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Help: looking for... Skins - original E4 airings

I’m sure a lot of people in here will know exactly why I’m after these airings, but in case you don’t here’s an explanation. When the show initially ran on the British channel E4, it featured a lot of music that was omitted on the DVD and streaming releases cause of laziness to obtain the rights.

I know there are some rips of the original airings floating around the internet somewhere and if you have them please send them to me, I’m considering doing a restoration of sorts.

Info: Films re-released with alterations

Nien Nunb said:

JayArgonaut said:

Back to the Future II: not necessarily a digital alteration but definitely a visual one.

The original: featuring “Coming Summer 1990”, as seen at the end of the theatrical and home video versions, including the Blu-ray:


Removed from the version shown in recent years by ITV (UK) and the “BTTF Part III” logo also appears to have been altered from the original.


This is an alteration, but I don’t think this is a recent change. It was actually more recently that the “Coming Summer 1990” was restored after years of it not having been included. I first became aware of it on the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray set and corresponding DVD set. It was not present on the 2002 DVDs or any previous VHS release I have ever seen. I believe it appeared in theaters this way and then was removed for it’s initial video release which is how it remained until 2011.

You’re right it was in theaters that way, I could’ve sworn it was on the 2002 DVDs though, but I do know it was missing entirely on the VHS

Help: looking for... 'Will & Grace' - uncut super-sized episodes

When the show Will & Grace originally aired on NBC, there were a number of super-sized episodes that aired. When the show was released on DVD, there were a number of these that were their syndication edits that were cut down to 21 minutes.

Edited episodes include:
-Ben? Her? (this one is weird, the season 2 DVD has the edited episode but the “Best of Love and Marriage” DVD is uncut)
-Gypsies, Tramps, and Weed (not a super-sized episode but it did use its syndication edit on DVD)
-Women and Children First
-Dolls and Dolls
-May Divorce Be With You
-Dames at Sea
-A-Story, Bee-Story
-Ice Cream Balls
-Strangers With Candace (once again not super-sized but used its syndication edit on DVD)
-Friends With Benefits

If anyone is able to lead me to a source of give me one where they have the original NBC uncut versions of these episodes please let me know

There’s also the issue of the second half of season 7 and season 8 being presented in 4x3 instead of 16x9 as broadcast but that’s something else entirely and I won’t discuss it here.

Info: Mono soundtracks that were butchered with 5.1 remixes in later releases

Ah yes the 1983 laserdisc which is surprisingly good sounding has it

Magnum Force has never had its unedited mono mix on home video as ones that do have it have trimmed shots and other shots time compressed to save the amount of space needed at that time, the 90s stereo mix is the only way to get the original sound effects without any cuts or time compressed shots whatsoever

Info: Analog Releases of Films That Contain Deleted, Extended, & Alternate Footage That've Never Been Released on DVD/BluRay

Christine on one of its VHS (or possibly laserdisc) releases it has an extended version which spliced back in many of the deleted scenes which are provided separately on DVD

I know this one is DVD but The Devil’s Advocate has only one home video release that is of the theatrical version due to a lawsuit involving a sculpture from the movie. Only 125,000 DVD copies were made which are extremely OOP now as all other versions are edited to remove the sculpture for the majority of the movie.