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SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)

dgraham414 said:

Any plans for ST hero’s tomorrow show up? Seeing as they’d just be 20 years older

Eh, probably not. As much as I might have connected with them in TFA (which is only a little if I’m being honest), I lost interest completely after TLJ repeated their arcs and even hurt their potential in my eyes (I’m sorry if you like TLJ, but that’s how I feel about it). More than likely, I’ll sideline the sequel trilogy’s hereos and/or extend my Beyond Trilogy’s time to 75 ABY or past that so those characters can be old or dead (having passed on in their sleep or something) since they would be over 65.

Random non-SW story ideas

Here I am again, with another story idea. This is an original story called Nexus High, whichi s more inspired by high school anime and whatnot. I only every got to writing the prologue, but I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Vice-Headmaster Renana took a careful, long look at the file in front of her. It was so hard to believe that it was genuine and not some cruel prank. The fact that it was real made her blink her crimson eyes over and over and over again at the bold letters across the top of the paper she held: APPLICATION FOR POSITION OF TEACHER.

Again, Renana blinked. Applying as a teacher? Here, of all places? Sure, there were worse schools, but there were also far better ones in the Nexus. Students came from all over the Multiverse, from parallel worlds to pockets dimensions, looking for a good school. It was rare to find an exceptionally good student, let alone a someone willing enough to teach said student.

Still, she could not pass up an opportunity like this. Headmaster Batta had been pestering her for weeks, and now there was someone who was far more than capable for the job. It was like a miracle… or a curse, depending on how you looked at it.

Left hand still on the paper, Renana reached for the phone. Her right hand grabbed the receiver while the other right spun the dial. The phone rang into her pointed ear, and Renana tapped her three free hands, one right and two left, on the mahogany wood of her desk. She hoped he would pick up. Interdimensional phone lines were expensive, and she did not want to add to the school’s enormous bill with multiple calls.

At last, there was a slight jittery sound, and Renana quickly responded to it with restrained excitement. “Hello, Mr. Urakami? This is Vice-Headmaster Renana Lakshmi of Nexus High… Yes, this is about your recent application to our school… Oh no, it’s nothing like that… Your resume is very impressive… Well, Mr. Urakami, to put it simply: you have the job and-”

Renana pulled the screeching phone away from ear. When the horrible sound faded away, she put the phone back and continued, “Um, yes… you’ve stood out from the competition, as it were…” Renana’s eyes widened slightly when she heard the question. “… How many applied? Um, about one… yes, including yourself, Mr. Urakami, but I assure you, there’s no need to worry…”

Again, she stopped, and her eyes widened, but this time, it was with interest. She leaned back in her chair and commented, “… Oh really… Is that so? You’re ‘looking forward it’… ‘A great experience’… I see…”

Poor man. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into,’ Renana thought sadly as she listened intently to the voice on the other side.

Another question blipped Renana out of her thoughts. “When can you start?” she repeated, and her second left hand quickly flipped through her calendar. “Monday, the fifteenth. Just a couple weeks from now… You can come in earlier if you want. Just to get a feel for the school… Yes, well, I can assure, Mr. Urakami, your time here will be quite diverse.”

Before she hung up, Renana added with a coy smile on her blue lips, “And Mr. Urakami… welcome to Nexus High.”

Random non-SW story ideas

Welp, here I am. Back with another silly idea I’ve been having for sometime. This time, it is a short preview of an “original work” called After Arthur: A King Forevermore. This is meant to follow the aftermath of well-known lore of the legendary King Arthur, starting up right after he fell in the infamous Battle of Camlann. It’s not much, but I do hope you enjoy it. Take care.

In a field of black, fire roared as the flag of the red dragon burned.

“What is this?”

Atop a hill of corpses, a father speared his son, and a son stabbed his father back.

“What is going on?”

The two men fell, and another voice whispered over their screams.

“Find him.”

“‘Find him?’ Who are you-?”

The fire died, and the flag of the red dragon, the flag of Camelot, fell. Knocked down by the many men in white and black. They clashed, their swords singing death.

All had been unrecognizable, except for one: a boy in brown, running in between enemy soldiers.

“No! Get out of there! Get out!”

The boy only heard his own screams as a black knight fell atop him-

“MORY!" Marian screamed, her eyes snapping widen open.

Awake at last, Marian breathed and scanned her surroundings. She wasn’t in a terrible battlefield of death. She had been in her bed, staring up at the stone ceiling of her chamber. It took her several moments to realize that and her sweaty face.

Having come to her senses, Marian sat up. To the side, a breeze intruded through her open window, the stone frame wet with rainwater. It cooled the perspiration to her brow and entered into her panting lungs. With it came a calm wave that slowed Marian’s thumping heart.

Then, the cool air grew bitter cold. Marian pulled her blanket until it hugged her back, adding more white to her nightgown. Her eyes trailed down in thoughts surrounding that dream. It was so real, so vivid…

Marian pulled the blanket closer to her. “It was a dream. Just a dream,” she told herself. Yes, that was all it was. Another dream.

Another nightmare.

Random non-SW story ideas

Hey guys! For my first entry, this is fanfiction sequel of Nickelodean’s Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra (a preview of one anyway). This was an idea I started out back in 2017 and had been working on and off. With that out of the way, here’s the opening to Avatar: Tales of Mushi. Enjoy!


A burning fist struck through the shadows, lighting the darkness with red flames.


Leaves floated on wisp of a silvery breeze and danced around nimble legs of the one directing it.


Blue waves flooded the floor, then rose and fell upon their caster in the form of several thousand raindrops.


At the beck of slender hands, several green and brown pillars erupted from the ground into the sky.
The pillars did not stop. They went higher and higher, until they finally stopped and their tips had transformed into an army of statues.

For many years, I have heard tales about the Avatar, master of all four elements. I have heard how each one would be born and bring peace to the world…

The statues, avatars of centuries past, stood side by side, each representing the Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Water Tribes, and Earth Kingdoms. And one by one, the avatars’ eyes glowed until they were an army of lights. Yet, the two casted a larger shadow over them all.

Out of the many avatars, I haven’t heard more than Avatar Aang, who ended the Hundred-Year War, and his successor, Avatar Korra who helped to bring the Spirit World and mortal realm together…

The calm and joyous Aang stood side by side with the powerful and fierce Korra, both watching over the bay of Republic City. Their eyes glowed with the ethereal power of previous Avatars and the Avatar Spirit within them.

But Aang passed long ago… And Korra has joined him…

The light from Avatar Aang’s statue faded, followed by his successor’s.

Korra’s, however, was unexpected. Sudden… and the whole world was left to wonder why.

Tiny white specks, remnants of the avatar’s white light, sparkled as they left Korra’s eyes and disappeared into the darkening sky above. A sky that now hovered above cities and lands filled with the confused and uncertain people of the Four Nations.

And so, like with Avatar Aang, there was no sign of the new avatar. There have been rumors, though. Sightings of a stranger wandering from place to place.

Amongst the whispering crowds of merchants, workers, soldiers, and even Spirits, a lone figure in a coat and hood strolled down, alone and aimless.

I will search for this stranger. I will see if what they say is true. If it is, if this is the avatar, then perhaps I can find what I’ve been looking for so long…

Under the shadow of the lonesome being’s hood, a pair of eyes glowed bright white…




Chapter 1: Powerless

196 AG…

The early morning sun fell on Kyoshi Island and the statue of its namesake as it had for centuries. The natives didn’t notice the sun or the statue they passed by, their focus on the time on their pocket or wrist watches. The young man by the statue’s base, on the other hand, hadn’t paid attention to how much time had passed. He didn’t really pay attention to anything.

He sat on the grass, hands resting in his lap. He pushed aside the itchy feeling on his legs, along with the buzz of a Satomobile engine and the soft wind breezing by. He focused on his breathing, on his state of mind, and on his inner self. As he was taught, he kept his aim on being calm like water.

Sadly, he was anything but calm. There was the slight irritation, the tiniest irksome that stopped him from reaching his goal. And that irksome thing was only he could see:

She stood in the empty ocean, her dark hair blowing in the wind…

He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out the image. He remembered what his mentor had taught him. He tried to focus on something, anything to keep the woman away. His efforts were rewarded with something else:

… her Water Tribe outfit, once newly made, was torn in several places…

A frown cracked his calm facade. He was not supposed to be seeing that. Not again. “Come on…” he whispered, hoping to be free of the image. His hopes were rewarded with the opposite:

… and though her back faced him, she slowly turned with that expressionless face and those dead eyes…

At last, he opened his eyes and slumped his shoulders in defeat. “Ugh, I not again,” he murmured to himself. After running a hand through his dark short hair, his gray gaze slanted up at the statue of Avatar Kyoshi. “There has be to another way to doing this.”

The statue didn’t answer him, but someone else did. “Meditating again, Mushi?” said the man whose brown head of hair suddenly loomed over.

A startled Mushi jumped, placed a hand on his thumping chest, and whirled to the stranger. “Sifu Niko, don’t do that!” he exclaimed.

Keeping his back in a hunched position, Niko shook his head and laughed. “I don’t think I had any other choice. You were doing it again…” he told his old student. “… I swear, you are too tense sometimes.”

“I’m not tense!” Mushi snapped up.

Holding his hands behind his back, Niko frowned down. “Don’t start with me, Mushi,” he said. “You’ve been at this statue all morning. I don’t know what has gotten through your head but stressing over it will do you no good. You need to relax.”

“I told you, I’m not-”

Mushi’s stopped as something jabbed at the back of his neck. The joints in went crick-crack, and the shoulders spasmed from the built-up tension now trailing down Mushi’s spine. All of it happened so sudden that he never noticed his own lanky body shaking like a leaf on in the middle of autumn.
Once the feeling faded, a far more relaxed Mushi turned to a smirking Niko. “Well?” the older man asked as his hand returned to behind his back.

Mushi sighed and uncrossed his legs. “Okay, you win,” he grumbled and grabbed his coat lying beside him.

The younger man didn’t complain as Niko led him away from the statue and into the paved street. As annoying as the older man could be, Mushi found Niko to be endearing. Niko had taken personal interests in all his guests. It wasn’t hard, seeing how Kyoshi Island kept a population less than two thousand. When he arrived a few months ago, the atmosphere took Mushi by surprise with the fewer Satomobile, one or two telephone lines, and the additional rows of modern buildings to the centuries-old wooden houses.

Niko, the governor of it all, stopped to let a new Satomobile pass by him. “Close one,” he breathed in relief. Eyes glaring after the vehicle, he went on and mumbled, “I swear, I need to set up new laws. I can’t have these junkies drive wherever they want.”

“Maybe you need a new road,” Mushi suggested offhandedly. “I think that’s one way to help deal with traffic.”

“We have one road already. No need to make another one!” Niko huffed then changed the subject. “So, do you wish to tell me why you’re at the statue instead of being with your friends?”

At that, Niko turned to a quiet Mushi with a flourish of his long green jacket. His patient stare was the opposite of Mushi’s pursed lips. “I don’t think that’s a big deal. You always said I need to focus more, so I just thought I’d try some techniques you gave me.”

Now, it was Niko’s turn to frown. “I know you wish to work hard. You have shown that over the past few months, but today is your last day here, Mushi. You should be with the other students, laughing with them. You may not have the chance to ever see them again.”

Mushi shouldered his coat in uncertainty. Admittedly, he hadn’t been very sociable with the others. That was obvious as those students, dressed in the same forest green gi as Mushi’s, rush past their mentor. “Maybe…” Mushi said, eying his fellow students, “but I’m not sure if they’ll ever miss me.”

“They will,” Niko assured. “You just need to give them a chance to know you first.”


If Mushi had anything to say, he stopped it and drifted his eyes to the side then up. On the cliff above stood a girl with soft brown hair tied into a bun. Mushi had seen her over the past few days, always at a passing glance. Then, and now, he watched saw the girl take a typical Earthbending stance, right arm up and right leg forward to raise a boulder from the cliffside itself.

“Mushi? Mushi…?” Niko had said to the side, but Mushi was too busy with the spectacle to listen.

Swerving to the side, the boulder levitated a foot into the air before splitting into two tinier halves that orbited each other. There had been the “oohs” and “aahs” of the spectators–all of them nonbenders who had been part of Mushi’s class. Mushi was more interested in the Earthbending girl. Her form was near perfect, her expression the epitome of calm he wanted. The girl herself could’ve been from another part of the Earth Confederation-maybe Zaofu. Her outfit was a mix of green and blues, so it wasn’t easy to tell.

“You know, you could go always talk to her,” Niko whispered to him, rather cheekily.

Reality fell back on Mushi and his hopes, pushing down his lips into a frown. “Thanks for the advice, but I don’t think I have the time now. I have to get going.”

“Always the spoilsport. I swear, you’re like my wife sometimes.” Niko sighed. He paused, as if remembering something important. “Oh, one more thing. I have a gift.”

Niko reached into his jacket, and Mushi froze at the present held out to him. It was a tiny statue, no bigger than Niko’s palm. The piece of wood had been finely sculpted and chiseled into a woman. With that strong physique and shoulder-length hair, she held a posture that proclaimed strength and confidence. Those things alone Niko perhaps hoped to encourage Mushi.

Mushi, holding back a frown, hesitantly reached out to touch it. “It’s…” he said, swallowed, then finished, “… it’s well-made, sifu.”

“Good. I spent hours working on it. I think it’s something that may help you on your way back home,” Niko smiled and pushed the token into Mushi’s hand. “Please take it.”

“I’m not sure, sifu,“ Mushi said and tried to push the token back.

Niko pushed the token back. “I insist. Please.”

“Sifu, I can’t–“

“If you don’t take it, I’m going to give it to that girl over there and say how my ungrateful student didn’t want it,“ Niko said with that oh-so innocent smile of his.

The mental manipulation pulled down at Mushi’s lips. It took everything he had to not frown as he at last accepted Niko’s gift. The governor, unaware of Mushi’s inner conflict, smiled and said, “Be safe on your journey. May Avatar Korra’s spirit guide you.”

Mushi unknowingly tightened his grip around the token. “Thank you, sifu,” he forced a smile and pocketed it.

Mushi let that smile disappear once he turned and put on his long coat. He didn’t want his mentor to see it and ask what was wrong. There was no need for that. After all, he had to get going.

SW: Birthright (A TFA Rewrite)

Hello everyone. I know haven’t uploaded anything in this thread for a long time, but I do have news. I have managed to finish the first act of the story, and I’ve begin putting it on my Wattpad (link below). For now, only the prologue is up, but a new chapter will be uploaded every other Thursday, so expect chapter 1 on 9/26. Take care!

SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)

Hello. This is the final act of my Episode X, From the Unknown. After this, it may be some time (can’t say how long) before I put anything up for Episode XI (mainly because I don’t have much than some plot points in my head). That being said, I do hope you like this.

Under Morga, the Grysk begin their assault on the combined forces of the New Republic/replacement and the Chiss Ascendancy. The battle is fierce, with the Grysk using their fighter-walker deployments attacking both ships. Scillia and Corban fly in on their shuttle/vessel, shooting down any targets, and it is during the battle that the clone, armed with the green saber of Luke Skywalker, departs from his friends to face off Morga, avoiding the Grysk main force.

Climax - Morga comes across the clone, taunting him as “a copy of a legend,” to which the clone responds that “people often forget the man.” The two engage in a lightsaber duel, the clone able to bob and weave around Morga’s assault, but the fight remains a stalemate, as does the battle itself. In the battle, the Grysk task force realize they are being overwhelmed and eventually fall back and retreat to their main fleet, yet they have gained knowledge of their new enemies and new possible expansions of their fleet. Among their actions, they set up the self-destruct on their main flagship to avoid it falling into enemy hands.

Eventually, just as Corban and Scillia arrive to see the duel, the beams and metal fall on the two opponents, and the clone is able to use the Force to stop them all. Morga, in awe and surprise, asks who the clone really is, to which the clone replies, “I am Luke Skywalker. Always have been. Always will be.” Then, the clone Skywalker falters, as the genetic mutation and degradation takes it toll, and Morga retreats from the battle and boards her personal starfighter, but Scillia shoots at it, sending the fallen Jedi’s ship off course when she tries to escape into hyperspace. With everything is collapsing around them, Scillia tries to save the clone Luke Skywalker, but he tells her to run and says “I’ve made things right, this time,” using the Force to push her and Corban back into their vessel, as they escape.

With the battle won, our heroes try to recover from their losses. Scillia wishes to return home, but she is immediately denied by the commander of the Chiss Ascendacy, saying they want her to be an ambassador to the New Republic/whatever it is. Accepting her destiny, Scillia proceeds to begin her Jedi training under the few good Jedi who helped during the battle.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Morga finds herself on a world covered in dark clouds and filled with a graveyard of ancient starships. There, in the shadows of one ship, a voice speaks: “Welcome.”


Random PT ideas

Welp, I’m back at this again, dropping off another random PT rewrite idea. This idea is a more recent one that I thought would be interesting to discuss: the pre-PT Clone Wars.

We all know how the plot of the actual prequels played out and how it contradicted how the Clone Wars had been pre-PT material. So what if we kept the plot of the SW prequels as is, but changed the setting so it follows more of the pre-CW material from the 90s and before (specifically the Clonemasters, Spaarti cylinders, mad Jedi clones, Owen being Obi-Wan’s brother, etc.)? Following off that idea, I had an idea to make Obi-Wan the main character of the story. Stuff like Anakin being a Chosen One (not THE CHOSEN ONE in the films, keep in mind) can still exist, but it may require a lot of tweaking around.

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (32 BBY)


  • Instead of the Trade Federation blockading Naboo for trade disputes, it could be the Clonemasters, enemies of the Old Republic, invading a neutral Naboo to gain its cloning resources to remedy their clone madness problem (an issue from the Thrawn Trilogy that had a clone go insane after some time).

  • Obi-Wan would be like Luke from ESB, a commander with experience yet still optimistic and idealistic. He serves Bail Organa, alongside General Qui-Gon Jinn, and the two are working to bring Naboo to the Republic’s side when they learn what the Clonemasters are doing. After rescuing the queen and her counselors, Obi-Wan would take the crew to his old home on Tatooine, where he would be forced to meet his estranged brother Owen (whom he abandoned to join the war) as well as a teenaged Anakin.

  • Qui-Gon recognizes Anakin for his power and believes him to be the Chosen One, which puts pressure on the young man. Obi-Wan, not caring about that, begins a friendship with Anakin.

  • Padme would relegated to a counselor who wishes to join the Republic and bring stability to her world. She is very wide-eyed idealistic, contrast to Anakin’s more gruff and almost cynical view on life.

  • Maul in this story could easily be one of many cloned Jedi who is on the verge of madness. The real Maul would serve in Palpatine’s place, which can excuse TPM Maul being sliced in half (as he’s just a clone).

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones (22 BBY)


  • The Clone Wars would be over years before this story, but we see the galaxy is still trying to heal as well as deal with remnants of the Clonemasters. These remnants have joined a small group who wishes to leave the Republic due to corruption in the Senate and apathy for those still suffering in the Outer Rim. Dooku can or cannot appear in this (if he does appear, I’d make him more of a secret agent working for the Jedi).

  • Obi-Wan, former general of Bail Organa, trains a more matured Anakin Skywalker. After the two of them had fought in the Clone Wars, they have gone on several missions to war-torn worlds and have seen much devastation caused by the Clonemasters. For Obi-Wan, seeing the same death he saw on Naboo has him believe that Maul or some clones of Maul still exist out there and he tries to hunt them down following a failed assassination attempt on Padme. His search would have him learn about Maul working with the splinter group and believing that they need to be stopped.

  • Anakin, though trained in the Jedi arts, still has his cynicism after seeing the inefficiencies of the Republic and Senate, and he is swayed to Palpatine’s influence because of this. Palpatine’s influence is what allows Anakin to become close to Padme, as Anakin is sent to guard her from assassins following a failed attempt (and if possible, we could have Anakin face off another Maul clone). Anakin is also a bit of a hardened veteran who finds his light in Padme, who is more cautious of politics in the Republic. In this version, the Jedi are allowed to marry and have kids.

  • All of this would head to a confrontation of Jedi vs clones, only to be saved by a new forces of Republic shock troopers who were made in secret.

  • Following the crisis of corruption, the Jedi install a trustworthy person (Mon Mothma?) as head of the Republic. Though the Jedi are honest and loyal, they and their candidate are easily booed by the corrupt Senators who try to bring about the downfall of this person.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (19 BBY)


  • The Jedi are hunting down the final remnants of the Clonemasters. This can be shown at the beginning as some people are illegally transporting Clonemaster tech, and the Jedi try to crack down on it, only for their accomplishments to be taken by the growing military of the Republic.

  • Also, the splinter group is still a threat to the Republic, so Palpatine has been manipulating the military to send shock troopers to eliminate key threats to his plans. If Dooku is this story and is still a secret Jedi agent leaking info to the Jedi about the splinter group working with Maul, then Palpatine could have Anakin kill Dooku to eliminate the chance of his secrets getting out.

  • As Palpatine is growing in power, the Jedi suspect him as the perpetrator behind the Clone Wars (especially with more evidence that they have been recovering over the past few years). Thus, they try to oust him and remove him from power, but their plans are undone as the people have been turned against them.

  • For Anakin, he has married Padme but there is not words of a baby yet. Padme would revealed to have been pregnant by the end of the story.

  • Maul could serve in Grievous’ position, minus dying in the midpoint of the story.

  • For the final duel, Obi-Wan would find himself not only fighting Maul, but a corrupted Anakin, in a three-way duel atop a volcanic installation. Maul would die, and Anakin would be left behind, as Obi-Wan can’t bring himself to kill his old friend.

And that’s it. Again, these idea are very bare and will require a lot of tweaking around, but I do you have find it a bit interesting. Take care.

SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)

Hello, again! This post is continuing into act 2 of Star Wars Episode X: “From the Unknown.” Enjoy!

Taken to the secret base of the shattered First Order, Scillia, Corban, and NX-D9 are imprisoned. Scillia is meant to be experimented for her Force powers, Corban to be interrogated for his knowledge of the galaxy’s status, and NX-D9 to be picked apart to find any knowledge on the fallen Jedi Morga and have its memory wiped. In the case of the first, Scillia, in her cell, hears a voice call out to her, one that speaks in Basic yet she can still understand it clearly. For Corban, he is interrogated by the Master of the Knights of Ren, to whom Corban laughs and mocks them for turning away from Skywalker’s path. The Knight of Ren interrogating him says that Skywalker betrayed them, and proceeds to torture him for information about Morga.

Speaking of Morga, she arrives in orbit of the base with the Grysk, using the shuttle that Corban left behind. The Grysk stays behind, while Morga dons a spacesuit and goes into space to destroy the window of the bridge of the FO ship she first encountered over Moraband. Mostly everyone is sucked out, and Morga glides onto the bridge before the doors slammed down and the bridge is pressurized. With the doors sealed off, Morga uses the Force to mind control the rest of the crew and have them ram their ship onto the planet which the FO base is.

Pinch 1 - With Morga crashing the ship, Scillia manages to escape in the chaos and find the droid first, now in full form with limbs and all, before they go to retrieve Corban. It also during their escape that they encounter the Grysk after Scillia, forcing the trio into the base’s secret cloning facility filled with vats of clones, which the Grysk follows after them into. There, Scillia manages to see a cloaked figure by one of the vats, the figure inside it disfigured from genetic mutation like the rest yet alive and thinking unlike the others. When Scillia approaches,the figure disappears, and the Grysk appears to attack her, forcing her to break open the vat using a blaster. The man, now free, uses the Force to push the Grysk back into other cloning vats that ultimately kill him, and the man retrieves a cloak from a dead Knights of Ren and leaves with the trio onto the shuttle that Corban initially used. However, Morga has decimated the FO and the Knights of Ren, leaving only the trainees and recruits left to gain their starcharts about the Grysk task force they were trying to meet.

Midpoint - Using the shuttle, our heroes escape to Known Space. Scillia tries to talk to the clone, who introduces himself as Owen, but Corban tells her not to-the droid translating-as he’s a clone. When Scillia asks for more, Corban remains silent but appears to know more. That is when they arrive on the planet of the New Republic/its successor, called Taris (from KotOR). There, they find themselves meeting with a few other Jedi, who look down on Corban (who is revealed to have been a former student of Rey’s long ago) and disregard the clone as a nobody. However, they take interest in Scillia as they note her Force abilities.

Pinch 2 - Morga finds herself meeting with the Grysk fleet, stating she wants to find the source of the darkness in exchange for allowing them to conquer Known Space in the name of “their Dark Redeemer.” Morga first proves this by helping fight off forces of the Chiss Expansionary Fleet.

Plot Point 2 - The Chiss fleet finds themselves at Taris, following the signature left by Scillia. Reunited with her people, Scillia is happy, but it is short-lived as the Chiss inform her and the people of Known Space regarding their encounter with the Grysk. Seeing the situation, the two form a reluctant alliance, helped by the convincing of Scillia and co.

SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)

Hello there! This is just a continuation of my previous post. Here I will be going into the first act of Episode X. This is a plot synopsis but I hope you like it.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


Episode X

From the Unknown

A fractured galaxy. Since the defeat of the First Order, many have tried to bring together the star systems affected by the great conflict. Among them, the Jedi are beginning to regroup and have brought it upon themselves to impose their own sense of justice on lawless worlds.

With few allies, the dying First Order seeks new allies in the UNKNOWN REGIONS of the galaxy. They have already established contact with aliens who promises them amazing technology.

Far from civilization, two from each side meets with plans of glory. Unbeknownst to them, a wild card appears in her own search for power…

Inciting Incident - Scillia is used by the Grysk, along with other aliens from the Unknown Regions for them to meet with the First Order over a desolate planet. It is during this meeting that the fallen Jedi Morga appears, searching for the supposed source of the Dark Side, which she first believes is Moraband. She attacks and interrupts the meeting, allowing Scillia to escape with a few other slaves, to which Morga regards with apathy. Scillia is sadly the only one left, as she buries the other slaves and meets with translator droid disregarded the FO, BR-B1.

Left on the planet, Scillia tries to get to know the droid, who communicates using a Sy Bisti dialect that she’s familiar with. The droid is available to learn about the Chiss from Scillia and is surprised to see her treating him with more respect than his previous masters, as the Chiss believe that machines are used to uplift their society and help them in their everyday lives. A few days pass, with Scillia barely able to find water, and she does, the water tastes like it was burning and acid in her mouth. It is during this time that she comes across a Grysk, one abandoned by his allies and tried to capture all the escaping slaves. Scillia manage to barely escape, leaving the Grysk in a deep ditch.

Eventually, a shuttle (maybe like the one from Rogue One) landing elsewhere, and out of it comes Corban Jast, a pilot for the New Republic/Galactic Alliance/whatever gov’t exists after the sequel trilogy. Searching for Morga, he explores the planet for a bit, wondering why she would even come here and eventually coming across both Scillia and the droid, who were just chased by the Grysk.

After calming down, Scillia manages to communicate with Corban. With help from the droid, both agreed to work together and explore the world. Eventually, the trio come across a deep valley filled with broken statues and old tombs. It is then that Corban recognizes the world in horror: Moraband, homeworld of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Corban takes the lead into the tombs, with Scillia asking just what is a Sith, to which Corban responds with “bad people who use their powers for themselves and end up destroying themselves.” It is in the Valley of the Dark Lords that Corban tells Scillia to wait while he goes off to find Morga in one of the tombs, perhaps one made for Darth Bane, the first Dark Lord of the Sith, one made for Darth Vader.

Plot Point 1 - While Corban tries to spy on Morga, Scillia finds Morga’s starfighter/Corban’s ship and tries to send out a beacon, so her people could find her. This garners the attention of the First Order ship still nearby Moraband as they arrive, and Scillia goes to warn Corban, still spying on Morga who cracks her kyber crystal. It is during this moment that Corban tries and fails to shoot Morga, who mocks him for using a blaster and “ignoring his gifts.” As the trio is then captured by the First Order, Morga seemingly disappears to find the lost and wounded Grysk, using the Force to probe his mind and says “tell me more about these… Grysk.”

SW: Beyond Trilogy (Episodes X, XI, and XII)

Well, it’s been a long time since I touched this site, but I’m back and with (yet) another idea. This is something I had months ago, when news of “The Rise of Skywalker” had been scarce. This “Beyond Trilogy” consists of Star Wars episodes 10, 11, and 12. This would surround the Unknown Regions. It is based on assumptions, inspiration, theories, and ideas from not only the sequel trilogy but from Rian Johnson’s supposed trilogy focused on the Unknown Regions. There’s no way this would actually happen, but I thought it would be fun to share.

This trilogy takes place somewhere between 50 or 75 ABY. Here, the New Republic or whatever government exists following the sequels (probably will be the New Republic anyway) tries to bring together a galaxy fractured by the defeated First Order. This version of Jedi have either been rebuilt by Rey or brought together by other Force-sensitives. However, the Jedi have spread out across the galaxy and impose their own sense of justice on lawless worlds (think of the Justice Lords from the DCAU or the Seven from The Boys, except not as completely bad). It is during this time that the Known Galaxy comes into contact with the Unknown Region.

The main villains would be the Grysk, aliens mentioned in Timothy Zahn’s “Thrawn: Allegiance” book. Timothy Zahn made these Gryskas aliens who raid worlds and take Force-sensitives to navigate through the Unknown Regions. For the purpose of this trilogy, they still retain that, but I also made them believe themselves to be servants of ‘the Dark Redeemer.’ As mentioned before, the Vader of this story would be a fallen Jedi student named Morga, who is searching for a presence calling out to her (the supposed ‘source of the Dark Side’ mentioned in the Disney canon). It is her search that leads to her eventual alliance with the Gryssk, who come into contact with and war against the New Republic.

It is through these villains that our heroes come together:

  1. Scilia - a Chiss from the Chiss Ascendancy who was kidnapped as a slave for her Force sensitivity. She thought it would pass on as she got older but it has only lasted longer with her being in Known Space.

  2. Corban Jast - An ex-Jedi who cut himself off from the Force after seeing his fellow Jedi run rampant.

  3. NX-D9 - a droid of the broken and fledgling First Order initially used to serve as a translator during the First Order’s initial meeting with the Grysk.

And with that out of the way, I’ll see if I can get to my first installment… in another post. For now, let me know what you think. Is it any good? Any improvements needed? Thanks.

Rewriting the OT-What would you do?

SparkySywer said:

Since the OT is the source material of Star Wars, I’m assuming you mean a complete Star Wars reboot, and not something in the same vein as prequel rewrites where I’d have to keep them in line with some existing material.

I’ve always liked the idea of a 1800s or pre-WWI 1900s Star Wars with some anachronism. It’s set on one planet, with boats instead of spaceships, real sabers instead of light sabers, Vader is a full-on samurai. Technology and culture haven’t evolved in the same way on this planet as our own, so naval warfare technology is advanced, with WWII-era planes (to keep that dogfighting babey), but other areas of technology are lagging. The Death Star would be the first nuclear weapon this world has seen.

I meant trying to fall in line with the existing material, but this is good too. Really interesting idea, and I think this was already done with Steam Wars, which is a sort of steampunk parody of Star Wars that falls in line of what you have in mind (it’s actually pretty interesting, so I’d say read it if you can).

How you pictured Anakin pre-PT

Well, this thread is probably long dead, but I thought I’d come back to this after what I’ve just found. Apparently, there is an image of pre-pt Anakin, his wife, and baby Luke from 1993, called ‘The Skywalker Flame’ (link below). Brian Ashmore had made the image for Topps’ Star Wars Galaxy 2 card set, which was sadly pulled from the project. It looks kinda cool, similar to the young Obi-Wan trading card with Alec Guiness, especially with a 30-ish Anakin and his shadow forming Darth Vader.

Rewriting the OT-What would you do?

Alright, so there’ve been rewrites of the SW prequels, sequels, and even some expanded material. While I’ve seen people what changes could be made, but I haven’t really seen any full rewrites. This isn’t meant to criticize the OT, since it’s the OT and I would have never thought about rewriting, but I am curious to know what else could have been done with the stories we were given, and it is fun to share ideas with other people.

So, if you were to rewrite the whole SW original trilogy, how would you do it? Would you make any major changes, or just smaller ones to the whole trilogy? I’d love to hear them.

Last web series/tv show seen

Well, I’m kind of late, but I thought I’d throw my own two cents in. The series (or two) I’ve seen were both animated: RoosterTeeth’s recently-released military, mecha, sci-fi web show called “Gen: Lock”; and a sort of obscure, independent, Arabic superhero show called “Emara: Emirates Hero” by Eating Star Studious.

For “Gen: Lock,” I’ve only seen the first episode, but it looks pretty decent. A typical set-up that involves a near-future war of political ideologies involving mecha. The writing seems good, and I’m surprised the crew got well-known actors (and that’s not including Maise Williams, David Tennant, and so on) like Michael B. Jordan and Dakota Fanning voicing the main lead Chase and his love interest Mirana, both members of the Vanguard who fight against the nanotech-based Union. I’d say give it a watch, and I’m hoping RoosterTeeth eventually makes the rest of their episodes free to watch on the site.

As for “Emara,” it’s first and foremost a typical superhero show that takes place and was made in the Middle East (a rarity to say the least). It follows the adventures of Emara, a cybernetic superhero who fights crime in her home, the bustling city of Dubai (think Sailor Moon or Miraculous in the Middle East). There is nothing deep about it, but the cultural elements (and anime references/rip-offs) in the background are nice little touches, and I’m a sucker for independent works, so this immediately caught my eye. The animation is pretty decent (for an independent animated work), and I liked the characters. Some of the voices, specifically the male ones, are so-so at best, but that is only in the English dub, as the show is also available in Arabic with better voices and English subtitles if you prefer. The first season (a total of five episodes, 10 minutes each) is available for free on YouTube, so give it a watch if you’re interested.

SW: Birthright (A TFA Rewrite)

Welp, I haven’t touched this in many months. For anyone first reading this post, this is my attempt to rewrite the sequel trilogy (and this idea began before TLJ came out, though I will admit that the controversy surrounding it has helped me to push forward with the story). Anyway, I’ve managed to write some more chapters and I’ll see if I can post more later on. For now, let me know what you think of chapter 1. I hope it’s at least interesting (in a good way).

Years later…

“Fear is like a double-edged sword,” Rey remembered her master say in his deep and commanding voice. “Fear can drive people to paranoia, creating distrust and chaos. To let it win over you proves that you are weak. To survive, you must conquer your fear and make it your weapon. By proving you can face it, by inflicting it on your enemies, will you gain true power.”

“Like that’s helpful here,” Rey said sarcastically while she floated down what used to be the corridor of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The comfort of her white spacesuit protected Rey from the harsh vacuum, not from everything else. An empty Star Destroyer was the last place anyone would want be in, save for a smuggler hiding from local authorities or a scavenger scouring for spare parts. It had no gravity, no power whatsoever, not to mention the lingering bodies and debris. It was, in every sense of the word, dead.

Rey breathed more the glass of her helmet. Floating all over were the bodies of officers and Stormtroopers from the waning days of the Empire. Their bodies were maimed by old blaster marks, some torn to pieces, others bent in unnatural ways.

‘There’s nothing to fear. They’re dead. They won’t harm you,’ Rey told herself, trying not to make eye contact with the corpses’ ghastly faces. She had to keep calm, she had to focus.

So, Rey closed her eyes and stretched out. She heard the quiet air once filled with marching boots and felt the buzz of electrical currents in old machinery. Rey searched through the old corridors, brushing up against the cold corpses and the slight sting of heated ozone against the walls.

Following her senses, Rey propelled her feet off the wall and floated forwards. Making great care not to disturb the dead, she reached the end of the corridor and made a left into another. She continued onwards until she finally saw it. A simple doorway, rectangular in shape and with what used to a number of locks that would open up. In its center was a gaping hole that Rey squeezed herself through.

“The Empire certainly loved their ships,” she commented upon entering the bridge.

As Rey went past the bridge’s lone communications console, she saw the walkway leading up to the shattered window where the ship’s commanding officer would wait and observe a battle. Down below were small pits where the lower ranking officers would relay commands from their terminals. It was a simple, utilitarian design that preferred efficiency and an establishment of command. No wonder the First Order adapted the design into their own ships.

Another push off the floor, and Rey gently glided over the bridge’s scorched walkway. It felt dead here as it did everywhere else. Any corpses were likely sucked out into space, or the rest ran from the bridge before succumbing to their inevitable fate.

There was something else, though. Rey put a hand to the bridge and stopped herself. Her eyes darted around for anything out of place.

Then, something came up from behind. A pair of arms wrapped around Rey, squeezing her into a tight lock before she could slip away. “I got her!” her attacker shouted through the communication systems.

Struggling in her captor’s arms, Rey saw two more figures in white plasteel armor coming out of hiding. First Order Stormtroopers, and so was her captor, Rey guessed. The two in front stared with their black lenses and tear-like lines that ran down their helmets. “Huh, this was too easy,” one, a woman, said.

“Careful, you know what she is,” cautioned the other, a taller, male trooper. “Who knows what she can pull on us.”

The trooper holding Rey said, “Uh, sir. I can’t hold her for much longer.”

“I have this,” the male Stormtrooper in front said.

Rey’s eyes widen when the trooper raised his chrome and white blaster rifle. Time slowed as the trooper slowly pulled his finger on the trigger. Rey closed her eyes, falling into the Force for something, anything that could help. What she received was her master’s voice scolding her.

“What are you waiting for? Attack!”

Rey swung her head back into the face of the Stormtrooper holding her. He cried out in pain as he let go. Freeing herself, Rey kicked off the Stormtrooper with both feet and flew to the two in front.

“She’s loose!” the female trooper shouted.

The other one aimed. Flying forward, Rey kicked the rifle out of the trooper’s hands and grabbed it. The man was knocked out by a stun blast, having no time to even make a sound. The female Stormtrooper quickly drew her rifle. Rey was quicker, and two of her would-be captors were unconscious.

Rey whirled around at the final Stormtrooper, the one who tried to grab her. “Don’t shoot!” begged the last man, who raised his arms in surrender.

For a full second, Rey froze. She felt a wave of fear from the Stormtrooper and pondered on her choices. The trooper had assaulted her, but at her mercy, he was nothing more than a sniveling coward. Not even worth the effort.

A second later, Rey started to lower the blaster.

A warning flared in the Force, and Rey saw it. The trooper reached for his blaster. He fired-

-and Rey ducked and fired back in righteous anger. The last Stormtrooper, too late to realize his mistake, floated aimlessly with his comrades.

Slowly rising to her full height, Rey could not help but notice how everything was oddly quiet. Through her dulled senses, she only felt a slight shiver of running down her back.

Then, the comm in her helmet chimed, and a voice came through it. “Apprentice, report,” it said.

Pressing the button oh her helm, Rey answered it. “Training complete, master. All Stormtroopers incapacitated.”

There was a short pause on the other end, and the voice said, “Return to base, at once. We will discuss your performance when you come back.”

Rey frowned. She knew that tone well enough to know what it meant: she had not passed. At least, not her master’s expectations, and that meant she was in for quite the lecture, or worse. Conceding to her fate, Rey gave a meager reply. “… Yes, master.”

Starkiller Base looked beautiful and frightening at the same time. Instead of a base built on a planet, the planet itself was practically sculpted into a base. From orbit, it still retained its swirling clouds and green land masses, but the most disbursing thing was giant man-made indent, with a large ring in the center that glowed like an erupting volcano. On the planet itself, it was always winter, the terrain covered in snow-capped mountains and forests, and little sunlight that made it past the clouds.

After the shuttle had landed, Rey quickly stepped off the boarding ramp and planted her two feet on the pristine floor with a satisfying thud. She welcomed the cold draft coming inside the landing bay, closing her eyes and letting it brisk through her braided brown hair. Unlike the hard and uncaring vacuum of space, the cold on Starkiller Base was smooth and calm.

It was cut short when Rey heard, “Ma’am.” It was another Stormtrooper, who walked onto the pad. “Knight Ren is awaiting you in the main communications chamber.”

Rey eyed the giant man-made chasm in front of her. She tried not to sigh, moreso when she saw a pair of medics carrying out each of the three Stormtroopers Rey had knocked out. Reminded of her impending doom, Rey nodded to the trooper in front, and her boots left hollow echoes on her way to her master.

After leaving the hangar bay, Rey found herself in a crisscross of corridors and halls. They were part of Starkiller Base that went deep into the planet and made it more suitable for harboring soldiers, weapons, and so on. It was easy to get lost without memorizing the necessary pathways, which Rey had done so often in the past. She did not want to ask for directions, not when she already displeased her superiors.

Still, Rey, wearing a black and sleeveless tunic, easily stood out from the white-clad Stormtroopers. To say she received some stares was an understatement. Rey wanted snap at those troopers eying her and remind them of their place, but only superior officers and Knights of Ren could do that.

‘You’re not there yet,’ Rey reminded herself just as she arrived at her destination.

The door in front of Rey was larger than most doors, even if it had the same box-like arch as most did. A cold shiver ran through Rey’s body from the presences she felt. She continued on anyway, and the door slid open.

Darkness first greeted Rey. Her own footsteps echoed off the transparisteel floor while her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. The only source of light came from the ceiling and shone on a lone spot, where Rey’s audience stood in wait. Entering the chamber, Rey could hear voices. They were distant, and almost electronic, but the subject of their conversation was all too obvious.

“… too hesitant, too…”

“… weak in the Force…”

“… lacks any real strength…”

With a restrained frown, Rey continued through the darkness. The closer she came, the more noticeable were figures in the light, they in black uniforms and round helmets designating them as Knights of Ren. Their figures shifted slightly, like ghosts, but their voices were clear.

“Against a real foe, she would…”

“… why train her anymore?”

A voice cut through them all, and it belonged to the only person not shifting in place. “You underestimate her potential.”

Rey, still in the shadows, stopped and eyed her master. Xa-re Ren, dressed in a long tunic, clasped his armored gloves behind his back. His helmet, black and round like all the others’, turned to his fellow knights. “She can be capable of great things,” Xa-re continued. “And yet you put these setbacks upon her. She had passed her test and defeat all the Stormtroopers, correct?”

“But she failed to sense those troopers, and those were just three,” said another Knight, Delray Ren, who clasped his staff. “She is weak, Xa-re!”

“Perhaps, but you forget, Lord Vader started out weak.”

“And you forget Lord Vader’s power was unlike anything the old Jedi had seen!” argued another, a large figure with a machete-like blade, whose name escaped Rey.

Before another argument broke out, a gloved hand rose and the entire group fell silent. That raised hand belonged to Kalra Ren, acting master of the Knights of Ren. At the head of the circle, she stood like a dark monolith on Coruscant, clothed in long, black robes. Her voice was a melodious as the hum of a lightsaber and just as threatening.

“Everyone, you all bring many good points. But this discussion only delays our plans, and we need more members. Xa-re may continue to train his student…” Kalra said, her face visor on Xa-re, “… for now.”

“Thank you,” Xa-re said with a bow to Kalra Ren.

“Until the next time, you all know what to do,” Kalra said to everyone. “May the spirit of Lord Vader guide us.”

“May the spirit of Lord Vader guide us,” the others repeated in unison.

Then, the connection ended, and one by one, the Knights of Ren’s holograms disappeared from the holopad. All but Xa-re, who sighed and stood there for a long second. “You should have spoken up while they were still here, Rey,” Xa-re called out as he turned to face his pupil.

Rey almost gulped when Xa-re’s slit-like visor stared straight at her. “Come forward,” he commanded.

For a moment, Rey did not move. When she did, her steps were slow and awkward. A part of her wanted to keep still and avoid what punishment her master had in mind, a part Rey tried to silence. ‘Come on, you’re not a little girl anymore!’ she chided herself.

After a bit of deliberation, she forced herself into the light. Xa-re took a couple steps forward until he stood over Rey, casting a small shadow over her. “It’s difficult defending you in front of the others,” he said with a tinge of impatience. “I’m sure I don’t have to repeat what many of them said.”

“I’m sorry, master,” Rey said quietly, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Do you know why I did so?” Rey shook her head and awaited her mentor’s berating. “Because your failure wasn’t your strength, or your inability to sense your enemy. Given the circumstances, you did well enough.”

Now, Rey looked at her mentor. “I did?”

“Yes, save for the end. Do you know what happened?” Xa-re said. Rey said or did nothing, so he continued, “You hesitated. You had a chance to shoot that man, but you didn’t.”

Rey opened her mouth to say something. She closed it, trying to think of an answer. But what could she say?
Any words froze as Rey stared at the black emitter of a lightsaber. The light dangerously gleamed off the cylindrical frame and trailed down to the end. Grasping the saber, Xa-re spoke again.

“I can push the switch if I choose so.” To prove his point, he gently placed his thumb atop the activator switch and coldly asked, “If I deemed you a threat to the First Order, what would I do?”

“You… you would push the switch,” Rey managed to say with baited breath.

Xa-re lowered his unlit saber, to Rey’s relief. “Very good. At least, you have learned that much.”

A look of shame crept up Rey’s face. Every time she had failed a lesson, which she tried to limit, Rey had that same expression. Xa-re, seeing it, continued, “Rey, understand that why you hesitated isn’t important. The fact is that you did. You cannot afford to make that mistake again, otherwise it will cost you.”

Rey remained quiet as she took in this new information. Xa-re stood there, his emotionless mask staring down at her for a long moment. Then, he said, “Head to your quarters, and rest for an hour. Then, we’ll be going…”

Before Rey knew it, her master already left her in the light. Watching him leave, Rey echoed, “‘Going?’”

“For a hike,” Xa-re answered, and Rey immediately regretted asking.

A hike, by Xa-re Ren’s standards, was not as pleasant as anyone would think. It was a training exercise involving a long walk on top the mountains on Starkiller Base’s surface, and this particular mountain barely had any trees on its many rocky paths. Rey, instructed to wear her dark tunic, shivered from the cold. She rubbed her hands on her bare arms and kept her legs moving on the mountain path, so they would not grow stiff.

Through the howl of the wind, Rey heard, “I’m waiting!”

Rey looked up. Xa-re Ren stood at the mountaintop, his own long tunic flapping into the wind. He was unmoving, and while he wore a mask, Rey knew he glaring at her with impatience. She hurried as fast as she could and trudged through patches of ice and the wind nipping at her skin.

By the time Rey reached the top, she let herself collapse on her knees. Her master was still standing there, glaring down at her. “Get up,” Xa-re commanded, his voice strangely calm.

“I-i-is t-there m-more w-w-walking?” Rey asked through chattering teeth.

“No, but you’d probably feel better next to the fire than here,” he explained coyly as he gestured toward a small campfire. No doubt, Xa-re made it while he was waiting.

Rey wasted no time and crawled to the fire on her knees. She held out her hands to the flames and took in their soothing warmth. The snow Rey had gathered began to melt away. The way the fire sizzled and popped sounded so calm against the harsh winds, but they could not drown out her master’s footsteps.

Rey glanced to Xa-re standing across the fire. “You’re fortunate the other Knights did not expel you right then and there,” Xa-re spoke with a small gruffness, which made Rey look back at the flames, the shame of before still fresh. “There is no one else here, Rey. You may speak your mind,” he assured.

Rey hesitated for a moment, then she said, “I understand what I did wrong, but…”


“… I don’t know why it is such a big mistake. The man had surrendered.”

“Only to trick you,” Xa-re retorted stoically. “Take this fire here. Comfortable, yes?”

Rey nodded, and Xa-re’s boot kicked at the burning wood. The flames were doused and extinguished by the snow. As her hopes for warmth faded away in the smoky trails, Rey tried not to glare at her mentor.

“One the many lessons you’ll learn,” Xa-re told her. “In this galaxy, there are only people who will take from you and never give back… Think of that trooper you spared. Imagine if he was a criminal or a rebel. He would have done anything to ensure his own survival. That includes killing you.”

“Perhaps, the others think that’s for the best,” Rey thought bitterly on the Knights of Ren’s words. She soon realized, and regretted, what she said out loud.

“You underestimate your importance,” Xa-re said as he looked up. “Tell me what do you see.”

Rey obeyed and looked at the night sky above. “Stars,” her mouth said, but her mind had the true answer: freedom. She barely left Starkiller Base in years and even when she did, it was not very far from its orbit. She wanted to see the other worlds out there, explore them for the First Order to take, but that was only in her dreams…

“Yes,” Xa-re agreed mirthfully, however muffled it sounded. “Once, we were an empire that ruled all those stars. It spread across the galaxy with a fleet no one could challenge.”

“That was before the rebellion,” Rey interjected as she wondered why she was being told this. She already read it all from the old Imperial archives.

Xa-re looked back down, his visor seemingly dull. “Yes. Now, the rebellion calls itself a republic, a democracy for all to enjoy,” he went on with an over amount of sarcasm, something Rey rarely heard. “But the reality is that nothing has changed. There has been no drop in crime, no end to the carnage. Nothing… It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic.”

“… I still don’t understand,” Rey murmured. “What does this have to do with me?”

Xa-re said nothing. He gestured Rey to come closer, and she did. She stood by her master’s side for several seconds. There were only snow and mountains. Just as barren as the cold.

Then, Rey saw it. For a second, she thought her mind was playing games. That thought was proven false as rays of light came over the horizon.

On Starkiller Base, the thick clouds allowed little sunlight to come through. However, there were few moments where enough light could make the whole planet shine, or so Rey had heard. Now, as twilight approached, right before Rey’s eyes, a great glow fell upon Starkiller Base’s white-clad surface, turning sludgy patches into shining white snow and barren mountains into vast valleys.

That was not all. The great chasm of Starkiller Base’s trench stretched across the white plains, dividing the land in two. Instead of birds or flying critters, TIE fighters and other vessels came to and from the various hangars and platforms embedded into the mountains. From where Rey stood, the life essence of everyone on the planet flooded her mind. She only returned to reality when Xa-re spoke again.

“That right there is what is left. It may be small, but one day, it will cover star systems.” Xa-re faced Rey, his hands behind his back like always. “The First Order is the heir to the Empire. It is meant to return stability to the galaxy, but there will be those who will try to stop that from happening. If they find this place, years of hard work could be ruined in mere moments.”

“But what of the Knights of Ren? They can hide this place, even from the Jedi, right?” Rey inquired.

“Yes, but that’s not all who we are. We were formed to lead the First Order, to make sure those with the Force can deliver order and peace with a just hand. And all of that down there is our responsibility,” Xa-re said, pointing a hand at the First Order installations.

Xa-re paused and put a hand on Rey’s shoulder, surprising the young woman. “If you wish to become one of us, you must be willing to do whatever’s necessary for the First Order… through any means or sacrifice, no matter how questionable it may be. Do you understand?”

Rey met Xa’re’s visor. For an instant, behind the mask that once scared her as a child, the tint of gray eyes gently gleamed with certainty. In those eyes, Rey saw calm and understanding. Slowly and truthfully, she answered, “I… I understand, Master Xa-re.”

“Very good.” Pleased, Xa-re put his hand behind his back. “Now, prepare your things. You will need to be ready for your first mission.”

Rey could not believe it. Her first mission, already? “All the information you need will be sent to your datapad,” Xa-re continued. “You’re to depart immediately after packing your things.”

“Yes, my master,” Rey nodded her head before she turned to leave.

“And Rey!”

Turning back around, Rey caught something that Xa-re tossed to her. Her hands carefully traced the object, and her widened eyes went back to her master. “Use it well,” was all he said.

Again, Rey nodded. With her new gift in hand, she went back down the mountain, feeling she could take on the whole galaxy.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Belated Media version) - How to do it?

Another dumb idea that won’t leave me alone, so here we go!

Alright, so we all know about Belated Media’s PT rewrites called “What if Episode [insert number] was good?” (, and I’ve been wondering how would The Clone Wars fit in his universe. Obviously, you can’t put the actual cartoon (either 2003 or 2008 versions) because of Dooku’s fate in Belated Media’s episode 2, so a new kind of continuity would have to be made.

I’m thinking of following the old ideas of TCW with a set of new characters going on missions across the galaxy during the Clone Wars. “Movie characters” would be sidelined to allow for more focus on the show’s heroes, like how it was in Rebels. For the villain to oppose our heroes, I’m thinking someone like Ventress or Aurra Sing (not both as they’re pretty much the same character) who still follow their roles from Legends canon (Ventress being an assassin and Aurra being a paid mercenary). They would still work under General Grievous, who (in Belated Media’s version) leads the Separatists against the Republic. Also, regarding the Sith, they would be in the shadows instead of openly leading the Separatists (like how they appeared in TPM, only more menacing).

What do you guys think? If given the chance, how would you rewrite TCW to fit Belated Media’s PT (or would you at all)? I’d be happy to know what ideas you can come up with.

Random PT ideas

livecraig1 said:

Sounds interesting would love to hear more about Kara. Would she have been Luke and Leia’s mother in your draft?

Kara wouldn’t have been Luke and Leia’s mom. That would still be Padme, who would serve a smaller role appear in Part 2 of the trilogy. I thought about going this route because it allows Kara to be her own character, and it steers away from the idea of having like main male and female characters (at least those in the main trio) hook up with each other.

Random PT ideas

Welp, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I hope to get back into things. Anyway, one idea I’ve had for the past couple of years is to have Owen and Beru as my PT’s C-3PO and R2-D2 (respectively). In SW77, they already appear to know Anakin and Obi-Wan pretty well, so I think it would make sense the two would act as the bickering young couple who get wrapped in the adventures of our heroes. The opening scene in one PT version would entail Owen and Beru trying to get to Coruscant, where they would visit Anakin, leading to this scene…

“We’re lost,” Owen grumbled lowly as he stared at the vast crowd of aliens and humans in front of him.

Standing beside him against the wall, his fiance, a petite woman, shook her head. “We’re not lost. We just need to figure out what level we’re at,” she said, trying to peer over a bulbous head. “I think they have a number somewhere around here…”

Owen would have crossed his arms if he was not carrying luggage in his each. As much as he loved Beru Whitesun for her optimism, there were times it was too unrealistic and downright frustrating. The pair were supposed to be on their way to Coruscant, when their shuttle had a slight “leaky engine,” dropping them and everyone else aboard at Axis Station, nearby the Mid Rim’s Craston Nebula.

As Owen expected, it was a run-of-the-mill orbital station; centuries old, crowded, and its facilities less than up to sanitary standards. Being from Tatooine, it wasn’t that bad, and Owen and Beru’s ragged desert clothes made them blend in well with the crowd.

The problem was that they were stuck in this blasted when they needed to get on another shuttle, and they had no idea where it was. Not to mention their shuttle passes. Owen hoped the ones they bought worked, otherwise he would be having words that Toydarian merchant. He paid good money for those passes, and blast anyone if he was ripped off!

After sometime, Beru said, “I see it! Level seventy-one. We can probably take an elevator and maybe we can-”

“Beru,” Owen said again, “we’re lost.”

Beru stared at him. Her blue eyes lost their brilliance as she conceded. “Alright, what do we do?”

“Go to the desk, find out when’s the next shuttle. Then, we wait.”

“That’s it?”

“Well, it’s not like we’re going to know when the next shuttle is-”

Before he could finish, the loudspeakers chimed and a droid’s voice blared, “Attention! Attention! The last shuttle for Coruscant will be leaving in thirty minutes, station time. The last shuttle for Coruscant will be leaving in thirty minutes at docking…”

Beru reacted before Owen could even hear the full thing. “Come on!” she called out as she was already in the move.

“Beru, wait!” Owen called out, and he rushed after her, saying “excuse me” and “pardon me” to nearby aliens as he tried to keep up.

He managed to squeeze himself into the elevator Beru entered a moment before. The fishy smell was the first thing Owen noticed, since the elevator had been filled with the aquatic Selkath from Manaan. Not an awful smell, but he didn’t want to be in there for very long. “Did you catch that last bit?” Owen asked as he squeezed himself in.

“Docking bay ninety,” Beru answered. How she heard that over the crowd, Owen had no clue.

It wasn’t long before the elevator doors open to their floor. The two humans came out first, just as the loudspeakers chimed again with the same announcement, and Beru eyed the closest docking bay door. “Ninety… must be this way!” she called over her shoulder, and she ran off again.

Owen begrudgingly followed Beru down the hall. He chased after her, until she stopped a second later. “What is it?” Owen asked.

Beru slowly glanced back at him and hesitantly admitted, “We… might be lost.”

Random PT ideas

I’ve mentioned before on this site about having a PT where Owen Lars would act as the main character, an ex-Jedi or at least someone with weak Force potential who went through the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire with Beru, his estranged brother Obi-Wan, and the young Anakin (allowing to hide the potential spoilers of the OT as Anakin’s fate is left in the air). Episode 1 would take place during the Clone Wars, as Owen reunites with Obi-Wan, who would try to recruit his brother into the war, going as far as giving Owen a lightsaber. I more or less gave up on it because (other than unable to fully write a single scene) it didn’t really feel right for Owen to be given such a huge role (maybe for a smaller story, but not for a story that should be on a galaxy-wide scale like a PT story should).

Nonetheless, I did take a look at what I had. After looking at few words of prose and dialogue I actually wrote, I decided to at least complete this one scene that would be the end of the episode 1. With that said, here’s that scene.

Almost in reverence, Owen slowly lowered the hilt that Obi-Wan gave him. He turned his eyes away for a moment, just to grab a huge rock lying off to the side. Holding the rock, Owen paused to look back at it. The lightsaber was still on the sand, the setting suns gleaming off the thin frame. It was a rod of elegancy and myth as he had heard and seen many times before.
With that image in mind, Owen slammed the rock on the saber.

The hilt jostled a bit before it rested again. The rock only did enough to scratch the thing. So, Owen slammed the rock again.

And again.

And again!

And again!


At last, the rock broke the gray hilt in a loud metallic crack! A soft light sparked before smoke rose from the damaged circuits. The smoke fizzled and soon died with the hilt’s power source, now shattered in several pieces that were left in the exposed wires.

Owen tossed the rock aside, huffing from the effort. “Never again,” he whispered before he turned around.

Moments later, the Star Sayer lifted off and hurled debris and sand over the remains of a broken lightsaber.

Random PT ideas

Some years back, I had this strange idea where Galactic Empire formed 100 years before the start my episode 1. In that galaxy, the Old Republic fought in the Clone Wars and was transformed into the Empire while the Jedi are scattered but not dead. Young Anakin would have a quick encounter with Yoda (whom Anakin wouldn’t recognize), who would direct Anakin to free a man entrapped in carbonite. That man would be Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Knight from when the Old Republic fought in the Clone Wars.

It’s not much, and it was just a passing thought I quickly gave up on, with only one scene I ever wrote related to the idea which showed a brief aftermath of Obi-Wan’s rescue. Still, I thought there might be something interesting to show…

“How did you find me, exactly?” Obi-Wan asked.

“Some old troll found me,” Anakin replied while flipping a couple of switches. “He told me to find you. Didn’t give me his name.”

“What did this ‘troll’ look like?”

“Short, green, pointed ears. Had a stick with ‘im. Didn’t get his name.”

Anakin thought he saw Obi-Wan’s eyes in the reflection of the viewport’s window. “So, he’s still around…” he murmured with a nostalgic smile.

Anakin perked his head up. “What?”

“It’s nothing,” the Jedi assured, clipping his lightsaber to his belt. “Come, we have work to do.”

Alternative Prequel Ideas

Yeah, it does seem pretty strange. All Beru and Owen did was just show up for a couple scenes out of the ENTIRE PREQUEL TRILOGY with no significance other than taking in Luke.

Hence, I’ve come up with my own version. I did write a little excerpt months ago to give an idea of Beru and Owen’s roles (shameless plugging powers, AWAY!), but I doubt I’ll actually use in the finished product (that is if I actually get to writing and stop pussyfooting around it). Still, I hope it’s somewhat good.

“We’re lost,” Owen grumbled lowly as he stared at the vast crowd of aliens and humans in front of him.

Standing beside him against the wall, his fiance, a petite woman, shook her head. “We’re not lost. We just need to figure out what level we’re at,” she said, trying to peer over a bulbous head. “I think they have a number somewhere around here…”

Owen would have crossed his arms if he was not carrying luggage in his each. As much as he loved Beru Whitesun for her optimism, there were times it was too unrealistic and downright frustrating. The pair were supposed to be on their way to Coruscant, when their shuttle had a slight “leaky engine,” dropping them and everyone else aboard at Axis Station, nearby the Mid Rim’s Craston Nebula.

As Owen expected, it was a run-of-the-mill orbital station; centuries old, crowded, and its facilities less than up to sanitary standards. Being from Tatooine, it wasn’t that bad, and Owen and Beru’s ragged desert clothes made them blend in well with the crowd.

The problem was that they were stuck in this blasted when they needed to get on another shuttle, and they had no idea where it was. Not to mention their shuttle passes. Owen hoped the ones they bought worked, otherwise he would be having words that Toydarian merchant. He paid good money for those passes, and blast anyone if he was ripped off!

After sometime, Beru said, “I see it! Level seventy-one. We can probably take an elevator and maybe we can-”

“Beru,” Owen said again, “we’re lost.”

Beru stared at him. Her blue eyes lost their brilliance as she conceded. “Alright, what do we do?”

“Go to the desk, find out when’s the next shuttle. Then, we wait.”

“That’s it?”

“Well, it’s not like we’re going to know when the next shuttle is-”

Before he could finish, the loudspeakers chimed and a droid’s voice blared, “Attention! Attention! The last shuttle for Coruscant will be leaving in thirty minutes, station time. The last shuttle for Coruscant will be leaving in thirty minutes at docking…”

Beru reacted before Owen could even hear the full thing. “Come on!” she called out as she was already in the move.

“Beru, wait!” Owen called out, and he rushed after her, saying “excuse me” and “pardon me” to nearby aliens as he tried to keep up.

He managed to squeeze himself into the elevator Beru entered a moment before. The fishy smell was the first thing Owen noticed, since the elevator had been filled with the aquatic Selkath from Manaan. Not an awful smell, but he didn’t want to be in there for very long. “Did you catch that last bit?” Owen asked as he squeezed himself in.

“Docking bay ninety,” Beru answered. How she heard that over the crowd, Owen had no clue.

It wasn’t long before the elevator doors open to their floor. The two humans came out first, just as the loudspeakers chimed again with the same announcement, and Beru eyed the closest docking bay door. “Ninety… must be this way!” she called over her shoulder, and she ran off again.

Owen begrudgingly followed Beru down the hall. He chased after her, until she stopped a second later. “What is it?” Owen asked.

Beru slowly glanced back at him and hesitantly admitted, “We… might be lost.”

Alternative Prequel Ideas

NeverarGreat said:

Here’s an idea:

The Jedi are only an informal order spread across the galaxy. The Knights directly serve the Republic, and can be called on in times of crisis to protect the galaxy, but mostly they are protectors of the individual planets they call home. They are allowed to marry and have children, although their children will not often be strong in the Force. The Skywalkers are outliers in this regard.

The Jedi Masters are entirely separate from the Knights, and are primarily teachers and soothsayers, more like eccentric local wizards than proud warriors. They are often pacifists.

That’s a nice idea! My own idea is a bit similar: the Jedi Order is spread across the galaxy, with Jedi Masters in charge of their own respective academies/facilities (e.g. Yoda-Coruscant, Mace Windu- Alderaan, etc). The Jedi Masters, the heads of these outposts, would also consist of the Jedi Council.

Another idea was to have Owen and Beru as my PT’s C-3PO and R2-D2 (respectively). In SW77, they already appear to know Anakin and Obi-Wan pretty well, so I think it would make sense the two would act as the bickering young couple who get wrapped in the adventures of our heroes.