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Terminator 2 in search of the theatrical sound mix

I have laid hands on the T2 Fullrate DTS track based on the CDS theatrical mix and am synching it to the theatrical edition of the 2015 BluRay right now (as it is actually the last release with almost no digital filtering / DNR, and no revisionist CGI).

Oddly, it doesn’t sync with it (sometimes the asynchronity is forwards, sometimes backwards). I realigned the parts as well I could. Will test it some more and then make a DTS-HDMA track out of it.

Also, I got hands on the German theatrical LD PCM stereo track (which I am also synching to the 2015 Blu now) based on the same CDS mix.

Stephen King's IT (1990) - Original two-part version! [RELEASED]

JayArgonaut said:

SilverWook said:

It is airing on Spike Tv in the U.S. tonight. (I presume they air in HD?) Don’t know if it’s the two parter or not though.

How’s this for an eerie coincidence? The same channel where I recorded the UK SDTV airing from, is re-running IT again - right now. They’re using the cropped to 16:9 version now, so it’s fortunate that I recorded it last time. 😄

Was it at least the two-parter?

Star Wars - ANH - first TV broadcast in Portugal - November the 8th, 1991. In WIDESCREEN!

it’s even more surprising that it was shown with the original English language track and Portuguese subtitles. I was expecting dubbing, which is commonplace in many European countries.

The reason for Portugal to have subtitles instead of dubbing is a decree during the era of Salazar’s dictatorship, when all dubbing of foreign movies was prohibited. This was done as a protectionist measure in order to support home film industry. 😃

Stephen King's IT (1990) - Original two-part version! [RELEASED]

Animeman1000 said:

Would you be willing to make it two parts for people like me who might want it? Especially if I want to burn it on a DVD for personal use. I can’t really with a 22gb file. Would be greatly appreciated. If not, it’s fine. I’ll stick with what I have.
Great work man. Thanks!!

No, no such thing is planned.
However, you can just take MKVtoolnix, load the MKV file into MKVtoolnix GUI and specify the following:

Tab: Output
Split mode: After specific timecodes
Timecodes: 01:35:22.645

This will split the MKV into two at the exact location of the Part 1/2 split.

Stephen King's IT (1990) - Original two-part version! [RELEASED]

bbowmanmjuk said:

TheHutt said:

I was basically finished but could not get the original end credits for Part 2. RidgeShark has strangely disappeared. 😦

Wow. What did you replace them with, the bluray version of the end credits?

Can I download your finished project please?

It’s not finished yet: the end credits for Pt2 need to be restored to their original form.

The Good The Bad & The Ugly - 35MM IB Tech Preservation!

The Italian cut did have an English sound mix but it was lost?

No. That’s basically a wrong assumption of how these films were made.

They were filmed without sound recording on set, as the films were later entirely dubbed in each of the languages they were released in. For the longer Italian version, the Italian dub was recorded in Italy. For the (shorter) US version, the English dub was recorded in the USA. During filming, every actor spoke his native language.

There never was an English mix for the scenes from the Italian cut in the first place. The actors had their notes on what they spoke when they played their scenes (and as Clint Eastwood pointed out in an interview, he always kept his notes as he feared the Italians might lose them - and they surely did).