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Random TV Thoughts

I enjoyed bandersnatch. Spent quite the afternoon exploring the timeline before getting bored.

It did a pretty good job of blending the experience of control in the film, with your feelings as a viewer. Especially as choices disappeared for some of the timelines.

In my mind, it was a clever way to do it. Still somewhat gimmicky, but I liked it. Just as long as we don’t start getting inundated with this type of thing.

4k77 - shot by shot color grading

Jokke_r said:

It seems to me that a lot of these color ‘correction’(more like reinterpretation) samples fall victim to a lot of basic photography post processing mistakes (speaking as a professional photographer if that carries any weight (honestly it shouldn’t these days 😛)).

-The fixation on neutral whites and grays.
I remember a few years ago on this site when everyones color corrections included completely monochrome death star interiors and monochrome tie-fighters. And i knew for a fact that the models for the tie-fighters had a blue tint since i had seen them at the ‘art of star wars’ exhibition in Helsinki in 2000.

While this might seem like it makes sense in a still picture intended for display as is we have to remember that even though an object is painted white or gray it will not appear as such in almost anything except open daylight lighting conditions in outer space. Light is reflected off of every surface in the scene and tint white and gray objects.
If they used cool fluorescent lights on set or depending on what color balance film they used etc gray won’t look grey and white shouldn’t look perfectly white in almost any context which brings me to nr2.

-Maximizing the dynamic range of the shot.
There’s often a strive to maximize the utilization of the available dynamic range in every shot or scene in order to give more punch or life-like contrast to a scene. Which means people want to push the brightest pixels in the scene to close to pure white and the darkest pixels to close to pure black. And while it can mostly look good it can cause problems and inconsistency between shots of the same scene. There might not be anything close to resembling pure white light in the scene, so pushing to contrast to maximize the dynamic range will overexpose the next best thing. A lot of the white hallway shots the walls appear way way too bright. It’s also important to realize the relationship between contrast and saturation. A lot of the reason why something might appear too warm or cool can be explained by too much contrast. I often find it’s advantageous to alter luminance curves separately from saturation in order to not over-saturate (blow out) colored highlights which seems to be a constant problem in the blu-ray. I think this is the reason the desert shots of 4k83 look severely overexposed in the teaser trailer i saw.

Digitizing film is a minefield, i know since I’ve done it plenty, thankfully the restoration projects aren’t actually scanning negatives since you wouldn’t see one frame of accurate color if that was the case. Which i also think is one of the reason the older scans used for the blu-rays look so bad, especially when it comes to color accuracy, especially the magenta. Getting good digital color of a negative is very hard. Firstly you need to get rid of the extreme orange tint, and this should be done optically with colored filters since otherwise you’re just sacrificing color depth to do it digitally. And even so it’s completely open to interpretation what shade of red something was supposed to be, especially hard since if you couldn’t eliminate to orange mask optically then when inverted all your red tones will have a strong over-saturated magenta cast. Transparency film is easier somewhat since the color is mostly correct (unless it’s old and faded) but it has less captured dynamic range than negative film, so you get crushed blacks definitely and blown out highlights if you’re not careful. The contrast of the picture on the film is a lot higher on transparency film than negative, so there might be problems while digitizing unless your digitizing sensor is up to snuff.

I think most of drdre’s colors look good, but i’m mostly concerned that they are too contrasty, and could actually benefit from being a bit more darker and dull.

this is a very good post.

The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!


Thanks for keeping this site running for as long as you have, i have quite enjoyed the community here the past few years.

I would love to see option 1 happen short term, with option 2 being a longer term (Within the year?) goal. I would absolutely help out with some level of donation. please hit me up via PM when you know how you want that to work.

SilverWook and Anchorhead,

Thank you for devoting so much time to the moderation of this site over the years!

Star Wars - The Vintage Edit

zinarojt said:

skyjedi2005 said:


the 2006 GOUT Star Wars 1977 is an absolute disgrace it looks awful even on my non widescreen television.

Smearing and artifacting everywhere, this was a problem during the premiere of the dvd player with there being only single layer movies from laserdisc masters, but in 2006 when there are stellar anamorphic movies out unacceptable.

not only is the 2004 set ruined by bad mixing on a new hope, apparent matte boxes visible, cgi that don’t belong in a seventies or eighties movie, and poor color correction. they also ruined the 2006 bonus disc by using a bad master tape from 1993.

it is an absolute joke that the only watchable copy i have of a new hope is fan produced, and has pal speedup. Moth3r’s. I heard citezens was better but that is not available as far as i know except through trades.

in Moth3r’s pal star wars episode IV: a new hope you can see the starfield that seems to have been lost in all the ntsc home video releases.

lso becoming an effective resource for the fan pressure campaign shortly after - to then becoming a community hub for many like-minded Star Wars fans in general. It’s further evolution over time to be a home for some superb and varied fan preservations,

Where Why did you dig up that old fossil?”

The visible thread

LordZerome1080 said:

dahmage said:

Possessed said:

Only dahmage and myself are allowed to post here.

Then tell that to the rest of your insulting arrogant followers. If you don’t like people challenging exclusive threads then don’t create them. I don’t care what you put in your description excluding others has been striked down by Jay and the other mods countless times. As I said get off your arrogant ass and start opening the last remnant of what you called the good ole days. *)


The deletion of the political threads.

Warbler, i didn’t read most of that, but i do see some of your comments at the end, and i agree and echo them.

Warbler said:

There has been no twisted re-interpretations on my part at all. Honest mistakes? Yes. Willful deceit? no.

With you assuming I am this terrible person and believing that I am trying to deceive everyone and making false claims and what not, I guess there is not much more to discuss.

It is very sad that this has occurred, oojason. Very sad. I wish I knew how to fix this, but I don’t. You are going to believe what you want about me no matter what I say and do. It is clear to me that our biases against each other are affecting our views and memories of what happen. If you weren’t so intent on believing that I am sort sort of terrible lying deceiving scumbag, maybe we could fix this. But we can’t. Very sad.

There has been a lot of broad stroke painting of various user’s intentions going on as part of the sh!t-fest lately, and it saddens me as well.

users are doing it against Jay / oojason, and oojason and Jay are doing it against users. It is a sad state.

time to remember that everyone on this site (well, other than the bots) are humans, and for the most part we want to be here and want to be part of the community.

All of this painting people as terrible and saying we are better off without them is not good.

Last movie seen

dahmage said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

dahmage said:

LordZerome1080 said:

dahmage said:

LordZerome1080 said:

Tobar said:

First Man (2018)

Gorgeously shot film, should win an Oscar for that alone. An interesting character study of Neil Armstrong.

I thought the visuals were decent but felt that the acting from Ryan Gooseling a bit awkward


Spell his name better next time

Please get off of Gooseling’s duck.

Quack (aka meow)

Duck off you fowl avian