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Dune: The Complete Saga (by Michael Warren August 2015) (Released)

I tried watching this new cut as well and really didn't enjoy it. having both opening sequences didn't gel very well together

The TV version opening prologue has no place in any 'Lynch' inspired or approved edit IMHO. as far as i can recall, it was the TV Prologue that made him remove his name from the film

I do enjoying both versions of the film though. The theatrical version is amazing as it is (I'm quite a big fan of the film). The TV version is a mess but still interesting to watch. But combining the two just makes it a mess.

 I'm in the middle of reviewing the latest Blu-ray from Germany (It has both cuts in HD) so looking forward to getting my observations written up (Extended version is a hybrid of HD and upscaled SD footage btw)

The Warriors (1979) 1080p HD Theatrical Cut (Released)

I just usually mux the file using TSremux into a BD ready format and use nero express to burn it to BD

simple movie only disc but gets the job done


I did attempt a custom job with scored menu with The Abyss (a BD using the new HD master of the theatrical cut, the Fullscreen (open matte) Special Edition and the VHS dealer preview that was uploaded to the spleen but i noticed that the framerate was slightly off


Help: looking for... The Land Before Time (1988) - full original uncut version

If I found a potential urban myth on eBay for $8, I would of automatically purchased it without even thinking about it at that price

so question being, if you want it so bad to see if it's the uncut version, why don't you buy it, watch it and then report back to us where I'm sure some of our talented members will advise you on the best way of preserving and sharing it with the community? (As like everything else on here)

kk650's Miscellaneous Regraded Films (Released)

kk650 said:

I just received a request to put up on myspleen the Alien regrade I did that removes the blanket green tint on the blu-ray.

Its now up on myspleen for all those interested. Here are screencap comparisons:

Official Blu-ray 1:

Regrade 1:

Official Blu-ray 2:

Regrade 2:

Blu-ray 3:

Regraded 3:

Blu-ray 4:

Regraded 4:


is this ok to burn to BD-R? last couple I downloaded wouldn't;t burn for me :(

Info & Help: looking for... 'Flash Gordon' - with Sam Jones original voice...

ookamikaze said:

It is this version on VHS that has the audio with the Sam Jones original voice?



Yeah that's the one

time to capture it is a bit limited at the mo due to the new addition to the family but soon as it's done and uploaded to the spleen, I'll provide an update