpatine.”
“It is your birthright to rule. It is in your blood, our blood.”
“Weak. Like your parents.” Rey responds, “No. My parents were strong.” (Would need to be cut if you were to remove her parents being murdered by Ochi)
“Your master, Luke Skywalker, was saved by his father. The only family you have here is me.”
Later, as Rey is about to kill Palpatine, he says, “She will take her revenge”. (This line would need to be cut an editor was going to remove Rey’s parents being murdered by Ochi.)

This is all I can think of without going back and watching the movie.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

TestingOutTheTest said:


In the prequels Qui-Gon states to Shmi that they take children in the Republic to identify them for Force-sensitivity, and it is also explicitly stated that having a spouse and kids would get you expelled from the Jedi Order; from there, we can easily infer that most Jedi and Sith don’t come from special lineages.


Most Jedi and Sith are not the PROTAGONISTS of the MAIN STORY like Luke and Anakin, that is the point of the “Rey Nobody” twist, and that is why most people expected her to be related to someone after TFA, because she was the protagonist.

Luke => Protagonist => Son of the main villain.

Anakin => Protagonist => Coinceived by the force

Both previous protagonist had an interesting origin

The point of the “Nobody twist” is that she CAN be the PROTAGONIST of the MAIN story being her own character and not being related to someone else and having a mundane background (“sold for drinking money”).

then TROS happened…