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The Spinal Tap Omnibus - Volume 6: The 1992 Concert Tour (Released)

MGM Home Entertainment in conjunction with Fox Home Entertainment have announced the specs and special features for the upcoming Blu-ray release of 'This is Spinal Tap', which is due to hit store shelves on January 20th. Video will be presented in 1.78:1 1080p AVC accompanied by a DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack.

Extras for this release include:

  • Create Your Own Band Game – Create and customize your very own rock star avatars
  • Commentary by Spinal Tap
  • Commentary by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer
  • Commentary by Director Rob Reiner, Producer Karen Murphy and Editors Robert Leighton and Kent Beyda
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Flower People Press Conference
  • Spinal Tap appearance on "The Joe Franklin Show"
  • Music Videos
    • Gimme Some Money
    • (Listed to the) Flower People
    • Hell Hole
    • Big Bottom
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Cheese Rolling Trailer
  • Rock and Rolls Commercials

Sounds like they added the Band Game, and included the Criterion commentary audio.  I know the movie will be in HD, but I hope everything else is in HD, but will probably be in SD.



Help: looking for... 'The Living Daylights' - Workprint?

I believe I have it hiding somewhere.  If I remember correctly, the copy I have is an extremely high generation VHS capture to DVD.  The picture is incredibly muddy (almost to the point of not being able to see what's going on), but the audio is bearable.  It's also one of my favorite Bond films.  I wish they allowed the original dialog on  the official release, but I guess you can't go that serious directly after Roger Moore. *rolls eyes*  I wish Dalton would have stayed for Goldeneye, but I completely understand why he didn't.

I'll take a look around for it when I get home (I'm out of town this weekend).

The Spinal Tap Omnibus - Volume 6: The 1992 Concert Tour (Released)
For all who have newsgroup access The Spinal Tap Omnibus Vol 6 is up on alt.binaries.dvd thanks to MoveAlong. To save the people time who can't find it themselves, a link to the nzb can be found here:

There's no commercially available material on this 2 disc set, so posting the link should be okay. Enjoy!