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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Is it too late to make a quick suggestion? I did this with one of my fanedits and it enhanced things. I think it’d be cool to have Rey’s voice echo or reverb whatever the term is as she does the I am iron-girl bit. Might actually work and be similar to palp’s voice change in RotS as all the sith speak through him. Like “And I… am [all the jedi]” My best comparison is to how Galadrial sounds when she’s turned crazy by the ring in Lotr. Guess it’s better to show you what I’m talking about tho…

If it’s already been suggested before then oops, sorry, but wanted to try just in case.

Enter the Matrix Reloaded (Released)

Wow, long time since I’ve sat through rebloated. Yeah little rough in spots, don’t know if that’s due to creative choices or glitchy rendering. But fascinating and fun exploration of the more expanded storyline they left out of the final film. I actually understood wtf was going on as I watched it this time instead of being baffled totally. There’s real gold left in the Enter the Matrix game and it helps the story make more sense and feel more complete. Definitely very close to being the definitive way to watch rebloated. A few highlights from this particular cut for me as a fan were the events before Niobe and ghost go to save morpheus on the free way. I like how they feel like they’re part of the chase not this out of the butt last minute element, so the slow mo shoot part works as sort of nice bridge between the seperate storylines rather than gratuitous slow mo for no reason. Now it says “these guys are in deep shit.” Punctuating Niobe and Ghost’s haste to get moving. Overall Jada gets better as a character in this cut now that she’s more fleshed out. I paid more attention to her character and gave a crap about her as I watched this, which I didn’t in the least as I sat through the theatrical movies. Of course the Oracle is a difficult bit to get right since the original actress didn’t have anything to do with the game so they used the second actress. It’s a tricky thing to fix or attempt to do… Very cool extended cut to accompany the regular films, it’s kinda like Lion King and a 1/2… Don’t pass this up, it’s worth taking a look at the story from a new angle.

Humourous Rant about Lucas on MSNBC
Wrong. It was a toy commercial. No you're right, the lack of focus on the characters is one of its problems. By the time rots came along it was too late... we just don't have enough time to get to know all these people now when we had 2 movies wasted.

I can sit back now and watch ANH and look pass all the fx and see some clever writing and of course spot on performances... I see something like grievous and wonder how many gigabites it must have taken up on some hard drive.

I wish lucas would let someone else do this new show damnit...
Transformers The Movie: Resparked (Released)
Finally someone's doing this. A few humble suggestions:

Bay did a great directing job. Where the movie needed help was in the writing department. the lines suck. period. Hardly worthy of the name transformers. Beast wars had better writing than this.

The glasses stuff, garbage.

Allspark and its magical abilities, garbage. It's straight out of the 80s though, but come on...

Sector 7. snnnnnnnnnnnnnore

Am I shallow? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_- What is this, the OC?

Honestly who cares about boring details like that that had nothing to do with the cartoon? Can't we just have it be as simple as the show in which the transformers crash land on earth and continue their war there? good grief.

I'd cut out the batman begins music from megatron's awakening. It's just too distracting.

All the pointless humor has to go. Mojo, Bernie Mac and Cheese, Mama's Alligators, my bad etc...

If the movie took itself more seriously like spielberg tends to do, it'd have been a billion times better.

As for the writing, this'll be a huge challenge... since it can't be re-written. I have a big problem with the throw-away "ebay" line. Not only is it blatant advertising, but it's just too ridiculous. We don't get much else to explain why the autobots and decepticons are there in the first place besides that? lame. I believe we need to perhaps have sam discover bumblebee by chance, not by bumblebee's decision to be bought by sam for no reason. That takes care of the ebay nonsense. But how do the autobots learn about sam's glasses... Oh of course.... make it so that sam's name is connected through his great grandfather, but not necessarily because of some glasses. It's just info available in cyberspace. Optimus' comment about learning through the web will take care of the rest...

that should work.
This year belongs to STAR WARS
Originally posted by: sunday256
"Tyrant" is a bit overly dramatic don't you think? Irregardless, I'm glad I got to see Star Wars on the big screen in '77. I was certainly lucky.

Originally posted by: Wesyeed
Not the special editions

Not the Prequels

Not even the VHS version with "a new hope" added.

This year belongs to a movie I never got the pleasure to see in a theater and because of a tyrant may never see preserved in state of the art quality.

Thank you for your time. Happy 30th, Star Wars the movie that started it all!

ok not a tyrant but he is a really big meanie.

As a gesture to those who helped built his empire, lucas should pull some strings and get the original star wars film, unaltered back in theaters this year, maybe just in select areas... that'd be a great treat.

This year belongs to STAR WARS
Yeah I made this thread because it kinda seems odd to have an anniversary for a film series that ended two years ago. That's why when I was watching a news special about the star wars anniversary and the thing had clips from the prequels in there, it just seemed very stupid. the anniversary belongs strictly to the actual 3 decade old film which sadly no one can buy on dvd or HD on its 30th anniversary. Sad.

We respect and celebrate a history its creator is trying to surpress....
Revenge of the sith is the shite and the flies upon it
ha ha ha... I love how you describe the duel at the end...

If you want to dig for a reason why kids like Rots. They're kids. It's that simple. When they become smarter, they'll see it for what it is I guess. I used to love power rangers and grew out of that. They'll grow out of rots.

As for older fans who love rots, I blame Nostalgia. It's the most nostalgic prequel movie for me, since it has the emperor, vader, luke, leia, chewie. it's almost an ot movie except for it being so badly written.
Virginia Tech shooting
I was bullied too so I know what it's like to have those with power abuse it. I believe there's two sides to this story... Firstly, Cho's an idiot for what he did. there's never an excuse for taking the life of innocent people. Sure I was bullied for no good reason... And I got into a fight at school after having my head bashed into a brick wall by some punks. What more can I say but this is simply the reality we live in... Some people are ass holes. And some people don't like to be pushed around. Some people will fight back. He probably couldn't get any girlfriends, was probably being bullied, and had it all explained to him that he was just 'depressed' and then people left it at that. I'd say he was more horny than depressed, since he stalked girls for a while. In my humble opinion the current generation of college kids is scared to engage in sexual relations because of aids and stuff, so I'm not surprised.

Secondly, kids are bullied every day. And it's wrong. All those kids being bullied are on the edge right now. We can't run and hide from that fact. Those kids being bullied have all at one point thought about some way to defend themselves from the constant bullying they endure DAILY for no greater reason than them being the path through which the bully can boost their self esteem.

Cho's set himself up as a hero to the people who go unnoticed... and unfortunately he succeeded. By getting his face on the news, his words transmitted and immortalized for millions of people, HE WON. The dumbass Media granted his final wish.

America needs to think long and hard about its problems now... something like this just can't be forgotten about next week and everything goes back to normal. It'll only escalate if we do nothing, keep quiet, and hope it goes away.