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Star Wars Prequels/Original Trilogy: The Complete Scores (Released)
GoodMusician said:

the SE's have more material for ROTJ but they use extremely subpar master duplicates... which cause the cd to sound disgunstingly distorted


ESB is better but Risner fucked up most of the tracks of worth


Thanks for confirming this for me! I always thought ROTJ sounded markedly worse than the other ones and for this and other reasons (no compelling music until 40min in, after all the Jabba BS) don't really listen to it that often, especially not the first disc. I always thought I was crazy...

.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
Apollo- Yes, it does brag that. Main reason I bought it was for FOTR:EE. It was pretty good at the time, 100 bucks after rebate. Now the deal is not that great- no progressive scan, no DivX, no picture...I didn't care about the alleged DVD-R incompatibility at the time.

Tell you the truth, I didn't want to take the chance, and when I heard of the whole bitsetting thing I was sold on DVD+R.
But hey, lets not go ruining this thread with a +/- R flame-war.

You know what would be cool? If we had a behind-the-scenes type thing showing Zion mastering the DVDs, or whatever the process is called.
It wouldn't even have to be on the DVD, just like an AVI or would make a cool easter egg though.

.: The Zion DVD Project :. (Released)
Hi guys, I've really admired what's being done for the cause. I already have Dr. Gonzo's set and am very happy with it, in fact, just last week I got myself an NEC ND3520, flashed it to liggy's firmware and burned the discs to DVD+Rs (100pack of 8x Riteks for $23 after rebates). I have to say that bitsetting is awesome - my Panasonic DVD player says on its box that its only compatible with DVD-Rs burned with a Matsushita/Panasonic burner, so I'm pretty happy about the whole bitsetting thing...really a nifty trick.

I'm really excited about your set, Zion, I'll definately buy the DL media for it...but for now Dr. Gonzo's more than compensates. I mean, it looks passable on my LCDS, but it looks pristine on the TVs 'round the house.