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Color Grading and Color Correction Article on FE

ImperialFighter said:

TV’s Frink said:

Hey guys, we (well not me) are working on an article on FE and could use some more examples of Color Grading and Color Correction. See below for original post over there:

I’m starting to pull together some clips and resources to talk about color grading, color correction, the difference between the two, and the impact that a colorist has on the emotional tone of a film. I’ll use this stuff in the first part of the video before I go into the mechanics of how to change color.

examples of heavily graded films (intentional extreme color):
O’Brother Where Art Thou
Mad Max: Fury Road
Schindler’s List

examples of films that have been regraded after theatrical release (where “color correction” can be used for preservation purposes)
The Matrix
Lord of the Rings trilogy
The French Connection

Classic modern orange/teal examples:
Star Trek Into Darkness
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen
The Imitation Game
Hot Tub Time Machine

More examples would be appreciated.

Quick question TVF - I’m guessing this is the article that ThrowgnCpr was recently proposing to do over there? But I can’t seem to find the post that you’ve quoted above, so can you let me know what forum section it was posted on please? Thanks.

By the way, I haven’t got enough time to rant on about my own thoughts on the wholesale re-colouration of some of my favourite movies over the years at the moment (either deliberately by certain directors, or carelessly when transferred to blu-ray)…but there’s a heap of maddening info. to be going on with in this old thread for starters -

This was just a message to staff. Feel free to PM me at FE if you want to discuss in detail. Thanks to Frink for posting the query here. It looks like standard OT business over here…

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awesome!  thanks so much for the kind words, Tobar :)  I'm glad you are enjoying the discs.


if anyone has an account over at IFDB, we'd love for you to share your reviews there too:

Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers

EyeShotFirst said:

ThrowgnCpr said:

EyeShotFirst, that box would be sweet.  You have plans for actually making one?  would love to know how.


Unfortunately I won't be able to any time soon. I need to get a new printer, since mine is pretty much useless.

I will include a template and a readme that will show how to make the box for those who want to do their own.

great! thanks ESF :)

DIF - Difference tool to spot visual changes - Current 2004 vs 2019

i would give this a watch too.  It would be nice so that you could tweek it a bit so that only new additions show up.  There are obvious slight color differences or minor shifts in the frame that will show up, but these really aren't changes.  You can see this on your preview of R2D2 - all the lines around him.  It would be nice if only the new boulders and shadow showed up in the print.  just a thought.