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The go to definitive prequel cuts?

For me it was the anti cheese fan edits of Ep 1 and 2 that did it for me and Kerr’s Ep3 (from memory it’s called “Dark Force Rising”) is BY FAR the best edit for that episode but also any fan edit to date that I’ve seen.

What Kerr accomplished with Ep 3 was jaw dropping and literally had my jaw dropped during the Sidious fight scene and the battle between Obi-wan and Anakin.

I really wish Kerr would do a Ep 1 and 2 edit as I feel they really nailed how I felt the PT should have been made.

I checked out the Hal9000, L8 and Q2 edits and no offence to the editors, but none could hit the spot I was after for the edits. One would make certain changes the others missed or didn’t make but also leave things in I wish were gone or to be done differently and vice versa for the other editor.

In the end for me the anti cheese made the first two enjoyable / tolerable enough and nothing else came close to Kerr’s edit of 3.

Regarding the OT, Harmys de-specialised editions are simply a MUST but another great version to check out is Ady’s version of A New Hope: Revisited (ANH:R). It’s basically his vision for what the OT special editions should have been and after having watched ANH:R the other night, can attest to its excellence. Just what the extent the man has gone to in making the changes is an interesting and awe inspiring experience in itself. He’s just about finished the revisited version of The Empire Strikes back and will be starting straight away on Return Of The Jedi and also his own fan edits of the PT at the same time.

All the best anyway in finding your definitive PT edits, there’s such a wide range out there that (to an extent) you basically can cater to your own personal tastes 😉

  • Valheru
STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

So as I understand it, Ady’s revisited editions are basically his idea of what the SEs should have been (& I’m very inclined to agree on pretty much all the changes especially after watching ANH:R) and therefore there wouldn’t be any drastic changes to the story such as killing of Lando. I believe he is simply having everyone on as indicated by a quote of Ady from the “Save Lando” thread posted on the previous page here.

That being said, I am glad to have it confirmed that Lando won’t be making a sudden departure in ROTJ:R. As much as I respect that it’s Ady’s edit, that would be one change to far for me. As long as the end celebration music is replaced with the original music (or at least the current SE music replaced with something more respectful to the OT) and Vader / Ananikan’s force ghost restored to the original actor instead of Hayden that GL shoehorned in there to try and forcibly tie the PT into the OT, I’ll be very happy. One of my most hated changes by GL was when he changed that and changed the music with the extended ending celebration.