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The Lord of the Rings (Films vs. the Books)
There has never been a movie adaptation of a book that didn't receive irate criticism from fans of the book. But movies and books are different and have to satisfy different criteria. In most cases, remaining strictly faithful to a book would result in a worse movie. Poor adaptations are those which change stuff arbitrarily, just because the screenwriter or director or executive or star didn't like it the way it was - but even these can make good films, sometimes better than a faithful adaptation would have been. Good adaptations are those which try to remain faithful to the spirit of the book, while making changes that make the material work as a movie. The LOTR movies fall into the latter category, IMHO. There are some things I don't like about them, like most people. But they are about as good an adaptation as you could realistically hope to see.
The acronym buster
Great idea, and invaluable for eros.

I'd consider keeping SW acronyms separate from general net acronyms. At least in separate lists if not separate threads. Alphabetical order would be good, too. I see you've included "Faces" - I think it's a good idea to include non-acronyms that need some explanation (see below). And if you post it in General SW Discussion, it'll be the most interesting new thread there in a month.

Other commonly used ones that spring to mind are...

SW: JSC (=SC), DefCol (=DC), pre-THX, '85 mix, '93 mix; pre-ANH, '97 SE (as opposed to '04), SSE (='04 SE);

Screen-names: MBJ (MeBeJedi), TM (Trooperman), bh (baby hum), DJ or d_j (dark_jedi), DE (Darth Editous), dfnyc (digitalfreaknyc);

Technical: HDVD, BR (blu-ray); wav, mpeg, mpg, mpv, 35mm, 70mm, Super8; Dolby Stereo, 6-track, 5.1, 2.0, o-neg, IP (interpositive), IN (internegative), DI (digital intermediate);

.: The XØ Project - Laserdisc on Steroids :. (SEE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES)
This is where X0 really stands to gain over the GOUT, which can never be better than the '93 LD master. Anyone who's seen both the pre-THX and THX LDs (or even just DVD rips of them) can see that each of them have aspects that are closer to the original film than the other. The black magic process (among others) is a way to bring those aspects together in an attempt to get closer to the OUT than the GOUT.