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My first step into a larger world.... Splinter Of The Mind's Eye
My feeling about EU - if it has Zahn written on it, it's worth a read. Aside from that...
I was partial to 'Courtship of Princess Leia' and I used to have a good chuckle at certain parts of 'Darksaber'; but that's usually because it had startling similarities to a story I wrote as a little kid - a whole year before reading Darksaber!!

Most other Star Wars novels I've read have been pretty poor. Maybe I'm just unlucky.
Lucasfilm to sell Physical Effects Unit
The extended version of ROTK is a *mess*.
Right off the top of my head, that whole business with the running-away-from-the-skull-avalanche scene just looks stupid; I can't believe they put such time and effort into it.
And also - they removed any sort of suspense over the ghost army, when he wanders out of a wall and says 'we fight' in a crappy money shot.... that is a truly on-the-nose example of when a filmmaker doesn't know when to leave something alone; when they feel the need to spell something out in ridiculous fashion.

Really liked LOTR for the most part, but for movies that people insist are the 'best ever made', there are a crapload of flaws in there. They are very much products of their time, and some shots will not age terribly well (that ridiculous shot of Legolas jumping on the horse, could've been straight out of Spiderman).
Star Wars - Secrets of the Rebellion!! Coming in 2008
Someone mentioned New Voyages... it never ceases to amaze me how that show makes Shatner look like a true thespian.

Actually, the *real* problem with New Voyages (apart from it not being very good) is McCoy. He is the weak link in the actor chemistry - he's not even *Southern*, yet he used the words 'Southern charm'. Just not a good actor, at all.
Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
"It’s supposed to be because her shirt was ripped in her entanglement with her monster. In reality, it was Lucas pandering to modern trends. It feels extremely out-of-place, as though the sequence was put in so that she could run around the rest of the film showing her belly. It was, of course; it had no bearing on the story. Because of this, Padme gets less screen time at the end of my cut. It’s a personal irritation"

Bad idea! Terrible idea!!!

Nah just jokes

Many moons ago I posted a big long rant in this thread about how bad an idea this was going to be. Since you like honesty I'll tell you there's still some things that strike me as mega dodgy (the Dune footage for instance). I like a lot of the ideas you're coming up with (the speed-shifting of Yoda footage is clever) and I cannot fault you for the effort you're putting in.
I'll do my best to reserve judgement, if anything this will certainly be interesting when it's done. Here's to it (raises glass)
Remember when everyone hated Return of the Jedi?
"it was clear in Jedi that the emperor wanted Luke to join him and Vader, either that or Vader was a big dope for not realizing he was being replaced"

I always thought it was a giveaway, this scenario, it's plainly obvious what was going to happen. Vader would off Luke and eliminate the last real threat (except for Leia, hyuk hyuk) or Luke would off Vader, and he'd have a young servant that wasn't in an iron lung. Or, Vader wanted to off the Emperor and work with Luke. It seems a simple enough concept to me.
Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board Game (1996, Parker) (* unfinished project *)
I'm going to put my money where my mouth is!

If someone uploads this video (just the interesting bits at least) to something like youtube or rapidshare, I'll gladly upload my equivalent video from my Star Trek video. It's an absolute *hoot*, you guys are missing out.

There you have it, someone upload this and I'll do mine too. Then we'll have 2 funny videos to watch while we wait for someone to get a DVD together.
Try to take it easy with the Lucas bashing.
My my, I never ever wished for his death. The most absolutely worst thing I've envisioned is this:

(I am sitting in my room, George Lucas walks in flanked by Rick McCallum and Steve Spielberg)

GL: I'm transferring the only remaining prints of Star Wars to my mansion - they'll have to stay there but they'll be safe.

ME: Oh perfect... you fixed us reeall good didn't you, *my friend* - (takes a swing at the Bearded One).

GL: I've done all I can! I'm sorry but I've got my own problems to fix.

ME: You're a real hero.