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Last web series/tv show seen

ChainsawAsh said:

Finished season 3 of Person of Interest.

Holy crap did this show go from aggressively average to fucking fantastic. Glad I forced myself through the procedural chunk of the show and made it to the awesome sci-fi, it was well worth it.

I’m also very tempted to put Amy Acker’s character in this above Fred/Illyria from Angel. I’ll wait until I’ve finished out the show to make that call, though.

This became one of my favorite shows of the last years. It took some time for me to watch it, because what I heard about the story wasn’t very appealing (a machine that can see the future? Minority Report, anyone?). But it’s thrilling as hell, funny, and I’m emotionally invested in every main character.

oojason said:

You have a lot of good stuff to come still - I envy you in watching it all for that first time…

PS - Bear is boss 😃

^This, so much!

I’m still waiting for a soundtrack album for season 5, though!

Last web series/tv show seen

Yes I know, I’m late to the party, but I binged it a couple of weeks ago totally unspoiled.
And. I. Was. Blewn. Away.
One of the best series I’ve seen in a long time.

I haven’t watched the video oojason linked as I try to watch season 2 as unspoiled as possible.

Also A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2: really good and I love NPH’s performance as much as I hate Carrey’s.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 1080p Remastered Blu Ray Set

I worked on a private Avatar project myself before I got distracted by another project which consumed 6 months of my life. I also got the very nice looking 1080p upscale and tried to make it the ultmate german version (with german and english audio tracks, all commentary tracks and subtitles for english, german and commentaries). Now I’ll wait what the blu-ray provides and maybe get back to it.

What’s interesting is that there’s no difference in speed between the PAL and NTSC release.

Life Advice Thread

Yeah, don’t get your expectations too high.
I had a similar situation. My parents got divorced when I was 6 years old. I lived with my father, since my mother had no interest in me (she was 19 when I was born, and it seems that she didn’t know that having a baby is a lot of work).I Had a rough time then, living with my father, his sister and her husband, abused by my cousin, then living with foster parents for two years (that was a great, finally a family that treated me well). During that time I had contact with my mother, but I can’t remember how often. Then my dad got married again and we moved together to a new home. I never had contact with my mother until I was 19 or 20. Then one day she wrote a letter. I carried it around for about 2 weeks before I finally read it. It took me another two weeks to write an answer. After a hesitant start we called each other every week. I visited her twice in that time, one time we went out for lunch with her mother. All I remember is that my grandmother was all teared up when she saw me. I really can’t remember how I felt about that meeting. I tend to suppress stuff like that. A couple of months later my grandmother died. I didn’t know what to say to my mother, other than “I’m sorry”. I never built a relationship with that woman, so I never saw her as my grandmother.
My mother married her boyfriend and told me afterwards. I felt conflicted. It was okay for me that she got married, but I would liked to have known before she actually did it. Anyway, she called one day and told me she’d be on a vacation for a couple of weeks and would call when she’s back. That was about 15 years ago. Still no phone call.
I think she only contacted me to do her mother a favor. She had no real interest in me. And after all these years I really lost all interest in her.

I really, really hope that you will make a better experience than I did.

The Stephen King Thread

The Shining was the first King novel I read. I saw the Kubric movie and hated it. The TV version from the 90s is pretty decent, although Danny’s actor is literally a mouth breather.

The best movie I’ve seen so far, based on Kings works, is The Stand. It has a few cuts from the book and they made two characters from the book into one in the movie, but erverything else was just perfect (it’s about 20 years since I’ve either seen the film or read the book).
The Shawshank Redemption also is almost perfect.

I’m pretty fond of his short stories, with Nolan’s Cadillac being my favorite. The movie was… well… not so good.