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WHO LIKES To drink
hahahaha, what a thread skip i didnt know you went to strip clubs. where did you goin red lion or monty's. it was red lion wasnt it, hahahaha next time you go there ill have to tag along, a drunk skip is something i havent seen b4.

you liar! You were there with me!! You just don't want hlf to find out do you!?
Nintendo Wii
Miyamoto said that after the wii, they'll probably release it again in about 3-5 years. Except with more power and HD capable and dvd capable. So, essentially a Wii 2. Remember, they may have changed gameplay, but they're still sitting around the xbox in terms of hardware, so they still have a lot of room to play with.
God is Blizzard.
The problem with world of starcraft is that it doesn't really work. The reason that warcraft works is because the entire warcraft universe is based around great beings performing great deeds. You could commonly tip the entire scale of battle with a single unit if you were good enough. The armies were always smaller and warcraft 3 had the heros. Starcraft had them too, but a hero didn't win you a game and a single marine rarely made a difference against a good player. Yhe entire premise of starcraft was HORDES, BILLIONS of beings in combat. You can't do that in an MMO. I mean, a single orc running around rampant is believable. But a single space marine facing the hordes of the zerg? A mighty zergling taking on the protoss race? 40 zealots pwning the zerg hive world? The problem with starcraft is that it doesn't fit into the MMO genre. It makes a swell multiplayer game, that's why blizzard was making ghost (discontinued, the bastard had better not be PS3 exclusive. Wii plz!!) online multiplayer. To make starcraft about a single person takes away a lot of the magic of the EPIC nature of starcraft. I paraphrase head designer whatsisface (google it, im too lazy) "Blizzard's game division is seperate from Vivendi. Any announcements about game design are not our policy, we do not have planned, nor are planning any more MMOs."

I adore starcraft, but I feel anything that makes be a single player within the UNIVERSE is just not going to be fun anymore. WOOT! IMMA PAYING 15 BUCKS A MONTH TO BE A COG IN THE MACHINE!!

Sure I can see myself playing a cool zealot, but again, the suspension of disbelief is just too ridiculously big. A multiplayer game where you play a single character in a battle fine (ie ghost). But not on an RPG scale.
Wii package: what would you pay?
Edit: those are the AMERICAN prices so make the conversion yourself. Note that the 50$ pre-order appears to be in LOCAL currency. At least thats true for canada and australia. Oh, and take into account that this isn't a poll for what you THINK it will cost. Rather its about what you are willing to pay.

This is a branch of the wii thread. Toys'R'Us is taking pre-orders in Canada and Australia at the moment. (dunno about states) its $50 to set aside a pack of a Wii, 1 extra controller and a game. So how much would you be willing to pay for a package that comes with that?

1 Nintendo Wii: comes with 1(2?) controller/nunchuck duo, 1 sensor bar, 1 Wii console (and possibly wii sports: unconfirmed as of now)
1 Extra controller/nunchuck duo
1 Game (possibly of own choice ?)

Heres the CONFIRMED launch list from ign. This does not have any fence sitters or un-announced games. Futhermore, mario galaxy and super smash bros brawl are not on the list as they will be coming out first quarter 2007 as opposed to 4th 2006. For all we know this list will double within the next 4-5 months. The wii is going to come out oct-nov. The other big names not listed but coming out within 8 montsh are wario ware, pangya golf, excite truck, sadness, final fantasy:crystal chronicles, sonic: wildfire, and fire emblem (and others ).

Launch List
God is Blizzard.
Yep, we're all part of a game called world of mancraft.

and world of starcraft would SUCK, the game by definition is not supposed to be single player. Furthermore the whole world of starcraft thing is blown out of proportion. That wasn't a press release by blizzard, it was by vivendi, their parent company. The whole "all our games will be mmog" was about vivendi's games, not blizzards. Blizzard has said as much in a recent release.
God is Blizzard.
I was trolling slashdot, hit another one of their, "bash the pope with a misconstrued he said she said quote" and I came upon the best analogies EVER.

Let me use WoW as an example. Let's say the observable universe is WoW. Even the wisest scholar living _in_ the WoW universe, even with the best gnomish instruments, can only observe and measure things that are _inside_ this universe.

What it _can't_ observe is the universe's creator: Blizzard.

Can such a scholar prove, with only the data in his universe, that Blizzard doesn't exist? No. He just doesn't have the data on which to base such a proof. The best his science can do is state that the universe can be explained well enough without this mystical "Blizzard" entity at the helm.

Same is it with RL science and God. Science _can't_ prove that God doesn't exist. All science can do is explain the universe well enough without needing some "God" entity. But that's all.

No, seriously, I know that we all love to troll and bait the christians. But put your thinking cap for a second and you'll realize the same: if a "creator" exists _outside_ the universe he created (just like Blizzard exists outside the WoW universe), science can't prove or disprove this creator in any form or shape. It just can't get any data from there. At all. Ever.

Kinda makes me wonder how would you explain that kind of things to a Tauren. Or, heck, to a human living 5000 years ago. I can just see it
God: "So I saw that the database was corrupt and..."
Moses: "What's a database, Lord?"
God: "uhh... how do I explain this... uhh, you know there's this data representing your world..."
Moses: "I don't understand, Lord? Like a map or painting?"
God: "No, in a sense it _is_ your world, and everything in it."
Moses: "So the world was corrupt?"
God: "*sigh* Yeah, whatever, the world was corrupt. You all were more corrupt than a senator... err... than a Grand Vizier. Anyway, so our database admin Noah saved the game files on tape and I did a full format."
Moses: "I don't understand, Lord? Database admin? Game files?"
God: "*sigh* Uh, you know, the models and all for these animals and... *sigh* He put one of each animal in a big ark, ok? And then I formatted... (gah, how do I explain a format to this guy)... right, I _flooded_ it all to get rid of the old animals and people."