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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:

I’ve been combing through the behind the scenes footage, mainly because I’m hoping to incorporate some extra shots into the Kijimi sequence. As I was going through though, I also went ahead and pulled every other shot I could find that might potentially be added somewhere in the film with minimal touch-ups. I know some shots have been considered or even included in Ascendant already - and the shots that remain likely won’t work for any number of reasons - but I thought it might be worth looking through them again with fresh eyes. Maybe add an extra landscape shot or two on Pasaana? More footage at Leia’s funeral? An extra shot on Endor? I dunno; I’m just looking for more ways to slow the pacing.

I rendered it as uncompressed to preserve as much information as possible, so the file’s kind of large.

Looks very promising Sherlock👍

(The Last Jedi) Fate of the Jedi | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

Ok so much like your TFA edit I gave this 2 viewings, the second viewing was mainly for just taking notes for feedback.

Right before I go into details I would just like to say that the first time I saw TLJ (Official Release, not Fan-Edit) my reaction was not great to say I was disappointed would have been an understatement and any hype that TFA had made was quickly gone and my returned passion for Star Wars just died (The PT killed it first but TFA had me hooked once again and it felt like I was back in 1999 for that brief moment).

So Christmas time 2019 a friend showed me what was being done here at the OT site and when I seen what the fans here were able to achieve 🤯, for me personally Hal 9000 saved the PT, Harmy did something incredible, he removed all the things I hated that the SE brought which then brings me to TLJ lol. (Sorry for going off track there).

So needless to say I wasn’t a big fan of TLJ but a few people at the OT site showed me that not everything is as bad as it seems, from FGR, Hal 9000 and Poppasketti all managed to save what I initially thought to be unsavable. With each of their edits there was always something different they did compared to next edit and I loved each one which now brings me to The Legends Edit😁.

As previously stated I have not read or seen anything Legends related (Other than your TFA edit of course) and OMFG🤯, No… No… No… This is not TLJ it can’t be, why could we not have got if not this but something similar officially released, you somehow managed to make this edit not just enjoyable but holy s@#ts it felt like I was watching something completely new.

Things I loved:
(Warning as there Spoilers)

  • Everything, you managed to keep in the things that almost everyone complained about and made them enjoyable.
    Luke training Rey 😳😮 wtf, canto blight (ok it’s still canto but less of), Phasma which I was glad you kept in as I never really had a problem with the character and actually like the idea of the character so having her and Fin face off and Fin finally getting his resolve which I think needs to be kept in the movie.

  • Luke saving Laia (I first saw this in FGR’s edit), don’t ask me why I just much prefer this and I totally hate Laia Poppins scene.

  • Luke saves the rebellion by sending their cruiser via lightspeed crashing through the First Order, this scene was awesome as we see General Hux telling his officers that the ship is empty and I wasn’t expecting to see that happen next.

  • Luke force ghost in-between world’s.

Things I didn’t Like:

  • The Milking scene😞 lol.

Things I won’t say I didn’t like but maybe worth rearranging (keep in mind that I have not seen anything to do with Star Wars Legends so what you are achieving won’t probably work out l but just my ideas anyway).

  • Luke saving Laia, I love the scene but I think bit could work a lot better if you move the scene to an earlier point, so it would work as Rey has found Luke on this Island and he is annoyed because he didn’t want to be found but realises that the resistance must be some form of serious danger for his sister to seek him out, so at the scene where we see him sneak aboard the falcon and R2 plays the help me obi hologram and Luke at this point realises how desperate the resistance is, Luke now saves Laia afterwards he see’s Rey sleeping outside his hut and then tells her “I will train you in the ways of the force”.

  • Luke saves the resistance by crashing their cruiser ship. I know I said I loved this scene and I really do just with this plus him saving Laia and then force projecting to face off against Kylo, don’t get me wrong yeah I love all of these additions and the official release should have had way more Luke but with all 3 plus him training Rey it just seems the resistance is relying on him just a bit too much. I know the resistance is meant to be on its knees and that’s why he does these things but just seems like they are relying on him a bit too much.

Sorry this is very long winded, I absaloutley loved this edit and it honestly felt like I was watching something new to what I had previously seen and this felt like what it was meant to be a Star Wars movie.

Thank you once again Acbagel for sharing this absaloutley amazing edit with me.

Now onto TROS edit😭.

(The Force Awakens) Heirs of the Force | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

I’m going to give TLJ a second viewing hopefully this week.

I will say I was very nervous leaving the feedback because I know fan-editing is a serious passion and a lot of work and dedication goes in to the work that you guys/gals create and I know I wouldn’t take criticism very well lol.

Thank you once again Acbagel and take care👍

(The Force Awakens) Heirs of the Force | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

Well I have watched this twice and have to say I absaloutley loved it and it is definitely one of my favourite edits of TFA, you have done an incredible job Acbagel.

I will say that I haven’t read any of the Star Wars Legends and the only thing I have watched other than the PT, OT and ST is The Mandalorian.

Things I loved:

  • The scene layout
    The way you have moved the scenes around makes the pacing and flow of the movie now a lot better.

  • The Humour
    The cuts you made regarding some of the humour makes it feel more like a Star wars movie and less like a comedy.

  • Flashback scenes
    I loved the inclusion of flashbacks you put in (e.g Kylo interrogating Poe). There was another scene but it’s escaped my memory right now😬.

  • Rey’s Powers
    I love the way you have toned down Rey’s Powers, I don’t have any issues with the character but could never understand why they made her so powerful to begin with. So was glad to see the removal of the mind trick (which was done very well) and the fight with Kylo was also done really good and liked the fact that neither Fin or Rey really show Kylo any sort of offence.

  • Rey’s Dream
    I liked this a lot and thought you did a very good job, the way you faded it in with the reveal just brilliant.

  • Hyperspace Ending
    I really do prefer them not finding Luke and it ending with Chewie, Rey and R2 in the falcon going into hyperspace. (This is one of the major things I also enjoyed with DigModifications and FGR’s Edits of TFA). I rather have a bit of anticipation going into the next movie, will they find Luke, will he help them🤷 instead of seeing him looking annoyed for 60 seconds lol.

Ok so not everything can be perfect for every individual but I will say for me personally this is pretty much there.

Things I didn’t like:
(These are not massive things and things that are just me being maybe a little bit nitpicky).

  • Maz’s love for Chewie
    I just hate the line when they meet Maz and she asks Han “Where’s my boyfriend, I love that Wookie”. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s just a bit of harmless humor but for some reason it just annoys me.

  • Luke’s reveal in Rey’s Dream
    I know I said I loved Rey’s Dream scene and I really do but for me personally I think it may have been better to have it fade in and as we start to see the shape of a hooded figure standing there have it fade back out. This is just me personally I really do love what you have done, I just think it may be better that way because then the viewer could be thinking “Hey wonder what or who Rey is having a vision of” I know we already know the answer but it just gives it that bit of mystery especially with the ending of them going into hyperspace.
    (Also feels like it needs something as we go into the next scene of the map reveal, don’t know what tho just feels like it may need something).

Thank you once again Acbagel for sharing this amazing edit with me, this is definitely up there with Hal’s, Digmod’s and Neverar’s edits and the fact that it is just your workprint🤯. Can’t wait to see your final release.

Now onto The Last Jedi😁.