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Originally posted by: Bossk
If you live in South Jersey, isn't it your civic responsibility to root for either the Jets or Giants?


The Jet and Giants belong to North Jersey and New York. People from South Jersey root for the Philly teams

My Top 20
(This list was not as easy to put together as I thought it would be, and this just my top 20 as feel right now, tomorrow I might feel differently)
the only one I'm certain on is the number 1 pick

20 Gone With The Wind (you have every right to mock me for this one)
19 The Ten Comamdments
18 Ben Hur
17 The Empire Strikes Back
16 Godfather Part 2
15 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
14 Schindler's List
13 Inherit The Wind
12 The Hustler
11 Psycho
10 It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
9 All Quiet On The Western Front
8 1776
7 Vertigo
6 12 Angry Men
5 Highnoon
4 Judgement At Nuremburg
3 Starwars
2 The Godfather

1 Casablanca (greatest movie ever made bar none)
E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! Dallas has and always will suck in my mind. Sorry Psycho_Dayv, I lived all my life in South Jersey and feel it is my dudy to hate the Cowboys. I still can't believe that Birds got to the NFC Championchip game 3 years in row, had the home field adavantage twice could'nt win any of them. I am very broken hearted about it. I hope they sign some good Wide recievers in off season.
What was your first experience with Star Wars?
I was only 4 in 1977 so I was too young see it when it first came out. My first experienece was when my parents got me that 45 record that you were supposed to read along with in the booklet. When Empire came out was old enough then and that was the first stars wars movie I saw. I think because of the release of Empire they rereleased Star Wars and I saw Star Wars then. The movies blew me away. I still remember all the debates I had at school as to whether or not Vader was Luke's father. It seemed like it took 50 years until Jedi came out. I still have all three of the 45 records made for the OT. As far as I know they can still play(which is a miracle concidering how many times I must have played them growing up) althought I haven't played them in years because I'm affraid of the damage it might do to them. I still remember sitting there in the movie theaters wide eyed watching each one for the first time, and then playing them over and over againg when they came out on VHS. Unless you grew up during the release of these movies I don't think you can understand what the OT means to us
George Lucas halts Indy IV production due to disagreements with the script

Originally posted by: Warbler
I think the only way a decent indy 4 could be made is if someone( and it would have to be someone very good) were brought in to replace Ford as Indy,(I know that is heresy but he is just too old for the part) and if George (holyer than thou) Lucas has not say in the making or the movie as he has cracked

there I go again, that should have read "Lucas has no say in the making of the movie"
General announcement re 2004 OT DVDs: please read
Hello all, you may not remember me I last posted in May 2003. I made some rather rude insults about Bob Falfa and opinion regarding the widescreen vs pan scam versions of the films. Other people told me I was rude. I got angry with them and said I would never post here again. I the regret comments about Bob Falfaand others and I apologize. I still feel the way I do about widescreen vs pan and scam but I should not have insulted Bob Falfa as he is as intitled to his opinion as I am mine. I came back because of recent report of Lucas releasing the special edition only and not releasing the original edition on DVD. I can not stand what Lucas has done to this classic movie series. Before 1997 and the creation of the special edition I used to worship Lucas as god. No longer the changes he made are bull bleep. Ep 1 and 2 suck and probably so Ep 3. I will longer buy or rent any movies with his name on it (not just star wars movies) I will not buy any of his DVDs VHS or tickets to any of his movies, If he produces and tv shows, series or specials I will not watch them. I will continue this boycott untill he releases the orginal edition on DVD. I expect this to work but I will not give him one more penny untill and untill he stops acting holyer than thou and starts showing some respect to the fans that made him is millions

there is 1 change I would aprove of in the orginal edition. and that is if that used cgi to change the face of the emperor's to that of George Lucas. Because he is acting more and more like an evil emperor -shame on you georgie