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The ‘Custom Special Edition’ That Almost Wasn’t, But Then Was (Released)

Hi guys, not to throw a spanner in the works but Jedi aren’t allowed personal possessions perhaps that’s why Obi says he doesn’t recall owning a droid also in the PT in Episode II he uses R4 and in the beginning of episode III. Just my 2 cents anyway, I love your Special Editions that almost wasn’t but then was and they are my go-to even over Adywans 😮, sorry to upset people with that one but it’s true.

Take care guys 👍.

(The Rise of Skywalker) Legacy of the Force | A Star Wars Legends Re-edit [Workprint Released]

Hi mate, hope you and your family are all having a lovely Christmas.
Ok so as promised I finally gave V2 a second viewing, I found it a big improvement over V1 bit there were things I still didn’t quite like.

(If you haven’t seen this edit yet but plan on watching please beware of spoilers for this edit)

The things I loved:

*Kylo’s presence when Rey’s training.

  • The scene of the Troopers landing in Mustafar. I thought it made the battle a bit more impactful by showing this.

  • The cut humour about the raid on Pasana.

  • The Force Healing of the Giant Worm. For me this one is like a catch 22, If we got to see force healing in the other movies then maybe it wouldn’t feel so forced. But then do we see Obiwan force heal Luke in A new hope🤷.

  • Rey not destroying Kylo’s ship on Pasana. Yep very good continuity catch, never really noticed this before lol.

  • Hux’s “I’m the Spy” line. This never really bothered me until a recent viewing.

  • The extended shots of Rey on the skimmer. Can’t remember seeing this in other versions.

  • Kylo on Corasant.
    No reason why but just liked seeing this.

  • C3PO not getting his memory back. Hated the scene of him getting his memory restored, it made his sacrifice pointless.

  • Lando on the Falcon with Chewie before leaving for Exegol. Just like the extended shots of Rey on the Skimmer I don’t recall seeing this before.

  • Lando and Janna scene. Another scene I don’t recall seeing.

  • C3PO ending scene. Won’t go into details as I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone else but holy s@#t did you bring A tear to my eye.

Ok so now for the things I wasn’t such a huge fan of.

  • Leia heals Kylo.
    I like the idea I really do think it’s an amazing idea but for me it doesn’t work VFX wise, reason being as with you other ST edits you have put it so much work and some really amazing ideas for me it feels because the VFX are not there it lets it down.

  • Kylo lives. as mentioned above, if the VFX were there maybe it just doesn’t fit for me personally and like before with all the work you have put in with these amazing edits it just let’s this down.

  • I feel the some of the scene’s at the beginning may need some rearranging. We see A star destroyer blow a planet up but don’t see Palpatine til later, similar with Kylo telling the first order commanders about Palpatine. Just feel these could use a little rearranging.

All in all very good work mate👍.

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [V3 RELEASED]

I just finished Episode II and if I said I liked both Episodes I & II I would be lying because I loved them and even tho I have seen the series certain scenes still give me goosebumps lol. The scene layouts, cut transitions, everything just flows so smoothly and beautifully. As much as I love the series I can’t help wish that we got these officially released instead. Absaloutley amazing work Smudger, thank you for sharing them with me.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

Again, I do like this idea and wish it could be fully realized without seams. But by this point my TFA edit is a diet version of Nev’s Starlight, and my TLJ edit is a diet version of poppasketti’s Rekindled, so I wonder what this edit will end up a diet version of??

I don’t see them as Diet Hal, without your hard work we wouldn’t have half of what we have. I haven’t been around the forums as long as a lot of you but have seen enough to know that almost all editors take inspiration from your edits and even use them as their main to work off.

As for TROS this seems to be the fan bases main thread.