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I’m dying to know though, would you watch MLP if your children didn’t watch it? That’s the ultimate question.

The answer is obviously yes. He’s already said he likes it quite a bit.

JEDIT: There you go.

Well this is the first I’m seeing of it.

Yes, I would. I do, actually.

I would watch it less frequently and I wouldn’t go to the theatre to watch it, but I would still watch it.

Oh man.

I do not, however, watch anime nor nitpick about how english subtitles with original japanese VO are superior to english dubs.

Regardless of country of origin, the original voicework with subtitles is always superior to an english dub. I had to watch a load of foreign films in college and the english dubs were always unwatchable.

There are some exceptions, like Spaghetti Westerns. They dubbed some of the actors lines in English, since they originally spoke in their native tongue.

Video Games - a general discussion thread

I recently purchased the Nintendo Switch & Zelda BOTW. I don’t know how many hours I’ve played so far, but I haven’t followed the Main Storyline, after the initial requirements in the beginning, in order to progress the plot. I’ve been exploring as much as the map as possible. The teleportation feature is what makes exploring more of the map that much more enjoyable.
I especially love the fact that you can save & quit the game at almost any point, & not have to wait for a silly automatic save.

Mario Odyssey is on my list, and I may eventually get the Mario + Rabbids game.