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*** The Official DigitalFreakNYC Release Thread*** (SW, Indy + Others!)

Craig, couple questions for you...

I was going to work on some cover art for combo cases to hold some of your releases (need to save some space on the shelf).  Are there going to be any more Jaws Archives releases?  Or is it just going to be the two?

Also, any news on the Indy discs?  sorry man, hate to be a bother, but just curious.  Love you other DVDs.  I was also going to put together a combo case for those.  thanks :)

Help: looking for... 'Clerks II - The Budget Cut'
LinkTGF said:

@ ThrowgnCpr - I thought he only released an AVI or MPEG of that, not a full DVD, or am I mistaken?


A full DVD was released.  I think he sent it directly to me (and I put it up on RS), but really its not worth bothering with.  It looks so bad, that you may as well just look at the AVI.

And yes,  think this is definitely an edit that a first time editor can work on.  It wouldnt take a ton of cuts, and the filters are pretty easy in Vegas, or a comparable editing program.  Some extra things might be nice, like title cards to match Clerks 1 style, and possibly some music work.  But all in all, I dont think it would be a difficult edit.