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Ranking the Star Wars films

My ranking of the Star Wars live-action films:

  • ESB ★★★★★★★★★★
  • RO ★★★★★★★★★☆
  • ANH ★★★★★★★★★☆
  • RotS ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
  • Solo ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • TPM/AotC ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • TLJ ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • TRoS ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • TFA ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Haven’t seen RotJ yet.

My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP)

Also a minor nitpick, but move the hologram to the very middle of the table.

Are you referring to the one in the wide or the medium shots? Because the hologram in the medium shots is legit taken from ROTS.

I am mainly referring to the hologram effects, but also… regarding that shot, the time period is in the OT, so Palpatine should look like in RotJ and in Adywan’s ESB edit.

The Unpopular Film, TV, Music, Art, Books, Comics, Games, & Technology Opinion Thread (for all you contrarians!)

For anyone familiar with this movie I’m about to mention… I dislike The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, which is the direct-to-video sequel to the Disney animated classic The Lion King. Some consider it to be one of the best of Disney’s direct-to-video extensions of their theatrical works, but I disagree.

A New Hope: The Reimagined Cut | SC 38 Reimagined + Rogue One + Hal 9000 + Adywan (V1.1.1 available, V2 WIP)

Do you also plan on replacing the opening shot of Tatooine in A New Hope with the one from The Mandalorian?

Comparision, for the shot in question:

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

That is irrelevant and not the point; people act as if it was some new concept (in the films alone) created by the writers of The Last Jedi, which is incorrect.

And the other thing wasn’t why people wanted Rey to be related to a Force-sensitive person; they thought her parents were going to be revealed as important people, but the complete opposite happened in The Last Jedi (which revealed that they were insignificant) and instead The Rise of Skywalker retconned it and revealed that they were important, saying that they hid Rey from Ochi and Palpatine.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

poppasketti said:

I think if it’s required that she’s related to someone we know, Palpatine was the best choice. It’s supported by what we’d already seen, and her dark side connection at least gives her an internal struggle and retains the message of choosing your identity. I’m glad it didn’t end up being someone like Obi-Wan, because I think that would have landed with a big “So what?”

Otherwise, I think the Rey Nobody idea introduced in TLJ was a great twist, and makes force using more about worthiness and character than about bloodline. It also has that ratatouille thing of, “Not everyone can become a great cook, but a great cook can come from anywhere.” Ratatouille? anyone?


In the prequels Qui-Gon states to Shmi that they take children in the Republic to identify them for Force-sensitivity, and it is also explicitly stated that having a spouse and kids would get you expelled from the Jedi Order; from there, we can easily infer that most Jedi and Sith don’t come from special lineages.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

MMP said:

Papa’s_rod said:

Is this the final workprint? “Rey Nobody” version has any progress? i’m waiting for that version.

All the work put on this edit is incredible and i appreciate all the effort, but i really can’t enjoy the movie with that twist, that “twist” cheapens the whole trilogy for me and makes the whole Rian vs JJ tug war situation more glaring.

I can’t understand why so many of you have a problem with Rey being a Palpatine. For me, it’s the only possible explanation why she is so powerful. I like the character of Rey, but in Part 7 & 8 it always bothered me, that she was too strong and powerful. But when it became known that she’s a Palpatine, everything made sense to me.

Except it doesn’t explain why she has the knowledge of how to concentrate in using the Force as well as the knowledge of how to use specific Force abilities despite never being taught how to do or use any of them before. I know, I don’t want to set up an irrelevant flame war, but I’m just pointing something out.

This is what people meant by her being powerful and also untrained.

EDIT: Corrected some things.

<em>The Rise of Skywalker</em> - Rewrite Discussion Thread

Anakin Starkiller said:

Okay, here’s a first attempt. This isn’t final by any stretch as there still isn’t anything for Poe and Rose to do, and little for Finn to do. We’ll stick with Rise of Skywalker as the title ‘cause it matches Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith quite nicely.

The movie opens with Kylo with his repaired helmet leading an attack on Resistance controlled Coruscant, the Knights of Ren by his side, all wielding crackly red lightsabers. They emerge victorious, but during the battle, Kylo has a crisis of conscience.

Meanwhile, Rey is now a fully trained Jedi, wielding the repaired Skywalker Saber, its blade now crackly like Kylo’s. She is leading the Resistance in the fight for Coruscant. The planet is divided fairly equally between the First Order and the Resistance, the cityscape in ruins. She successfully leads her troops in a battle on the other end of the planet from Kylo. Maybe they have a Force connection during the battle.

After the battle, each side receives a hooded messenger accompanied by Sith troopers. They claim to be from Exegol, and declare an ultimatum; join the Sith Eternal or die. The messenger sent to the Resistance is a male with two tall, straight horns protruding through the top of his hood. The one sent to the First Order is a female with seemingly no unusual traits. Neither of their faces are visible. Give them masks, I guess.

The First Order leadership don’t take this threat seriously while Kylo does. Kylo goes rogue, vacating the First Order throne, and Pryde takes over as Supreme Leader. He sets out for Mustafar in order to find the map to the hidden Sith world of Exegol in the ruins of Vader’s Castle. His knights accompany him. With Kylo gone, Hux snoops around his quarters, discovering Vader’s lightsaber, damaged, but functional. He holds onto it.

Rey goes in search of Exegol, a hidden Sith planet she read about in the Sacred Jedi Texts. Darth Sidious supposedly kept a map to the planet in his throne room, so off to Endor we go!

After a bit of action and scenery, the Knights of Ren locate the map within the castle. There’s only one problem; half of it is missing.

On Endor, Rey has a fun encounter with the Ewoks, but it takes a turn for the worse when mangey grey Ewoks attack them. Being primitive, they don’t pose a significant threat to her, but it’s unsettling nonetheless.

With the guidance of a friendly Ewok, Rey makes it to the ruins of the second Death Star. Once aboard, she finds the throne room and retrieves the other half of the map, only to come face to face with Kylo. The duel plays out like in the real movie (albeit to the tune of Battle of the Heroes), except Kylo’s redemption with Han happens before Rey leaves. He rushes over and offers to help her, as they have the same goal. She agrees. The other Knights are reluctant, but agree. They take off together in the Knights’ ship. The Knights introduce themselves by name, removing their helmets, never putting them back on for the remainder of the film. They are of a variety of species.

Upon assembling the map, they find that it leads them back to Coruscant where they started. Exegol is Coruscant. They follow it to the coordinates of the supposed Sith capitol…only to find the ruins of the once prosperous Jedi Temple. Ben says he needs a new saber. The Knights like the idea so they head to a lightsaber storage room. There Ben finds Qui-Gon’s lightsaber and takes it as his own. The Knights take various other lightsabers.

They venture deep within the Temple. The upper levels are empty, but the map tells them to go deeper. Eventually, they start discovering…things. Most unsettling things. Natural rock formations, strange lagoons filled with stranger creatures, sleeping behemoths, and…more mangey Ewoks?

Eventually, they reach an ominous temple. This is it. They enter it, and while they find many Sith troopers, none of them attack them. Soon enough, they make it to the heart of the temple: a large room with a throne hovering above an endless abyss. And who sits upon that throne. Why none other than Sheev Palpatine. Decayed, blinded, and covered in horrific cybernetic implants. He’s been expecting them. By his side are Mas Amedda and Sly Moore, the two hooded figures from the start.

A staggeringly massive battle rages on at the surface above what’s left of the Senate Building. First Order Dreadnoughts leveling districts, only to be obliterated by Resistance warhammers. Resistance troopers climbing up the bodies of 5 m tall mecha stormtroopers and tossing grenades in the cockpits. Wookiees tearing off limbs. Superlaser siege cannons destroying the foundations of buildings so that they topple onto enemy platoons and capital ships. R2-D2 single handedly taking out a squad of stormtroopers like he was Jackie Chan. Poe being the ace pilot we know him as. It’s total chaos. Bodies flying left and right. And among it all is Finn, fighting on the ground.

Him and Rose are surrounded by stormtroopers, ready to shoot them down. Rose lovingly holds him tight, having lost all hope. That’s when Finn breaks out the big speech. Yeah, you know what time it is. It’s stormtrooper rebellion time. Soon enough, the entire platoon is on his side (and those who aren’t are shot).

Meanwhile, Palpatine is taunting Rey and the Knights. He Force grabs all their lightsabers simultaneously without even moving a muscle and begins playing with them like a toddler with keys. Shortly thereafter, he tells them of how he survived the Battle of Endor, crashed onto the planetoid, and was nursed back to health by a tribe of Ewoks he corrupted. He was then found by his loyal follower Snoke, who he then took as a Sith apprentice. However, after learning all he sought to know, he betrayed Sidious and left him for dead, as he had been when he was found. Having recounted his story, he drains their dyad energy to rejuvenate to his Prequel form, but paler and with Sith eyes. The Knights manage to regain their lightsabers, but Palpatine summons the corpses of Plagueis, Maul, Dooku, Ventress, Grievous, and Vader to fight them. He then turns to a hologram of General Hux and tells him the time has come.

Hux, who is aboard a mega class dreadnought, utters a code phrase, and he and a few officers promptly turn on their colleagues and shoot them down without hesitation. They start turning their ship around. Pryde, seeing this from his own mega class dreadnought is incredibly confused. But it’s too late, as the bridge of his ship is shot down by Hux’s, killing him instantly.

On the ground, the battle is going in the Resistance’s favor, as their ranks are now boosted by rebellious stormtroopers whose helmets bear colorful handprints reminiscent of the bloody one Finn had in the first film. That’s when Palpatine unleashes his secret weapon: the battle droids. Yes, the same ones who debuted in The Phantom Menace (albeit with their playful, silly modern voice), alongside other familiar Seperatist droid troops. So now the Resistance and half of the First Order are fighting battle droids and the other half of the First Order.

Back in the Sith Temple, the scene plays out the same as in the movie we got, with the whole “I am all the Sith and I am all the Jedi” routine, with the difference that Kylo lives.

By the end, the battle is going in the good guys’ favor. Hux utters the words “We’ve lost the Star Wars” onscreen before committing Sith Seppuku with Vader’s saber. The movie ends with a celebration montage and either cuts straight from that to normal credit, or from a quieter scene of Rey and Ben starting a new order to quieter credits.

Just one thing: remove the “crackling” part from the Knights of Ren’s lightsabers, since the point of Kylo’s saber being “crackling” was to symbolize his confliction, his shifting of sides.

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - The 'Official' Fan-Editing Thread

jarbear said:

Both routes have their good and bad aspects, and it seems the focus on the dark throne is probably the “cleanest” route.

I would NOT focus on the whole dark side thing … or let alone her being tempted so much by it. Because of the last movie … Rey has no problem with the dark. She “dove in” the dark side in TLJ (Water time on the island) with no problem and NO repercussion from it. So there is nothing tempting Rey with the dark in the aspect of “If i start doing this, I will go bad” TLJ threw that concept out. She is immune to it apparently. Plus she has no REAL temptations to join the dark side at all. (The whole throne scene in TLJ with Kylo trying to persuade her to join had me roll my eyes. She JUST MET THIS GUY, had a “moment”, even though the day before he murdered his dad and is part of the space nazi army that has attacked her several times. That proposal was suppose to be tempting?)

If there is a way that focuses on THE VISION of her being on the throne, without Kylo egging her on to join the dark side, even if they have cookies, would kind of help keep the two movies … kinda connected.

Sigh Disney.

The dark side tempted Rey to go to the cave so she would learn about the identity of her parents, and she found nothing but a mirror of herself. It basically misled her.

EDIT: Spelling.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Icecream2448 said:

I like the idea of adding the lesson 3 to TROS, but, in defense of the lack of a third lesson in TLJ…

Rey’s third lesson is something she “learns” on her own. Don’t nail your destiny on anyone, or you’ll be disappointed. Basically.
But more importantly; screw this religion with its specific rules and lessons. She metaphorically doesn’t NEED a third lesson taught to her in the old Jedi way, because its about doing things your own way for the greater good. Not following a specific, flawed guideline. Something like that.

Also Luke didn’t get to teach her the third lesson