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Unpopular Opinion Thread

I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I’ll expose it regardless.

I don’t think that the less relatability of the PT characters is due to the way the characters are written, but simply to the acting. For example, I live in Italy, and the Italian dubbing is much more dynamic than the original acting. It’s less flat, and as a result the characters seem more human. In fact, I have never had any problem empathizing with the PT characters, precisely because the Italian dubbing is more dynamic and human, and therefore it conveys different sensations than the original acting, to the point that many of the lines that are considered cringe in the English-speaking world sound perfectly natural in the Italian dubbing.

To prove my point, here there are some scenes from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in my native language:

Padmé confronting Anakin on Mustafar (ROTS)

“You were the Chosen One!” (ROTS)

Anakin meeting Padmé for the first time (TPM)

Anakin meeting Padmé again (AOTC)

The elevator scene (AOTC)

Anakin and Padmé talking on the grass (AOTC)

As you can see, the acting is much more dynamic here than in the original version.

I can sort of understand why George Lucas chose a flatter, less emphatic type of acting, but it affected the films in the long run.

What's the most heated Star Wars argument you've gotten into?

The most annoying Star Wars argument I had was an argument about the CGI of the Prequel Trilogy.

Now, I want to make an important premise: I’m NOT one of those people who bitches about the CGI in the Prequels. Yes, I think they should have used more practical effects and big sets instead of miniatures, but I still think the Prequel CGI looks great for its time, even though it didn’t age very well.

With that being said, the most annoying argument I had about this subject was an argument that I had some months ago with a dude on the internet. In summary, I said that they should have used more big sets instead of miniatures, and that casting more real actors for the Clones would have been a good idea. His reply? “The Clones are supposed to be equal and have the same proportions, therefore doing them in CGI was the only solution to make them look equal.”

That’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, the Clones are supposed to stay in the background. They just have to pretend to shoot laser rifles and eventually pretend to die. You don’t need to get great actors to do something like this, just get stunt people who are all the same height and proportions as the original actor who plays Jango Fett. You don’t need CGI at all, you just have to cast 40 or 50 people with the same proportions. Hell, you don’t even need to search for people who look similar to the original actor, because the Clones have their armor and helmet put on 90% of the time, so we don’t even see their face. Just use the original actor when there are Clones without the helmet, and that’s it. But no, creating the Clones by using CGI was the only way to do the Clones apparently.

I know you said no internet arguments, but I never discuss Star Wars with real people. So…

My Star Wars prequels rewrite - Using Lucas' original drafts, Expanded Universe and more

I would have written it in such a way that it could have fit with the pre-1999 established EU. Therefore I would have depicted the Sith Order in the same way it’s depicted in the Old Republic video games and comics, with Palpatine and Vader being the ones that established the Rule of Two after the creation of the Empire.
I wouldn’t have changed the name of the characters. Padmé can’t become Nellith. She’s Padmé, and she still looks like Natalie Portman. End of the story.
Since the non-attachment rule doesn’t play any relevant role in this rewrite, I wouldn’t have introduced it at all, and I will have made it clear that the Jedi can actually marry and have a family.
I still would have found a way to have Anakin’s wife die at the end of the Trilogy, because having her death happen offscreen between the PT and the OT is pretty silly for me, and it makes everything overly complicated. Furthermore, to solve the problem posed by Leia’s line in Return of the Jedi, I would have simply established that Force-sensitives have a more developed memory than normal people, and therefore can remember everything from the moment they were born, thus explaining why Leia can remember her mother even though she died as soon as she was born.
The rest is pretty solid.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Tantive3+1 said:

Should Yoda be a present character within the prequels?

I feel that removing him from the PT preserves the revelation in TESB of who Yoda really is.

But removing him entirely would contradict ESB itself, since Yoda clearly states that Anakin was a powerful Jedi. How could he even knew that if he wasn’t part of the Prequels and never knew Anakin?

What changes would you make to the Sequels?

Episode VII: Set 20 years after Return of the Jedi. The New Republic is now the only government in the Galaxy and the Imperial Remnant has been completely defeated. Luke is the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order, which is different from the Prequel Jedi Order, since it allows attachments and marriage. Within the New Republic and the Senate, rumors are starting to circulate about an unknown enemy, who’s starting to conquer some planets that are located in the extreme edge of the Galaxy. The Senate is split in two: on one side there are those who think there’s nothing to worry about, as those planets are not part of the New Republic, but on the other side there are those who think that the threat is serious, and that the government should start taking precautions and arming itself, In case the invaders decide to invade the territory of the New Republic as well. Chancellor Leia Organa is among those who think the threat is serious, and will spend most of the movie trying to convince the skeptical Senators to take the issue seriously, and to vote in favour of the mobilization of the New Republic’s Army. Meanwhile, Leia orders Luke, her son Jacen, and Jedi master Mara Jade to go on a secret mission to reach those planets and determine the extent of the threat. During the course of this mission, Luke and Mara Jade fall in love and eventually return to the New Republic, to inform Leia and the Senate that the threat is indeed serious. Thus, all the Senators vote unanimously in favor of the mobilization of the Army. So Han - who’s now the Supreme General of the New Republic’s Army - starts mobilizing the troops. The Yuuzhan Vong war has begun, and Luke and Mara marry at the end of the movie.

Episode VIII: Set 3 years after Episode VII. The movie is basically a random adventure set during the war. Mara Jade risks her life in the initial battle, but Luke manages to save her in the end. In the movie, the personality of the main villain (that is, the chief of the Yuuzhan Vong) is explored in detail. Contrary to the Legends version, this version of the Yuuzhan Vong isn’t against the use of technology. In fact, the Yuuzhan Vong are a technologically advanced Alien Empire, who reached the Galaxy in the hope of conquering it. They believe in a supreme God, the God of War (the equivalent of Mars for the Romans). They also have a sacred book, in which it’s stated that their mission is to conquer the entire Universe in the name of their God, therefore they always conquer everything on their path. Their chief is a Force sensitive, and its believed to be a messianic figure by the Yuuzhan Vong people. In the meantime, Jacen Solo starts to become more and more Dark. Fighting constantly and seeing millions of people suffering 24/7 are all things that really affected him, and made him develop more and more Fascist ideals. He starts to think that the end justifies the means, and starts questioning the validity of the Jedi Code. He also starts to enjoy being more aggressive and to use power. His approach to the Dark Side is similar to Revan’s during the Mandalorian Wars.

Episode IX: Set 1 years after the previous movie. During the last year, the New Republic has done nothing but accumulate victories over victories against the invaders, and now it’s preparing to attack their last base, which is the planet Utapau. During the battle, Jacen acts in an extremely aggressive way towards his enemies. It’s clear that he’s on the verge of the Dark Side now. Luke finally realizes what’s going on with Jacen, and tries to bring him back. They have a duel and Jacen actually manages to defeat Luke. But just as he’s ready to kill him, Anakin’s spirit appears to him. Jacen and Anakin have a long conversation together. Anakin explains Jacen that the Dark Side is indeed tempting, but it’s an actual hell, and tells Jacen that he shouldn’t embrace the same wrong path he did, because it was the Dark Side who basically destroyed their family. So, Jacen manages to regain himself and not to fall to the Dark Side. With the help of Luke, they finally face the chief of the Yuuzhan Vong, and kill him. The fact that their Messiah was killed makes the Yuuzhan Vong totally lose their faith (which had already been put to the test during the war due to all their defeats), as they believed their chief to be invincible. In the end, the New Republic and the Jedi forces manage to win the Battle over Utapau, the Yuuzhan Vong are totally defeated, and everybody is happy.


RicOlie_2 said:

The belief that God doesn’t send people to hell, but that we send ourselves there, is exactly what mainstream Christianity believes (Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and many varieties of Protestantism). It’s mostly just Calvinists and fundamentalists who don’t believe that.

Look, I live in Italy, the country where Catholicism has its central base, and in all my life I’ve never heard anyone say that you send yourself to Hell thanks to your own guilt. I’ve always been taught that it’s God who decides who goes to Hell and who goes to Heaven, according to what the person has done in his life. Even during religion lessons at school (because yes, in Italy they teach religion at school), I have always been told that it’s God who decides that, not ourselves. Moreover, in the Book of Revelation it’s stated that at the end of time, it will be Jesus who will decide who can live in the Heavenly Jerusalem and who will have to perish in the Lake of Fire with Satan and his Demons. So, I’ve always assumed that mainstream Christianity teaches that it’s God who decides who deserves Heaven and who deserves Hell, not ourselves.


My beliefs are a bit complex, however I still want to try to expose them.

I believe in the existence of God. My God is all-powerful, transcendent, eternal, omniscient, ubiquitous, and created the Universe. Moreover, I believe in the existence of the soul and its immortality, as well as in the existence of Heaven, Hell, and angels. However, I don’t consider myself a Christian, because I believe in these concepts as standalone concepts, therefore I don’t link them to the Bible or to Jesus.

I believe in the existence of the afterlife. Specifically, I believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell. But my view on Heaven and Hell differs a lot from Christianity.

I imagine these two realities as other dimensions, in which the soul passes after death. On one hand, Heaven is a dimension in which everything is beautiful and positive, a dimension where there’s no suffering, nor pain. And Heaven is also the place where God’s presence is stronger than anywhere else. On the contrary, Hell is another dimension where there’s nothing pleasant, a dimension where there are exclusively suffering and pain. However, I imagine them as real dimensions superimposed to our own Universe, in which people can lead a real life, like the one we lead here on Earth. With the only difference that in those dimensions we’re immortal and we have an indefinite space to live in, besides the fact that the laws of physics don’t apply, and therefore everything is possible.

With that being said, I’m not a Christian or a Muslim, so I don’t believe in the concept that you go to Hell if you don’t believe in what I say. In fact, I don’t believe that it’s God who sends people to Hell or Heaven in the first place.

My personal, spiritual belief states that there is a Universal Moral Law established by God at the beginning of the Creation, which each of us feels deep inside. Deep down, every single one of us knows exactly what’s right and what’s wrong. For example, deep down every single one of us knows that things like murdering, raping, or breaking someone’s heart are all wrong. You can tell yourself otherwise, but deep inside you know that these things are wrong. You can feel it in your heart, even if you deliberately want to deny reality. And since we all know deep inside what’s right and what’s wrong, then we are also capable of judging ourselves at the moment of death. Therefore, I believe that at the moment of death everyone knows exactly what’s the place in which he deserves to stay after death. So, you go to Hell exclusively when you yourself think that you deserve to go to Hell for what you did in your life. Thus, if you think that you deserve to go to Hell for the actions that you committed in your life, then you will go to Hell. The same applies with Heaven.

I also believe that Hell is not eternal. In my personal spiritual conception, every soul is capable of coming out from Hell and going to Heaven. But this happens exclusively when a person is capable of getting rid of his own guilt and forgive himself for what he did.

I don’t believe in the concept of “worshipping God”. From my point of view, God is an infinitely loving being who doesn’t need worshipping, but who does everything in a disinterested way. Contrary to the God of the Old Testament, who asked for worshipping in exchange for favors, my God does everything in a disinterested way and doesn’t need to be prayed or worshipped. For this reason I don’t worship him, nor I pray to him, but I simply surrender totally to his wisdom, his omnipotence and the benevolence of his plan. But don’t get me wrong, when I say that god is a disinterested being, I don’t mean that he doesn’t care about us. What I mean is that it’s not in his interest to be worshiped in exchange for the things that he does for us. God is so loving and so superior to his creatures that he does everything for them, but asks nothing in return. That’s why I say that he’s a disinterested being. Which doesn’t mean that you can’t worship him. If worshiping God and praying to him makes you feel better, then you can surely do that, you can worship him and pray to him all you want. He just doesn’t need you to do that, and doesn’t ask you to do that.

I share with the Christian theology the idea that God is like a loving Father. He’s the Father of everyone, indeed, and loves his creatures above everything else. Even the angels are like children for him, and he loves them as much as humans, or aliens.

As for angels, they’re spiritual creatures who deal with minor tasks. Their major function is to stand beside mortal beings, to guide them and helping them, but without them directly realizing it. God has endowed all intelligent beings in the Universe with free will,so the angels are no exception. If they wanted, they could disobey God’s orders and question them, but they don’t do it because they are in direct contact with the Creator and are aware of the absolute truth of God. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to rebel against him, despite they could theoretically do so. For this reason, I don’t believe in the existence of fallen angels who rebelled against God, and therefore I don’t believe in Satan’s existence either.

I don’t believe in the existence of an evil being who tempts humans to try to make them do bad things. My opinion on the subject is the same as that of Judaism: the angels are all good and are all servants of God, and evil has a completely human origin. All of us have the impulse to do bad things, but this impulse is not dictated by any fallen angel that tempts us, it’s simply something internal that characterizes us, and that we can reject and control if we want.

Moreover, in my Theistic conception there are no angelic hierarchies as in traditional Abrahamic religions. All angels are equal in the eyes of God and they all have the same powers.

And that’s… Pretty much what I believe in.

Can someone help me with my Prequel Trilogy edits?

I understand that reading my introduction may have “scared” many people, making them mistakenly think that the changes I want to make to the movies are extremely difficult to realize. However, in order to dispel any doubt, I decided to post the full list of all the changes I want to make to all three Prequel movies, to make it clear that these changes are actually not so difficult to realize, at least not for someone who doesn’t have all my problems and can do it by himself.

Changes for The Phantom Menace

  1. To change the title of the movie into The Hidden Menace, but using Hal’s version of the crawl;
  2. To cut out the part where Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar visit the Gungan water city, like Hal did in his edit. After Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan meet Jar Jar, the scene is cut and we go directly to the scene where they go to rescue Queen Amidala;
  3. To cut out Jar Jar’s poop joke;
  4. To cut out the joke of Jar Jar grabbing the fruit with his tongue, and Qui-Gon taking his tongue and telling him not to do it again;
  5. To replace the entire third act of the movie (that is, from the return on Naboo onwards) with Hal’s edit of TPM directly;
  6. To finish the movie with Qui-Gon’s funeral, by inserting the credits immediately after the shot in which Palpatine’s face is shown.

Changes for Attack of the Clones

My Attack of the Clones edit is almost finished, thanks to the help of Hal 9000. The only changes I still want to make to it are the following:

  1. To change the title of the movie into March of the Clones, but using Hal’s version of the crawl;
  2. To replace the title of the movie with March of the Clones, but leaving the opening crawl from my edit;
  3. To try to trim the Droid Factory scene as much as possible, by making sure that 3PO and R2 stay on the ship, therefore cutting off their silly moments during the Droid Factory scene and the Battle of Geonosis;
  4. After the Droid Factory scene, to add the deleted scene with Padmé and Dooku arguing about politics;
  5. To try to trim out the duel between Anakin and Dooku, to make it more realistic and to remove the unnecessary moments in which their lightsabers hover in the air without even touching.

Changes for Revenge of the Sith

  1. To change the title of the movie into Rise of the Sith, but using the Canon version of the crawl;
  2. To cut out the scene where Anakin and Padmé discuss their future projects on the balcony of Padmé’s apartment, at the beginning of the movie, thus going strength to Anakin’s nightmare about Padmé’s death;
  3. To put back the various deleted scenes with Padmé and the Senators, possibly by using the best quality versions of those deleted scenes;
  4. To cut out the scene where Anakin says “I want more, and I know I shouldn’t.” In the original movie, Anakin’s motivations for wanting to prevent Padmé’s death are presented as quite selfish. He seems to see Padmé as a mere object, not as a real person. He doesn’t want to prevent her death because he is genuinely interested in her well-being, but simply because he wants to have control on what happens to her and wants to avoid feeling the pain of losing her. That’s why he said: “I want more.” According to Lucas, the “more” he is talking about is the power to control what happens to the Galaxy and to the people he loves, and that’s quite toxic. However, I want to avoid this in my Prequel Trilogy. I don’t want Anakin to be a completely selfish person from the start, because it would not be compelling. Sure, he is also motivated by a selfish desire of wanting to keep Padmé with him, but that’s not his only motivation, and he also genuinely cares about her well-being. He’s not entirely selfish, nor entirely selfless. It’s more like a 50/50. I want his reasons to join to the Dark Side to be somewhat good in essence, until he is so blinded by the Dark Side that he doesn’t even know what he is doing anymore. Anakin falling because “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” is far more compelling than Anakin falling because he’s a selfish person to begin with. So, this entire scene has to go. Maybe, you can replace this scene with one of the scenes with Padmé and the Senators.
  5. To put back the deleted scene where Obi-Wan, Yoda and Mace Windu discuss about how to overthrow Palpatine;
  6. To cut “I can’t live without her” from the scene where Anakin submits to Palpatine. Again, this scene makes it seem that his reasons for wanting to save Padmé are more centred around he himself, then Padmé. So, while not removing the scene entirely, I’d like that piece of the sentence to go. The sentence should just be: “Just help me save Padmé’s life.”
  7. To cut the slaughtering of the younglings by Anakin, and every subsequent mention of it in the movie;
  8. To cut out Yoda and Obi-Wan’s entrance in the Temple. I’d like Yoda to use his lightsaber exclusively when he fights against Palpatine;
  9. To try to modify the reasons of Padmé’s death, possibly by saying that she dies because of the injuries that Anakin gave her on Mustafar. I actually have nothing against the idea of Padmé dying of a broken heart, but I think that making her die because of the injuries that Anakin gave her is more rational;
  10. To put back the deleted scene where it’s shown how Yoda lands on Dagobah at the end of the movie;
  11. To replace the shot of the Death Star at the end of the movie with the edited version of the scene where Coruscant replaces the Death Star.

Now, I understand that changing the movie titles and the opening crawls can be difficult, because Hal Himself told me it’s difficult. So I don’t expect one, single person to help me with absolutely every single change. But all the changes that don’t have to do with the movie titles and the opening crawls should be pretty easy to make, if you’re a normal person who doesn’t have my problems.
Therefore, I ask again the question I’ve asked at the beginning of the thread: is there anyone willing to help me with this project?

Spence's PT Edits Round 3 (In Progress) (TPM Released!)

I love the idea of Yoda not using a lightsaber until he kills the two clone troopers during Order 66.

But perhaps he could fight Dooku by only using the Force. In fact, this is exactly what I did in my edit, I eliminated the lightsaber duel, but I left the Force duel between Dooku and Yoda intact. Honestly, I’m very satisfied with the result, and if you want I can send you my edit in private, so you can copy that clip and use it in your edit.

On Jedi and Attachment

Channel72 said:

The “no attachments” thing isn’t explicit in Phantom Menace, but I guess it’s implied during that scene when Yoda lays out the “Sith pipeline”: Fear --> Anger --> Hate --> Suffering

The “fear” phase is definitely related to Anakin being afraid of losing his mom, because Yoda points out he’s afraid of losing her right before saying this.

I’ve seen lots of people say Yoda’s quote about fear is very profound. Personally, I never really understood it very well, because the connection between fear and anger doesn’t seem obvious to me. There’s certain specific types of fear and anger that could definitely be linked (the usual obvious example is xenophobia), but that’s obviously not what Yoda means here. He’s clearly talking about fear of loss.

But even fear of loss doesn’t exactly fit the context. Anakin misses his mom. Missing someone isn’t exactly the same as fear of losing them, which muddles this a bit.

Also… Anakin is 10. Of course he misses his mom.

This. Very much this.

Spence's PT Edits Round 3 (In Progress) (TPM Released!)

SpenceEdit said:

Here’s a bit of the love story. Instead of transitioning from their kiss by the water back to Kenobi, I decided to transition to the following morning. It flows a bit better (I know that transition has been super tricky for editors) but it also goes from a kiss to the following morning which kind of implies that Anakin and Padme had… aggressive negotiations.


Wouldn’t it be better if there was just no kiss at all? In my edit, I’ve just trimmed out the fireplace scene and removed the kiss. This way, we go from “We have feelings for each other” to “Yes we have, but we can’t be together”, and we finally end with “Our love is too strong to be kept under control, so let’s be together anyway”. I think it’s a more fluid approach to the love story, without the first kiss at all.

Plinkett's Prequel reviews

Mocata said:

But the whole reason they resonated so much with people is that they articulated very large problems with the films rather than nitpicks. Just look at the whole Jango Fett subcontracting meme someone posted recently. Or the way the Clone Wars is started under such incredibly weird and suspicious circumstances. The whole trilogy is like that; strange and massive logic holes. But each to their own, nobody has time to argue like it’s 2009 these days y’know.

My philosophy is the following:

I personally manage to appreciate and enjoy the Prequels for what they are, and I understand the plot quite well. Sure, there are some things I’d like to change, but nothing so radical. So, they’re mostly fine for me. We have been discussing these movies for over twenty years now, and in my opinion we have reached a point where it’s no longer even worth discussing, because everything and its opposite has already been said. All sorts of opinions have already been abundantly expressed, therefore there’s no need to say anything anymore. Giving that internet has given us the possibility of making fan edits and rewrites, let’s just use them. You don’t like the Prequels? Fine, then rewrite them. You like the Prequels but you want to improve them? Fine, then fanedit them according to what you want to see. Don’t waste even a single minute discussing about the movies, just take them and modify them the way you want, or rewrite them completely. To each their own. When we’ll die and go to Heaven, then God will tell us who was write this whole time, and who wasn’t.

That’s it.

Can someone help me with my Prequel Trilogy edits?

I opened a thread similar to this a few months ago, when I still had my old account (Darth Malgus). At the time, the thread was only about my Attack of the Clones fan edit. But in the last few months, I’ve decided that editing only Attack of the Clones isn’t enough for me. I want to edit the whole Prequel Trilogy now. For this reason, I need the help of someone who has good editing skills.

I have some problems that prevent me from doing these edits myself. I’ve already explained them in the thread I opened with my old account, but I’ll explain them again, as a reminder for everyone:

  • First problem: I’m completely blind from my right eye, and although I see with my left eye, I see very, very little. Therefore, I find it very difficult to stand for too long in front of a computer screen. Even just reading very long things ends up giving me big headaches, it’s very tiring for me. In fact, I use a vocal synthesis to read what’s written on the screen, I never use my eyes to read, because I see very little and it’s very tiring for me to read with my own eyes. I mean, I can handle watching a movie on TV or on my computer, but watching a screen for more than 4 hours really starts hurting me. For this reason I can’t put a lot of effort in my edits.
  • Second problem: my computer isn’t exactly the best computer in the world. It’s a low-quality Lenovo computer, which often crashes even for small things and can’t handle too heavy softwares. Every time I try to open a video editing program my computer freezes and I can’t go on. My computer sucks so much, that even just using audacity for more than a half-hour has often resulted in the total crush of the computer, with the result that I had to restart the computer. Therefore, using a video editing program, even a very light one, is out of the question. And I unfortunately don’t have enough money to buy another computer.

The goal of my edits is to modify Anakin’s character a bit. In my edits, Anakin is supposed to still be awkward, rebellious and impulsive, especially in Attack of the Clones, but at the same time he’s not supposed to be as whiny as in the original movies. He’s also not supposed to be as dark as in the original Prequel Trilogy. In fact, I’m planning to avoid making him killing the younglings in Revenge of the Sith, and I want to cut the scene in which he confesses his massacre of the Tuskens to Padmé. I still want to leave the scene in which he gets crazy and kills everyone, but by cutting the confession scene in Attack of the Clones, everything can remain as vague as possible, and therefore we can assume that he only killed a few, adult, male Tuskens, without having killed women and children too. In short, I want to modify the Prequels in order to make Anakin the type of guy that’s rebellious, impulsive, arrogant, and has issues with his inner darkness, but at the same time has a real, and clearly visible good side. I want to preserve the original Anakin as much as possible, but at the same time, I also want to make him a bit more relatable and less dark (at least prior to Mustafar), so that his redemption in Return of the Jedi is much more convincing. Basically, I want to preserve the Prequels as much as possible, but at the same time, I also want to cut all the things that make some people say: “Anakin was a horrible, selfish piece of sh** from the start, and didn’t deserve redemption.”

But, as I said, these problems prevent me from creating this Prequel edits by myself, and that’s why I need the help of someone else. Since I pretty much like the Prequels the way they are, the changes I want to make to the movies are not very radical. I just want to cut some scenes, put some deleted scenes back into the movies, and change the titles of the movies. Also, big chunks of Hal 9000’s edits will be basically copied and pasted into my own edits, so there isn’t even the need of trimming any specific dialogue.

Hal 9000 already helped me with my Attack of the Clones fan edit, but he’s very busy lately, therefore I don’t want to disturb him anymore.

Is there anyone on the forum willing to help me? I already have a prepared list with all the changes I want to make to the movies, so I can post it here, if you want.

Let me know if someone is interested in helping me.

Star Wars Sequel Duology: The First Order = Imperial Remanent, Resistance = New Republic, New Jedi Order still intact

Palpatine does not appear. Snoke is the villain throughout (even on Exegol!).
Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozgt7T98sVg

As Dev Dog already said, that’s insane! I can’t wait to see your edits to be completed! Though, I suggest you to open a separate thread for them.

Star Wars Sequel Duology: The First Order = Imperial Remanent, Resistance = New Republic, New Jedi Order still intact

I like the intent behind this project. However, I think there are some problems with this idea:

  1. If these edits are supposed to fit within the Legends timeline, then where the Thrawn Trilogy is supposed to take place? I mean, your edits take place after Return of the Jedi, and you even said that Jacen and Jaina are already born in them. So, where the Thrawn Trilogy is placed in this new timeline? It can’t happen before your Duology, because Jacen and Jaina are born precisely in the Thrawn Trilogy. If Ben Solo is the first son of Han and Leia and was born before Jacen and Jaina, then he should have been born before the Thrawn Trilogy. But there’s no mention of him in the trilogy, therefore he can’t be born before Jacen and Jaina. Also, the Thrawn Trilogy can’t happen after your Duology either, because Luke, Leia, and Han look way older in your edits than in the Thrawn Trilogy. So the Thrawn Trilogy can’t happen neither before or after your Sequel Duology. If it happens before, then everything doesn’t line up as far as Ben, Jacen and Jaina’s births are concerned. And if it happens after, then the appearance of the characters doesn’t align with what’s described in the Thrawn Trilogy itself.
    Maybe you could reply by saying: “Well, I could just say that the Thrawn Trilogy simply never happened, and is entirely replaced by my edits.” But unfortunately you can’t do this either, for the following reasons: 1) the events of the Thrawn Trilogy are often mentioned in the New Jedi Order series, so it must have happened at some point; 2) if you rule it out you don’t have anything depicting Jacen and Jaina’s birth, and if their existence isn’t even mentioned in your Duology, then everything would become very convoluted and wouldn’t make much sense.
  2. The Dark Empire Trilogy has the same problems as the Thrawn Trilogy in regards to your edits. Anakin Solo is one of the main characters in the New Jedi Order series, therefore if you want to leave the series intact, you must include Anakin Solo’s backstory. But he was born precisely in the Dark Empire Trilogy, so if you rule it out you don’t have anything depicting his birth, and it wouldn’t make sense to leave it out considering that the events of the Dark Empire Trilogy are often mentioned in subsequent works, especially when Anakin Solo is involved as the main character of a certain story. Besides, just like the Thrawn Trilogy, you can’t place Dark Empire neither after or before your Duology. If you place it before, then again, Ben, Jacen and Jaina’s births would become messy. And if you place it after, the appearance of the characters wouldn’t make any sense, as they look way much younger in the comics than in your Duology.
  3. Mara Jade and Luke were already married when the Yuuzhan Vong invasion started. If your edits are supposed to happen before the Vong invasion, where’s Mara Jade then? Why she allowed Luke to leave her and go around the Galaxy alone after Ben’s rebellion? It wouldn’t make sense if they are together already, because she would have never left Luke alone.
  4. Since Ben doesn’t appear in the NJO, he should die before the Vong invasion. However, you didn’t seem to have planned any death for him in your edits. How do you want to solve this problem?

If you have solutions for these problems, then I’d like to hear them, and see how you want to solve them within the context of your edits.

Making the Obi-Wan & Anakin training session (From the Kenobi series) work in an AOTC edit.

Anjohan said:

AotC Inclusion Clip

The clip with more finetuned foley:

https://streamable.com/nf9lw0 (No Obi-Wan deepfake here)


And since so many dislike Obi-Wan’s “aged” appearance (although I don’t mind, since AotC aged Ewan McGregor up with prosthetics and makeup), here’s the Obi-Wan deepfake:


Bear in mind that Ewan McGregor did some prosthetics work to appear older in the Prequels, so he has different appearance of his eyebrows. I think I struck a balance here tho, merging the deepfake and the original part. The deepfake alone made his face significantly different from his original, more aged appearance.

Only did the 3-4 first shots of Obi-Wan since it’s so time consuming. If it’s good enough, I can probably do the whole schtick. At least the necessary shots. Many of the dueling close-ups with blue glow are definitely not necessary and will be a nightmare anyway.

Mmhh… I think Hayden’s voice at the beginning (not throughout the entire duel, just at the beginning, before they start duelling) could be replaced with an AI generated voice. Eleven Labs can reproduce Anakin’s voice from the Prequels almost perfectly, to the point that it’s even in distinguishable from the original voice. So, it could be used to match his younger tone of voice from the rest of the movie. Also, I don’t know if it’s me, but I see that the video is a bit jarring. Anyway, overall it’s pretty fine, although I would cut off the background noise of the speeders going around the city at the beginning (it doesn’t make much sense to hear it since we don’t see any speeders going around), and replace it with Anakin’s theme, like others did in their edits of the scene.

Making the Obi-Wan & Anakin training session (From the Kenobi series) work in an AOTC edit.

Personally, I’d like to incorporate the duel in my edit of Attack of the Clones, by putting it in between of the deleted scene with Padmé addressing the Senate and Padmé’s private meeting with Palpatine. However, I’m still waiting for the perfect cut of the duel to be realized. We need a cut that fits perfectly with the colour and tone of the rest of the movie, with a credible voice change for Anakin (his voice is too deep in the original duel), with a less aggressive behavior from Anakin’s part, and with a perfect de-aged appearance of the characters. Also, the brightness of the lightsabers must be turned down dramatically, because in the rest of the movie the lightsabers aren’t as bright as in the original duel. None of this stuff has yet been accomplished satisfactorily in my opinion, so I’m still waiting.

What do you think of The Prequel Trilogy? A general discussion.

Channel72 said:

Spartacus01 said:

I can’t imagine Vader saying “Liar!! You’re with him! You brought him here to kill me!”

No, he just said: “You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!”

Prequel Anakin would have said something like “Traitor!! You’re with the Rebels! You’ve turned against us!! I will not let you get away with this!” or whatever.

He’d also pace back and forth while saying it. Then an Imperial officer would inform him that an escape pod with no lifeforms crashed on the surface of Tatooine. After realizing what planet they were orbiting, Anakin would tell his crew to initiate an orbital bombardment to kill all Sandpeople and also destroy all sand, after suspecting Leia was here as part of some nefarious sand-related plot to overthrow the Empire. He would then yell out to nobody in particular, saying “I now see through their lies! I will make them pay for their coarse, rough and irritating plotting against my Empire!!!1! It’s all Obi Wan’s fault!!”

This looks like more a parody of an argument based on internet memes than a real argument.