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The Mandalorian : a Radical Redux Fan Edit <strong>Ideas</strong> thread

Mandalorian could be turned into an old-fashioned serial.
15" per episode, with recaps and reduced credits.
Example: E02, purloining the egg for the Jawas. Just as the creature is about to finish him - Cliff!
Example: E03, pinned down by gunfire from the Guild - Cliff!
Could be rendered black & white, could be silent (ala, TMBTM).

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Fear and Loathing In Fantasy Mission Force (Fantasy Mission Force) - matrixgrindhouse

Man, what a rush!
For fans of old school Hong Kong this is pell mell action.
The image is not the best, 640 X 480p. Appear VHS derived.
Worse, the audio is dubbed. Actually, that makes it much funnier.
What’s missing? Why, subtitles of course. In this case, they ought to be incoherent and have nothing to do with screen activity whatsoever.
Ostensibly a mission against Axis powers, agent Jackie Chan and a horde of extras tangle with soldiers, smugglers, kidnappers, Scottish Highlanders, an inept officer corps, masked cavalry, ninjas, Amazon warriors, and, wait for it, Snake Plissken!!
“Fantasy Mission Force” was ever an insane experience.
One gathers Mr grindhouse has cut and warped this as if he were under intoxicants and hallucinogenics.
Hence, the “Fear and Loathing” prefix.
Edit is neither worse nor better than the original, though the plot condensation is stunning!

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Alien: Ripley Does Dallas (Alien 1979) - heathen3017

Not a full redo of the franchise opener, but a gentle extension.
This is a fine mix of theatrical, directorial, and extended versions.
Most noticeable added scenes are of the cocooned Dallas, and Jonesy being examined, then rejected by the xenomorph.
The Dallas sequence always felt unfinished to me (check the sequels for better cocoon work).
For whatever reason, I had never noticed Jonesy bit before.
The exterior CGI additions passed by unnoticed, a good thing.
Filesize = 2.2 GB. Thank you.
The video is a nice 1920 X 816p AVC. This a visually dark film and the image stays solid throughout.
Audio is 2 Channel stereo, 161 kbps AAC. No subs. The dynamic range is extensive. The score and effects are loud, dialogue much quieter (Ash, in particular). I was enjoying this on speakers, others around me, not so much. I eventually donned headphones.
This is an excellent edit and well crafted, and should appeal to all connoisseurs of extended versions.
In other words, Colonel Hutty and his followers, this is one you will enjoy.

This is heathen3017’s first edit. I look forward to more.

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Star Wars: Blackened Mantle (Star Wars prequels) - Darth Lunar

Japanese 3-in-1 edit of the Star Wars prequels.
Dialogue is Japanese - no problem. Creative, alternative subs, although they are hardsubs.
Compelling reconstruction of the narrative. Phantom Menace footage limited to several flashback sequences of young Anakin. Jar Jar, pod-racing, and babble all removed.
Apprentice Anakin becomes unbalanced following his combat with Dooku; the Jedi Council try to help him, the Emperor tries to exploit.
The alternative story and resurrection of Darth Maul is inspired.

The edit contains problems, however, that might have been smoothed over or eliminated had the unit that created this reached out and sought feedback from better known fan-editing sites.
The parade of flashbacks often get confusing, and the storyline stumbles at times.
Clones and Revenge ping pong back and forth, and viewers are left to gauge hairstyles to keep up.
There are an excessive amount of fades, noticeable in a series which favors wipes.
Nonetheless, worthwhile for Jedi fans.

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Miami Vice: 01 Vendetta (Miami Vice) - Ranger613

Overview - Extend the Miami Vice pilot to include “Calderone’s Return” (E04-E05).

Video - 512 X 384p AVC. The picture quality is a little soft, particularly in the pilot. Colors and sharpness improve during the second half. Editing is fine. A bit choppy during commercial breaks, though not a major issue. This is a huge ass file, 9.4 GB, which doesn’t seem right for the video size.

Audio - 317 kbps AAC. 2 Channel stereo. No subs. Dialogue is clear. The sound struck me as compressed, likely in keeping with TV from the 80s. Good for hearing conversations, less so if you desire gunfire, music, revving engines to roar from you speakers.

Narrative - Pretty good about staying focused on “the Columbian,” the slippery Calderone. Future series dynamics are touched on (Rodriguez, and Sonny’s family). I though some of the driving scenes went on too long, as did the boat trip to and from the Bahamas.

Enjoyment - It has been ages since I watched the pilot. There are clumsy comic elements that would quickly disappear, along with Sonny’s kid and Lt. Rodriguez. I was always a big fan of this show, especially the later seasons. This does have a dated look to it. To be honest, I have shows from the 60’s and 70’s that look a hell of a lot better.
I liked this, but I have doubts post 90’s viewers would appreciate as much.

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Kaiju FanEdit: Gigan - Ghidorah - Armageddon - by Markus Bruckner
(Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich -1972 and Godzilla vs. Gigan - 1972)
AKA - ガイガン-キングギドラ-ハルマゲドン

23-25” short weaving a German family drama with Godzilla.
From the get-go, monsters begin annihilating the world (ie: Tokyo).
In Europe, a doctor and his wife decide now is the perfect time for an Alpine vacation!
The narrative criss crosses mayhem with denial.
Tech stuff: Video = 1280 X 720p PAL. Audio = 126 kbps AAC.

The image is poor throughout, likely the source was equally poor.
The audio goes out of sync, yet there are subtitles*, hooray!
Editing could have been tighter, but this was a student film, so I was forgiving.
The ending should have been shorter, not extending into two minutes of black frame.

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Hitchhikers - Wayne Workman

Drifters and thumb waving travelers catch a ride … with a catch.
They have to share their stories. Who they are, where they are from, how did they get that way.
Half hour one-off was a proposed pitch for reality series that was never picked up.
Too bad. It is more imaginative and less padded than the majority of cable time wasters.

Several people, myself included, from the FanEdit community helped or advised Wayne while he was crafting this.
Neglify edited the raw footage, many previewed, I wrote up a hundred questions Wayne could ask riders on subsequent episodes.
Everyone offered suggestions. From the small maps, subtitles for the mush-mouthed or road noise, to the female VO narrator (I believe she was Wayne’s girlfriend).
I don’t know how much Wayne spent. It was all his dime, but we were dead certain it would get picked up.
Except it didn’t.
Like I wrote, this show was creative and I think there would have been an audience.
Enough time has passed now, I don’t think Wayne will mind me posting it.

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Darkman Lives! - MusicEd921

I first saw Darkman as a first run theatrical with an exceedingly rowdy audience.
Shouting at villains, cheering mayhem, really into payback and retribution.
This experience colored my memories, causing me to overlook problems that were more apparent when I bought LD and DVD.
Chief was director Raimi’s misuse of silliness and goofy behavior.
MusicEd921 trimmed the nonsense and more.

Video = 1920 X 1080p. The black n white definitely adds to the 30’s look the editor was striving for. Exteriors were sharp, interiors, especially Darkman’s warehouse laboratory, were soft. Night time saturation was fine. There was one editing quibble I had in a preview, which the editor rectified. Editing is smooth throughout.

Audio - 160 kbps, 2 Channel AAC. No subs. There were music alterations and special effects added. Nicely done. Dialogue is clear. No audio problems that I could hear.

Trims were minimal, yet the overall tone differs greatly.
By design, this edit brings to the fore the pulpy elements. Violence is toned down.
This is a PG, popcorn experience. While violent, it should be OK for older children.
A fun film, though not as dark as before. I think I would have preferred a rougher ride.
Still, if you want action, yet want to avoid obscenities and gore, this is a great choice.

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Run Marty Run (Back To The Future) by BlueYoda

Supercharged reworking of “Back To The Future” is imaginative, inventive, best of all - fun!
Marty gets three chances to amend events that will impact his future.
The musical score has been wiped, and replaced with that of “Run Lola Run.”
The narrative structure has been wiped, and replaced with that of “Run Lola Run.”
This is a must-see edit for any aspiring faneditor!
Observe, learn, and broaden your ambitions, fledglings.

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Serial by Roger Rmjet

Reworking Raiders Of The Lost Ark into a chapter serial. Appropriate since the Indiana Jones trilogy, particularly the first movie, was a crackling, state of the art homage to vintage Republic and Universal cliffhangers.

An older edit, video quality is not up to current FE standards. Editing is choppy with quick fades and abrupt transitions. Opening credits are excellent with rousing action and adventure and a white steed. Recaps faithful and concise. Closing titles ought to have mirrored the intros with something akin to, “Will Indy survive the …” or “What danger awaits …”

Serials have basic rules and guidelines, though, and those were either ignored or not attempted.
Straight off: Where are chapter ending cliffhangers? Most of the endings here are not compelling. There is no sense of danger, let alone death. Also missing are the bane of serials - the cheats. Fans scream at those, but they are expected and enjoyably irritating.

I readily appreciate and applaud what was attempted here. To me, this is a solid, really solid, rough draft.

What are you reading?

Kiernan, Caitlin - Houses Under The Sea

Fat anthology of mostly Lovecraft inspired or derived stories.
A found curio and odd encounter near a shipwreck off Scotland, spurs a geologist to write a letter to one Dr. Watson. Yes! That Dr. Watson.
In “Pickman’s Other Model,” an elusive silent film actress leaves a wake of scandal and blasphemy.
The chance finding of a prehistoric fossil sends a researcher off to the ghost town of Innsmouth.
In the title story, a mass suicide by drowning captures media attention. Briefly. Afterward, a free lance reporter digs into a sketchy history and clues that are invisible because they are conspicuous.
Unfortunately, this collection has, to my mind, some padding in the form of the Providence underworld. The supernatural underbelly of decadent vampires, abducted changelings, short tempered ghouls. These have nothing to do with HPL or the mythos. This is Southern Gothic (reference the Dancy Flammarion yarns) shoe-horned into Rhode Island. Yes, there are fans of these, but I am not part of their numbers. For me, they are akin to Fantasy Island. If you are of similar bent, these disappear midway in the collection.
More satisfaction is found in a quartet of Dandridge stories, set in the creaking house, battered by the sea. The gatekeeper, trapped between worlds, is mangled beyond recognition.
A personal favorite, “The Cats Of River Street,” set in Innsmouth, 1925. Several homes are observed, each with cats, from household members to squatters.
Cats, with whom I have shared my life with for 40+ years, can be friendly, opinionated, indifferent, yet all are highly territorial. As in this grim ode to felines, where the cats hold the line.

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Conan: Man Of War (Conan The Barbarian) by TMBTM

Lo! Just as wide-eyed Spinal Tap acolytes rever Valhalla for the mere existence of Manowar, so too the burgeoning ranks of fanedit viewers ought to worship editor “TMBTM” for this sonic overhaul of the Hyborian Age.
This is mostly a “silent” version of Conan, with music by metal group Manowar replacing most of the dialogue and all of the Poldoris score.
The syncing of music to onscreen action is uncanny.
Riffs roar during mayhem, caress melodic during pensive or thoughtful moments.
Dialogue is at an absolute minimum in this.
More to behold, mortals!

Note - Midway through the film, Conan and Valeria surrender to romantic urges.
While watching I detected the opening strains of Puccini and thought, “Nessun Dorma?”
Sure enough, the opening strains of the famed “Turandot” aria swelled.
Even though I knew that TMBTM had replaced all music with MOW, I asked myself, “Michael Bolton?”
Of course not, it was Manowar delivering a number outside the metal comfort zone, but within their power.

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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Recut by 15MAF

The original was a film I really wanted to like. Set during 1950’s added several political elements, and explained Indy’s age. Mutt is no Brando, however, and John Hurt shamelessly overacts. The film has an interesting balance of action and humor, and, for lack of a better word, cheesiness.

The look of 15MAF’s edit is breathtaking, especially some of the darker sequences. There are more details in this version than are in my DVD.
The sound is a dynamic 5.1 AC3. Although the score often threatens to overwhelm other elements, the dialogue is clear throughout. There was a point during the temple escape where I cocked my head at the music, the sound mix seemed noticeably altered.

The adventure romp has numerous trims here and there. Some I caught, more were later, often quite later. The jungle chase is every way better. That is me. I have less patience with endless fighting and running, which I generally fast forward through. Those are studio padding in lieu of a proper script. Anyway, 15MAF’s edit is intelligent and coherent.

This is my Indy film, next in line after Raiders. The previous sequels, not so much.

The elephant. This is a big ass file. 14 GB. That size will place beyond the reach of members who have limited bandwidth. For me, much as I like this edit – and I do – I cannot burn to DVD. It’s too large. Hopefully, a smaller encode will one day be available. Just a suggestion.

What are you reading?

Phillips, Thomas - In This Glass House

The construction of this Zagava book itself is, in itself, highly unusual.
Pages darkening from white to black as the story progresses.
And yes, the story of a stain that corrupts and taints grows bleak.
Parts of this seem eerily prescient, even though nations across the globe have been electing / installing “strong men” to solve their problems.
Should provide unsettled thoughts during these uncertain times.

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Flash Gordon: Savior of the Earth Edition (Flash Gordon) by havok1977

Flash Gordon was one of a fistful of films that emerged after the Star Wars phenomena. Many were rushed Hollywood SciFi scripts (Black Hole, Meteor, Saturn 3, Battle Beyond The Stars). Flash took a different course, spoof over story. Camp more than special effects. The result was a mixed bag.
Havok1977 removed much of the stupidity, making this a sleeker, less dumb version.
This edit is more intelligent than the original. The overall story remains childrens fare, but this child has a brain.
He also heavily tweaked the original color design. More on that.

I did notice omissions, such as the football sequence, and the cut was abrupt. The red color shift was noticeable for the whole film. Struck me as a mistake, especially for Earth parts. Also, in the original film, the Mongo world was a glittering, technicolor extravaganza. Here, monochrome ruled.

Acting splits between non-Americans who seriously seem to be having fun with the story, and Yanks who are clumsy and amateurish.
In my book, Jason Williams, playing Gordon back in 1974, was less wooden than Sam Jones.
Von Sydow is an unforgettable Ming.
Havok’s version was a fun romp, delivering on the promise of what the original ought to have been.
By all means, fans should hunt this down.

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Blue Skies on Mars: A Total Recall Fanedit (Total Recall) by Jorge

Count me as a fan of the original. Saw it theatrically a couple times, defended it in arguments.
Bought the VHS, later the Laserdisc, finally the DVD in a round tin resembling Mars.
Total Recall is, to me, the last great Arnold vehicle. I have liked little of his work since.

To be honest, someone unfamiliar with Total Recall will get lost with Jorge’s edit.
A lot was cut, and the linear narrative is a choppy mess.
Plot points bounce back and forth, and I never got a feel for Kuato’s group, the Agency motivations, or why Hauser-Quaid bothered going to Rekall or Mars for that matter.

Black n white sequences (all on Mars?) were well rendered.
The color palate (on Earth?) was harsh - perhaps by design. Very 70’s looking.

I appreciated all the thought and work that went into Blue Skies On Mars.
Total Recall remains my go-to, however, though this has its points.

Windows 10 &amp; impending end to Win7

Puggo - Jar Jar’s Yoda said:

Vultural said:
I disabled Cortana,

How did you do that? I thought they made it impervious.

I did that last December when my Win 7 (than Vista) and my wife’s Slax (then XP) both crashed.
I believe I tweaked the registry of the Win 10 (I do not recommend anyone messing about in their registry).
With Edge, I downed a program that snuffs it every time it launches.
To be honest, the Win 10 is on a dual boot, that runs Ubuntu 99% of the time.

I was unaware that Win 7 Pro was still being updated.
That bears investigation.

Windows 10 &amp; impending end to Win7

My main computer is Win 7, and I don’t plan to leave any time soon.
The second computer is dual boot with Win 10 and Ubuntu. Disclosure: it is low RAM.
The Ubuntu works flawlessly and I have had few issues with the distro I use.
Any time I have to use the Win 10 side, it’s a real resource hog.
I disabled Cortana, blocked Edge, did a few other tweaks.
Usually I let it run 15", until the CPU settles down, then it’s OK enough.
My wife runs Slax (Linux) on her unit.

Want to get into the film industry. Any advice?

Dig around a little and see if Brooklyn College (where you hope to attend, yes?) offers placement programs.
I have a relative who attended Syracuse, and the school helped with internships, career counseling, meet and greets.
Those initial contacts were invaluable, and my relative has been working in Hollywood steadily for several years now.
A friend’s child went to Emerson (Boston) and they also boasted a strong placement record.
Tuition costs are tremendous. A diploma alone is not enough, you want post graduate assistance.