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Tobar said:

APOLLO 11 (2019)

WOW! This is a MUST SEE. Saw this up on a full size IMAX screen. It was glorious. I feel like I was there on launch day. The quality of the film was spectacular so clean and crisp. Almost like it was shot yesterday. I believe it’s only playing until Thursday, if you can GO NOW!

damn, i would love to see this. but i need to guard my “go see a movie in theaters” cards very closely…

Some changes to the categories in the Star Wars section of the

I like the general idea, but i too caution against too many subcategories.

everything in one place is a mess
a separate place for every is a graveyard - since there is no real search, people won’t know where things belong, so either we will get lots of dup posts, or else topics will just go dead as less eyes get into the various sub-forums.


Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy

ChainsawAsh said:

The movie was a massive critical and commercial success. They don’t give a shit about a portion of the fan base loudly complaining on the internet.

If the majority people really hated it that much, the home video sales wouldn’t have been as good as they were.

TLJ made a ton of money. That’s all that matters to the studio. It’s a business, after all.

Rian made them money and was easy to work with (notice how TLJ is the only post-Disney movie without a ton of behind the scenes drama, reshoots, and crew shakeups). Of course they’re going to give him more movies.

Excellent as always.