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Star Wars Headcanons

Since I don’t like the way the Jedi are portrayed in Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy, then I don’t accept the Old Republic Era the way it was made in the post-1999 EU either, because the Jedi from the modern Old Republic Era are nothing but a copy and paste of Lucas’ Prequel Jedi. So, I created my own head-canon for the Old Republic Era, which rewrites a lot of stuff.
These are the major events:

  • The Tales of the Jedi comics happen. After the end of the comics, there are several millennia of peace and prosperity in the Republic, until 2000 BBY.
  • In 2000 BBY the Mandalorian Wars take place. The reasons of why the Mandalorian Wars happen are the same reasons of why they happened in the original Knights of the Old Republic lore, before The Old Republic MMO retconned everything. The major events of the Mandalorian Wars are the same that are described in the Knights of the Old Republic comics. However, Cassus Fett is replaced with a new character, as my Old Republic head-canon (just like my Prequel rewrite) respects Boba Fett’s pre-Prequel backstory, and so the Fett family doesn’t exist as such.
  • After the end of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and Malak fall to the Dark Side, revive the Sith cult and unleash the Jedi Civil War. The following events are similar to those described in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. However, the Jedi are more similar to the Jedi from the Tales of the Jedi comics, and look nothing like the Jedi from Lucas’ Prequels. Apart from this, Revan and Malak’s story is similar to what’s depicted in the first KOTOR. So, we still have Bastila and the other characters, Malak is still defeated, Revan is still redeemed, etc.
  • After Revan’s redemption, the Republic continues to fight against the remnants of the New Sith Empire founded by Revan. The war goes on until 1000 BBY, when the Sith are definitively defeated in the Battle of Russan. However, a Sith survived the battle, and this Sith is Bane. So, after the defeat of the old Sith, Bane created the Rule of Two, established the use of the Darth title (which didn’t exist before him) and also established the red lightsaber rule for the Sith.

So, in my head-canon Palpatine and Vader are still Sith, but the Darth title and the red lightsaber rule were born with Bane. They didn’t exist before. Also, the Jedi Civil War and the New Sith Wars are merged into one single conflict.

UFO's & other anomalies ... do you believe?

Honestly, I have a rather particular approach to the UFO phenomenon. This Is my general vision:

  • Yes, UFOs exist.
  • Yes, some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecrafts.
  • Yes, aliens visit Earth.
  • Yes, some UFOs crashed on Earth and have been recovered by Humans, specifically by the US Army and the Soviet/Russian Army.
  • Yes, the US and Russian armies tried to apply retro engineering to the crushed alien ships.
  • Yes, UFOs have been sighted even in ancient times.


  • No, aliens have no hostile intentions.
  • No, Reptilians don’t exist. Stuff like that is just bulshit.
  • No, the aliens have never contacted anyone directly, either telepathically or face to face.
  • No, aliens have never abducted anyone.
  • No, aliens have never mutilated any cows.
  • No, crop circles are not aliens.
  • No, the reverse engineering on the crashed UFOs has never brought technological advances to the rest of the world, because they are still studying the crushed ships. They still don’t managed to successfully apply reverse engineering to any of the recovered crushed alien ships.
  • No, ancient astronauts don’t exist. The ancient civilizations developed by themselves, Zecharia Sitchin’s theories are bulshit and Eric Von Daniken is a liar. The fact that UFOs have been sighted even in ancient times doesn’t mean that the aliens contacted directly the ancient civilizations, nor that they built the Pyramids and bulshit like that.
What changes would you make to the Prequels?

This is a list of all the major changes I would make to the current Prequel Trilogy:

  1. The Clone War that is fought during the Trilogy should not be the only Clone War. Before the Prequels, there should be another Clone War, in which the Clone Masters created an Army of Clones and tried to take over the Galaxy, just like the Thrawn Trilogy says. Thus, the First Clone War is the one that was fought against the Clone Masters, while the Second Clone War is the one that was fought against the Separatists and it’s the one that was fought during the Prequel Trilogy, and in which Obi-Wan and Anakin participated. This way, the Clone Wars from the Thrawn Trilogy could be seen as true and there would be no significant contradiction with the pre-1999 EU, but at the same time we could also have a war against the Separatists.
  2. Anakin’s discovery, his taking by Obi-Wan and how he joined the Jedi Order should be themes that stay out of the movies, they should be themes for novels and comics set before the Prequel Trilogy, between the two Clone Wars. In the first movie, Anakin should be portrayed as Obi-Wan’s apprentice already. The first movie should be like Attack of the Clones, that is, a movie that serves to establish the beginning of the war (the Second Clone War) and the beginning of Anakin and Padmé’s relationship: the second movie should be like Labyrinth of Evil, that Is, an adventure that is set during the War itself; the third movie should be like the classical Revenge of the Sith, so it should show Anakin’s fall and the birth of the Empire.
  3. Anakin and Padmé should meet for the first time in the first movie. They doesn’t marry in the movie, nor for the rest of the Trilogy. Their relationship is not a marriage, but just a normal romantic relationship. Thus, Padmé is not Anakin’s wife, but simply his girlfriend. Furthermore, Padmé should still be the Senator of Naboo, but she should not be the former Queen. Jamilia should be the Queen all along. So, Anakin and Padmé meet each other when he’s 20 and she’s 25.
  4. There should be no rule forbidding the Jedi from having attachments, and the Jedi should be free to have romantic relationships. In general, the Jedi from the Prequel Trilogy should be more like the Jedi from the Tales of the Jedi comics. They should be heroes and should value positive feelings and positive relationships. Instead of teaching how to avoid relationships, the Jedi should teach how to have good relationships and should allow falling in love. Thus, Anakin and Padmé’s relationship should be public, and attachment management shouldn’t be the main storyline of the Trilogy, nor the reason of why Anakin falls to the Dark Side. I have nothing against the idea that the Jedi have their vision clouded by the Dark Side, and I’m also not against the idea that they have become a bureaucratized institution that puts itself at the service of corrupt politicians. I mean, I don’t want the Jedi to be portrayed as perfect through the Trilogy, but at the same time I’d like the audience to be able to share their basic philosophy, and I also don’t want them to forbid such a natural thing as falling in love.
  5. Anakin doesn’t fall to the Dark Side to try to save Padmé, but simply to try to end the War. Yes, he’s a slightly rebellious and a little stubborn person, but at the same time he’s very peaceful and would not hurt anyone. In spite of this, the War eventually transform and radicalize him. Such a radicalization leeds Anakin to embrace authoritarian ideals as time goes by (he never treats Padmé badly, though). In the end, Anakin ends up getting so sick of all the War and all the suffering that he sees through the Galaxy on a daily bases, that he becomes willing to do anything to put an end to all of it. So, Palpatine reveals himself as the Dark Lord of the Sith who was always behind everything and offers Anakin to join him, to bring order to the Galaxy and stop the War. Anakin eventually accepts, but at the same time he becomes corrupted by the Darkness, to the point that he ends up doing things he never thought he would do, such as killing all the Jedi inside the Temple after the activation of Order 66. Then, he ends up killing Padmé (she dies in childbirth due to the injuries he gave her), and the duel on Mustafar would be the same, so he ends up being burned in lava.
  6. I have nothing against the use of the Clones by the Republic, but I think the Separatists should use a Clone Army as well. So, Dooku and Palpatine would orchestrate the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic, but at the same time they would also create a Clone Army for the Confederacy, obviously using two different people to create the Clones. Also, Jango Fett should not exist. The Prequel Trilogy should respect the pre-1999 lore, therefore Boba Fett’s backstory shouldn’t change. So, the Clones used by the Republic are Clones of an important Mandalorian bounty hunter, which is not related to Boba Fett, though.
  7. I have nothing against the idea of Yoda using a lightsaber to fight, but I think he should only use the lightsaber once, that is, during the final duel against Darth Sidious in the third movie. That should be the first and last time we see Yoda using his lightsaber in all of the movies.
  8. Anakin is not the Chosen One. There should be no Chosen One in general. Anakin should have a biological father and mother like all normal humans, and he should be a normal human without any divine or special connotations. However, Anakin never knew his father, as he died before he was born. After Anakin left Tatooine to become a Jedi, Shmi married again. She married Cliegg Lars and lived with him, Owen and Beru for many years. However, she died before the Prequel Trilogy began, so we never see her. Sometimes Anakin mentions her during the course of the three movies, though, and throughout the trilogy Anakin should visit the Lars family at least once. This way, we have the opportunity to explore the frictions and differences between Owen and Anakin, of which Obi-Wan talks about in Star Wars (1977).

I’m currently planning to rewrite the Prequels by using this main concepts. My Trilogy will be based on the premise that most of the pre-1999 EU is Canon, and Rogue One will be considered Canon as well. If any of you are interested, maybe I could open a specific thread about it…